Giveaway: Pulsar By Seiko Men’s Automatic Watch

Giveaway: Pulsar By Seiko Men’s Automatic Watch

Giveaway: Pulsar By Seiko Men's Automatic Watch Giveaways

This month I have for you a Pulsar by Seiko Men's Automatic watch. The specific model available for one lucky winner is the Ref. PS2004, which is the two-tone model (silver, gold tone) on the steel bracelet. This is the most expensive one of the mix, but I wanted you to see what the entire collection looks like. These watches are brand new for 2010, and features exclusive 21 jewel automatic movements. There is an "open heart" dial which has a window to the moving balance wheel in the movement. Not small at all, these watches are 44.9mm wide in a steel case that is water resistant to 330 feet. Bracelet is 20mm wide and in steel with a fold-over safety clasp, while the watch crystal is Seiko Hardlex. Dial has applied luminant on the hands for darkness viewing. The watch features a caseback window for an addition view into the movement.

These are great looking classy timepieces with a beautiful mechanical spirit and high, Seiko quality. Japanese in spirit, the Men's Automatic watch collection hearken back to the mid 20th century in terms of design and function, with enough modern elements to make them highly relevant for today's watch lovers. Price for the 2010 Men's Automatic watches starts at $199, but this top of the line model retails for $250.

Giveaway: Pulsar By Seiko Men's Automatic Watch Giveaways

To Enter You Must:

1. Comment on this post below with your valid e-mail address where required. In the body of your comment mention why you love mechanical watches more than quartz movement (most battery based) watches.

2. Be a pal. If you are feeling up to it, Facebook friend/fan all or any of the following:

3. Wait until the giveaway is over on September 1st, 2010 for the winner to be chosen at random.

A couple of basic rules. You can only enter once. You must comment with a valid e-mail address where you can be reached. Your comment must be confirmed and approved. You must complete the objectives to be considered. You are responsible for providing your contact shipping information if you are chosen. Shipping restrictions to non US entrants may apply based on sponsor's policies. Giveaway watch selection based on sponsor's inventory and watch availability. All comments made after the end of the giveaway period will not be considered. For the full terms and conditions, please click here.

Good luck, and thanks to Pulsar Watches, the sponsor of the Pulsar Automatic Ps2004 watch giveaway here at!

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  • Mantas

    It is the same like to have electronic dog and the real dog.

  • Ferdinand A.

    * You’re my Friend on Facebook
    * Liked on Facebook
    * Liked Pulsar Watches on Facebook

    Now its your turn to give me that gorgeous watch.

  • Chris Wu

    I love mechanical watches because the seconds movement is so mesmerizing. I can just watch it move for hours which makes me prefer it so much more over quartz.

    Thanks Ariel for organizing these giveaways!

  • John Saccani

    A mechanical watch has a heartbeat and a “soul” versus a machine made, battery powered quartz movement.

  • Mike Bookhardt

    Mechanical vs Quartz… That would be like comparing a Da Vinci painting to a wall painted with an electric spray painter. They may both be functional and even pretty to look at, but only one is a work of art and craftsmanship. Mechanical every time (no pun). 🙂

  • Mark Dickinson

    For me, the attraction is to the history. To be able to use 250+ year old mechanical technology every day and have it perform reliably day after day is very cool.

  • For me, there it’s the romance and connection you have with mechanical watches. The thought and pleasure of the watch dependent on the owner for it to run and start ticking is definitely something battery powered watches cannot provide. And this kind of feeling would surpass the inferiority of mechanical watches to quartz watches in terms of accuracy. I also love watches to keep me company and to have them as long as I want. Hopefully passing them to someone someday. With quartz watches, as soon as the movement breaks down, its hard to repair the electronic components, while as for mechanical watches, as long as you have a good watch specialist who can replicate or acquire those gears and metal parts, it’s still possible to repair or restore. I only need one quartz watch, for mechanicals, there is no limit.

  • Eric W.

    I love mechanical watches because they provide a deep connection to the whole history of mechanical watches. Long before the first lightbulb, watchmakers were improving their movement designs to provide more accurate timekeeping.

  • Appreciate the craft behind mechanical watches. It’s like the difference between the engine in a Astor Martin and the engine in a Fiat.

  • Shinytoys

    There is a mechanical joy about auto or manual watches compared to battery operated pieces. It’s such an accomplishment to fit that kind of skill and craftsmanship, with all the moving parts, in such a small space and have it function correctly. A function I might add that so many need to keep track of.
    Like many technical works, educating a person about this complicated marvel is part of the appreciation process. I have found that once a person gets a taste of just how amazing mechanical watches can be, even with the most basic of complications, they are hooked for life.

  • Chris Emory

    I made the move to mechanical watches after I took one of my quartz watches in to have yet another battery replaced. While the guy behind the counter was trying to unscrew the caseback on my Seiko, the (wrong) tool he was using slipped and I watched him gouge a furrow across the back of the case. “Gee, sorry about that. I can’t get it open. here is your watch back”. I just stood there looking at the damage and told myself ‘That’s it, no more batteries for me’. I’ve had automatics and ‘Ecodrive’ watches since.


    P.S. And no, the jeweler did NOT offer to repair the case. 🙁

  • Austin Buerosse

    I just love the graceful sweep of the seconds hand on a fine watch.

  • Mechanical watches are the only devices I know that have a mechanical heartbeat, and that people can easily conceptualize having an engineering marvel strapped to their wrist. A sweep second hand measures our movement through space and the passing of the sun throughout the day. Watching the gears move and the balance methodically swing is both comforting and therapeutic.

    A watch balance oscillates at a frequency of 28,800 times per hour which is equivalent to a car going 87 mph, and traveling a distance of 3,600 miles a year. All fascinating and the reason why I have a mechanical watch strapped to my wrist.


  • Jay Walia

    My main attraction towards mechanical watches over quartz are the sweeping second hand movement & to be able to see the balance wheel moving from the case back/open heart dial.To know that you have this little piece of scientific ingenuity plus art on your wrist to not only tell you the time but mesmerize you every time you do so…priceless!

  • Marcin ?wik?a

    I love mechanical watches since my father gave me, when I was 7yo, cool, soviet GOLD Poljot, which was like 2mm thick. It doesn’t exist now (a pity), but since then I like cool watches. I had a few, now, unfortunately, I have battery base Adriatica. Another mechanical one would be cool.

  • formularick

    Nothing like a mechanical watch, it’s just the actual movement of the mechanism that is a wonder to behold. Quartz is simply too muchlike wearing a calculator — great function but no artistry.

  • Neil

    I own both quartz and mechanical watches. Both have their place in my life but as much as I appreciate the engineering involved in quartz watches I love the art and science that must exist together to create a fine mechanical watch.

  • Patrick

    I’ve just gotten my first mechanical watch (a manual wind), and I have to say I’m intrigued in how it might be a “simpler” style, it’s probably a lot more complicated than most of the watches I’ve owned.

  • Andre Braz

    I love the mechanicals because of the life inside the movements

  • Everything else is electronic these days. It’s nice to have one thing in my life every day that’s completely powered by a mechanical mechanism (like my bike) rather than a computer chip.

    I would imagine anyway, since I don’t own any automatics.

  • Adam

    A very attractive watch fo a company that I had all but forgotten about. And a auto at that. Nice

  • Phil Hung

    As others have mentioned, the sweep of the seconds hand on a mechanical watch is just so much more attractive than the soulless tick of a quartz.

  • Cristina A.

    I dont know much about how a watch works but I do know whats beautiful and not. The watch above is beautiful and a perfect gift to my hubby this Christmas hahahaha! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Jack

    Quartz is sensible and likeable. Automatic inspires need, fear, frustration, and, if you are lucky, love.

  • Nat

    Gotta love the sweeping second hand.

  • GB

    Usually mechanical watches will last longer since they less frequently have to opened for service.

  • Gordon Chen

    without a doubt the sweeping second hand

  • A balance wheel of a given dimension will take the same amount of time to complete a rotation regardless amplitude. This simple to understand but hard to believe fact is the basis of why mechanical movements continue to fascinate despite the accuracy and ubiquity of quartz movement watches.

  • Taylor Curtius

    Mechanical watches are beautiful. They are classic displays of precise engineering. The complexity of the craftsmanship, the sweeping second hand, the spinning rotor viewable in open casebacks… These elements combine to make the truly timeless machine wrapped around my wrist.

  • Dale Taylor

    Great looking watch with simple presentation. Love the introspective (see-through)dial. I prefer the mechanical engine over battery driven interface as it keeps you intimate with the watch and aware of how well it is working.
    thanx again Ariel and thanx also to Pulsar

  • MafiotuL

    Well, I guess I like mechanical because I hate electric.

  • veena

    I like mechanical watches because they DEPEND on you to keep them ticking, which almost makes them seem alive and also because they remind me of my grandpa.
    Whereas a quartz watch is happy enough without you, it just needs a cell …very impersonal, highly suitable for an efficient android.

  • veena

    That was my contest entry, apart from that this one is an absolute beauty (designwise) !!

  • Bill Jones

    One of these days I’m going to win one of these things…

  • Steve Poorman

    For me its the fact that there is tiny machine working on my wrist that is not powered by a battery. Its pure mechanical power.

  • Mechanical watches have a soul. They involve you in their existence – you have to do something to make them work, whether move your hand or wind them, whereas quartz ones are impersonal. That makes the difference.

  • Ramon Rodriguez-Borja

    Well, for one, because is eco-friendly; nothing to dispose, no waste.

  • Todd B Norris

    I love watching the interaction of the movement in a mechanical watch. You don’t get that in a Quartz movement.

  • john of sparta

    a mechanical watch is a chick magnet.
    that’s what my wife said, anyway.

  • Vincent

    There is some thing satisfying in the regular ticking of a mechanical watch that the hum of electronics just can’t match.

  • Schmidty

    I like them purely for the sense of nostalgia and the memories of my youth.

  • I have an Accutron Omega from 1970’s and it still looks and acts like new every day. It’s time for a weekend watch.

  • MT

    I suppose it’s the inner beauty and simplicity of a mechanical movement. A quartz clock depends on a chemical battery and plastic parts to turn the hands. But if you open up a mechanical watch, all the components you see are pure.

  • Richard Coburn

    When someone notices my nice watch – Hamilton King Automatic – and they are not knowledgeable about watches – I like to explain to them that it is not a simple battery powered quartz watch. A good mechanical watch is a fine piece of both mechanical design and art. Sometimes I even take it off my wrist to show them the open case back and working movement. One convert at a time.

  • Pete M

    I like automatic watches because each time you move your wrist it records that movement inside of a time piece. I often look down to my watch and think of what I was doing when the I inadvertently wound my watch.

  • Steve Jaccobs

    Nice looking watch! I really like the visible part of the movement.

  • Pedro Quaresma

    Mechanical watches are generally more classy looking, and bring back fond memories.

  • Ariel Potischman

    I think the main thing I like about mechanical watches is that the amount of effort that went into the creation of the watch is much greater than that of quartz.

  • Tommy

    Quartz watches are bogus. There, I said it. Mechanical is the only way to go.

  • Kris C.

    What’s old is new again for so many things.

    Mechanical was all the world had for so long, so when tuning forks and vibrating quartz crystals came about, it was radical new technology that everyone simply had to get thier hands (wrists, actually) on. Not only could you leave it alone for a week and still have it running, but it was fantastically more accurate. To say that quartz movements are crappy, stupid, bogus, etc, is childish and uneducated – they opened the door for so much that is now taken for granted. I love my e-ink watch, but I don’t know how well a mechanical movement would do in there (unless it had a T-1000 style power reserve…).

    I prefer mechanical (automatic) movements simply because I am facinated with machines and moving parts – I own several mechanical watches, but just can’t wrap my head around releasing one that does not have an exhibition back to it. I want to see that puppy in action! Decorated rotors that turn parts that turn other parts all held together with impossibly detailed screws and plates – it’s a complex mechanized ballet on your wrist for no other real reason than to let you know you are late for an appointment. And what day of the week it is. And what the now-irrelivant GMT time is. And the date. And what the moonphase is. And that you have 36 hours left before it stops telling you all this stuff.

  • Jim Bask

    I like mechanical watches because I own many watches and I like knowing that when I pick one up and wear one that I may not have worn in a bit I can set it and it will work fine. I HATE picking up a Quartz watch and finding out that I need to replace the battery before I can wear it again.

  • Boev

    “Maximilian on August 1st, 2010 7:28 am Appreciate the craft behind mechanical watches. It’s like the difference between the engine in a Astor Martin and the engine in a Fiat.”

    Actually it is like to compare a Lamborghini, and a golf cart powered from an electric battery.
    I own several mechanical (automatic) watches, and I love all of ’em. I cannot recall a brand of any of the quartz watches I own over the years. I just use them; I throw them away when the battery dies.
    Buy the REAL things, they are timeless.

  • I like to wear a nice watch because you can’t drive your nice car into the pub.

  • Joakim Berglund

    I prefer the mechanical drives for their gorgeous sound compared to the quartz clinical silence.

  • Jimmy

    Somehow a mechanical watch seems like it has a soul…

  • Dan

    There is just something amazing about a tiny little box of gears that can be so precise…

  • Randy

    Oooo… A Pulsar automatic with an open heart design on the face. I love Seiko watches (Orient and Pulsar) included. My Seiko 5 has been utterly reliable for years.

    Hope I have a shot at winning this Pulsar!

  • James

    I like that mechanical watch movements don’t rhyme with warts.

  • George

    It is great, in this age of electronics and constant obsolescence, that you can still have a completely mechanical machine that provides minimal drawback vs. it’s modern alternative.

  • carton

    i love mechanic watches because they are sure and they give men charism . best watch make better mens

  • Isaac

    Very nice watch, i like the little window to the movement, Pulsar made it’s way this year with this collection.

  • Dave sorgenti

    Th window in the face is a cool design feature.

  • Jason

    I think i love mechanicals because i think they’re the heart and soul of timepieces. I sometimes think batteries take away from the art.

  • Time

    to move
    to grow
    to be
    never on your side
    what we really love
    is just a flash of poetry

    all the money
    everything we own
    everyone we’ve known

    just for more
    time, precious time

  • Tony Ball

    Quartz watches have no soul, mechanical watches need the human input to bring them to life. Be it hand winding or movement for the autowinder the watch needs its wearer, a quartz watch ticks on reguardless.

  • I love the simplicity and unlimited technology of a mechanical or automatic watch like the PULSAR automatic,Like the BIG BEN OF LONDON, its tested with time. The quartz movement is temporary once the battery drains you have to open it from time to time. At present I have 5 wristwatches in my collection 1 seiko scuba divers automatic I bought it way back in the year 1985 and still working perfectly.Its my first seiko automatic the cal. number is 4205-0152 FO A and the production number is 000552. I intentionally write the detail of the watch to prove that what i have written is true.I also have 3 swiss watch namely Patek Philippe complication,Raymondweil dress watch the first 2 is automatic so far so good and still working devotedly to me thats why i do take care of them by bringing them to my watch repair shop every two years for cleaning. Third watch is WENGER DIVERS WATCH its battery operated every 2 years i have to change the battery, and the last is SEIKO KENETIC. I STILL PREPARE THE AUTOMATIC.

  • Jimbo

    I love my Seiko’s so i’ll probably like the Pulsar as well, it looks pretty nice.

  • I like Mechanical watches more than quartz movement watches because I’m old fashioned. I love the movements and the sounds that some Mechanical watches make and produce. Plus , I have always used mechanical watches more than quartz movement watches.

  • Jacqueline L.

    I have a newfound love & appreciation for mechanical watches. They have so much more soul to them than quartz. SEXY!

  • Randy

    I love mechanical watches over quartz because of how it is driven and how it feels more “alive” on your wrist. There is something inherently amazing of a piece of machinery that is driven by a tiny spring that is coiled up by manual winding, and yet has been so refined and perfected over centuries that it achieves very high accuracy. It feels very much like a miniaturized but reliable “rube goldberg” machine with its moving gears and balance wheel moving continuously while sitting on your wrist. Very cool.

    Compare that with a quartz watch that is merely circuits with a battery. It is soul-less.

  • jaeson kaplan

    I like that I do not have to lose my watch every few years while it is in having the battery changed. I also like the art of watchmaking that is present in automatics.

  • Robert Michael Walters

    I prefer mechanical watches because I can tinker with them. I have both, but rarely wear my quartz watches. I like that there is a history too. I still have the ’50s Hamilton that my dad gave me for my HS graduation (that his father gave him for his HS graduation). It still works, unlike the quartz that I bought myself the same year.

  • Rob

    I have both mechanical (handwound and automatic) and quartz (Swiss and Asian) timepieces and am fascinated by them, but the mechanical ones have “history” behind them. A story to tell, if you will.
    It’s much like a turntable versus a CD player. There is a connection that is made when you put that mechanical watch on your wrist, much like when you put that vinyl on the platter and manually lower the tonearm to the surface.
    Something just “clicks”…

  • Talex

    I guess I’m a traditionalist because I prefer the mechanical over the quartz. It seems more personal, like I’m interacting with the mechanical watch as opposed to just having a quartz watch just lying there. It’s like the difference between a game and watching a game. I would rather feel a part of it.

    – I have ‘friended’ you on facebook.
    – I ‘like’ on facebook.
    – I ‘like’ Pulsar Watches on facebook.

  • Doug

    I must admit that quartz wins on accuracy but I don’t wear a watch just to tell time, I wear a watch to have a piece of craftsmanship on my wrist and to know it is beating like a heart, made with love and precision. That is why the case and the rest of the watch is also important, to see true craftsmanship.

  • ariel

    mechanical watches have a better feel, although the quarts may have the capacity for more outrageous designs the mechanical watch has the feel that is timeless. it’s something that can last so it holds more value.

  • SanderK

    Mechanical watches have a heart and soul, where a quartz watch only has an artificial pacemaker

  • Masood

    You feel alive while wearing the watch.

  • Mark G.

    If you liked, or still like, for those of us who are still kids at heart, simple toys/devices like the Slinky, you should love mechanical watches. The best toys as kids never required batteries, and that basically goes for big boy toys as well.

  • i like mechanical, more specifically automatic watches because they are in there own way like a parasite feeding off the host.
    The watch will just sit there on your wrist sapping small amounts of mechanical energy converting it and storing it as tension to keep its heart beating it will semi-perpetually powers its self. possibly out lasting its first owner/host.

    oh and facebook’d

  • c.h.fenton

    I admire the craftsmanship and simple elegance of the works of a mechanical watch and can watch the gears go round for hours on end and I consider it an honor to wear a good mechanical watch on my wrist or have one in my vest pocket.

  • Kelly King

    It’s simple , anything other that a mechanical is for the amatures. I like the relationship that develops with the mechanical / automatic watch that can not be had w/ a quartz !!!

  • Quartz watches seem so disposable compared to a mechanical watch with all its cogs and wheels churning away keeping the time of day.

  • James Robertson

    Had an old Tissot automatic which came from my Grandfather and sadly was lost in a burglary. Replaced it with a Seiko Quartz chronograph which, while not possessing the sentimental value of my previous watch, seemed also souless in comparison. Enough said really!

  • pedro Sobrino

    I like most mechanical watches because they maintain the basic principle of operation of a clock, are greener because they do not use batteries

  • Castor

    the manufacture of a clock mechanism is related to art and technology with electric clocks. I prefer the art is not perfect but it works

  • Patrick

    The idea that I can wind my watch through every day movement and that I don’t need to worry about replacing a battery every few years is strangely alluring and satisfying. An automatic watch provides a link to the past history, art and craftsmanship of timekeeping.

  • Quartz vs mechanical watch movements for me, a car buff is like comparing a V-12 or V-8 engine to a hybrid, nobody really needs an internal combustion engine, with a fuel efficient, quiet, reliable hybrid around…..but why do car buffs like them….because it has the history, heritage, and the knowledge that some guy, somewhere built this engine by hand, and just to look at a V-12 engine vs a hybrids…c’mon…its just like seeing how a mechanical watch working…and that noise, the wonderful sound of a wailing V-12 at full song….just like a mechanical watches tick-tock…okay maybe thats a stretch, but you know what I mean.

  • Sonny

    Mechanical things are just more beautiful than electronic things. They will always tug at the heart of the purist.

  • Neuhaus Alfred

    Watches with jewels are more accurate.
    Jewels are not for decoration, these are low-friction bearings for the gear
    No need to read a 10-page manual to use one, and battery-less operation make them an appealing choice
    I will replace my battery watch with this one!

  • Thomas Ivan Rummel

    Aren’t Pulsars mostly known for their Quartz/Electro-Mechanical movements?. Do they make a reliable Automatic?

  • abbas s ghadiali

    mechanical watches r my dream & they r more preferable in all things then quartz..!vote mech watches..

  • Stuart

    I love knowing I am wearing a machine when I strap on my mechanical watch and not just a piece of electronics.

  • Vlad

    All electronics eventually get outdated. Mechanical watch – never.

  • matt maunu

    The ability to observe the energy and physics of a mechanical movement cause me to pause in wonder. I don’t get that with quartz watches.

  • Vadim Zamfir

    I love mechanical watches because in case of an EMP attack I would STILL be able to tell time 😀

    Plus it has more soul, of course.

  • Terry Waterfield

    The sweep of the second hand imdicating someone used his skill and love of fine instruments to hand make this watch

  • Gordon Chen

    I like how a mechanical watch must be worn to be alive 🙂

  • Simon Valko

    A quartz watch doesn’t have a heart

  • Kamal Zack

    I love mechanical watches because they look more expansive and are a working piece of history and art!

  • Jon

    I like mechanical watches more than quartz watches because I enjoy the sense of “old-world” engineering. There is something awesome about a timepiece that is independent of batteries or circuit boards. Also, mechanical watches seem to have more personality and they only work when you wear them.

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  • Dan Martin

    When you wear an automatic watch, it becomes a part of you. It depends on you for it’s energy, it becomes an extention of you. It becomes a reflection of your pulse.

  • I love mechanical watches because of the constant hum of the movement on my wrist.

  • mikedea

    Because it feels better with the swing of your wrist!

  • Austinite

    I love mechanical watches because wearing one constantly reminds me of the innovative work of John Harrison.

  • Chad Burge

    I love the engineering and the history behind mechanical watches. It has so much more heart than a bland cheap quartz movement.

  • Justin Harvey

    In an age of digital, it’s nice to have something mechanical. The open face reminds me of my Zenith El Primero.

  • I know I’m not eligible for this contest (being from the UK) but just would like to express myself anyways.

    I think with a mechanical watch, it would complete my cycle of firstly having digital watches (one of those Casios with a TV IR control as a little geek then 2 G-Shocks in between) and then a quartz with my current Edifice.

    With mechanical watches, I feel like it’s the true embodiment of time. Never standing still, even for a split second.

  • Carl

    Mechanical watches are fine engineering and art while a quartz watch is simply a tiny appliance…

  • John Y

    I love the connections a mechanical watch has to centuries of mans steps to accurately measure time on land and more importantly on sea.

  • Kristof Bella

    I love to listen the sound of the mechanical watches, and watch the heart beating, quartz watches are silent, its boring. 🙂

  • Brian

    Mechanical watches are artistic and interesting. Quartz watches are accurate, but they don’t provide the same level of interest.

  • Justin

    I guess I’d have to say I find mechanical watches to be more interesting because I appreciate the engineering that goes into them.

  • Juan Burgos

    I like automatic movements because they are old fashioned and relieve you of the hassle of replacing a battery. Quartz is ok, but automatics stand out.

  • Jeff

    I have to go with the escapement. I’m simply amazed by them and often sit and watch my display-back watches as the escape wheel bounces back and forth.

  • Richard

    It really is about the level of art and engineering, that’s why I prefer a mechanical watch. There is a level of independence as well, as in not needing a battery. With a quartz watch, it is counting the days until it’s battery simply dies.

  • I love the fact that you have more of a relationship with a mechanical watch. You know that it is a piece of machinery that was built for you. Time was put into it and it has character.

  • Jorrian Gelink

    I find the construction of any mechanical watch amazing and especially love watching all the minuscule parts work in tandem with each other in glorious harmony.

    Quartz can’t touch that.

  • Sim

    A mechanical watch is like porn for en mechanical engineer

  • The reliability of a quartz is better

  • Cool contest, thanks!

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  • Dean Grant Baker

    Not eligible, I’m Canadian.

  • Omegaaus

    Its a mechanical thing for me, no drain on the environment like those that require batteries!

  • John

    For seaports, airports and sports, choose quartz.
    For something less tyrannical, choose mechanical.

  • On the front page of my scant website I mention a quote by Blancpain as to the idea that a mechanical watch is a part of a culture where a quartz watch is mostly a piece of technology. Technology is ever changing, but the culture of the mechanical watch is here to be collected and maintained.

  • Bruce

    I’d like to have two pulsars: one, the battery-op toothbrush, is an advance over the manual. The timepiece, well, it only works while I’m alive…and ticking.

  • Andrew Culross

    Nothing like a little mechincal machine running on your wrist

  • Mr Peter Bertuglia

    I have always loved mechanical and Quartz watches most my life, but after I attended A Nevada “Watch and Clock” repair School back in 1992 thru 1994 I came to Love and really appreciate the Automatic/mechanical movement time piece. When you tear down the complete watch,100 pieces plus, then carefully and systematically clean it,and then reassemble,lubricate, and grease the Main spring, oil the pivots,and rubies, and lastly time the watch piece, you will truly see, and know the difference, between the Quartz Watch and the Mechanical work of Art that they are, not to take away any prestige from the Quartz Watch of today. If you have any doubts about the difference, just look at the price, you will pay to service these two totally different Watch Pieces for all you watch lovers out there. Trust me a Watchmaker, God Bless the Mechanical Watch.

  • Eitan Gal

    this is watch is very sporty look and very trendy.this is very beautiful watch

  • Ken

    Love the smooth sweep of the second hand and the fact that they are good for backpacking- battery won’t die on you.

  • PapaWoodie

    Allergies to electricity…

  • Larry Holmack

    I have always preferred mechanical/mechanical automatics over quartz watches. My first watch was given to me by my grandfather when I was 8 years old, less than a month before he passed away from a heart attack. He was a retired railroad man, as he was a steam engine mechanic, who learned how to work on diesel engines in the early 1930’s, thus ended up being moved to El Paso, Tx to work as a mechanic there. His most prized possession was his “Railroad” pocket watch, which my father, now 80, has in his possession. His next prized watch was his 1940’s Gruen Auto Wind…which is the watch he gave me. It was a gift I have treasured for over 40 years now. The watch has had a new crystal, and has been serviced many times for regualr cleaning, and is still amazingly beautiful and very accurate!

  • Alex

    I am just fascinated by the mechanics of mechanical watches. It’s also fun to see the movement through the back or front.

  • Todd

    I like the mechanics of the watch, plus I like the thought of something being self-sufficient; not adding batteries to the waste pile.

  • Ryan

    I like this watch because you can see the heart of the watch. While I love my two quartz campanolas, I like watchig the internal gears and balance wheel moving inside of an automatic.

  • dave

    bc its the REAL DEAL

  • Jimmy

    Love the open heart watches.

  • Vladimir

    The mechanical watch is a live organism – you can hear it, you can see it, you can feel it …..

  • Jonathan

    Mechanical watches whirl, make noise, they have a rotor, a balance wheel. What’s not to love with mechanical pieces.

  • Michael

    Mechanical watches are somehow romantic in this electronic age. I feel the same way about them as I do about sail boats in a world of power boats. Why do people sail when they could zip along at high speed? Because it speaks to their spirit. It’s the same with mechanical watches. Quartz watches can be handsome and they can be effective, but they offer no romance.

  • Nat

    I like the fact that you power the watch, whether its by winding the crown or just wearing it on a daily basis.

    And the sweeping second hand can be very mesmerizing!

  • Jason B.

    I hope I win!! I love mechanical watches because of the design and ingenuity that goes in to creating each movement. It’s amazing to think that much complexity can sit on your wrist. Thank you for posting this giveaway!

  • Daniel VEkony

    The Mechanical movements the art of watchmaking, the quartz movements just like a beer commercial… As hungarian, I’m very proud of the hungarian watchmaking. One of the best watchmaker who is a member of the AHCI, Becsei Áron is also Hungarian. 🙂 Bexei rulez!!

  • Anson Chappell

    I used to think quartz was just fine…until I got my first automatic! It feels and looks more like a little machine, like an old school alarm clock versus a digital clock radio.

    PS I still love my Tissot quartz, though!

  • Ken

    I have to agree with some of the other posters, I do own an accutron and one quartz movement watch but once you go automatic there’s really no going back.

  • Love automatics. If the wife would let me, I’d go out and buy an oris or Tag Carrera today! Let me win please! Quartz watches are so dead compared to an auto that you can feel and see it breathing almost.

  • Tim

    Mechanical watches are much better because I love the idea of the tiny machinery working continually on my wrist.

  • Love mechanical watches as a nice diversion fro the all-electronic world in which i tend to live

    Plus, I’m a drummer, so it’s nice to have a watch that’s keeping time all by itself, just like I have to do behind the kit!

  • Bernardo

    I love the fact that their these mechanical machines self contained to tell the time. Everything you need is there. No battery power, no sunlight, to atomic radio frequencies…. It just needs you. What other machine that you have can you say is powered by you?

  • J. Anthong

    Mechanical watches are green because they don’t use batteries that are then dumped off in a third world countries. You don’t have to worry about them. They are a window into the past when things were actually made better and certainly not mass produced. Generally, people make mechanical watches, not machines stamping them out 24/7. It’s a mechanical watch or nothing

  • Carolyn H.

    Mechanical. Ahhh. Please let me win because I could never convince my husband to purchase a mechanical watch for me. I love the machine, the tick, accuracy and the fact that someone put it together who really cared about it. I have been using a pocket watch from over a century ago, but the second hand just fell off.

  • Jay

    It’s the difference between having a finely tuned time piece and having a mass produced wristwatch.

  • watch and that too automatic what more i need.. i like things that can have automated moves..Can i have one please.

  • So when do we hear that someone won this? Quite excited to see the results!

  • Do we have a winner yet?

  • Carolyn H.

    Correcting my email address as the old one is defunct. Just incase the winner hasn’t been chosen yet OR you’ve been trying to reach me at that address!

  • Vivian

    I used to be alright with quartz when I first started collecting watches…but now that I’ve purchased my first automatic, I find myself wearing it exclusively. My other quartz watches, from Diesel, may be interesting, but nothing is quite as exquisite as watching the escapement wheel turningand the rotor spinning inside the miniature engine on your wrist. The movement truly is a piece of art and science; and I surely can’t say the same for quartz movements.

  • Vivian

    I used to be alright with quartz when I first started collecting watches…but now that I’ve purchased my first automatic, I find myself wearing it exclusively. My other quartz watches, from Diesel, may be interesting, but nothing is quite as exquisite as watching the escapement wheel turning and the rotor spinning inside the miniature engine on your wrist. The movement truly is a piece of art and science; and I surely can’t say the same for quartz movements.

  • bipin

    i like machanical watch because it had long life as compared to battery one
    so it is the best one.

  • Tim Gill

    As a young child I remember my fathers automatic watch. I remember the sound it made. I liked the fact that he didn’t need to wind it up. There is just something about the engineering that goes into it that I have always appreciated.

  • Danny_Liu

    Danny.Liu@Usa.Net Why aren’t there any digital version of watches?

  • Sergio Magos

    These new Pulsar’s are great, I was going to purchase one but it was my mothers birthday. I got it for her, since she prefers men’s watches for the visibility. I am a watch collector, so I like all movement’s. However an automatic or mechanical movement brings you to another level. It is truly special to see the sweeping hand ticking away. Secondly the exhibition back allows you the beauty of the mechanism’s at work, it shows the true craftsmenship of the watch maker. Thanks!!

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    the look is alot better then quartz and mechanical watchs have better feel

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