Giveaway: ELYSEE European Automatic Watch

Giveaway: ELYSEE European Automatic Watch

Giveaway: ELYSEE European Automatic Watch  Giveaways

Newer German watch brand ELYSEE (pronounced "elle-e-say") wants you to win one of their simply named ref. 70935 European Automatic watches. Combining styles from a few genres, the European Automatic is a steel watch in a 40mm wide case with an easy to read black and white sporty dial. The watch contains a Swiss ETA 2824 automatic movement and comes on a black leather strap with contrast stitching. Retail price on the watch is $995, and you can enter to win one below before May 31st, 2011.

To Enter You Must:

1. Comment on this post below before the giveaway is over with your valid e-mail address where required. In the body of your comment mention the perfect width of a watch for your wrist (for example 42mm).

2. Be a pal. If possible, Facebook friend/fan all or any of the following:

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3. Wait until the giveaway is over on May 31st, 2011 for the winner to be chosen at random.

A couple of basic rules. You can only enter once. You must comment with a valid e-mail address where you can be reached. Your comment must be confirmed and approved. You must complete the objectives to be considered. You are responsible for providing your contact shipping information if you are chosen. Shipping restrictions to non US entrants may apply based on sponsor's policies. Giveaway watch selection based on sponsor's inventory and watch availability. All comments made after the end of the giveaway period will not be considered. For the full terms and conditions, please click here.

Good luck, and thanks to ELYSEE the sponsor of this European Automatic watch giveaway here at!

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  • Frank

    The perfect width is hard to judge as certain watches seem to fit well even though they vary in size. I have a 40mm Submariner that fits really well. I also have the 46mm Breitling Super Ocean Heritage, which also looks good. That said, I think 42mm is a good size.

    • Danny

      I think a good size for a man’s watch is a 42mm watch. Not too small and not big

  • Dylan C

    I think my perfect watch size would be around 40mm or 42mm.

    • Popescu Dan

      I think 38- 40 mm max is the best size for me

      • Iñaki

        For me, 42mm is a good size

        • Jay

          I would also have to agree, 42mm is the sweet spot for a mens watch.

  • Jedd

    I’d have to agree with Frank, and I think most would agree that it depends on the watch. Particularly with some that ‘wear big’ or small depending on the size of the bezel in proportion to the face. Also if it’s a particularly modern looking/vintage looking watch would affect my opinion. Most of the things I pick up and like are 40mm.

  • Jon W

    38mm and 40mm are perfect for my wrist.

  • vmarks

    My perfect watch width is 40mm.

    That said, I do great with 39mm as well. I can’t wear a 46mm, or even a 42mm.

    I did try on a 36mm and it was alright, but definitely smaller. I tried on my father’s 34mm Tudor, and it’s tiny.

  • Anders Sederholm

    Perfect width for me is 43mm

  • 43 mm seems to be a sweet spot, but anything up to 48 mm would work nice as well.

  • dan

    great to see this competition .. I love 38-42mm sized watches .. its about the piece and its capabilities .. and as my other half always says … sizes DOES matter !

  • Marco Franken

    The perfect width is 42, but i also have various watches that are smaller. It realy depends on the design of the watch.

  • snipfer

    40mm wide watches fit me best. I know its a little small considering current fashion, especially considering I have a quite big wrist, but I like to hide my watch within my shirt’s sleeve and anything bigger makes this difficult.

  • Tiago Nerone

    I think that 43mm is one of the best sizes.

  • Faraz

    42mm seems to be just about right for me. Anything smaller than 40mm feels too small. 46mm is about my upper limit.

  • What a nice looking watch-love the black face and matching band!

  • R.Reza

    Tough to decide my perfect size since I’ve worn watches of many different sizes but if I had to pick one it would probably be 45mm.

  • Josh Reeves

    The perfect width of a watch for my wrist is 43mm

  • Gary Granger

    I used to say 38mm-40mm was perfect, but as bigger watches have come into thier own I have left the 38mm stuff behind. Now 40 is still OK but 42-46 is really the sweet spot. I gave a few bigger, but they do look big on me.

  • Ne Mangas

    I own from 38mm swatch to a 49.5mm suunto core, but i think the one that i like best to see on me is a 44mm seiko that i own.

  • Sylvain

    For me the perfect width is 46mm.


  • Carl G

    45mm is my perfect size.

  • Zarik

    As previous posters have said – it really depends on the design of the watch! If the lugs are curved or the bracelet is nicely integrated into the design, a pretty big watch might be wearable.
    But when talking about a classic submariner-style watch, I would say 39 mm is perfect for me – my wrists are like pencils, really. Plus I’m not won over by this huge watch craze that seems to be “in” right now.

  • 42mm is best for me!

  • anna henry

    i like this watch and have learnt so much about watches from my boyfriend. He bores me senseless with watch facts … 40-42mm is his favourite watch size and suits him best x

  • Chema González Andrés

    Between 40 and 44 mm, depends of type of watch.

  • Awesome contest – I Liked or Friended all above on Facebook.

    My ideal watch size is currently 44-46mm but that seems to be evolving down to smaller sizes.

    thanks for the great contest

  • Chris

    That’s a tough one…no two watches seem to look the same on my wrist. Seems to be entirely dependent upon the overall shape/design of the case (thin vs wide bezel, short vs long lugs, etc.), rather than it’s absolute size. I’d say 42 mm is, on average, the best size for me.

  • Jeff

    Thanks for another chance to win a watch!! The perfect width for me is 49-42mm. I have small wrists but this size works well for me.

  • Thomas

    Hmm the perfect size, it realy does depend, tool, diver or dress, 10mm or 15mm high? I ould say 40 to 42mm is never a problem and fits my wrist well.

  • Marc

    I have a 42mm Omega Planet Ocean that I think is about the biggest watch I would wear that would fit comfortably on my write. Maybe a 43mm like the new Piaget Altoplano automatic because it is so thin, but so far I tend to think the 40mm size is really the sweet spot. No way I could wear a 46mm or larger.

  • Bruce Robinson

    39//40? But the perfect watch creates its own perfect width. My grandfather’s Elgin, small though it may be, because it’s my grandfather’s Elgin, becomes the perfect size.

  • Phil

    I’m not crazy about the super-big watches out there – 40mm is the size I look for and 42mm is as big as I go.

  • Ray

    With my 6 1/2″ wrist, I like 40 to 44mm size watches best.

  • Sharon

    There’s a Reine de Naples that’s 24.95mm. That should just about do it, don’t you think?

  • Ivan

    Any size between 39 and 50 will do it for me, but the one size tha wears more comfortable is 45mm as my PO

  • bookem

    40mm works for me most of the time… Of course, the sportier the bigger.

  • Right now, it’s 40mm for me, though I still treasure my old Tag Heuer Series 2000 that’s about 30mm. It was given to me by my dad back in high school and has been through a lot with me.

  • Patrick

    i’d say 44mm is ideal for me. most of my favorite watches are sport watches, so, need the size.

  • pilus

    I have a very small arms for a guy, sometime as small a woman arms, that’s why I never wear wrist watches that have more than 44-46mm in diameter, but, I only like 42MM wide, it doesn’t seem too big for my little slender arms … 😀

  • Simeon Weinraub

    Most of my watches are either a tourneau or rectangular shape, which means that they are relatively narrow (37-38mm). But, in a round watch, I like anything between 42mm and 46mm, but really it depends on the style. A functional dive watch could be larger.

  • pilus

    euhh … Elysse Watches on facebook is not a page, so I can’t like it, but I friended them instead, I hope this is okay …

  • Aaron

    Right now I am digging the 44 to 45mm watches, just the right amount of weight and size to stand out, but still be functional.

  • Andrei

    For me the perfect with is between 38 to 42. 40 is the best fit for my wrist.

  • Jim Daniels

    In a design such as the Elysee 70935, 40 mm is perfect. Good looking watch there.

  • Wilhelm

    Between 40 and 45mm. It depends on my mood and the watch. But all beautiful watches deserves a chance on my wrist no mater size.. You never know:)

  • LucianoW

    The size of the “perfect watch” depends on the watch. For a social dress watch, 40 to 42 mm is perfect, but for a sports watch then 42 to 46 mm would be the best size.

  • Jason T.

    For me a 40mm would be perfect.

  • Bill Jones

    42mm. I’ve spent a lot of money finding that number…

  • I have a small wrist and 38mm seems okay but I feel that 40mm is the perfect size for me. But I don’t mind wearing a 42mm.

  • Roger Deetz

    I think my perfect width is 42mm. But it all depends on how it wears… I have a 39 that looks huge and 46 that looks puny.

  • Wilson

    Nice looking watch. Depending on the design of the watch, anything between 38mm and 44mm looks good on my wrist.

  • Don

    38mm for my tiny wrist

  • Jakob Groendahl

    I think 44mm is ideal for me.

  • Watch diameter 48 mm for me.

    With watch size, it is the pen not the penmanship.

    Cheers to ELYSEE!

  • Mauricio Fernandez

    Nice piece… perfect size 38-42mm .

  • Matt

    I would have to say 42mm suits my wrist the best.

  • Steven Ogle

    42mm is perfect for me; that said, I’m wearing a 40 now and like it!

  • Jeremy West

    I think 42mm, but my favorite watches tend to be at least 43-44mm wide…looks like I’m wearing a saucer on my wrist.

  • Mike

    38-40mm for a dress watch…42-44mm for a sport watch.

  • Tom Venables

    THe perfect width for me is 44mm

  • It really depends on the height/thickness of the watch for me. I have a 42mm BC3 that’s absolutely perfect for wearing with any suit, but I have a couple square-faced watches that are extremely thin and smaller width that I find look extravagant was well.

  • Eitan Gal

    44mm is the perfect width for me

  • David

    I think it depends a lot on the design of the case especially the lugs, but for me 42-44mm would be the perfect width.

  • Austinite

    40mm. Thank you.

  • Marcopolo

    My perfect wrist size is 40mm

  • Bob Sebastian

    Pretty much anything over 40mm looks best on my wrist. But I do have a few smaller dress watches that look reserved, not ridiculous.

  • Elad Sagi

    For me it is 42m”m. Fits nice and comfy.

  • Henri D

    Perfect size? Well, 40mm feels best on my wrist. But 42mm looks perfect, even though 40mm is more comfortable.

    Nice watch btw.


  • Gabriel Balas-Baconschi

    I have a few watches, some of them smaller, some of them larger. One Vostok classic, 28 jewels which is pretty small at 32 mm, but I really like it. The bigger one is Fossil dual time watch, very large at its 48 mm.
    It depends on the occasion. I use to choose my watch according to different issues: office, party, photo shooting, walking, etc.
    I think between 38 and 44 mm is the best width for me.

  • Todd C.

    39mm-40mm is perfect for my wrist size.

    I would love to win this watch!

    Thank you!

  • Charlie Birchmore

    I like 38mm for a guy my size. The 40-42mm range looks alright but I consider that the top end for me. As a collector of vintage watches too big is hardly a problem.

  • Roger

    I think the right size is 42mm. The modern trend towards 50mm is simply far too big.

  • IS3515

    Elysse has some nice watches. I like their Reine Traditional Automatic 71004, the Cologne Chronograph 13230 (Daytona), and their Munich Chronograph 28414 is a nice in black and red with the tire strap.

    I like 40mm wrist size for all my watches except the chronographs. I like the larger 42-44mm for the chronographs because you can see the dial better. It is good to see their watches are a traditional size.

  • Austin Buerosse

    I’d say 40mm. I have tiny wrists, but a little bling doesn’t bother me.

  • Ken Cusse

    42mm or more is appropriate given my larger frame, as I like my watch to stand out and make a statement.

  • Mark Heftler

    I prefer a 40 mm

  • 44mm is perfect for me.

  • RJ

    Youthful indiscretion resulted in a perfectly round tattoo on my left wrist, dead center where I’d wear a watch. As such, a watch has now become a social requirement to step outdoors. The tattoo measures 38mm, and taking into account both the size of my wrist, and needing to cover the tattoo from every angle, even when the watch shifts, a 41mm watch nails it. Not too big for my relatively small wrists, but also has me “covered” in the social realm. But I’m willing to make an exception for the ELYSEE!

  • DC Lane

    I like 48 to 50 mm.

  • Larry Cannon

    A watch that is 40mm is perfect for me. But so is 42mm!

  • Gord Hnidy

    my perfect wrist size is 42-44
    nice giveaway

  • Matthew Hofbauer

    I like 38mm, perhaps a little bigger, 39mm-40mm depending on the design. I simply am not into the trend of large watches, they simply don’t look proportional to the wrists they are on. And for me, aren’t at all comfortable. But of course, I support everyone’s right to wear a full sized clock on their wrist if they want. 😉

  • Jeff

    40 mm is perfect for me. It must not be a coincidence that the ELYSEE is 40 mm as well…

  • For everyday I will wear 45mm. With a suit I can go a little smaller if necessary, 41mm.

  • Miles

    I would say 38mm and 40mm are the perfect watch size for me.

  • Moshe Y. Gluck

    39mm, same as the Brightling Chrono Cockpit!

  • Michael Cicconi

    I have never actually measured but something in the 40-45 mm range seems right. I like them a little thicker, it just seems less dainty.

  • michael shuell

    40mm is just right. anything over 42 is too showoffy

  • Jim C.

    A classic style – nice and clean. I like a 40mm the best but have been known to go up to a 44mm when I’m feeling sporty.

  • lucas newby

    Its about time i win something! nice watch


  • Patrick Dooley

    What a handsome watch! Very easy to read. For me, I like watches between 40-44, but I wear watches between 38-44. Lately I’m reaching for my 44mm Hamilton. This would be a great watch to add to my collection and my first German watch.

  • Perfect watch size is a 42mm. Have have worn a 44 mm , just a bit to large for a small wrist.

  • Ramojus

    What a nice watch! Would be perfect in 40 mm size!

  • Nick

    For me it is not so much about the width but the thickness. I think 40 – 42 mm width for a watch is the best if the thickness it not too much.

  • Nvn

    My favorite watch was 40mm, so I think that would be ideal.


    The perfect width of a watch for me is 45mm. Thank you for this chance!

  • Rob Kriegel

    Anything between 42mm – 50mm looks good on me. I’m a pretty big guy and even the biggest watches don’t seem to overpower my wrist.

  • Albin Hultman

    38 or 40mm, Never will I be able to wear a Panerai, but hey, thats life.

  • zeke

    The perfect width for me is 42mm. It is not too big and not too small!
    Please pick me 🙂

  • Ryan Stephens

    Great looking watch! I have a few watches ranging from 37mm to 42mm. I think the best size for me is 40mm. I don’t have huge wrists but anything smaller than 40mm just looks funny.

  • Aleks B

    46 and up

  • Neil

    I wear a suit & tie to work every weekday so large watches are impractical for me to wear. I like to buy and wear watches between 38mm and 42mm. I have one 44mm diver that I wear primarily in the summer or when I know I’ll be in the water.

  • Matt W.

    I prefer watches 36-38mm because anything bigger than that looks awkward on my small wrists. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Jay

    I usually like the range of 39 – 44, if I was designing what I wear. Of course, human perception plays quite the role – a watch can look overpowering on a wrist simply because of its height when worn & its bezel thickness. Perfect, if I had to pick one, would be 43mm in diameter.

  • Haz

    I would say 42mm as well but I would wear a watch between 38-48mm .

  • Etienne Gregoire

    It really depends on the design and thickness. I find that a perfect match for me would be 46mm and 10mm think. For every mm off in depth, I’m ready to accept 2mm more in width, and vice-versa (so 48mm wide for 9mm think, 42mm and 12mm think are both ok). It also depends on the width of the bezel, but I think 46mm is just right.

  • Maximiliano

    Well, with time I’ve discovered that there isn’t a rule for this, as I’ve had many watches with the same width that felt completelly diffferent… currently (ab) using a 42mm diver.


  • Edwinek

    Like for most other respondents, it depends on the watch. Generally 42 to 44 mm seems best. It’s often more critical how far the lugs stick out.

  • Dale Kohn

    I prefer watches between 40 and 45 mm as I have a large wrist

  • Alex Gerli

    I am a fan of cases anywhere from 40-45mm, but I tend to prefer a larger size as it compliments my wrist and hand sizes.

  • Marc

    42mm is about right for my wrist. This Elysee is pretty dang nice!

  • Dennis

    38mm dress watches and 44mm sport watches seems to go best with me. I also own a 47mm B-type pilot watch which sits well on my wrist. That is to say, my range is 38-47 (haha)

  • Stuart


  • Dmitry

    The perfect width for my wrist is 40mm

  • I’d say 40mm. 42 doesn’t look too bad either but 40 fits perfect.

  • Yuriy

    Well, my wrist is thin so I prefer 38-40 mm watches.

  • maxfield

    Love the style. Looks like the perfect watch.

  • maxfield

    40mm is perfect. I could go bigger or smaller depending on the style though.

  • Enk Rypt3r


  • 38 mm is the optimum for my thin wrists.

    Anything too big looks like I’m wearing a clock! Elysee looks like a nice watch by the way.

  • My favorite is 42mm. I have a 42mm Alpina Startimer and it is the perfect size that can look either dressy or sporty. Would love to add this Elysee to my collection.

    Awesome blog. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Edny

    Swatch Body & Soul! About 38mm.

  • Peter

    I love the date placement on this. and yes 42 is perfect for me 🙂

  • Kent Cao

    In terms of watch width, I think 38 mm is appropriate to serve both formal and casual purposes.

  • Mariano Sanchez

    My favorite width is 42mm but I can use 44mm too, This Elysee watch looks really good, I want it in my wrist.

    Thanks aBlogtoRead.

  • Robert Michael Walters

    The watches I wear most often are usually 40mm – 42mm across. Big enough to have a nice wrist presence without getting in my way. So I guess the “perfect” width would be 41mm.

  • Dr4 (Steve)

    For me, 40mm is the perfect size. For instance, I find the 40mm Panerai watches much better than the larger and more common 44mm size watches. I also like the Rolex Submariner which I believe is either 39mm or 40mm – either way, both of those watches and this Elysee watch and I am a happy camper.

  • James Webb

    I would suggest the optimum is 38-40mm. I have an Omege Seamaster (c1986) which is 40 mm to the crown and sits very well on my wrist. I think the trend for larger face watches are sometimes at the expense of the functionality of the watch. Like the Elysee – reminiscent of the IWC Mk XII now departed, a great watch (at 42mm with crown I believe?)

  • Steve Hong

    My favorite Seiko Kinetic is 40mm in width, as measured while looking down at the crystal from above, and including the bezel. However, when my wife bought this for me as a birthday gift, I tried on a number of watches of various sizes, and this Seiko felt best based on the shape and size of the caseback, as it nestles in perfect balance against my wristbone. As soon as I put this watch on, I knew instantly it was a watch for me!! Curiously, both of my other watches, a Bulova and an ESQ, are of similar size, within a few millimeters. So I would have to agree with others that it just depends on the design of the watch, especially the size and shape of the caseback and where it sits on the wrist once the band is adjusted properly.

    BTW…. the Elysee is of a simple classic design that would look great on my wrist, and looks to the perfect size for me as well…!!


    For me a 44-45mm is the perfect size, its the sweet spot 🙂

  • Gaurav Rajasekar

    40mm seems perfect for my hand.
    However, I do have a few that are bigger by 2-4mm and still look pretty good. 38 is OK but anything below that is unacceptable for me.

  • Andy Waltz

    I’m a smaller guy (5’7″ 155 pounds) so I ‘d never go larger than 45mm, however anything smaller than 38mm is too small.

  • Nisreen Adel

    HELLO,For me, 40mm IS enough,love classic watches from Tissot,Seiko,Oreint,and all others!!!

  • Gary L. Gray

    I like the look and feel of about 42 or 43mm on my wrist.

  • Tripp

    44 mm fits just right for my wrist.

  • stephen

    I’ve a 7″ wrist and 43mm suits best for day to day wear, something a touch smaller for dress.

  • Curt

    of course it depends on the watch, but I have several in 44mm, which seems to be just about right for me.

  • Neil K

    40mm to 42mm is ideal with the preference towards 42mm. I do still wear 44mm which might look at tad bit big.

  • Nadi Tawakkol

    The Ideal size would be 43mm 🙂
    Thank you!

  • Armand

    The perfect watch & size is a 44mm diver. If it is a pilot watch 42 or 45 look great as well.

  • Will

    Anything between 42-45 mm is perfect for my wrist. 42mm for dress, 45 for something sporty.

  • Nick S

    My perfect size would have to be the classic 38mm. Nice and discreet but still large enough to read the face easily.

  • Larry W

    Skinny wrists. 38-42 mm look best on me.

  • Nat

    36-40mm is the optimal range for me.

  • Brian Crawford

    Awesome watch! Perfect for my wrist at 40mm.

  • I think the perfect size watch for me is probably 40 or 42 mm. It really depends on the positioning of the lugs and the type of band, though.

  • John

    I agree it depends on the watch. I like 40 MM or larger, 42 is great. However, my Bathys Benthic T1 which is giant compared to that is very comfortable. I have a vintage Rolex Date that is smaller than 40 and sometimes it just looks too little. Hoping to win!. thanks

  • Gordon Chen

    I have a small wrist so probably a 38mm or 40mm would be a perfect size – depending on the situation.

  • Spiffy lookin watch.

  • 40mm is best for me!

  • P.son

    Same boat as the Gordon Chen, 38-40mm.

  • Larry D.

    With me, it just depends on my mood I guess, as I have some vintage watches that are about 35mm…and some newer large watches up to 53mm’s. I am a big guy though…standing 6’6″….about 2 meter’s tall….and with a 23mm wrist…a 50mm watch doesn’t look abnormally large on me. My sweet spot is right at 48mm’s…as the majority of mine are 48mm’s.

  • Chris

    40mm works best for me.

    I need to win this watch b/c I’m a poor law student, and a watch that stands out might be the only way I can find a job in this economy. HELP!

  • Alex

    It looks nice!! 38mm would be great for me. Thanks

  • CAA

    I like this ELYSEE. My prefer width, depending on use, is 40-42mm.

  • Andrew O’Connor

    I prefer anything under 40mm. Anything bigger than that and it depends on how it fits…

  • LightAce

    I’m gonna eyeball it and say 41mm

  • Daniel Gary

    Thanks for such an amazing giveaway! I would love this watch in 40mm. Hope I win this just fantastic amazing piece!

  • Josh EIdelberg

    any watch from 42 or 44 would be great for my wrist. I need a new watch ive been rocking this shitting Nixon for too long. I need a real watch for when I start going to serious job interviews.

  • joe sullivan

    .40 to .43 mm is perfect for me

  • Douglas


  • 40 mm fits me well

  • Patrick K

    For me, 42 MM is the biggest I own, and it fits quite nicely for me. That said, I think balance needs to be achieved between the case and strap widths as well.

  • i think the perfect size is around 44mm for myself.

  • Tyrell

    I’d say a 38mm would be good.

  • Morten Johansson

    I prefer the smaller sizes, about 38-40mm.

  • James

    Perfect width of a watch for my wrist is anything 42 mm in diameter and below, not including the crown.

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Ben

    I have a large wrist, but still prefer 40-46 sized watches.

  • Keith

    My smallest watch is 36mm and my largest is 44, but 40mm is probably the best size for me.

  • wow there are so many steps
    GOod luck

  • Rod

    My best fitting watch is 42mm. Cheers.

  • Chris

    40mm or 42mm – perfect.

  • William Berris

    Perfect for me is 43mm, but I have big enough wrists/hands that a 48-50mm looks good as well.

  • I prefer a watch to be between 42mm – 45mm. The watch style itself has a lot to do with the size I decide to get.

  • Greg

    If it’s round 35-40mm, if it’s square 25×30(tops)

  • Ferdinand Angeles

    42mm is perfect for me. This size makes me share my watches with my wife. Thanks!

  • Carl

    Depends on the style of the watch, but in general 40-42 mm is the sweet spot for me!

  • Omid

    I’m built with lean wrists, so anything larger than 42 mm is pushing it. That said, I believe 40 mm or a little smaller is as close to perfect as it can get, at least for me.

  • Your seriously arguing about 2mm? The watch looks nice though. Not as busy as allot of the chronograph watches. But it’s still marked so you can read it.

  • I’m pretty sure the perfect width for my wrist is 40mm … perfect for this ELYSEE!!

  • motionmonk

    I like 42mm. I have a nice Seiko auto that’s a 45, but the sweet spot is 42 for me.

  • David hunt

    I wear watches that are 36mm to 40mm. I feel watches in this range have a classier look.

  • chris ege

    42-44 seems great.

  • Fred I


  • Sean Lorman

    42mm and up, even though I am not a very big guy I like the statement look of a big watch.

  • NikkorTheMonk

    Perfect size for free. I’d wear that watch like I was a boss who didn’t care about his employees.

  • Dave

    Classic design! 42mm is juat right.

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  • N Landry

    For my wrist 40mm is about right, although I’m liking a recent watch I purchased at 36mm.

  • razvan craciunescu


  • Dale Taylor

    My wife tells me I have big hands so the 42 mm please
    my Tag is 40mm and looks ok so 42mm must be better
    thanx Ariel and Elysee for this opportunity

  • 40mm is about perfect for me although I do trend to finer lines over the chunky styles

  • Kyle

    It really depends on the build of the watch (case thickness, weight of the metal) but I usually prefer 38mm watches. Just small enough to not get in the way, but large enough to be not go unnoticed.

  • Bernard Siao

    For my wrists, my preference is 42mm. That Elysee is a good looking watch.

  • benjamin atkinson

    I’m going with 45-50mm. I’ve been wearing wide wrist bands, belts and thicker soled shoes lately. Remember those power wrist bands in the 70’s comic books? Maybe I’m the only old dart on here. 😉

  • Nick

    I’m looking to get started with my watch collection and I really like the look of this one. Good stuff!

  • snow

    hmmm a watch that looks like something a nazi would have worn with a german falcon as the logo. I would not wear that watch if you paid me its price instead of the other way around. good day.

  • JM

    I am still learning what works best but my new Ball is 45mm and I have to say that it appears to be perfect for me.

  • Roderick Vinluan

    42cm is just right for me.

  • Matt

    Depends on my mood and the watch. As mentioned before some larger watches “wear” smaller than they are. Sometimes I just like a big bold loud watch, like my G-shock pilot watch at ~50mm. However my everyday Tag is a 41mm and that usually suits me fine.

  • TS

    I prefer a 42mm generally but have found the bigger sizes more appealing recently.

  • Hamish Innes-Brown

    Nice! That leather strap looks very nice too. I think the perfect width is definitely 42mm.

  • Matt E

    The perfect size watch for me is 42-48mm

  • Logan

    The *perfect* size? Kinda hard to say, but all my watches tend to be between 42-48mm. My daily wear watch is 45, but I have a few bigger that I also love. A lot of it comes down to the design of the watch and the lugs for the strap. I have a 48 that feels smaller than my 42 because the lugs are canted at such a steep angle, it hits my wrist bones.

  • Greg

    44mm is my sweet spot!

  • Nathan Barnes

    This watch is the perfect size and looks fantastic! would love to win this one 😀

  • Steve Jacobs

    for me, about 42mm.

  • Brent

    Understated elegance. Perfect size too, 40mm!

  • Steve D

    For me the perfect size watch is 42 -46mm

  • Rickie

    Perfect width for me would be 43mm… slightly bigger than my mostly 42mm watches.

  • Steve

    Typically 40 to 44 depending on the style of the watch…

  • Arash

    39-40mm, but mostly it depends on the height of the watch as well. if it stands off my wrist, even 38mm can feel gaudy.

  • Pavel Voler

    i like sporting a 44mm watch sometimes…but usually i wear a 38mm

  • Pavel Voler

    i like sporting a 44mm watch sometimes…but usually i wear a 38mm….but 42mm sounds great =]

  • Ryan

    38mm for me!

  • Adam K

    Not a bad looking watch. Wouldn’t mind a legit automatic from a new brand to help bolster my minute collection. A watch is perfect in 40mm.

  • matt

    42 mm

  • Lon R.

    I think the modern trend of 45mm + is too big for most people. For me, a watch with 39mm diameter fits me best.

  • victor

    I think the perfect length for me is either anywehre from 40 mm to 43 mm. I notice with 44 mm.. it’s just way too big

  • DB

    38 – 43 mm, depending on crown size/position and thickness of the watch case.

  • HB

    40mm is a good balance. It’s not so large as to offend those who cannot understand a bold, large watch, but large enough to not seem minuscule on a man’s arm.

  • Boonchen

    My perfect watch size is 39mm.

  • Ovidiu

    I have a small wrist but I like massive watches, although I would not exaggerate with it.
    I already have a 42mm diver that I guess is perfect size in the sport category. For the dress watch, 38mm is a more reasonable choice.

  • Victor O

    I love Elysee watches! 38-40mm is my ideal watch width…I have smaller than average wrists. This 70935 would look great on my wrist though!

  • 42mm works for me, but anything up to 48mm looks nice.

  • Ryan Schmidt

    40mm is the perfect size for my wrist

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  • Stay Gold

    44mm – 48mm works for me.

  • William

    Though not the perfect physical fit, 42mm brings the style that works today.

  • Adam

    There are many factors of design which will make a watch look larger or smaller on one’s wrist. I do have some smaller but generally I like the 40-45mm range.

  • Andri

    Perfect for me would be 43mm

  • thierry

    Well, 42 to 44mm fits well on my wrist, but I admit I would like ot try a bigger one, up to 50mm. But 42mm is the minimum acceptable 😉


    The bigger the better, so I am gonna go with a 46mm or higher as the perfect width!

  • Ariel Potischman

    My Carrera is 38.5mm and is a nice fit, but I think slightly larger, around 42mm would be a good size. Large, but not too gaudy.

  • Ricardo

    Around 42 mm. ^^

  • kris c

    Perfect width? Depends really – just in pure tape measure speak, I’d probably say 42mm, but the case shape has a lot to do with it. Square cases wear bigger, etc. I really like 44mm, but again, the wrong case shape can make that a bad size.

    Just as important is bracelet width. 20mm minimum – anything less and it does not feel formidible enough. I like my watch to feel sturdy on my wrist.

  • Richard

    Lovely watch. My size would be 42mm.

  • 38-40mm has been working nicely for me.

  • Jim Gormley

    I don’t think I’m saying anything that hasn’t already been said, but it depends on the watch- and personal preferences. I think for me- I like the bigger diver or military watches, so for me I’d say 44mm or greater. That being said, mo old antique Elgin tanker watch would just look if it was that size.

  • Jason Myers

    I prefer 42-50mm.

  • Alex


  • for me it´s 41mm

  • Steve Poorman

    I would say 42mm fits me just right.

  • Steve Peterson

    Depends on the type. I usually go for a more classic size, 38mm.

  • Peter Jones

    The best width is 42

  • Raynold S.

    40mm is near perfect.

  • Vincent

    Nice watch at a very reasonable price

  • Dean

    I think the size that is best depends on the watch. For me I think that in the 40-42mm range fits my wrist the best.

  • Emanuel

    this is not an easy one… to me, watches are like women… she may be short, tall, slim, huge… she must look good on you… so a watch that looks good on you, is the perfect wrist size, no matter its actual size. even if you really like a watch, it has to like you back, otherwise it won’t look good on you, and you’ll probably look like a clown 😉
    someone here said size does matter… if you think that, it means that you should probably wear glasses 😀 as watches, we come in various sizes and shapes. what it really matters though, is what you can do with what you’ve got…
    anyway, since telling the size might have some influence in all this, the piece that better looks on me is 40mm.
    Good luck, everyone!

  • Taylor C.

    I think it really depends on the lug width, but for me, 40-43mm is the sweet spot. With a 6.75″ wrist, I can’t wear much larger.

  • Alen

    I would say consistantly 40mm looks best and appropriately sized on my wrist with some exceptions for 42mm watches. Anything above a 42 looks like I’m trying too hard to impress my peers with a clock on my hand and in their face.

    It’s a good looking watch, and I noticed they are one of the few who are now selling watches directly off of their website. Let’s see how well that works for them.

  • dowdyism

    43mm is a the size for me.

  • carolyn

    Am I the only small-wristed person here? 30 mm. is as big as I can go without gaping off the edges of my wrist. But this handsome German automatic would look very nice indeed on my husband’s writst (Anniversary is coming up.)

  • The spectator look in 40mm is a perfect size and color for me in 2011.

  • Joe Vasiliauskas


  • Aaron

    I have really small wrists, so I guess about 38mm.

  • Stephen

    I regularly wear watches sized from 38-47mm. I like 42-44mm best (7 1/2″ wrist). I remember buying a 38mm watch and the salesperson saying that my wrist was big enough to pull it off (that was years ago, before the trend towards bigger watches…)

  • While I think that 40mm watches fit my wrist best, my personal preference is for 41-42mm diameter watches. I usually don’t like to go bigger than that as my wrist is pretty small.

  • Andrew

    Thanks for the giveaway! Definitely think that 42mm is the best size for me, wear a Seiko divers watch that size on a day-to-day basis and find it very comfortable on my wrist.


  • Joel Cram

    40mm is the perfect size for me as my wrists are pretty skinny and I am not a fan of huge watches.

  • Mathieu Laflamme

    Rectangle case, 39mm by 50 mm.

  • Mark Jaquith

    I’m tall, so probably something around 46mm.

  • jeff

    My current favorites are a 39mm Tissot and a 42mm Hamilton. Both look and feel just fine, so it depends on bezel, band, and overall design… but with small wrists some of the 44-46mm monsters are kind of ridiculous.

  • Paul Lee

    I believe 40 mm is the perfect width for my wrist.

  • doug liberman

    I like a 42-44mm even though I have smaller wrists.

  • Simon

    I’m big (6’5″) and I suppose my wrists are big, too. But I don’t like the current trend of really big watches. 40mm is good. 38mm is also fine with me. Maybe 42mm at the largest. The watch I wear every day is 40mm.

  • I agree with a great many of the earlier posters, it varies on the watch.

    I have a very simple vintage (50’s) Omega Seamaster with a small dial (38-40, I think), but I also like watches with 44-48mm widths, especially chronographs and complications.

  • Tom

    It depends on the watch. If only there was a way to calculate on what size the watch wears.

  • Bob

    38-42mm seems to work the best for my wrist.

  • Dana Russell

    I like large watches and have a large wrist. I look for at least 43mm.

  • Delgado Delbarrio

    42mm is perfect here.

  • aranea

    40mm’ish seems to work for me too.

  • philip lee

    i would say 42-45mm works best for my wrist.

  • JP

    I have small hands so 40 is good for me.

  • bigyabigya

    I have a 7.25″ wrist and prefer 40mm, which is why I hope to win this watch!

  • John

    For my wrist 40mm seems to be ideal, but a majority of the time I wear a 43mm Muhle.

  • Matt

    My primary watch now is a slim automatic Oriental in 43mm. I really like the size on my wrist. This is the largest watch I have owned.

  • Joshua

    All of my watches are 42mm and fit me great, wouldn’t really want anything different.

  • Gary

    I’ve gotten used to 42mm, prefer 40mm and can hardly wait until 38mm comes back into style.

  • sean pardo

    I own a few large watches, including the Seiko “Arnie” which is 48.5-49mm with the crown and a Bochett Cave Dweller that sits at 44m with a 16.5 mm thickness. That seems to be about as large of a watch I am willing to wear. Some watches wear larger or smaller, as you all well know. The Arnie wears much smaller than the Cave Dweller, and smaller than my 42mm Speedmaster Professional. Below 38mm watches start to feel less like timepieces and more like toys. Anything below that is too small for my tastes. Any watch around 42mm is just about ideal.

  • Morgan

    This always seems to be regular debate topic between my friends that are into watches. I feel that a watch should should be sized separately by dial and bezel. I find it funny when you have a large watch upwards of 46mm – 50mm with these huge bezels emblazoned by screws, rivets, lasers, shark repellant or whatever gaudy looking mumbo jumbo and a dial that should be on a 38mm watch. Its all about proper proportions in my book. For me and my wrist, I tend to grab a 44mm Panerai most days of the week, but if there is a jacket slated for my attire you would rarely catch me in anything over 42mm and always with a leather strap. You always need to keep things classy when you suit up.

  • Zach

    38mm – 42mm is best for new watches but I will not turn down a nice vintage watch.

  • Rick

    I like 42mm

  • Abraham Mendez

    I find that 45mm is a good fit for me. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Ed

    Anywhere between 38 and 50 is perfect, depending on the design and the type of watch (i.e. sport vs. dress). But since that’s kind of a cop-out, I’ll say 42mm.

  • Matt

    At my price point watches come in S-M-L-XL. I like L.

  • Bracken

    I do like a nice 46mm…but all sizes fit just fine.

  • Keith

    Perfect width for me is 38-40mm. I never really got into the big watch craze. I currently have a 41mm watch that I like, but I will not be getting anything larger.

  • Jeff

    Best for me is in the 40-42 range, though i did try on a 46mm Breitling and it looked good to me.

  • Nick

    45mm is the biggest watch I have and looks great on my wrist, although 42mm is probably my favourite.

  • Pedro

    Perfect size for me is 42 to 45mm. I really love big watches.

  • Perfect size for me is around 40mm to 44mm.

  • Ed

    i like my Citizen Nighthawk (42 mm) but for my wrist 40 mm would be nice 🙂

  • Nick

    It depends a lot of the style, but in general I prefer around 42-44mm. Smaller for dress watches (~40-42). I have a few bigger stylish watches as well, but most are in the 42-44 range.

  • Jeff

    My sweet spot is 42 mm. Nice watch.

  • Al

    I really like 43mm. I am of average height, but larger watches fit my wrist well.

  • EHamilton

    I find that 45mm is a good for me.

  • Zack

    I am a fairly small guy, so i think 35-40 mm is just about right for me.

  • Cliff

    i’d say probably about 44mm would be best on my wrists, but i dont mind going bigger, i like a nice heavy watch

  • Loki

    I would have to say that 40-43 is just about right. The actual size would depend on the watch.

  • Angel

    My perfect watch size is 43mm. Fingers crossed!!

  • Richard P

    I have 3 watches atm. 1 is 40mm, another 42mm and the third is 50mm. The 50mm is great for the “Bling” factor but is uncomfortable at work. The 40mm on my wrist seems too small, and the 42 is extremely comfortable but a little on the small side.
    So the perfect watch size for me would be 44-45mm not too big and with that little touch of bling appeal to make you stand out.

  • Jeremy

    Awesome! The perfect size for me is a 44mm. Thank you for the opportunity to win a great watch!

  • eric

    40mm would be perfect but it really depends on the style of the watch!

  • Brad

    For my wrist it would have to be 38-40mm tops. I have a small wrist.

  • Jakob

    I do believe the Richard Mille RM 028 would be just ideal for me with its 47 mm. Slight problem fitting it into my budget, though… :-J

  • Mike B.

    The best size to fit my wrist often depends on the weather, and whether the strap is leather or a bracelet. If it’s hot outside, a stainless, loose fitting bracelet, with up to a 45.5mm watch head is nice. If it’s cool, or I’m in the office all day, a 44mm on a nice leather strap is always a good selection.

  • Greg

    40-44mm depending on the style.

  • I think the perfect size for me is 40mm. I’ve got a couple of 43’s, and they’re way cool; a 38 that I also like – heck, I like them all! But 40 seems to be my preference for comfort and appearance.

  • Rob

    I prefer a 40-42 mm size. Discreet, professional. No “LOOK AT ME, I’M HUGE” statement, with the extra weight to match.

  • dandsoo

    38 max 40 mm for me

  • Jason

    Depends on the situation. At work, I prefer a 40mm watch; something that, in regards to size, doesn’t stand out too much. But when going out at night, depending on the watch, I’ll go for a 42mm or something around that size.

  • I think something in the 40-42mm range is my best fit.

  • Ross

    For most watches, I prefer to stick to the what seems to be the modern “average” of 42mm. Depending on the style of watch though I am comfortable wearing anything from 40mm (dressier) to 44mm (military/pilot or toolish diver).

  • KJ

    Same as the last poster, I think the “perfect width” is somewhat impossible to peg, for the divers watch I’m wearing at the moment, the approx 44/45 or so width is fine but a slick dress watch is going to be entirely different and rightly so.

    I don’t believe that I have a perfect width, too subjective on the watch and purpose for me putting it on.

  • Ted

    Very nice looking timepiece! I’d say a good fit for me would be 40mm – 44mm, but does depend on the type of watch.

  • Alex Spizman

    I have a small wrist, about 6.5 inches in diameter. The best case size for me would probably be between 40-42mm.

  • Eric Norton

    Anything from 40-44mm works best for me. Really depends most on the look of the watch itself. Usually 40mm for dress watches, 42mm for dive watches, and 44mm for everything else.

  • Eric


  • mkss55442

    I don’t like the watch overwhelming my wrist. 40mm is the best size for me.

  • Scott

    My perfect watch size would be somewhere around 38-40mm – so needless to say, this would be about perfect! 🙂

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  • Lenny

    I’m thinking 40mm would be good. I don’t like them to be alot larger, as it just becomes uncomfortable.

    Love this watch though. Great look.

  • Joe

    I have various watches ranging in width from 36mm to 46mm but for me I think the perfect size would be my daily wearer, which is 40mm.

  • Luke Harbeck

    my movado is a 40mm but i prefer a 42mm,

  • Jim Yee

    I have a small wrist and 38mm is ideal, while a 40mm looks bold and aggressive.

  • Peter Thorley-Dickinson

    I have always coveted the Rolex GMT Master II, even though I know there are so many more interesting watches out there! The GMTMII is 40mm, so there we have it.

  • Bing

    this is such a cool watch that my “coolness” will rocket.

  • It may be uncool, but I’m more leaning towards the smaller sizes, so I would go for 38-40mm.

  • Marilyn Ceranski

    42 mm is perfect for me, but I do have a few 40 mm that are fine too.

    42 mm I would say is perfect though. Thanks for the chance! 🙂

  • Matt

    38-40 mm is the perfect size range for me. 42 mm is the maximum for my wrist size. I look for watches between about 36-42 mm depending on how the style looks on my wrist.

  • Leo Liberman

    In the market for good watch at the moment, but I would say 40 -42mm sounds like a winner.

  • Nice simple watch, the one I need for the day to day work.

  • Neil

    40mm would be perfect for my wrist.

  • John C

    Like a lot of the comments, I find the size does depend on the watch. For my wrist size, 42 – 44 mm fit best.

  • Irvin Walser

    40mm is the right fit for me.

  • Ed Hoffman

    43mm is great for me, and I love these Elysee watches!!!!

  • 42mm is ideal for me.

  • Bryan Arntz

    42-45mm is best for me. It varies dependent on height, weight and design.

  • Size 36 mm wide is a perfect size for the everyday use at the office and looks great on my wrist.

  • Teo D.

    Watch face size is related to the watch type. Classic dress 38-40mm. Sporty chrono or diver 42-44mm. I like the 42mm fit best for my wrist size.

  • desaria

    The perfect width is 44-46mm. I can’t wait to see who wins 🙂

  • Joe Cornwall

    The perfect watch size is the one that provides ideal proportions for the watch face. Dress watches can be much smaller and finer than casual, and casual is typically less bulky than a tool watch.

  • Ron M

    The size of watch all depends on the style , 40 mm as in my Concord Mariner all the way up to 46 mm as in the Citizen Sky hawk AT.

  • I’ve got big arms but I like delicate details, so 40mm if it’s a pretty one, maybe 42-45 if it’s a diver etc.

  • Herkko Metsola

    I prefer 40-42mm

  • Josh

    While a 40 mm Rolex is always a great fit, I just got a 47 mm watch which dominates my wrist and looks great as well (Of course, anything with a retrograde hand always looks ultra-cool). Really depends on the details.

  • Carlos E

    up to 40mm anything bigger looks weird on my wrist, im a big fan of vintage watches and these are usually smaller than modern timepieces but they still go perfect for a formal everyday wear

  • Guillaume

    For me, a 46mm, like the Bell&Ross model 01-94 is perfect. I enjoy the feeling on the wrist and the look!

  • Razvan

    The perfect size is 42 mm. My Christopher Card C40 Speedhawk Chronograph Automatic is that size and is perfect for me.

  • John Speer

    I have a Victorinox Dive Master 500 Chrono, which is 43mm. The diameter is perfect partially because of the size and width of the band. The entire package makes for the perfect size. I agree with other posts, that the entire watch is what makes the diameter work, or not.

  • jwoodsy

    40mm is the perfect size for my small wrists!

  • mike


  • Jon

    Currently I’m liking my Citizen Skyhawk, which seems to come in around 45mm. That seems to work for me…!

  • Devansh

    42mm fits me fine.

  • 40mm fits my wrist the best

  • tim stratman

    I think that 42 fits me well enough to make a statement without being to loud, but Im a small guy. I have a few smaller watches and they just sit in the drawer but I still like smaller tanker style watches

  • Keith

    42 is great – sort of the sweet spot. After a few years of buying bigger and bigger watches, the “right” size for me is heading back down.

  • Simon T.

    I have watches ranging from 39mm to 45mm… 42mm is kind of a perfect size for my über-flat 6,75in wrist.

    I personnally believe that lug-to-lug size is also very important.

  • Tommy Higdon

    I like watches between 42 and 44mm.

  • Ryan

    40mm is best for simple watches. 42mm – 44mm for more complex designs.

  • David Martinez

    I love this watch, very nice, clean and classy
    I like my watches between 40mm-42mm

  • Migdalia Martinez

    very nice watch i would say a 40mm would work for me

  • Jorge

    I would say 38 to 42mm

  • weatherman

    Nice watch – a little small for my wrist but I’m sure I’d find an occasion to wear it.

  • Bruno Resende

    44mm for me.

  • Louie Yan

    The watch in the photo is beautiful. Simple and understated. I’d really like to own one. I’m lightly-built so 40mm is just about the right size for me.

  • Robert

    I love the watch in the picture! I am young with small wrists, so around 40-41 mm is the perfect fit!

  • Stephan Saint Julien

    Very nice watch!

  • CseLas

    My perfect watch width is 42mm

    Now I have a Certina DS-1 /40mm/ but I think 42mm fits me fine too 🙂

  • Damian

    40 mm is my perfect size.

  • Brandon G.

    43mm is great for me, but i could go bigger and maybe a wee bit smaller for the right watch.

  • Joseph Welke

    The perfect width for my wrist is 40mm. The watch is both large enough to be quickly read and small enough to not interfere with anything I’d like to do with that hand.

  • Andrew

    38mm and 40mm are perfect for my wrist.

  • Matt W.

    42mm fits me perfectly

  • Phil D.

    In men’s watches I’ve found that anything below 40 mm tends to be a little small, especially if the edge of the case takes up 2-3 mm around the periphery of the dial. The custom of making women’s watches several millimeters smaller than men’s is eroding as well.

    Without endorsing the “gigantization” promoted by certain brands, I would say that the perfect dial size is around 42-44 mm. As for thickness, definitely less than 15 mm. Preferably around 12-13 mm.

    All the best!

  • Jonathan Yu

    42mm fits me perfectly but I prefer to wear watches that are 44-46mm.

  • I didn’t think it was as big as 42mm but after looking through my collection that seems to be the average. I guess it depends on the caseback and how everything is laid out rather than size.

  • Mark Fenimore

    I think the perfect size is 42-43mm. It is a great size for a dress watch, but is still large enough to be noticed, and allow for plenty of details within the watch. I love, keep up the great work!

  • Brian P

    A 45mm is my favorite all day every day size. But I wear watches from 40-52mm regularly. I don’t discriminate if I like the looks & the watch is comfortable.

  • Larry

    I don’t really have a favorite size – it all depends on the style and design of the watch. That said, most of what I have seems to fall between 38-45mm.

  • 43mm

  • Kent LeVan

    Anything between 40-43 mm looks great provided it’s not too thick. Nothing’s worse than a hockey puck that won’t fit under the cuff of your sleeve.

  • Danny

    I don’t have a preference so long as the watch fits my wrist well.

  • Diego Urdaneta

    my perfect watch size would deff be 42mm!!!

  • Harris Cohn

    I have relatively small wrists for a man but I feel that the size has a lot to do with the watch. If the watch has straight lugs I feel that 38mm is the largest I can get away with, but for watches with curved lugs like the Panerai Luminor I can go as big as 44mm without the watch looking huge on me.

  • Craig

    For me 44-45 is about right. Depends on the design thou.

  • Mark

    I discovered your site hunting for info on how to make your own watch.

    The Elysee is a nice looking, simple watch. A good workhorse movement is included!

    The best perfect width of a watch for my wrist is 37 mm since my wrist only measures 6-5/8 inches. Most anything larger seems too big for me, although 40 and 42 mm watches still look ok depending on how they are laid out.

  • Michael Martin

    Hi I have been a collector of watches since I was fifteen and absolutely love your blog. My watches vary in sizes but I think 40-42mm would be the perfect size. I love Elysse and for the past 91 years their watches have been getting more and more impressive. Their philosophy is on key and they provide such a great high-quality watch for a great price. Thank you for the opportunity to win a watch!

  • blackinches

    blackinches likes the 44mm

  • The perfect size for my wrist is 40. And I’m now addicted to your blog…dammit.

  • Kevin

    My perfect size is 42mm but I can appreciate a 44mm as well

  • Howard

    40 to 42 fits me best. The more legible the dial, the smaller you can go.

  • stijn

    The perfect watch size is 42 mm.
    I quote:
    Deep Thought:”The answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything is… 42.”

    Nothing more, nothing less… 42.

  • LBJefferies

    The perfect watch width is the classic Rolex 39 mm. My wrist does well with anything between 38 (JLC Ultra-Thin) to 46 mm (special edition GP Laureato).

  • Forrest

    My preferences are 40-42mm for dress, 42-45mm for sport.

  • Brad

    My 40 mm Rolex SubDate is just the ticket. However my wife’s quite enamored with the U-Boats.

  • Will

    I think 40mm is a good size watch

  • Carl

    All depends on if the watch is round or square. But 40mm is a nice all around I would say.

  • teodor

    this Eliysee watch is all most the same as one tissot watch thet I have. I realy love to watches and I am a big fan of them. I never had a expensive watch like this or like doxa or u-boat, but i have 6-7 cheaper like Swatch which is my first swiss watch,tissot or nautica, so if a got this watch it will be the most expensive in mi small collection. the perfect width for my wrist is 42 mm.

  • A watch sized between 35mm and 42mm is my prefered size.

  • R. Nooij

    Since I am a big guy, I prefer the more chunky diameters. I have a couple of watches, and the smallest is 42mm, the largest is 50mm. It depends on the design of the watch, and the shape of your wrist if it fits well but I think that if the case, lugs and strap are well designed even a big watch with a diameter of 50mm or more could be worn comfortable. Next to that, it also comes down to style and taste ofcourse! I concider myself to have a pretty wide taste in watches, I like dress watches but also more unusual concepts.

  • Eitan Gal

    43mm is the best sizes for me

  • Bruno Alexandre Resende

    44mm works just fine for me, but iwould take any other size if it´s free.

  • Brian G

    40 mm is the best for my slender wrists 🙂 Thanks for the contest

  • Keith Hudson

    The perfect width of a watch for my wrist is 40mm.

  • David Chapman

    For dress 40-42mm but for play 44-46mm.

  • Josh G

    I think for me 40mm is just about perfect. I am happy to go a couple of mm in either direction though.

    I am not a fan of the big watch trend. I find that when lugs jut out from the wrist it just looks awkward.

  • Daniel Raab

    I have been enjoying a large watch phase for the last year so at the moment I am wearing the 46.6mm Marathon JSAR that suits my wrist and build quite perfectly. I was also rocking a Welder K24 for a while which clocks in at 48mm, until it left me at a party through the form of a well worn clasp!!

    At this point a 47-52mm watch is the best size for me!

  • Steve

    I have small wrists and I am currently wearing a 39 but I think a tad bigger would be spot on, so this 40mm Elysee would be right on the money 🙂

  • Derrick Whittier

    Watches these days are getting bigger and ridiculously, bigger. I like a classic 38mm to 40mm. Anything over 42mm is too big.

  • André Levy

    I think that 40-42mm is about right

  • russell strooh

    42 mm is perfect for me!

  • sebastian

    The perfect watch diameter is whatever you are comfortable with i think. My preference in example is 40-42mm. I find it that the legibility is great, and the watch doesn’t look like a clock. Which that is not entirely a bad thing but i have found that big diameter watches (over 42mm) tend to not be very comfortable especially if you don’t have a big wrist. Also you cant wear some of your favorite long sleeve shirts, unless you are recreating a WW2 scenario of fitting the watch outside the jacket. On the other hand vintage watches will of-course be smaller and that is a different story.

  • Arch. Abel Castillo

    A 42 mm watch is perfect for the man, 42 in shoes number, 42 in age and 42 women to get! Regards from Dominican Republic, really great job guys!

  • jimbodilly

    I am all about the 42mm and up.
    I like people to notice my watch.

  • I like 42 mm as an ideal size, although depending on the watch 40-44 mm can make all the difference. Thank you Folk’s for the opportunity !!!

  • Darren Behan

    Smaller wrists, 40mm is pretty good for me. Up to 45 can work though.


  • Josh Matchell

    I have a 42mm Tag and fits perfect for me.

  • Juan Manuel Fariñas

    42mm or 45mm are perfect for me. Great Blog!! 😀

  • Amaury Reynoso

    If is a Elysee any size would fit for me! LMAO (but if there is a 42mm would be great )

  • Ibraheem Almishrigy

    I love every thing made by Germans, but didn’t try the german made watches, love to win this,
    size 40

  • Mark Madalena

    I like the look of a 44mm on my wrist, not too big, not too small. Just about perfect. Love the reviews!!

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  • Adrien Seldon

    44mm – 47mm is just about perfect.

  • Chris

    42 mm is juuuuuuust right.

  • I have 42 and 44s, so I’ll say 43!

  • Brian Spaid

    Hmm, I think 40-42mm is about right. I like watches on the slightly bigger side.

  • Big Mongo

    Any size Elysee appears to be just the right size…. Gorgeous looking watch and with
    the classic black face it’ll go with just about just about any style or mood I’m in.
    Dressy or dirtbad it’ll fit right in… Cheers…. —-Mongo

  • Ian Noble

    40 mm is perfect. Big watches are cool right now but a 40mm watch will always be in style.

  • Big Mongo

    In the previous post dirtbad = dirtbag.

    Thanx for the correction… —-Mongo

  • Nicholas B.

    I think that the perfect size watch for my wrist is probably around 42mm or 43mm.

  • Josh G

    I think the best size for my wrist really depends on the watch. I’ve got a Planet Ocean that looks just right on my wrist at 45mm, but a dress watch over 41 looks too big. The 3717 looks just right on my wrist at 42. I’d have to pick a range (depending on the watch) between 40-46mm.

  • Walter

    42 mm, no doubt, for a man.

  • Felix Vîjiac

    i think around 42mm.

  • Kino

    I’ve come to the conclusion that watches under 40mm look best on my 7″ wrist. It’s hard to have hard and fast rules, though – my Seiko UFO fits nicely despite being a 44-45mm case thanks to the hooded lugs. Lug length is often more of a factor than overall size.

    • Kino

      Okay, if I had to be specific, 38mm

  • Mor H

    I think that the perfect size watch for my wrist is 42mm

  • Todd Aldridge

    44 mm seems to be the sweet spot for me. Not too big, not too small, just right

  • Nick

    What a stunning watch. I think a 42 would suit my wrist excellently.

  • Joe Klingenberg

    This German watch brand ELYSEE makes sporty but classy looking watches.

    Check their website out! The perfect width of a watch for my wrist is 40mm.

  • Jay Walia

    It really depends on the watch but my ideal size would generally be 38-40mm. I like em smaller if its a dress watch with a leather strap and bigger if its a sturdy divers watch on a steel bracelet.

  • Dadetigl

    Depending on the watch, something in the 40 – 44 mm range is the right size for me.

  • Schmitty

    42 is a good average size with nothing smaller than 40 but sometimes, you just feel like a 48 🙂

  • jeffrey peldon

    a 38-40mm is the optimal fit for my wrist, though a 42 feels good

  • Avelino De Jesus II

    The perfect watch width for my wrist is 42mm. 42mm IS the new black:)

  • Derek Bowen

    I think the perfect size is right in the 40 to 44 mm range. Weight also makes a difference in the watch size versus feel, but that’s my sweet spot.

  • John Kiang

    40mm is perfect

  • dale Taylor

    40-42 mm is a great size and and gives men a range to match and swap with
    my personal prefered size is the 42mm as I have a large wrist

  • Sebastian

    I would say that the perfect size is 42mm, not to small but still with noticeable presence on the wrist. How ever, I think you also have to consider the thickness of the watch because it affects how large/small the watch wears. Lastly I would like to say thanks for a great blog and that I would be a great winner of this beautiful watch since I just got accepted at Sweden’s only watchmaking school.

  • Keith

    I actually like 40mm, but will do up to 42.

  • Michael

    My perfect watch width is 38mm, since I have small wrist. I could wear 40mm, but 42mm will look weird on my wrist.

  • Dave

    I think that all depends on whether the watch “wears” big or small. Some watches seem to wear big (or small) depending on it’s proportions even if it technically is the same diameter. That said, give me something 39mm-40mm.

  • Simon

    I personally prefer around 40 or 42 mm.

  • JLB

    I would tend to say between 42 and 44 mm, but it really depend on the design of the case and the way the straps are designed. Even a 40mm watch might feel bulky if constructed in a certain way.

  • Ray Yoong

    watch looks nice. i usually like my watches about 44mm. any bigger and my wrist looks weird. thanks.

  • Geoff

    I’d say 40 to 44mm for an all-purpose/diver but for a dress watch I’d go with 38.

  • Jessie

    The perfect watch width for my wrist (excluding the crown) will be 40mm so I could wear it on any occasion I want, be it a formal event or just a simple gathering with my buddies. The nice design of the dial of this watch makes legibility a simple task this wonderful timepiece of Elysee could deliver not just to me as well as other persons owning this watch, maybe a stranger wondering what time it is.

  • Jerry

    I have panerai luminor gmt and elysee. I like 45 mm mostly…

  • Tom Venables

    HI FOr me the perfect width of a watch for my wrist range from 42mm to 44mm. This is because some 42mm watch seem big on my wrist and some 44mm watches seem small. A big 42mm watch in my opinion is the IWC Doppel.

  • My perfect watch head width is 35mm. Big enough so it can be seen, but not so large that it is uncomfortable wearing day to day. Love the Valjoux movement.

  • michael stocke

    I bought a Lum Tec Bull 45 model A12 for Christmas and it is 45mm. It fits my wrist well but it is really big. I love the super luminous characteristics of this watch. But for dress a size 40 to 42 mm would be perfect for my wrist width. The Elysee 70935 European Automatic watch would look good on James Bond in his next film in my opinion. But I don’t know what Daniel Craig’s perfect wrist width would be? But a 40 to 42 mm would suit me just fine!

  • Matt

    I have a 40mm sports watch and a 42mm dressy watch. With a small wrist, 6.5″, I find the 40mm to be about right for me. Love your website and emails. What ever happened to the Luxist website? Looks like it hasn’t updated in quite a while.

  • Like most the perfect size depends on the watch. But I tend to prefer 44-46 MM

  • Perfect size ? 42mm is comfy for day to day wear but in the case of some of the dive / tool watches at 46mm, it’s an exception I’d gladly make. Diameter is one thing, thickness and weight are a completely different story.

  • Ed Hoffman

    I love the Elysee watch in this post because of its simplistic beauty. Unlike so many “compicated watches” if you want to know what time it is, duh, it couldn’t be easier with this watch. It’s a stunner!

    I like 42mm these days, although I enjoy wearing watches @ 44-46, it seems like I don’t need a watch that requires me to wear a sling on my arm just to hold up my wrist.

    Thanks to Elysee for the great offer!

  • Jeff Jones

    For me the perfect size is 42 – 44

  • albert post

    42 mm is a good size, 40t a tad small

  • Dean Zilberman

    I’ve always wanted a swiss watch, a german car and an american wife. so far I have two out of three. won’t you help?
    40 mm is my fit.

  • Jason M

    I like 42mm and bigger.

  • Rob

    40mm is ideal. I like to wear vintage watches that are smaller, but for contemporary watches….40mm

  • Chris

    The perfect size depends on the shape of the case and lugs, but for me it’s generally between 40 and 42mm.

    The lug shape issue has been a real pain. I really wanted a Royal Oak Offshore for years, but every model fit too widely on my wrist. The lugs push the strap out. I’ve see very few people not look silly wearing one.

  • Christopher Jourdain

    depending the type of watch, my perfect size would vary between 40mm and 48mm

  • Brian R

    This would make a beautiful second watch for a novice collector like me.

  • Kenneth Cusse

    Bigger is better, so 44mm or larger is great for me. I think that there is a tv show called the bold and the beautiful….

  • Frank

    The perfect size is 45-50mm!

  • Asmahan Hamdan

    40 mm to 42 mm


    I think 40-42mm is perfect for me!

  • I like the hands and the date window- the both have a rounded theme – just like the perfectly circle case.

  • dej

    40 to 43. The more formal the situation the smaller the diameter, larger for casual. Big watch in a suit just doesn’t look right on me as I don’t have the biggest wrists. I hate suits anyways, so I’m most likely wearing 42s to 43s.

  • kykjykl

    Great watch, about 42mm would work for me.

  • Nagy Dávid

    Everything between 38 and 44 is ok for me. Probably 42mm is the perfect. Im sure this ELYSEE with its 40mm would look good on my wrist 🙂

  • Brent Turner

    I find casual watches can be a bit larger on my wrist, 44mm is good but dressy watches look better a bit smaller, I have a 40mm Oris Artelier that looks just right.

  • Adam

    I prefer 42mm in a watch, not too big, not too small. It depends on the style of the watch though, smaller for a dress watch, 42 for sport/dive.

  • Tim Moy

    Interesting this perfect width business. Styles come and go and even though I’ve got a few jumbos (44+), I took great pleasure in showing off a tiny Certina DS with black dial at a recent meeting (36’ish). I surreptitiously rolled up my shirt sleeve and shocked the other manly participants, who had such heavy watches on that they found it hard to lift their watch arms. Maybe 40 is the perfect width for my wrist today, but who knows what tomorrow will bring!

    Great blog Ariel, keep taking the medicine…

  • Harry

    On my smaller Arms a 40mm ELYSEE Watch fits perfect!

  • Ty McGuire

    I prefer 38-40mm. Subtlety is a good thing.

  • Tomasz Macanko

    I don’t like the latest tendence for an oversized watches (by oversized I mean 44+mm). Even though I have thick wrists, I prefer case diameters between 39 and 41mm.

  • Danny Perez

    I prefer 40mm on a dress watch and 42mm or 44mm my other watches

  • Chris

    As most have commented, the “Perfect” size can vary greatly depending on the style of the watch, the band width, the bezel, and the overall “look” of the watch. That being said, I feel that a 40mm is about ideal for my wrist size. I think this particular watch would look OUTSTANDING on my wrist.

  • David

    For day to day use, ideal is up to 45mm. When flying VFR it must have high clarity and preferably quickly readable minutes.

  • Jeff

    I have gigantic monkey wrists… a 47 is right at home. But anything over 40 feels good.


    I got small wrists. Anywhere from a 38-42 look decent. Any bigger and I’m a kid playing dress-up.

  • Timothy

    I go between 38 and 44, but my B-1 at 42.5 seems the best fit.

  • Marko


  • Hi, perfect size for me is 40 – 42 mm. noticable yet doesn’t look like it could be used as an offensive weapon to club anyone with.

  • Ken

    perfect width for me would be 46mm, like my Oris Swiss Hunter Team!

  • miki

    my ideal size is 40 mm

  • Frank K.

    I just Like watches in general, 44mm to 50mm is usually right in My comfort zone. I do own 2 watches on the smaller side 38mm and they look small on My wrist. If I truly like something it really does not matter to me, I’ll wear it with pride!

  • Neil R.

    It really depends on the watch but in general I’d go for 42mm.

  • ebn

    40mm is perfect for my wrist

  • Sam D.

    42 – 44mm are he perfect widths for my wrist, although more important to me is height, with 16.5 mm the tallest watch I would wear.

  • Sam D.

    42 – 44mm are the perfect widths for my wrist, although more important to me is height, with 16.5 mm the tallest watch I would wear.

  • Charity

    Smaller watches for me, 39-40mm

  • ae

    Depends on the bezel, watches with a thicker one sholud be at around 41-43 mm, but with a slimmer design 39-41 is the ideal for me.

  • Chris

    The biggest watch I can get away with is a 40mm, though I do love a larger watch (44-50mm)

  • Wilson Meeks

    42-45mm depending on the design.

  • Torben Nelson

    I’m a big dude so for me 43-45mm is perfect, although sometimes a challenge with dress shirts. I have an old Tag Formula 1 that now feels like a kid’s watch!

  • Jon

    I think the perfect watch size for me is 39mm. But I like anything from 36-43mm. 🙂

  • Frank Forte

    The first watch I was given as a present for graduation is an Omega @ 40.5mm. Ive tried on IWC Portugueses which is 42.5mm and its simply too big. 40.5 is the perfect size for me

  • 38 to 42 mm is about my size but I like free things and will be proud to wear it whatever it is.

  • Chris

    40mm is perfect for me

  • Matthew Jackson

    40mm is my favorite, but I have plenty of others, 38, 42, 44, and love them all.

  • Richard Wagle

    I would say a 40mm is about the right size for my wrist. Anything smaller seems too small.

  • Tim van Dijk

    42mm is perfect for my wrist.

  • Steve Deyer

    Perfect size ranges for me from about 40mm up to 44mm depending on the style of watch.

  • Benedict

    With very small wrists, I would prefer a watch diameter ranging 38mm-44mm (for sporty designed watches)

  • keith

    I really like the 42mm size. At this size it doesn’t get mistaken for a ladies watch and yet it doesn’t look like I’m wearing a hockey puck either.

  • Jason Manternach

    My favorite watch is my 44mm Glycine. It’s big enough to have some impact without looking like a misused desk clock.

  • Scott Leonard

    Personally 40mm is great for my wrist/ cuff size


    The Elysee European Automatic with a Swiss ETA 2824 automatic movement, happens to be the perfect width size for my wrist at 42mm.

  • Joel S

    Around 35mm depending on the style.

  • Tahir

    Panerai 44mm is the perfect size. case closed lol

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  • David Kot

    I think 42mm is the perfect size, I think most modern watches tend to be a little bigger and I’m not a big vintage watch fan, so I like more modern watches, and I think 42 is the perfect size so you don’t have a huge watch that draws too much attention.

  • Kelly King

    42 mm is my Ideal size , but depending on the watch itself 40 – 44 mm will do the job !!! Thanks for the opportunity …

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  • Emanuel

    so how did it go? who’s the lucky winner? 😉

  • Ivan1998

    40-44mm is great would love this watch

  • cshepley

    40 to 44 is usually my range.

  • PeerSkovlund

    Perfekt size is 42, but 44 is ok too 🙂 i would love to win it 🙂

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