Giveaway: Seiko Sportura Kinetic Diver Watch Giveaway

Giveaway: Seiko Sportura Kinetic Diver Watch Giveaway

Giveaway: Seiko Sportura Kinetic Diver Watch Giveaway Giveaways

I am excited to offer a fantastic new Seiko watch as the giveaway item this month on This piece has a number of desirable features and a great modern style to it. As part of the Seiko Sportura collection, this is known as the Kinetic Diver ref. SKA511P1 (aka SKA511). This model in steel is 44mm wide and a black colored bezel and steel metal bracelet. It is accompanied by sibling variants the Seiko SKA509P1 as well as the SKA511P2.

The Sportura Kinetic Diver is water resistant to 200 meters and has an AR coated sapphire crystal. I've had the pleasure of handling these and they are just great. One very important feature that you should known about is the special ratcheting diver's extension clasp. This offers the ability to micro-adjust the bracelet on the fly for loosening or tightening it up - a great feature! Inside the watch is the Seiko Kinetic Quartz caliber 5M62 (rotor in the watch automatically recharges the battery inside). Retail price is $595 and you can enter for a change to win one below.

To Enter You Must:

1. Comment on this post below (on, not Facebook or elsewhere you might see this article) before the giveaway is over with your valid e-mail address where required. In the body of your comment mention whether you would prefer a Seiko Kinetic watch powered by movement or a Seiko Solar watch powered by light.

2. Be a pal. If possible, Facebook friend/fan all or any of the following:

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3. Wait until the giveaway is over on October 31st, 2011 for the winner to be chosen at random.

A couple of basic rules. You can only enter once. You must comment with a valid e-mail address where you can be reached. Your comment must be confirmed and approved. You must complete the objectives to be considered. You are responsible for providing your contact shipping information if you are chosen. Shipping restrictions to non US entrants may apply based on sponsor's policies. Giveaway watch selection based on sponsor's inventory and watch availability. All comments made after the end of the giveaway period will not be considered. For the full terms and conditions, please click here.

Good luck, and thanks to Seiko the sponsor of this Sportura Kinetic Diver watch giveaway here at!

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  • I would prefer Seiko Kinetic. Something mechanical in the quartz watch – that’s nice.

    • John

      Kinetic all the way

      I like to live in the dark like Vampire so solar power would not work.
      If I got trapped in a mine the Watch would be useless
      I like to feel kineticed to my watch and not have to depend on the stupid light. Light is overrated. What would Thomas Edison think.

      Hourtime rules!

    • Won Kim

      I remember when i bought a seiko kinetic watch for my dad 8-10 yrs ago for almost $400. He has worn it everyday as his trusted timekeeper. He recently got his first luxury watch omega and still prefers his seiko kinetic for its durability and accuracy. Look forward to Grand Seiko or spring drive as my next gift for him.

    • gregory norman stephenson

      In 1965 my USNavy destroyer(USS Walker) steamed into HK harbor. In the distance on top of a taller building (8-10 stories) was the SEIKO sign. I then decided that when i went ashore i would replace my old timex with a Seikomatic.
      I ended up paying around 22 usd ,i wore that watch for nine years and never had a problem. Wish i still had it.

    • patric

      i love seiko and the mostly ultimate and innovative kinetic technic!
      greets from germany

    • I’d prefer a Kinetic as its uniquely Seiko and theres something cool about a quartz movement thats powered by move
      ent, like a automatic.

  • Erik

    As much as I do like solar-powered watches for the convenience and the cool modern technology they represent, kinetic movements are just so darn neat. I’m definitely a sucker for mechanical or mechaquartz movements, and this is no exception.

  • Andrei

    Hope I win the Seiko Kinetic. Tx

  • Hongky Go

    First 🙂

    I prefer movement

  • gsxrboy

    Currently have a Seiko and would love another, great Japanese precision.

  • Toby

    I would prefer the kinetic. Lovely watches!

  • Joel s

    I have an Eco drive, so a Kinetic would be neat. However both are great watches!

  • Felix Vîjiac

    i prefer a seiko solar watch.

  • Zarik

    Definitely powered by movement! I feel that incorporating solar elements into the face of the watch too often limits the design in some way. Secondly – gotta learn something from The Matrix…

    • Avery Watkins

      I would love the watch powered by the sun!

  • Normunds

    I would prefer Kinetic. Not so much sun here to charge solar.

  • Andre

    I would prefer Seiko Kinetic movement watch.

  • Robotcoupe

    Definately a fan of the kinetic style movement – the mix of mechanics and electronics is just a cool idea , cheers, Gabe

  • Articblade

    I would love to have the Seiko Kinetic powered by movement 🙂 Currently own a seiko criteria 2005 limited edition 🙂

  • Nish Shah

    As an avid Scuba diver who could use a new watch, I’d love to have the Seiko Kinetic powered by movement! 🙂

  • Thomas K

    Very nice watch 🙂

  • Jeje

    I have a few kinetics and I love the idea of hybrid mechanical watches

  • Leigh Bass

    Seiko Kinetic… What a great competition always loved seiko when I was younger and getting them back into collection

  • L.A. Frost

    I live in a desert, so given my situation, I’d go for a solar Seiko. Not too long ago I got a good deal on a Citizen Titanium Skyhawk A-T and love it. Now I’m looking into domestic market Seikos, Citizens and Casios. Would love to add any – domestic or not – to my collection (including the this month’s giveaway)!

  • John

    Kinetic. Batteries eventually fail

  • Alberto Perez

    I prefer a Seiko Kinetic watch powered by movement …

  • Dr4 (Steve)

    Count me in as one who prefers movement generated energy to solar – so Kinetic all the way for me with the Seiko. On a related point, the waffle inner dial area is a nice touch. Fingers crossed. Dr4

  • Clip-O

    It’s better with movement, because always the men arms are moving.

  • Ferdinand Angeles

    I prefer a Seiko Kinetic watch powered by movement. I don’t want to stick my arm out of the car window to recharge my watch.

  • Hi, i prefer Seiko solar watch…lets create and lets innovate

  • Usually I would opt for a mechanical movement a high percentage of the time ( no pun intended ) but I have had ongoing issues with repairs of the Kinetic watch. I have little experience with a solar watch. Based on my personal history I would choose Solar.

  • toyno

    Solar is best for a person with a large watch collection. The watch remains charged by exposing it to light only. A kinetic requires one to wear it or use a winder occassionally. Unsure how letting a kietic wind down/discharge affects the capacitor over the years.

  • Gary Hicken

    The Seiko Kinetic. Thanks Ariel!!!

  • arzil

    Clean Energy on japanese precision. I prefer the SEIKO Kinetic. It’s a compromise, a path to a better world witout changes of batteries. A mecanical watch produce the power to the quartz precision. The WR 200 M it’s very good for casual and dive use. A good value for money.

  • Scott

    This would be a great addition to my collection.

  • Ronan McGoldrick

    I’d love the Seiko Kinetic. I already have a fairly dressy Seiko Arctura (kinetic) and the Sportura Kinetic would be a great companion for it.

    p.s. I have a birthday with a zero in it coming up, so this would be a wonderful present!

  • Moebius

    I live in a sunny place but I’m an active person day and night, so for me the Seiko Kinetic would fit like a charm.

  • Zamfir Vadim

    Seiko kinetic all the way! Already got 3.

  • I hope I win the Seiko Kinetic 😉
    i´m in love with him 😀


  • Marco Franken

    I’d rather have a Kinetic watch powered by movement because i still don’t have one of those. And i think it should be in a collection.

  • andrei

    I would prefer a Seiko Kinetic watch powered by movement. really great looking watch.

  • Hadzi Dalibor

    I prefer Seiko Solar models …….. especially SDGA001!

  • Bill

    I have had a Seiko Kinetic for some time. Runs great, rugged, accurate. Nice mix of mechanical with quartz accuracy. Not as sexy as an automatic perhaps, but reliable and decent looking.

  • Ian

    Movement is king, especially with a Seiko

  • Azrul

    i dont have either kinetic or solar movement in my collection but I prefer kinetic since its still have magical movement inside and produce such energy to keep the watch move..brilliant..

  • Dave

    I like the Seiko Kinetic model, although both are great! Would love to have either.

  • ray

    Never had a Kinetic, but would like to try one.

  • Ramon Rodriguez

    Nice watch, good for the environment and Japanese precission; it’s a winner!! I want it for myself 🙂

  • Stephen Marks

    I prefer the kinetic, solar seems cool but less practical, especially for a desk diver.

  • Mark Quigley

    Movement. Nice watch.

  • Roger

    I always prefer mechanical over solar.

  • Murray Montgomery

    Would love to win the Kinetic Diver!

  • Seth Watts

    I’d prefer the kinetic, there’s something that connects with automatic watches with the kinetic movement that I find really cool.

  • I think I’d prefer light powered that way it could be charged up when not being worn without having to get some fancy case.

  • Iván

    Both are quartz , I like them both as long as the design pleases me.

  • Sean

    This is a nice simple watch. I definitely prefer kinetic, there is just something about powering the device yourself. It also feeds my mechanical side.

  • Bruce

    Solar reminds me that a watch is to be looked at as much as worn. Too often our pieces are kept in the dark.

  • Neil L

    Very handsome watch. I would prefer a Seiko Kinetic powered by movement because I’m always moving about.

  • Paul T.

    Seiko Kinetic please.

  • Jay R

    I would prefer the movement. I’m a sucker for movement. The solar powered one would pulse no? I prefer the more complex parts than the solar movement. The solar movement seems to cheapen the idea of a watch. That’s just me.

  • Bogdan

    Mechanical charging beats solar power any day in my book.

  • Andrei

    I would prefer the Kinectic!

  • Sudhir

    Prefer Kinetic over Solar watches as I have a solar one and this one would be a nice one to add to my collection.

  • Russ G.

    Thanks for the giveaway. I would definitely prefer a kinetic movement.

  • Bernard Siao

    I think I like motion…as it feels a bit more personal to me.

  • Carlos

    I would prefer kinetic movement. It make me feels there’s something alive in my wrist.

  • Aron

    Like almost everyone here, I’m all about the kinetic. 🙂

  • Tom

    Kinetic. I’m usually trapped in a cubicle with no light

  • austinite

    I would love this watch. I prefer the kinetic. It moves me.

  • DanB

    I’d say Kinetic. I’ve had a solar powered Casio and there was no connection. I felt nothing for the watch knowing it was basically all chips and circuits. A watch should, in my opinion, have at least some mechanical element to it. Otherwise it’s not a watch; it’s a computer strapped to your wrist.

  • albert p

    would rather have a solar, but kinetic is just fine. Both are value timepieces.

  • David Chapman

    I love the kinetic movement. no fuss nice watch.

  • David Chapman

    Nice watch I love the kinetic movement. no fuss.

  • claudiu

    I would prefer a solar watch.

  • Jason T.

    I prefer a watch powered by movement.

  • Matt

    Solar because it has fewer moving parts and that generally means less maintenance. I guess that may also mean it is disposable.

  • IS3515

    Beautiful watch. I would rather have the kinetic movement.

  • Peter Jones

    I prefer a Seiko Kinetic watch powered by movement

  • Jeff

    My preference is the kinetic powered Seiko.

  • I love the idea of a kinetic that recharges batteries. Kind of like having a Chevy Volt on your wrist!

  • Patrick Gilmartin

    i think the kinetic power is pretty cool, and different, so i would prefer one of those.

  • damian

    Movement for me. Seiko has yet to up-market ( as far as I know) any of their solar watches. If they can make this move, Solar, having less moving parts, would make a great daily beater.

  • Joe

    I prefer Kinetic over solar. I think the color on the face of solar watches are a little off.

  • Larry

    First…Kudos for Seiko providing such a nice watch for a Giveaway…and to you for having it on your Blog!! I have been wanting a Seiko Kinetic for quite some time and would love to add one to my collection!!!

  • Adam

    I definitely prefer kinetic.

  • Tiago Nerone

    I really like the Seiko Kinetic, but I prefer solar powered watches, as they are more practical and this is what a quartz watch is intended to be.
    Thanks a lot for Seiko and Ariel for this giveaway!

  • Kris

    I would prefer the Seiko kinetic. This watch would look great on my husband!

  • Popescu Dan

    I wold preffer the kinetic. Under the sleave the watch doesnt get much sun

  • Michael

    I prefer the Kinetic model of the Seiko. It reminds me of the automatic watches I own.

  • Paul Dechaine

    I like autos, mechanicals, kinetics, alternatives power, quartz in that order.

  • I’m constantly moving and am told that I’m in the dark about a lot of things so hey, the Kinetic is right for me!

    Seriously though, glad to see Seiko make it to the giveaway list. My first “real” watch was a Seiko Divers (can’t remember the model) but it was superb! It had a chrono, an alarm, date, a few sub-dials and was even waterproof. It was also a great looking watch and I remember getting lots of compliments about it. Even from a few Rolex owners…so, I’m a fan of Seikos.

    Anyways, I would love to win this one and re-kindle my relationship with Seiko.


  • G

    Cool, I want.

  • g Whibbs

    I am definietly gaining a fondness for things mechanical in watches. Kinetic for me. Although solar is very environmentally responsible!

  • Charles Z

    I prefer the Kinetic system on Seiko watches. Solar charging watches are more of a Citizen/Casio thing for me. Been looking for a Seiko Kinetic to go with my Seiko Automatics, hope I get selected!

  • dbAkiva

    I’d opt for the kinetic, but mostly because it has a power reserve of several months and wouldn’t need much winder attention. If it had only, say, a 42 hour reserve, I’d be interested in a solar.

  • Sherif

    Wow, nice contest but tough choice!

    Not sure that most people realise that the solar watches are powered by all kinds of light, not only sunlight or we might have seen some more votes for solar.

    I’m torn, because although I think the tech behind the solar is cooler and would prefer that, the designs they have are kind of old man’ish. Whereas the kinetic is more current and my style. So my vote with some reluctance goes to Kinetic.

    Thanks Ariel,


  • Nick S

    I’d have to say movement, partly because I prefer the history behind mechanical watches… and I’m sure they’d be easier to service in many years time.

  • Neil

    I would prefer the kinetic movement.

  • Thomas Sachy

    I would prefer a Seiko Kinetic watch powered by movement. Ambient light may not always be present. But the necessity of movement will continue to exist. All other considerations are void ab initio.


  • bill anagnos

    Even though I like all watches, I would prefer the kinetic (hybrid) movement much better. Thank you.

  • Quinn Gooch

    I have had both and while the solar watches are basically maintenance free I prefer watches with an automatic/kinetic movements. I just like the idea of no batter and something that can run no matter what.

  • Antonio

    I prefer solar powered watches instead of kinetics since i think they are more reliable without moving parts in it. Kinetics are more alive maybe but in the long run they´ll probably die before…

  • Brad

    Sign me up for the Spring Drive!

  • YaZa

    I prefer a Seiko Kinetic. Nice watch.

  • ToddV

    Gotta love Seikos! So much bang for the buck!

  • Ulysses

    For the intended purpose i’d probably go for a solar model, due to the lower maintenance requirements and higher reliability. I’ve had a few quartz watches damaged by incompetent jewellers when it came time for the battery change so i’d prefer there to be as little reason as possible for someone to tinker with any watch I own.

  • Richard Wagle

    In wet, rainy (and therefore dark) Cleveland, I’d go for the kinetic.

  • Lucas newby

    I like kinetic. Now can I please win something

  • Rob

    Kinetic and automatic movements are what connect us to the history of watch making and establish that “earthy” link between the timepiece and wearer. As such, I think kinetic would be my preferred movement. Are there any watches that use both?

  • Richard Webley

    I’d prefer a Kinetic rather than a solar powered watch. More freedom with the face design and somehow more real. You can understand how it works. Solar panels are like magic to most people.

  • Franck

    I definitely prefer Kinetic powered by movement. Just love the feel to fell the watch alive !

  • kevin

    this is a great looking watch at the right size too! hoping this goes to my collection

  • Kelly King

    Considering I have a few automatics w/rotor which charge the watch based on mov’t, maybe I’d prefer a solar powered mov’t. But make no mistake I dig this Kinetic mov’t.

  • James

    I prefer a Seiko Kinetic watch powered by movement! Thanks!

  • vladan ristic

    I would like Seiko Kinetic please

  • This looks like a great watch. I would go for one with a movement!

  • Mike

    My first Seiko watch was a kinetic. I’ve had two more kinetics. I much prefer the kinetic movement

  • Dale Kohn

    I would prefer the kinetic movement as I have several Citizens that are solar powered.

  • Ron

    Seiko is amazing in they can make Grand Seiko high end auto matins down to $50 automatics. Then build Quartz watches, watches that are solar and then Kinetic. I don’t think they get enough credit in the US market for being a quality watch, especially if you buy a Grand Seiko. I think that is what makes them unique, they can make inexpensive quality quartz watches to super high quality watches with the Spring Drives. I prefer the Kinetic, I still move to automatics when possible. If I’m going to buy a solar then it would be a digital multifunction similar to an ABC or Edifice where there is a lot more functionality.

    • Ron

      *auto matins, automatics

  • Ronny

    Love the kinetic movement,combines the mechanical with the quartz resulting in a very accurate watch.

  • Andrew Lau

    Hmm… I think I would go with solar over kinetics in the case of quartz watches , to cut down another watch to stick in the winder when not wearing.

  • chris

    strong preference for the kinetic movement over the solar.

  • Michael Lagae

    Very nice looking watch! If I should be lucky enough to win, I would prefer the Seiko Kinetic. I like it that the watch needs my movement to keep it going…

  • Simeon Weinraub

    This is a handsome watch. I would wear it anywhere.

    My personal preference is for the kinetic movement, over the solar, but not for any rational reason. I think that I have just conditioned myself to like automatic better, and that is a closer match. Honestly, if I just wanted to have great looking time pieces that were accurate and durable, I would probably just be buying Seiko.

  • art a


  • Max

    I prefer the kinetic movement.

  • Matthew

    I don’t have a kinetic yet, so I think I would go for that engine. I’ve heard the kinetics don’t wind on a conventional winder, which is lame. I have & love a solar movement, so I’m still leaning towards the kinetic.

  • Vic

    Seiko Kinetic, I prefer. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Javier Santos

    The kinetic is my choice. Seiko makes great watches.

  • Clyde Fogh

    Thanks for the chance to win one of these. Seiko has really perked my interest lately. I would have to say I like the Kinetic. I have one in my Reactor Poseidon LE and it has kept near perfect time.

    Grateful to you for offering this up 🙂

  • mateo

    id prefer the rotor because it adds that extra feeling of it spinning inside of the watch

  • Everett

    I am inclined towards the convenience of the solar but both are great time pieces. Great looking watch as well.

  • Weiming

    Hi I would prefer the Seiko Kinetic movement on the watch. Love this watch though, it looks really good.

  • Jason M

    I would prefer the watch to be powered by movement.

  • AV De Jesus II

    The Seiko Kinetic is a better choice! A unique amalgamation between mechanical and quartz giving one the best of both worlds!

  • Kacey

    I like the solar powered movement for convenience. I have too many watches with an automatic movement, and it’s hard to keep them wound up ready to wear.

  • paul

    Love all Seiko’s and this watch is cool.
    Think i prefer the movement as opposed to solar.

  • Alex

    I like the solar powerd movement because it’s easy to use, but a mechanical watch is much better for a watch afficionado.

  • Jim Gormley

    I have a solar watch- and it always seems to die in the winter. A solar watch might be nice if you live along the equator, but for the rest of the world, the don’t handle winter well. I’ll take a kinetic movement.

  • Bob Sebastian

    I have a Seiko Giorgetto Giugiaro kinetic divers watch that I love so I know the kinetic movement and Seiko quality. The solar sounds interesting but I don’t know how well it would work in sunny (not) Wisconsin winters! I’ll stick with kinetic.

  • MxH

    Superb timepiece!

  • nils henninger

    I prefer a Seiko Kinetic watch powered by movement or a Seiko Solar watch powered by light because I work indoors.

  • Manuel

    I prefer the Seiko Kinetic movement, mechanical and improved accuracy, what else could you ask for.

  • the kinetic is such a great feature for those that like mechanical but want a daily desk diver. i would be ecstatic to have this watch on my wrist and in the waters of Florida!

  • RCV

    I like kinetic for a watch like this…solar seems to me like something that belongs on a digital watch.

  • Bill Wagner

    Nice watch. Sharp looking and it would be a great watch to go diving with. I would go with the kinetic version.

  • Stay Gold

    I prefer a Seiko Kinetic watch powered by a movement!

  • Jerry

    I prefer a kinetic movement over a solar power. The Solar power is nice with a digital watch, but a little too tacky for an analog watch.

  • Matt S

    I have to say that I prefer the Kinetic. I know that there probably isn’t much of a difference in performance, but somehow the Kinetic feels more mechanical and real than the solar option

  • Neil C.

    Seiko Kinetic powered by Motion! I love the feel of the Rotor turning on the wrist – My 20 yr old Seiko Divers is my day-to-day go to. Tough as nuts, great for rock-climbing, mountain biking, skiing aswell.

  • Ilia

    Kinetic for me. Solar is cool but I like traditional movements.

  • J.W.

    Kinetic, please 🙂

  • Shahid

    I would like to prefer Kinetic movement, it fascinates me more than solar.

  • Steve H

    Wow… Fantastic looking Seiko Diver! I already have a Seiko Sports Kinetic that continues to work wonderfully, and would like to try the Solar Version Diver should I be lucky enough to win..!!

  • Anthony Wu

    I’m hoping for the Kinetic too — gotta love rotored watches!

  • Sven Berger

    Such nice watches. I would love one!

  • Wilson

    Kinetic movement for me.

  • louis

    I work inside most of the day and night, so “Kinetic” would be great for me!

  • Justin

    I have a kinetic and a solar Seiko, there are advantages and disadvantages of both. Actually I think the solar is very convenient, I can just leave it lying around and it keeps itself topped up from any light source (doesn’t need to be sunlight). The kinetic runs down quickly if not worn.

  • Nick

    Thanks for the opportunity.
    I think solar would be interesting – it would remain working when not worn if left in the light.

  • Eoin

    Hoping for the kinetic 🙂

  • Paul Gardner

    I would prefer a Seiko Kinetic watch powered by movement because I am not into anything solar.

  • Stan F

    Kinetic is the one for me.

  • Andrew

    Nice hybrid with good diver details.

  • lloyd.park

    Kinetic movements are nice, similar to Automatics. The capacitor cell can be similar to a power reserve, which is the benefit, much like a rechargeable battery.

    Solar is also OK, as long as you have an available light source to charge with, but it is for this reason that Kinetic might be just slightly better in my opinion. Movement to power or recharge is slightly easier and better in than an external light source requirement.

    Thank you.

  • Alex

    I have a solar watch. So, I would like to see if the kinetic is just as awesome.


  • Noma

    Seiko is so innovative… Kinetic is a great idea and probably the most well-finished mecaquartz project!

  • Greg Hall

    As much as I love my old Seiko Sports 200, it would be a nice change up to a Kinetic

  • Hunter Ellzey

    My old Heuer leaked an now I am afraid to dive with it. That Seiko kinetic sounds like just the what I need. Thanks for the chance to win it.

  • adam dubinsky

    Kinetic watch powered by movement

  • Brian P

    Love the Sportura, kinetic all the way.

  • Adam

    I like solar watches but prefer the kinetic movements.

  • Ephraim R. Gerstein

    I’d prefer a kinetic, not least because I already own several solar powered watches. I think both types of movement are great. I love the way they make use of surplus energy. However, I’m particularly intrigued by the way the Seiko Kinetic combines the environmental friendliness of a mechanical watch with the accuracy of quartz. It sounds like a thoughtful blend of computer and machine. A Kinetic would probably be my next target for a purchase.

  • Nezam Alnsair

    I would prefer the kinetic. Lovely watches!

  • Nisreen Adel

    I love Sportura, kinetic

  • Thomas

    Solar is nice, Kinetic is better!

    Best regards,

  • Bogdan

    I like the Kinetic better.

  • azad bakhtiari

    A kinetic would be a nice addition to my collection….


  • mercuryinhell

    I prefer kinetic, because I dont see much light.

  • DC Lane

    Being outside a lot, and often working with my hands, either would be nice. I have a solar or light powered watch that works great, with very little to wear out or malfunction. It can be in a drawer for months and when comes out, it resets itself !
    All in all, tho’ I much prefer the beefier bolder designs that are intrinsic to most sports diver style mechanical pieces.

  • SoundsandBytes

    As much as I like solar-powered watches for their convenience, I have four already, I find that the kinetic movements are very interesting in the manner in which they function. I prefer mechanical or quartz/mechanical hybrid movements over quartz anyday.

  • Jeremy

    Looks good. My preference is a kinetic movement.

  • My preference has been for solar, and now any-ole-light powered ones for the quartz watches I have as I have enough mechanical mouths that need “feeding” There’s no need for the overtly visible solar panels from the past, E.G., Seiko’s SNE109 Diver. That being said neither have batteries to change so frankly it wouldn’t stop me wearing either method of charging and would be based on the watches themselves.

  • Solar is nice, but I prefer kinetic movements. Especially if the movement is exposed.

  • Matthew Hofbauer

    I’d prefer a kinetic, have wanted one for quite awhile. Though these newer solar Seikos are starting to look quite interesting.

  • M

    Mechanical is alive, the only way to capture time.

  • Ha

    I had a solar watch and I do say that it was great because I only had to charge it once every six months or so (I had it on power save mode even when I used it). Not so great was the fact that when you wouldn’t know when it needed to be charged, it had to be left on a windowsill for a couple of days before it had a full charge.
    I like kinetics more because they’re pick up and go watchs.

  • Nick

    I would prefer the Seiko Kinetic. The solar would get covered up too often with me.

  • Steve H.

    I would like the Kinetic.

  • christian nyberg

    I prefer kinetic.

  • Mike W

    Kinetic would be my choice. Nice piece!

  • Neil K

    I prefer Kinetic, its closer to a mechanical watch and feels less quartz, even though it still is.

  • CG

    I have Seikos’ first Kinetic and this Kinetic would be my choice again!

  • Joao Pereira

    I love both kinetic and solar watches!
    In this case, a dive watch which should rely on full charge or close to it when underwater.

    I would consider the solar a better option since you don´t really need to use it constantly to have it charged since we take these watches to beach and underwater and as such are a bit of tool divers and not always the daily wearer but these latest model looks cool enough to wear anyday!
    Unless you use a automatic or kinetic watch all the time they will eventually stop and of course you can always wind them but that means extra care when perhaps you could rely just on light and Seiko does have solar movements they could fit in one of these watches! 😉

    Better even, since we also love kinetic watches and Seiko having both solutions in hand in terms of movements and great cases/lume, why not a solar/kinetic watch model which then would allow also those who complain in low light places?
    That would be great, Seiko automatic, kinetic and solar dive watches! 🙂

  • Would love to have one of these, kinetic preferably! I had a Seiko Kinetic given as a graduation present, but unfortunately scrapped it because the capacitor failed to hold charge for longer than a few hours. The watch at the time costs 150$, but watch store quoted me for $80 to replace the capacitor

  • I would love to win the Seiko kinetic, thanks for the giveaway!

  • I would prefer a Seiko Kinetic watch powered by movement. It’s far superior. Thanks!

  • Andrew Wagner

    For a quartz watch, I would prefer solar. It has the potential to make the movement thinner, and it’s easier to keep a solar watch charged if you’re not wearing it than a mechanical.

  • Paul McCray

    I would definitely prefer movement versus solar. I have both types, a Casio, and several automatics, and I prefer gears… Thank you and thanks to Seiko!

  • erik

    i am already a subscriber as well as a friend on FB for both this blog and Seiko (i’ve been known to post pics of my Seiko collection on their page 😀 ). this is a very sharp looking new Sportura and my only complaint is the 509 won’t be offered Stateside

    as an owner of a Velatura Kinetic Direct Drive i do appreciate the technology of the Kinetic mov’ts but would love to see Seiko expand it’s solar offerings. without an expensive induction charger, if you have multiple Kinetics you almost are owned by them keeping a sufficient charge on the battery. solar offerings are much easier to keep a charge on if they’re not worn often.

  • Gaurav Rajasekar

    Seiko Kinetic without doubt. There’s always gonna be movement of the arm even if there’s not gonna be a whole lot of light (for example on a rainy day or some place where it’s cloudy a lot).

  • LarryW

    Nice-looking watch. I’ve had some bad experience with solar, would definitely prefer a kinetic movement.

  • G.Stuck

    I prefer the kinetic version. I read about solar watches somewhere, that you have to be in light or sunlight for quite a while for the thing to charge. The advantage with kinetic, to me, is the higher reliability factor since kinetic energy can be produced anywhere, anytime.

  • Zack

    I think i would really prefer a kinetic drive watch, no reliance on antyhing but me wearing it!

  • Marcos Martinez

    I would prefer the Seiko Kinetic because sunlight or darkness, as long as you’re still moving, you’ve got the benefit of quartz accuracy.

  • LarryW

    Would prefer kinetic and avoid a battery of any kind.

  • LarryW

    Would prefer kinetic. More reliable, in my experience.

  • Greg

    I prefer the Kinetic model because like most commentators on this blog alot of wrist movement is generated each day.

  • sharon

    solar power, change of pace. Besides, if my watch is running, it means I’m getting one of the too few days of sunshine. Or, okay, I’ve left the lights on.

  • Chris

    I would love to have the kinetic movement. I have owned a Seiko SKX009 automatic diver for about 6 months and it’s a great watch!!! I believe Seiko does great watches at great value. And their Ananta line is awesome!

  • Matt Maunu

    The solar, until I get a winder.

  • will

    Much as I like Kinetic watches (I own one), I think solar might actually be the better technology. Kinetic is cool, but it combines the weakness of a rotating weight (gears and berring failure) with the weakness of a battery (leaks, eventually has to be replaced anyway). With solar, you still have the battery, but you don’t have the oscillating mass. A Spring Drive solves the battery problem, but it’s a bit spendy for my budget. None the less, a kinetic diver is way cool!

  • Ed

    I would prefer kinetic. Movement just seems more appealing than solar. Thanks!


  • pablo

    Perfect for me.

  • kinetic style movement – the mix of mechanics and electronics is , the best of both worlds and it looks awesome!

  • Maximiliano

    Kinetic for me. It has that mechanical heart plus the quartz part, like it¡s got soul. It’s like the Robocop of watches. Except the mechanical part would be Murphy. Maybe I’m drunk. Yeah!

  • cynthia

    I would prefer kinetic

  • Kinetic for me please!

  • Mathieu Laflamme

    I would prefer a Seiko Kinetic watch powered by movement 🙂

  • Gord Hnidy

    definetly a kinetic
    unique and great looking

  • Dan

    Nice movement. I’m not entirely sold on the watch face, but for free…

  • Jimmy

    I would be happy to win the kinetic version of the Seiko giveaway!

  • Brian DiPaola

    Hey Ariel, first off I love the blog, and would love to win the Seiko. I prefer Kinetic option. I’ve come to appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into the Seiko brand watches. I’ve become a fan and have been considering adding one.

    Keep up the great work on the blog & podcast!

  • Russell Berg

    I prefer mechanical, moving parts all the way.

  • Would like to get one, but the rules say USA only 🙁

  • A Kinetic or Solar, if it’s Seiko, its surely a great watch!

  • G33

    A kinetic watch would be preferred.

  • Moshe Y. Gluck

    Seiko Kinetic (and seems I’m with the majority here). Mechanical movement always trumps solar. 🙂

  • Nat

    The Kinetic would be my pick. The accuracy of quartz coupled with the convenient winding of an automatic.

  • Novan3

    Seiko divers are great sport watches. Something you can wesr everyday in lots of social situations and don’t have to worry too much about abuse.

    Personally I’d opt for Kinetic over solar powered because I’m more of a night owl and always physically on the move.

  • Jopaw Villarosa

    i would prefer kinetic any time. 🙂

  • ChrisH

    Great giveaway!!

    I would prefer a Kinetic powered movement over a Solar powered movement but then, it all depends on the design. Digital watches, a Solar powered movement is preferred .. 😉

  • Alan

    I currently own an old kinetic auto-relay and the Eco drives. Probably would prefer my Eco drives at the moment, but would love to get my hands on the kinetic to see if I could be convinced otherwise.

  • Cyrille

    I prefer the Kinetic powered movement. That’s for me the only way.. Great watch!! Love it!

  • Chanyut Phrukkumwong

    I prefer solar.

  • karen

    like your website, would prefer movement Seiko.

  • Fabrizio

    I like a lot Seiko watches. Both systems solar and kinetic are nice, but with kinetic the feeling is more close to mechanical.

  • Richard Mori

    I need to tell time!!!

  • I’ve been a big fan of Seiko ever since I started this hobby. Seiko is a powerhouse manufacture and has been at the forefront of horological technology development for decades now.

    Though im abig fan of mecha watches (all my Seikos are automatics) I’d love to have a solar powered Seiko.

  • Cliff

    I would like the solar watch, its a neat piece of technology

  • Tudor Ulmamei

    I’m a huge fan of Seiko! Kinetic for me, pls!

  • Gavin Jay Anand Jayapal

    I much prefer a Kinetic Seiko to a solar-powered one. A kinetic is powered by wrist movement and would be a true diver’s watch as it would still be able to work underwater where it can be dark.

    A solar-powered watch, on the other hand, would be quite useless where there is no light. One would also not be able to use it as a watch to take to bed (as I’m sure many a WIS has done before) and neither would it be of any use for diving.

  • Cyril de la Torre Branger

    i would prefer it powered by movement. love the design

  • John C

    If I lived where it is warm and sunny most of the time and I had an outdoor job, the solar-powered Seiko would be fine. Since that is not the case, the Seiko Kinetic is the one for me.

  • Jroot

    I prefer the kinetic – something about the beating heart of an automatic married to the precision of quartz.

  • I love both solar and Kinetic Seiko watches, but if I had to choose, I would go for a Kinetic. In fact, I’ve been trying to save up for a Seiko Kinetic.

  • David O

    There is something special about the mechanics of the Seiko Kinetic watch. Seiko makes many fine watches but the Kinetic is my preference.

  • Chez gluck

    I’d prefer the kinetic movement. I think that it is pretty cool when I am ‘powering’ my own watch!

  • Wolf9827

    As usual a great diver’s watch from Seiko.
    Since I’m more a mechanical movement guy, the Seiko Kinetic is the one that I prefer.

  • Seiko Kinetic watch powered by movement is the one I would like to see. This is a nice watch too.

  • Andrew O’Connor

    I would prefer a kinetic watch to a solar powered watch. I find the mechanical aspect to it more interesting. I’m also currently in Rochester, NY, so there is virtually no sun…

  • Séamus Byrne

    Seiko Kinetic watch powered by movement, please.

  • Nuno Terra

    The solar is limited by dial choices and the kinetic requires the watch to be used often (quite annoying low charge 2 seconds step charge indicator). Having said this, I own both Kinetic and Eco-drives and find the concept very interesting, hoping to have a great longevity on both!
    Have a new case for watches and this one would have a confy plae inside :-p

  • Evan Cohn

    Although both are fantastic, I find the kinetic (non- solar) to be preferable. The sapphire crystal is amazing at this price point. Seiko is a true manufacturer. If you are looking for a loving, appreciative home- look no further!

  • Nick

    Yeah I too like the idea of a Kinetic movement better then solar.
    Like the designs for some of the Solar ones better though.

  • Sean

    I have had some very bad luck with various solar watches. I would greatly prefer a kinetic watch over solar.

  • jwoodsy

    I personally would prefer to have a seiko that is powered by movment, hopefully with an exhibition caseback to watch that rotor spin around!

  • My first watch was a seiko, I would like a solar one since I already have so many manual and automatic watches 🙂

  • Brian

    I would prefer the kinetic movement over a solar charged movement for a seiko watch.

  • Randy Torres

    WOW a lot of people trying to lay claim to my Seiko Kinetic…please stop!

  • R M

    I prefer a Seiko Kinetic watch powered by movement.

  • Maurice

    As awesome as the Seiko solar would be, I personally and much too nocturnal and spend too much time in the dark to really take advantage of that watch – movement, though, is no issue, so I would have to go with the Kinetic!

  • Maurice

    As awesome as the Seiko solar would be, I personally am much too nocturnal and spend too much time in the dark to really take advantage of that watch – movement, though, is no issue, so I would have to go with the Kinetic!

  • Miguel Silva

    Kinetic or solar… It’s a Seiko!!!

  • Miguel Silva

    Kinetic or solar… I love Seiko watches and so does my girl.

  • olivier

    I would choose the Seiko kinetic.
    Thanks for giving us a chance to win this watch!

  • Kevin

    Personally I’d rather have a kinetic movement in a diver; on the off chance you took it diving and were using it as intended it would be nice to know that the watch was generating power as you swam. Also, this Seiko is one you could actually use on a daily basis and the kinetic movement would be awesome in this regard.

  • Miki

    I prefer the kinetic drive because I like mechanical solutions.

  • Jack

    I’d prefer the solar option. Great watches, both!

  • Corey Fong

    I love the kinetic movement. Really cool engineering feet.

  • Adam

    Seiko Kinetic. It’s cool to tell people that the watch works off of movement.

  • Richard

    great looking watch. I would prefer the kinetic version.

  • Irvin Walser

    I’d prefer the Seiko Kinetic watch.

  • paul

    I have wanted a Seiko Kinetic for a long time. Can’t wait to see who the winner is!

  • Marcopolo

    I have both kinetic and solar seikos. I prefer the solar ones in the end because the kinetic’s tend to be too long to recharge. If they are not part of the rotation, you almost need to buy a Seiko kinetic charger, otherwise it’s too hard to keep them charged.

  • Alex

    I prefer the kinetic movement to a solar powered one.

  • Daniel S.

    I’d like the Seiko Kinetic because I’ve never tried one before.

  • James

    Living in the UK, I’d prefer a Seiko Kinetic powered by movement.

  • Lauren

    I would say movement, I think it would be easier than relying on light.

  • rich lawler

    I much prefer kinetic to solar in that particular Seiko.

  • JRGougeon

    Good looking watch

  • L. McCullen

    Love your site and the fact you update it virtually every day. Your hard work does not go unnoticed. Keep up the great work.

  • Margaret

    Car? Not even the sunroof. House? Well, yes, expensive panels. If a watch is all I can run with solar, so be it. Gotta start somehow.

  • Ryan

    I think that I’d prefer a solar watch. Since both movements are essentially not mechanical, the idea of light charging the battery and driving the watch seems poetically fitting: the battery is charged by the sun, the big, blinding battery of the sky.

  • grey17

    The Seiko Kinetic. Solar introduces some limitations in the dial design.

  • Lucy luce

    I would prefer the kinetic movement.

  • Dennis Chau

    I’d prefer a watch powered by movement because essentially movement make me feel something related to mechanical, which I’ve always highly appreciate the beauty of precision. Solar, on the other hand, are more on chemical and electrical side

  • Mark Heftler

    Seiko Solar. Better time, lower maintenance.

  • Heath

    I have a Seiko solar with a croc strap that I wear daily with my business attire. I would love to add a kinetic to my collection.

  • James Kuykendall

    I would prefer the Kinetic. You have a great watch blog, just discovered it. Keep up the good work!

  • RS

    I would prefer the kinetic.

  • Dana

    I would prefer the Kinetic watch. Just so COOL!

  • Where I live, its mostly sunny so its a vote for solar powered watches =)

  • Steve Jacobs

    I’d go for the Kinetic. Actually, I love my Ananta Spring Drive. That’d be even better

  • Patman

    I’d have to say the solar variant – keep the mechanical rotor for the true mechanical automatics!

  • Ryan Crumley

    Kinetic is my choice. Makes for a more interesting watch back!

  • George Okuno

    Kinetic please! I like that it would bridge to the past and the future.

  • Gosh they are both nice watches but I don’t think there is any doubt that I need a Seiko Kinetic watch powered by movement.

  • Gary Granger

    A Solar watch powered by ligh would be my choice.

  • Packleader

    There are so few things in this world that we can control. I’d at least like to be in control of my watch.

    I can’t control when the sun will shine, but I can control how much I move around. So, given the choice, I’d prefer a kinetic watch.

    Best of luck to everyone!

  • Ovidiu

    I always considered mechanical movements over quartz ones, so in this regard, I prefer kinetic over solar powered watch due to the mechanical parts inside it.

    Ariel, I know you’re not generally reviewing movements, but what about an article on Kinectic versus Autoquartz?

  • Abel Castillo

    Really great web. and i think it depends on the target or user, if is a person with constant movement its preferible the kinetic one, and a person who is always in the outside, is prefer the solar one

  • Looks like this piece would be an awesome everyday watch! I really like the fact that Seiko is taking the lead on beginning on incorporating ratcheting micro-adjusters on their low to mid-priced divers watches. This makes for a big difference in comfort during the day.

    I would prefer to have a Seiko Kinetic watch powered by movement. The hybrid movement of the kinetic (to me) provides the best of both worlds to the wearer. You have the accuracy of a quartz timepiece, with the interaction (from the wearer) that would be required if you were wearing a mechanical. Disagree? All you have to do is to hold a kinetic close to your ear and swing it in a gentle 6 inch arc. The sound that you will hear from the rotor will indeed convince you that there is a mechanical soul inside that case. Not so many mechanical parts – – – but definitely a mechanical soul with a quartz heart. If you ask me, Seiko is really missing the boat in their Grand Seiko lineup. They have the Mechanicals, and the Spring Drives – – – but why no Grand Seiko Kinetics. The SBDD001 was close, but no cigar. Take that concept, put it in a dress watch case, finish the case, bracelet, etc. to GS standards, and a price around 2500 USD. That would be a winner!

    Look forward to checking my feeds for the latest Blog To Read articles every day! Keep them coming Ariel . . .

  • Anamaria

    Seiko Kinetic would be my choice. Thanks

  • Sid

    Seiko divers are the best value for money watches out there. I have a Monster and a Spork and have been struggling to save enough scratch for a Sumo. This would be a great addition to my (if you can call 2 watches one) collection. Hope I win!

  • ryan

    Kinetic please. They say the sun will eventually die so it just isn’t a reliable source of energy.

  • Razvan

    Seiko Kinetic would probably be my choice.

  • Andy Beaumont

    I would prefer kinetic over solar powered.

  • Arthur

    Please give me the Seiko Kinectic, so that I can provide more review about this watch

  • Gabriel_BB

    I would prefer Seiko Kinetic for sure because it has mechanical movements inside. great watch. thanks again for these great giveaways. 🙂

  • Vbarata

    Definitely a Kinetic watch powered by movement, it as a active feel to it, it’s an emotional response, I know, but aren’t watches emotional objects?

  • Vbarata

    Definitely a Kinetic watch powered by movement, it as a active feel to it.

  • Solar powered. To be in line with the trend in technology today.

  • glen

    I like The Seiko Kinetic better because it might not see the sun some days.

  • Mike

    I would prefer a kinetic design. There are several times during the year where I work at night, away from lights and the sun. Outside of my work driven requirement, I’d be happy with either one.

  • Michael Brown

    I’ve always wanted one of these. Great idea and technology.

  • Cristina_maria

    I would prefer the kinetic watch powered by movement. I like it because is more complicated. 🙂

  • Jeff

    Having published a dive magazine and having a brother who owns a dive shop, I have seen hundreds, possibly more, Seikos on wrists. They are still price performers and innovators. You should know that virtually no serious diver goes down with a watch anymore – they use dive computers – but when they did, Seikos were used more than most. Divers do wear them topside. I think I’d like a mechanical/kinetic. One of the watches I regularly wear most is a Seiko blackface which is an old fleiger design that even Patek had used. 60 bucks at Amazon.

  • kris.c

    Both really cool, but I think I would actually prefer the solar. Kinetic movements can be a little finicky, and they take forever to get going – it’s not like an automatic, when it is running before you can even close the deployment, they take a lot of coaxing to get up to speed, and then you’d have to wear it for a good while before it would be “fully charged”.

    Thats not a dealbreaker though – just an observation from my kinetic pieces, which I love. And this one would be a welcome addition.

  • Carol

    Another contest!! Awesome!!
    I love those Kinetics!

  • J.K.

    Kinetic becouse it sounds cooler

  • eric

    call me old fashioned, i prefer movement powered!

  • mkss55442

    I would prefer the Seiko Kinetic. I already have a Citizen Eco-Drive so I’d like to try a different technology.

  • Jeff

    I prefer movement. As cool as the solar is I like to know that i am the one charging my watch.


  • Jan

    My preference at the moment is for a Kinetic Movement as I already have several Solar Citizens. The Seko’s approach with the kinetic is unique and I find it very interesting. In addition I find this particular watch very attractive and will probably get one regardless.

  • sean

    I prefer the Kinetic movement.

  • Derek Bowen

    I would prefer the Kinetic powered Seiko.

    I also have an Eco Drive watch, but have been drooling over the Kinetic powered watches since I got the solar.

  • Eric

    I would much rather have the Kinetic rather than the solar. Still either is nice. Seiko really makes some great watches!

  • Joe M

    I do not own any solar watches, The Seiko I am wearing is kinetic movement. I love my watch!

  • KJ

    *meh* I have a kinetic that I had to service three years running, the third time it stopped running I put it in a box and haven’t looked back. If I win the watch I promise to turn around and sell it and put the money towards a proper automatic movement watch.

  • I got a couple of Citizen eco drive series watches. That’s the reason I would now want a Kinetic powered watch.

  • Nick

    I like both types, but I think that I would prefer a Seiko kinetic. I assume that it costs more to make such a movement, since there are more moving parts. Also, I like the idea of powering the watch with my movement.

  • Anthony Wilson

    I perfer kinetic watches in general. I may go weeks without wearing some pieces and it just makes it easier to get them going again.

  • Kenneth Cusse

    when will they off a hybrid, powered by both sunlight and kinetic energy? At that point, I am an aggressive buyer. However, Seiko is a great company and and a great watch brand. I would love a kinetic watch because I work at 6 am and it is dark when I get in!

  • Chris

    Very nice looking watch at that price point. I would prefer the kinetic over solar at this point.

  • hmm.. now that’s a tough choice..both sounds cool…kinetic is my choice cz i dont have to worry how much light my watch is getting 🙂

  • Prefer Kinetic.

  • KP

    Kinetic for me.

  • Jason

    I prefer Seiko’s kinetic movements over their solar movements; if I want solar, I’d go with Citizen or Casio.

  • Tom Venables

    I would prefer the kinetic drive movement

  • Lenny

    Gotta go with kinetic. Just the idea of mechanics involved makes it more desirable to me.

  • Thierry

    When I was 10 or so, Seiko was launching the first Quartz model on radio, so when the radio host (?) (Animateur radio, in french) has to tell the hour, he was saying “It is exactly -hours, minutes and seconds – at my Quartz Seiko Watch.”. As a young boy, I was dreaming about these watches, and dying to have one.
    So from this time, for me, Seiko is synonymous of great watches with advanced technology. Kinetic falls under that definition of advanced technology, too. So… winning a Seiko will really please me. (and it look terrific, too).
    Thank you to ablogtoread for these giveaways, and to Seiko for their watches.


  • Kevin Copeland

    I prefer the kinetic

  • JotPeh

    I do have solar and kinetic watches, but no Seiko so far this could be the first ;-). I think I would prefer the kinetic movement.

  • Kirk Rathke

    Great Giveway! Kinetic for the win!

  • dave

    Definitely kinetic for me. Great watches!

  • Thomas

    I would prefer Kinetic given the choice. I’ve never owned a Seiko and would love this watch!

    Thanks for this competition!

  • Don

    I would rather the kinetic. Have had eco drives from Citizen, and have had no problems with them, but guess I just prefer the automoatic or kinetic movements.

  • Il.M.

    Great giveaways, every month Ariel.
    Is facebook obligatory even if we don’t have an account there?
    I hope you’ll accept simple votes.

  • Gino Ochoa

    The look of the Seiko Sportura Kinetic Diver is awesome. I especially like the scalloped bezel and stellar look of the bracelet. I’ve been considering several divers from Seiko and other watchmakers, but I believe I’ve found my preferred choice in the Sportura Kinetic.

    Thanks to Ariel and Seiko for the opportunity to be the happy owner of the next great diver.
    Best regards,

    Gino Ochoa

  • robert weir

    I have a Seiko kinetic and would prefer the solar charging this time. Either one is good, but I don’t wear my Seiko enough to keep it fully wound.

  • Stephen J.

    Seiko makes fantastic looking watches, I have never owned one before, but would certainly like to take one for a spin, preferably, solar powered!

  • Neil

    I like mechanical watches and I also like precision timing so I think the Seiko Kinetic watch powered by movement and timed by quartz is the watch for me. A combination of old world craftsmanship and modern magic can’t be beaten.

  • Nicholas Spagnola

    In this instance I would prefer solar.

  • m ragosta

    I would prefer Seiko Kinetic movement watch.

  • Jim Bask

    I prefer the kinetic movement

  • Gareth Isaac

    I have a Seiko Kinetic watch and am a big fan. That is a nice looking watch

  • greg

    Looks like another rock solid diver from Seiko. Honestly I dont think you can go wrong either way, solar or kinetic. After all its a Seiko. However, I prefer the kinetic movement over solar.

    Peace out Watch beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeoctiches..

  • Matt

    I have another solar diver, so I am a bit torn, but for the sheer convenience of it, I would probably go solar again for this one.

  • John

    Love the red minute hand!!

  • Cameron Haun

    I live in AZ so solar > kinetic it would have to be for me. It would get plenty of rays to keep that baby going for a long time.

  • Ari Derdik

    Would love to win a Seiko Kinetic.

  • zoran popovici

    I love your blog an I love Seiko, keep up with good posts!

  • zoran popovici

    ooo kinetic movement for me

  • Jim C

    Kinetic movement all the way. That way, you can still tell that it’s dark out!

  • Cristina Angeles

    I am always on the move but the sun doesn’t always shine. I prefer the Seiko Kinetic watch over the solar powered one.

  • Ron McKelvie

    I have a Sky Hawk AT and after two years i had the movement replaced. Cool looking watch but…
    I would like to own one of the Seiko Kinetic’s and see how good of a watch they
    really are due to the great write up’s i have read about them also it’s a great looking
    dive watch.

  • Phil Weaver

    I prefer the Kinetic. It gives it a slight mechanical quality that I like.
    This is a great watch to give away. I hope I win it.

  • Schmidty

    I’m a traditionalist. I prefer the Seiko Kinetic. Thanks!

  • Jason

    I like a Seiko Kinetic watch powered by movement.

  • Solar is the way to go – I have a Solar Casio Edifice Wave Cepter I totally love.

  • Syna P

    Seiko Kinetic all the way!

  • Tim

    Great stuff Ariel, but don’t forget to keep taking the medicine!
    I live way up north in snowy Sweden so I’m not sure that I’ll be able to tell “solar” time in the winter! On the other hand a kinetic watch would be just the ticket. If we stand still we freeze.

  • Nono

    Definitely Kinetic, especially the new Direct drive

  • Svalo

    I don’t know any Solar Seiko, si Kinetic is my choice

  • Ivan001100

    I have two solar watches, but i wouldn’t mind to have a nice Kinetic 🙂

  • Mirena66

    Nice Seiko and a great giveaway. Of course, my choice is Kinetic

  • Steve

    I would prefer a mechanical movement.

  • M. Peterson

    Seiko Kinetic would be my choice. Thanks.


  • Jean-Luc Besson

    Kinetik is the only way, as much as I love the sun, it doesn’t have a chance!

  • I like kinetic movement!

  • Makola

    Great looking watch, would love it with a kinetic movement.

  • Matt

    Would love to win the Kinetic Diver as it would be my 1st Kinetic watch. Love your blog and thanks for your generous give aways.

  • Robin R.

    Prefer Seiko Kinetic watch powered by movement.

  • Rob V

    Nice watch. I’d prefer the kinetic.

  • Jeremy W.

    Kinetic, all the way.

  • Kinetic.

  • kinetic!super seiko diver!

  • David Stewart

    You know, I really love Seiko watches and would be proud to own either one. Since I have to pick one I will pick the kinetic version.
    Thanks for allowing me to enter the contest.


  • ariff

    Definitely the watch powered by a movement. I’m traditional.

  • Sean Lorman

    I prefer a Seiko Solar watch Powered by Light!

  • Steve Poorman

    I’m a big fan of the kinetic movement. Its such a blend of old and new.

  • thaspiliot

    Hey! Nice giveaway. I’d go for the solar powered since where I live we’ve got lots of sun most of the year! 🙂

  • Thomas

    I would prefer the Kinetic movement. Solar watches aren’t really my deal. It’s just pure prejudice.

  • thepricklypinecone

    I would love the Kinetic. Fantastic looking watch!

  • Sam

    I prefer the Kinetic watch.

  • Perry Spice

    I’m a night mover so I’ll shake my bootie with my new SeIkO KinEtIc

  • JayB

    I would definitely prefer a Seiko kinetic, mechanical watch. Just love the movement, it’s classic.

  • Albert Kurniawan

    Seiko is definitely my first purchased watch, although I didn’t buy it for my self, but for my father as a gift for his birthday. And since, then, the watch has been very reliable and is still working fine until this moment (7-8 years already). So it’ll be a very pleasant surprise if i can get this new one.
    As for my preference for Seiko Kinetic watch powered by movement or a Seiko Solar watch powered by light, i’d definitely say the Kinetic one, because i always amaze with the old/antique mechanical watch and i love the idea of the eco-friendly watch (never need a battery change) and a watch powered by your own movement.
    Thanks for this great blog where i can find a lot of nice information about watch.

  • I’d love to win Seiko kinetic! I just love that brand! Seiko is perhaps the most authentic producer of wristwatches in the world, all of which are produced entirely in-house. Nowadays it’s hard to find such watchmaker that is still practising fully integrated in-house production system.

  • Sam

    I prefer the kinetic model.

  • Eddie

    I’d have to say Seiko Kinetic.

  • John Speer

    I would definitely choose the kinetic model. I like the idea of my movement powering the movement in the watch.

  • As i work at night! id be interested in a Kinetic watch,
    I am a magician born on oct 31. The same date The great Harry Houdini died. Coincidence?
    Houdini took his name from french magician Robert Houdin, who was a Watchmaker, Is that a coincidence?

    If i win this watch, would that be a coincidence?


  • Ben

    I prefer Solar, gotta love the world’s biggest battery!

  • Steve M

    I like the kinetic over the solar, makes sure I wear it every few days. No watch winder for me.

  • Jeffrey Chan

    I would prefer a kinetic watch over a solar watch.

  • Pontus Petersson

    I want the Seiko kinetic, mainly because ive heard its a great watch!

  • Melvin Chong

    I prefer a Kinetic because I just luv the accuracy of a quartz watch without the need to change battery. I already own the dressy SUN003P1 and the SUN007 which are both Kinetic with GMT. Luv them to death.

    Would be nice if this diver has a GMT too 🙂

  • Jake C

    SEIKO in Chinese means “??” – precise engineering
    will go for KINETIC all the way because that is true engineering & craftsmanship with UNBEATABLE price

    Cheers from Malaysia~ 😉

  • Jake C

    how to delete the last 2 post ? =.=
    lagging internet cause me to post it 3 time >.<

  • Keith

    If compared with Seiko Kinetic watch powered by movement or Seiko Solar watch powered by light. i more likely will prefer Seiko Solar watch powered by light. It doesn’t mean kinetic is bad as well. i personally like more on Seiko Solar watch as its innovative and its creation enough fascinating like fall in love with a girl. it doesn’t require much reason, when come to love, there’s no reason. i love seiko solar watch powered by light. 🙂

  • Luigi Giancristofaro

    I would like to win the Seiko Kinetic, because 12 years ago i add a kinetic and it was really cool watch. thanks

  • Michael Toh

    I prefer the Seiko Kinetic, mainly because the watch is powered by movement which is much more convenient then the solar if you always stay indoor where light doesn’t really shine.

  • Scott C.

    I have been a Seiko fan since I was 10 years old when my dad gave me a Seiko 5 Actus in the mid 1970’s — after his business trip to Japan. It had a beautiful green dial, scalloped hour markers that reflected light that dazzled out the glass that had # shaped bevel cuts along the vertical/horizontal as well as the the 4 corner wedge bevel cut. I was amazed that a little shaking made it go and go. Since then, the SEIKO magic had stayed with me for years and years and never faded.

    I think a Seiko Kinetic best re-connects people back to that magic. You never forget your first Seiko, I didn’t…

  • Christian P.

    I would like Kinetic. I’m new to the world of watches so hopefully this would be my first “real” watch!

  • Mark

    I prefer kinetic, although solar would be fun too. 🙂

  • Kurt

    Really love the Seiko brand.
    Prefer Kinetic watch powered by movement

  • Kinetic for me please!

  • Chris

    I’d love the solar one. Kinetic is old news now. 🙂

  • roland hernandez

    Awesome…me likey!

  • Hmm .. I’m thinking probably solar as it’s something a little different. Given I’m in QLD, Australia where it’s sunny a lot of the time it should keep going just fine 🙂

  • Ty Summers

    I would prefer a Seiko Kinetic watch powered by movement but I sure would be fine with a solar!

  • Josiah

    I’d prefer a kinetic watch. I don’t know that I spend enough time in the sun for a solar watch to be practical.

  • Chris


  • greg

    I would definitely prefer the Kinetic.

  • John F

    kinetic please! thanks!

  • justin l

    i prefer kinetic charging myself …

  • I’m excited that I found this site. I’ve just started getting into watches and there seems to be a lot of good information here. Thanks for the opportunity to have a Seiko Kinetic movement watch!

  • Captaind

    Seiko giveaway, I prefer by all means the Solar. As an energy source, the Sun will last longer than I will be moving. The Seiko watch itself will probably last longer than me also.

  • Pepito

    I already have two seiko kinetic watches so this time I would like the solar powered one.

  • Stephen Thomas


  • Jay

    I own a Seiko Kinetic from the 1st year they were available in the States, and would love to add the Kinetic version of this watch to my collection.

  • Rory Beckford

    I would love to win the Seiko Kinetic SKA 511 because it’s a great looking watch. I have always being impressed by the quality of Seiko watches.

  • Will

    I really would prefer the kenetic Seiko Watch please

  • Ryan

    Beautiful watch and great site. The kinetic would fit my lifestyle best. Good luck to all.

  • Hmmm, tough one…. but since I spend a lot of time chasing my 7 year old twins around, I think Kinetic would be the way to go. Only thing missing is a power grid tie-in to sell back excess electricity.

  • Jack Craig

    Thanks for a chance to win the KINETIC watch. Here in Oregon it might be a challenge to find enough sunlight to get the solar one running.

    Keep up the good work; i love the blog.

  • Paul

    I would have to say that my choice would be for the kinetic movement.

    On a side note, does anyone besides me feel that the concept of an ani-digi watch is just obscene. I guess I am just a purist for the horological sense.

  • Paul

    sweet kinetic! Seikos rock!!

  • Kinetic for me. Movement to me seems better, for some reason, maybe more reliable.

  • Jonathan leak

    Great giveaway! I would prefer a Seiko Kinetic 🙂

  • patmorais

    I hope I win the Seiko Kinetic… Please please please

  • Jonathan Leak

    Great giveaway!! I would prefer the Seiko Kinetic 🙂

    • Jonathan Leak

      Crap, now I’m ineligible.

  • Greg Kenerly

    I would prefer the kinetic watch. I’m an active guy but not always outside…

  • Kinetic!!!!!!!

  • Osh Moz

    Sorry, I know it won’t help on the givaway, but the kinetic version is less reliable. I would go with solar.

    Continue with your great watchmaking.

  • Guillermo

    The Seiko Solar would make a wonderful Christmas gift!

  • AKM

    I would prefer a kinetic. This looks great!

  • Jorge Salinas

    My first watch was a Seiko. I’d prefer the Kinetic Movement over the solar but Solar is the new black.

  • Tom Eskridge

    I’d like the Kinetic, it’s a beautiful watch!

  • Mark Lim

    I enjoy your website. I also like Seiko watches very much.

  • Mark Lim

    Even more I like the Seiko Kinetic. Cheers.

  • xsqian

    Seiko Kinetic watch powered by movement is great

  • Harrison Rose

    If I win I would prefer the kinetic version of the Seiko watch. A blog on watches is so cool.

  • Kim Winther

    Kinetic – of course….

  • Sebastian

    nice watch! I prefer the kinetic – I like the idea of reclaiming some of the energy cast off by my body’s movements…

  • Julian Roberts

    I love the idea of a Solar powered watch! So, defo the solar one for me

  • Graham Gunner

    I prefer the Kinetic model

  • emran

    Kinetic keeps me connected all the time

  • Trent

    Solar power OS ok for heating hot water in your hoise but would suck for a watch. No matter how old the idea, simple movement to charge your watch rocks.

    Kinetic all the way

  • arief emran

    kinetic for anytime and anywhere

  • Corey

    Kinetic, please. Thanks!

  • Charlie Slowey

    I’d love to win the Kinetic, the solar power wouldn’t do much good, seeing as there’s not much sun in Ireland

  • Mr. Cayse

    As I set here and look at my faithful, and now broken, Submariner, which has served me well since first slipping it on my wrist in 1984, I am joyful at seeing the Seiko you are offering in this months drawing.
    The Kinetic model, seemingly designed for my active life, would do well, and look well doing it, for my requirements.
    I do like your site and wish you all the best in the future.

  • eric

    id pick the solar over the kinetic. although a premier perpetual would be nice, winning either one would be cool.

  • Charlie

    I’d love to win the Kinetic, there’s not much sunlight in Ireland I’m afraid.

  • Niklas Sandberg

    I live in Sweden, we have no sun here.. So i would like the kinetic watch..

  • mark adrian bell

    I prefer the kinetic movement. Beautiful time piece.

    – mark

  • Edward Pawlik

    I would be frenetic if I were to win the wonderful Seiko kinetic!

  • Michael Garner

    Seiko…simply the the best. I prefer the Kinetic.

  • Jon G

    I would prefer a solar powered seiko over a kinetic but I would still love to win this kinetic! I love my seikos.

  • Shane

    Kinetic, please.

  • Shar

    Seiko Kinetic watch powered by movement is the watch I would LOVE.

  • Hello, and thanks for this opportunity! I consider the mechanical quartz variant. Solars are nice for the tech novelty, but a movement is a movement, it is dependent of what’s inside the piece.
    Also i’d like to point out that i live in romania. Though there are almost 500 entries to this giveaway and there’s still more than half of October to go, i thought i’d mention this, maybe i get lucky: i live in Romania, is there any chance that my entry is valid? It would be ok for me to pay the shippment of the watch, i’m sure it would cost less than a new one bought from the official retailer. Or, from a procedure point of view, would Seiko send a letter to one of the official retailers to give a free similar watch to the winner (this being about any overseas country, not just Romania)?


  • Scott Diamond

    Nice watch! I would like to Kinetic should my name be picked.


  • Scott

    Prefer the Kinetic. Thanks for giveaway!

  • Justin

    The kinetic watch would be awesome! Thanks, Seijo!

  • Mikel

    I would have to go w/ kinetic but if I could have both systems then why not?

  • I would love movement… Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Spin

    Nice watch. Prefer the Kinetic.

  • Sherman

    I would prefer a kinetic movement! solar is just too modern.

    thanks for the giveaway!

  • Sherman

    I would prefer a kinetic movement!

    thanks for the giveaway!

  • A Seiko Kinetic watch for me 🙂

  • Fred L

    Kinetic movement please!

  • R Moore

    Seiko’s are so classic. They have always stood the test of time and style. I’d love to have the kinetic to pass to my kids and grandkids.

  • Joe Koblich

    I would prefer a Seiko Kinetic watch powered by movement

  • Joe Koblich

    I would prefer a Seiko Kinetic watch powered by movement.

  • Dylan Fishman

    I would prefer the kinetic powered by movement.

  • Alex Rivera

    I have an active lifestyle so Kinetic all the way for me!

  • Nate C

    They both are great options but being somewhat old school, I would pick the Seiko kinetic. For the same reason I love older cars, there’s something special to “mechanical” creations. Thanks Ariel and Seiko for running this giveaway.

  • patrick

    I had an early kinetic that only lasted about two years before the movement went. I’d love to try a current kinetic movement. So I’m going to say the Kinetic movement. I have an eco-drive that is OK.

  • Neill Currie

    Well, I’d love the kinetic, thanks.

  • Parker

    I’d prefer the Seiko Solar so I’ll be ready for a zombie apocalypse.

  • Ryan

    I’ll take either, a wins a win!

  • Nuruddeen

    Looking forward to wearing that watch!

  • Nuruddeen

    And I’d prefer the kinetic watch.

  • sam

    it has to be the kinetic

  • fileoffset

    Would like to try the Kinetic, Seiko make some pretty nice watches!

  • howard walker

    I do love a classic watch powered by movement!

  • Charles Eldridge

    I enjoy movement, so the Kinetic sounds more my speed.

  • Jeremy

    I’d prefer the Seiko Kinetic watch. Thank you for the chance!

    I like your blog and Seiko on Facebook!

  • monty

    Seiko Kinetics’ Rock and are my preference…nice diver that I would be proud to own…

  • I am a big fan of Seiko kinetic watches. Thanks for a great watch blog.


  • Mike

    Love my Seiko Ventura Yachting Timer – yacht still on order 😉
    Kinetic movement is where it’s at!

  • Matt

    Definitely the kinetic. Motion is always available, whereas sunlight is not. At least for us non-lazy people.

  • I’d be rapt with a brand new kinetic baby. I’m not normally a fan of things Japanese, but Seiko has always been up there for me. A great combination of quality and price.

  • Jovy Pulido

    I prefer the Seiko Kinetic with movement. All my watches are mechanical. I hope I win. Thanks.

  • Dave Boyce

    I have always preferred kinetic watches, and I would LOVE to win this one!

  • Vinod

    Would love to get me mitts on the Kinetic version. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Stephen Schwerdfeger

    My first Seiko ever was a kinetic. I loved that watch. Clean styling, cool design, and the kinetic power was great. I’d love to win this new piece of Seiko magic. Thank you

  • Ili.M.

    I would prefer a Seiko Kinetic

  • Ben

    Seiko kinetic, since that seems to be their focus. Thanks!

  • Zain Rana

    I would love to have the Seiko Kinetic powered by movement 🙂 Would opt for the Solar…but there is very little sunshine in Britain ; )

  • matthew muller

    I really like the Kinetic version. Great technology on a styling watch!



  • Aleksander

    I’d like the Kinetic version. Moving is easier than radiating sun rays.

  • Eric Lowe

    I would prefer a kinetic over a solar watch any day.

  • @mr_matt

    I’d prefer the Kinetic but would love to have either.

  • Tom Bullock

    I’d love the Kinetic movement and this is one beautiful watch!

  • JPF

    I’m a fan of the Seiko Kinetic. Great tech and style

  • alvin

    Prefer the Seiko Kinetic.

  • Matt

    sweet looking Seiko and then whole kinetic tech sounds pretty interesting.

  • Avery

    Solar powered please! 🙂

  • wayne

    Kinetic pleaszzzzzzz, loved your site, as a novice watch lover.

  • Ryan

    Great site. Great watch. Kinetic por favor.

  • Ricardo

    Seiko Kinetic movement >>> Seiko solar tech. The mole people seem to agree as well.

  • Chris Nibert

    I’m an Automatic fan so Kinetic for me, it leans a bit more on the mechanical side needing human movement to power the watch. Keeps great time taking the best of the Quartz and Mechanical parts.

  • Luke Harbeck

    I have always wanted a kinetic watch. Living in Iowa i would not be able to use a solar watch in the winter it is dark when i get to work and dark when I leave. Plus I think this watch would make a great 35th birthday present to me…thanks for the consideration.

  • JB


  • JP

    I’ll rather have the kinetic.

  • Carter

    kinetic all the way their is just something that a watch that charges off the sun is missing. (for me that is anyways) i just have always loved watches with rotors

  • Mike Wissert

    I have a Citizens Eco drive, and a Seiko battery, both titanium. Considered Kinetic but
    did not like the hassle of having to shake it for x minutes to jump start it. However, I also don’t like wondering if my Eco drive is getting enough sunlight in the winter. However, after reading the positive preceding comments on experiences with Kinetic drive watches, I think I’ll try one for my next watch.
    Another concern is that lately my other watches have started to exude a dark substance, that looks like a mix of graphite and oil or water, apparently caused by a reaction to zinc oxide ointment I was applying to a chafed area on my wrist.

  • The Kinetic would be awesome, but I do like the idea of a solar watch to add to my collection.

  • SurfTurtle

    Finally a Seiko Divers Kinetic watch that my wife loves which means it is time to get one – it is my precious not hers.

  • Patrick

    That Seiko watch looks good. I have had Seiko watches but never a divers watch. I would prefer a Seiko Kinetic watch powered by movement only because my experience with calculators powered by light years ago were a bit unreliable.

  • Oliver

    I would prefer Seiko Kinetic movement watch.

  • David Moreira

    I would preferer a Kinetic because I’m an indoor guy!

  • Kostas

    I had lost my first watch at my 12 and i had never had watch after my 12, so i am looking to have one good Kinetic watch, but can buy now in my condition, so if it is God’s will, i will win it. Thanks.

  • ncelik

    Most definetely I’d want a mechanical movement. At the end of the day, Solar is just quartz. There is no magic in quartz.

  • KC Wu

    I prefer Kinetic watch power by the movement. It will remind me not just to sit in front of my desk.

  • Mike K

    I own two Seiko kinetic watches, and would like another!

  • Adrien

    Love the Kinetic ! Never had one, but it’s in my plans…

  • Umar

    I would prefer a Seiko Kinetic watch powered by movement because I move a lot

  • CJ

    I would LOVE to be able to give my wonderful husband a Seiko Kinetic watch for our 20th anniversary – winning it would also allow me to take him away to a B&B for the weekend. Please, Please, Please pick my name!!! My Mom gave me a Seiko many years ago and it’s still telling me the correct time day after day. My hubby’s “10-years of service” watch given to him by his employer does tell the time but it needs a new battery twice a year – poohaa – that’s a gift that keeps needing attention.

    Love you, Seiko, and love my new found resource, – thanks for being there for all of us. cj

  • John

    The Sporturas are great. I’d like one!

  • Andy Waltz

    I would go with a movement, seems to have more personality to it.

  • Clem

    The Seiko Kinetic watch…. looks good…!

  • Eric

    Kinetic! Now that there are induction chargers that work with Seiko Kinetic watches, the previous shortcomings of the technology are gone. Would love to own one!

  • Thaer Mustafa

    Or Should I say, I would LOVE to get either!!!

    • Sminto Antony

      Brilliant answer bro! Fair play!!!

  • Bryan S

    This watch and its features is an absolute bargin for under $600 US. The Seiko Kinetic with the moment is my choice.

  • Matthew

    Seiko Kinetic watch powered by movement all the way!!!

  • michael woods

    I would prefer the Kinetic powered movement…thanks!

  • keith

    I think it would depend on the application. Would definitely prefer the movement for a daily wear / formal wear, but also think it would be pretty cool to have a solar powered watch for outdoor, weekend warrior type stuff.

  • Mark

    I would prefer a Seiko Kinetic watch powered by movement. The diver looks like an awesome watch! Thanks!

  • Mike

    Kinetic all the way! Love the weight of the mechanical watches. Seiko makes some great watches. Wish the Road Show would come to Houston.

  • Mike Owens

    I would prefer the kinetic over the solar. I have a solar powered watch that is pretty awesome, but the mechanical stuff just wins me over.

  • Sunnymay

    I’ve only seen Seiko watches in display cases, so the Seiko Solar Watch would look great gracing my wrist. Does it help you to be on time?

  • Kinetic would be good. Hard to get solar powered watch powered up in my watch box!

  • Ross T.

    I would have to say I prefer kinetic as hybrid movements are really interesting and the next step in movement technology (thinking Seiko Spring Drive also).

  • Beautiful watch, i love Seikos !

  • Greg

    I prefer the kinetic

  • stephen

    Tough call – really not much to choose between Solar and Kinetic but I guess Kinetic just edges it because of its mechanicals.

    btw seems to be a lot of comments about solar being no good cos people live in cloudy countries/stay indoors/keep their watch in a box… am i missing the joke here or do people really not get that solar will generally charge very quickly, under any lighting conditions, even electric lights, and remain charged for 3-6 months – the only people i know who don’t see any natural or artificial light in 6 months are corpses, so if that’s you, can i suggest getting out a bit more… ?

  • Gerald Cerdan

    Seiko Kinetic watch powered by movement for me. The watch looks like an ideal diver watch.

  • patric

    i love seiko watches and prefer definetly the kinetic movements!!!

  • Bill

    I hope I win 🙂

  • Rob Jordan

    love the kinetic movement

  • Anthony Hacker

    I would prefer a Seiko Kinetic watch powered by movement! Because the sun is not out all night and i am!

  • David G (subdave)

    Seiko Kinetic! Thank you aBlogtoRead!

  • Dinky Toy

    I would prefer a Seiko Kinetic watch powered by movement. Wouldn’t you?

  • Jerome Lacroix

    I’d be very interested in winning the mechanical version of this watch.


  • Niels

    Personally, I would prefer kinetic. There is something special about it, in my opinion it makes a watch feel ‘alive’. I’m planning on only buying automatic movement watches from now on. Solar would be a cool gadget too, but seems less practical in reality.

  • Bill G.

    I think the blending of the mechanical movement and quartz in the kinetic creates a far more interesting piece then the solar powered.

  • Deodar Bautista

    I prefer the Kinetic movement over solar. I remember my Dad bestowing his trusted Seiko kinetic which he bought in the early 90s to my eldest brother and some 20 years after, it still ticks.

  • al post

    I keep on reading what a great watch co. Seiko is.Very innovative .

  • Omar

    I would prefer the Seiko kinetic movement over solar. Solar is neat though. But there is something about a kinetic movement…

  • Mike

    I would love a Kinetic, it is a beautiful piece.


  • Keith Jackson

    Prefer light, more reliable. Though I would be happy to have this one!

  • Lukian

    If the solar doesn’t limit the design of the face, I would prefer solar, if its not mechanical than less moving parts the better.

  • NyO

    Went searching for a new watch and came upon here. The kinetic would be interesting as I’ve never tried one before.

  • Andrew McDonald

    I had a solar powered watch years ago and its reliability left quite a bit to be desired. Even if they have improved greatly since then (and there is a good chance they have), I would still prefer a kinetic.

  • Sergio Liberman

    I prefer the Seiko Kinetic, can be charged even during the long polar nights.

  • There are some very big advantages to owning a solar powered watch. A Seiko Solar powered watch can go countless years without ever requiring servicing of any kind, and naturally does not require a battery change. Have there been any tests done to see how long a solar powered movement will last? I’m not sure myself, but the years must number in the decades.

    A Seiko Kinetic movement is an excellent and innovative technology, though it may be the type of movement which requires servicing, and that can be costly. If needed, replacement parts can be even more expensive. I don’t have any experience with Seiko Kinetic watches myself, but I understand that they can be wholly reliable.

    Overall, for a practical and economically sound watch, Seiko Solar powered is the way to go. For pure aesthetic qualities, I’d imagine Seiko Kinetic watches must be quite fun to own; though I’d choose the Solar Powered watch myself.

  • kunisman

    kinetic, at least it depends of my to “live” – (i´m a recent father)

  • ne mangas

    kinetic . you never know when the sun is going out for good.

  • MIke W

    For me, the kinetic. Call me old school!

  • Colin Anderson

    What a watch!

    • Colin Anderson

      The Kinetic would be awesome

  • Eric Zinn

    I’m looking to replace a 30+ year old Seiko Quartz Diver’s Watch that has served me faithfully.
    Recently the date/day function has stopped working reliably. I’m looking to replace it with another Seiko and this Kinetic Diver’s Model SKA511 looks like a winner! Perhaps I can ‘win it’ rather than having to buy one?

  • Andrea Zinn

    My husband has been looking for a new Seiko Diver’s Watch. He has his eye on a Seiko SKA511 Kinetic Diver’s. It looks like this model is one he will be proud to wear. I hope I can ‘gift’ it to him!

  • HC

    Very cool watches. I’d prefer the rotor-based Kinetic, thanks.

  • Boris

    i would prefer a Seiko Kinetic watch powered by movement 🙂

  • Jorge Nunes

    I would prefer the kinetic powered by movement.

  • BC

    Kinetic is so cool it’s fine, fun, functional, art!

  • Kevin Corbin

    This is a beautiful watch. The Seiko Kinetic watches are a wonderful piece of technology. Love the blog!

  • wayne

    Thank you very much for doing this.

  • Jorge Guerrero

    The advantage of the quartz accuracy and on-going power are I think ideal and the way of the future. My dad’s first watch was a Seiko, I wore it with my first suit, and it is still going strong.

  • Dana Rasmussen

    Kinetic for me.
    Very nice watch!

  • Jakub

    Neither of both, recharging a battery that has to be eventually replaced in approx. the same time as a standard quartz battery… well, now I hope to win 🙂

  • Tommy

    Seiko Solar.

  • Jason Taylor

    I much prefer the Seiko Kinetic!

  • Gerard

    I love this blog. I love watches. I never comment. I’d like the Seiko Kinetic Diver edition. Thanks for this. Keep up the good work.

  • Pierre

    I would prefer Seiko Kinetic movement watch.
    Very nice blog BTW.

  • Let’s go with the Kinetic Diver. It would look great on a sports dive & at work.

  • Jeff F

    Who could argue with either, but really, I love the idea of solar-powered. Kinetic too, but solar suits me more.

  • Bogdan

    I prefer the Kinetic!

  • Normunds

    I prefer quartz. At least it is powered by movement.

  • I have a Seiko sportura that I bought in 2002 and still is very modern and running very well. I also have two more Kinetic that are perfect.

  • PaoloM

    I’d love a kinetic diver, just for it to be a useful instrument and shying away from “lifestyle” models and tired brands (like Rolex, for example :)). I owned a Seiko when I was in high school and I always found it to be a very reliable and well made watch.

    It’s funny how, when you’re young, everything seems like a given (reliability, durability, etc) and only later in your age you find out that companies actually have to work hard at that to make it “a given” 🙂

  • jzb

    Is there a real choice? A Seiko Kinetic watch for me please.

  • Tony

    Love your blog, love the prizes. I like the kinetic version best.

  • MxH

    I prefer the Seiko Kinetic power system! This timepiece is certainly indicative of the outstanding Seiko manufacturing process.

  • dez

    I prefer Seiko Kinetic watch powered by movement

  • zen

    Seiko Kinetic watch powered by movement

  • i think i’d prefer the kinetic one.

  • KK4CYB

    It would be nice to have a Seiko Kinetic

  • Pedro bernardo

    Clearly the kinetic for me! Great watch!

  • Scott Allen

    I would love to win a Seiko Kinetic! It would be a wonderful addition to my modest collection!

  • Dave g


  • Bob K

    Nice watches, make mine mechanical.

  • Bob Keating

    Mechanical, please.

  • Matt

    Light is practical and, if lasts 10-15 years with no need for servicing, desirable.

  • Grosbard

    Your blog has opened my eyes to Seiko. I hadn’t previously considered them. Thanks for that! (kinetic please)

  • austinite

    I prefer a kinetic watch to a solar one. It reminds me, albeit only slightly, of the rotor in a mechanical watch. Thanks, Austinite

  • Steven

    Wouldnt mind winning a Seiki Watch 😀 ><

  • Joe Mc

    While the solar would be nice, I would not have a need to put it on a winder. But I am more geeked on the auto movement. So I would go for the auto!


  • David Bernier

    Prefer Kinetic to solar, but either would be awesome!!

  • Richard

    Both watches are great! I would love the Kinetic watch!

  • Felipe Torres

    Kinect all the way!

  • JM

    I am kinetic all the way on this one.

  • John

    Win win win! please!

  • RLV

    Final Jeopardy….What is Kinetic!

  • noah Gedrich

    I’d take a kinetic.

  • It is Kinetic all the way for me, they have a great reputation. Seiko is tried and true. Thank you for your time.

  • Bao Nguyen

    I prefer the Seiko Kinetic ’cause I’m told I can’t sit still. 🙂

  • Weiming

    Beautiful Watch! Thank you for the opportunity to win it.

  • Tony Hoang

    I would prefer the Kinetic model, since you can power that with normal wrist movements. Sunlight might be in abundance depending where you are on the planet. ie. Arctic circle in winter.

  • Andreas

    Tremendous turnout ! Thanks for writing this interesting blog – helps me learn to appreciate the finer details when it comes to watches. I would love one of the kinetic seiko watches ! Thanks

  • John

    The kinetic watch is beautiful – that’s the one I’d love to win. They’ve been leading with the electric kinetic for a while now.

  • Joe Welke

    I like Kinetics powered mechanically. More moving parts are more complimentary to the atchmaker’s art.

  • Derrick Choo

    I have always wanted to try out a watch with a Kinetic Movement. Can’t wait to have it on my wrist! 🙂

  • Robert

    I think I would prefer the solar powered movement. Although maybe only a little more than the kinetic movement.

  • Brad T

    I have both a Seiko Kinetic and a Citizen Ecodrive watch. They both have good points, however , I do like the feel of the rotor in the Seiko Kinetic.

  • Georgi Todorov

    My first watch is Seiko 5. Seiko are making one of the most durable watches in the world with great design and high prescision . I like the movement powered Seiko Kinetic watch – this combines the prescision of the quartz with the needed attention to the self-winding wrist watch.

  • Something worthwhile, from Japan’s finest!

  • Tsz Chan

    I would like the Seiko Kinetic. Fantastic piece of engineering!

  • Philippe

    Kinetic movement, because one can rely more on oneself than on solar power sometimes. Solar power is great though, but you have to wear the watch on the open on a regular basis.

  • Solar-powered watches in all honor, but from an enviromental view, kinetic movements are even better. I also think mechaniqal watches have more soul to them, and looks so much cooler. 🙂

  • Phil England

    I would prefer a Seiko Kinetic watch powered by movement rather than a Seiko Solar watch powered by light. As with any mechanically derived watch you are only relying on yourself to power it.

  • DWright

    I’d prefer a movement charged kinetic, but a solar charged one would still be of interest if it were slimmer or more robust. But my vote is movement powered, especially the elegant pawl system SEIKO uses.

  • David Finlay

    Love Seikos. Kinetics are my favorite

  • arthur

    My first Seiko was an automatic. I’ve got it from my dad in the ’70. It is still running perfectly.
    Will the kinetic last longer? I hope to find out 😉

  • Edny

    I would prefer Seiko Kinetic, because those watches are not only very unique and beautiful, but also very modern.

  • Rickie

    Solar for me! Haven’t owned a solar powered one before, is interesting concept!

  • Ben Shine

    Love the classic look!

  • Jim bask

    I prefer the kinetic

  • Les

    Kinetic = movement=power love it !

  • John


  • Don Kohn

    I already have two Citizen Eco-Drive watches and a couple of standard battery powered quartz watches. I even have a Hamilton Pacer, the original battery powered watch so a kinetic drive quartz would be round out my collection.

  • American here who very much enjoys your blog. Putting my hopes on the SKA511…black or metal bracelet would be fine.
    Local shop here carries Japanese Seikos, among their other fine brands, and I would love to see their look if I win and walk in wearing this one.

    All the best,

  • Ted Schleich

    In a perfect world, I would have both. I am leaning toward the Kinetic – but only because winter is coming right now, which means less light. 😀

  • James Chua

    I love automatic watches, and the Seiko Kinetic Quartz will be great addition for me. Using hand movement to power the watch just like automatic watches.

  • Something really nice about an automatic, whether it be mechanical or “kinetic”. Buying batteries or winding a watch these days really is unneeded.

    Since this is a Diver, it’s really useful too. Nothing fussy, and really nice about not having to worry about whether you’re in the rain or accidentally fall into the pool or nearest water body, especially in Florida.

  • shinytoys

    Kinetic still has the appeal of auto-winding watches…it’s still mechanical simply because it requires motion of the arm or wrist to power the machine. In terms of human excercise and movement, kinesiology is part of our everyday life.

    Also, this watch has the ability to store energy for months with little kinetic workouts.

    Yea, I’m a “K” guy… Long live Seiko…

  • Chris

    I have owned a Seiko kinetic watch for many years now and love it. I quess by todays fashion sense it would be considered “small” in size but at the time I bought it it was a rather “big” watch. I also own several Citizen Eco Drive models and love them too. There are definate advantages to the solar powered models but I still enjoy my Kinetic. I have been admiring this particuler Seiko Kinetic diver for awhile now and would be thrilled to be the winner so I could strap this beauty on my wrist and feel that rotor spin.

  • Jose Bueiz

    Very nice watch..!!!

  • paul

    Great Seiko Watch, would love to win this !

    I think the kinetic is my personal favourite as it lends itself more to the traditional type of mechanical watch but with a tecnological twist.
    Thinking of solar i think about those casio calculators i got as a kid.

  • Eitan

    Lovely watches!
    To my collection

  • matt

    I would prefer the kinetic powered watch. I am a big fan of Seiko and am currently wearing an Orange Monster as a daily watch.

  • I like this Seiko a lot although I’ve noticed some alignment issues with the index markers on the chapter ring. I also like the kinetic method of recharging, but if forced to choose, I would rather have a solar charged. The passive method of charging is easier to maintain when you have a collection of watches.

  • Mike Matthews

    I would prefer a kinetic over a solar powered watch. I’m routinely working in low light to night time settings.

  • Matt Kurs

    I would prefer the Kinetic model as it remind me of my very first Seiko in 1975 that had an automatic movement. Think this Diver model has awesome styling. Best of luck to the winner!! Matt

  • Sean shaw

    The kinetic of course.
    The works are intriguing and well, what if I’m in a cave /:
    Both are nonetheless amazing watches, by seiko of course!
    Much thanks to Ariel and seiko!

  • Brian Varine

    I would prefer the mechanical watch. There are plenty of solar watches out there but the Seiko mechanical system seems to be pretty neat and unique to Seiko.

  • Neil

    I prefer Seiko Kinetic movement. Thanks.

  • Martin

    Definitely the Kinetic powered by movement

  • ChrisH

    Thanks for another great giveaway!!

    For me, Kinetic powered more than Solar powered!!


  • Louis

    Seiko Kinetic watch powered by movement all the way.

  • Henrik

    I would prefer the kinetic powered by movement! It feels more real to have something that lives on your arm and collect its energy from you!

    nice blog btw, cheers!

  • Jim FitzGerald

    A new classic!
    Kinetic for me, please.

  • Ivan1998

    Would love to have another one.

  • Don Bohach

    I prefer Kenetic charging. While solar is nice, I feel more connected to the timepiece, when I remain involved and responsible for keeping it operating.

  • Mark N

    I much prefer the solar. It’s a great way to power quartz. If I am going to power a watch kinetically I will stick with my beloved automatic mechanical watches.

  • Big Mongo

    My, what a lovely watch!!!!! Not a big fan of electronic timepieces, but I guess
    if it makes it’s own electricity, I can make an exception…

  • Yaniv Levy

    Hope to win, also hope you ship to Israel.

  • Yaniv Levy

    i prefer Seiko Kinetic watch powered by movement, i think its more reliable.
    Hope to win, also hope you will ship to Israel

  • Alex

    Love the blog !!! I would prefer Kinetic movement. *crosses fingers*

  • Frank

    Kinetic, baby!!!!!!!!

  • Kelly King

    Seiko Solar, 1- because I own a few Automatics, 2- I think the Solar is Our way of the future. Although the Kinetic and/or Autos. have that incredible heartbeat. Thanks for the chance at One!!!

  • FcB

    I prefer kinetic. I love the craftsmanship that goes into the making of those types of movements.

  • Cliff

    I have a Seiko Kinetic. I wear it about once every two weeks. Nice to not have to wind it like my other watches. Hope I win this one.

    • Cliff

      Adding in a comment to say I that while I like the idea of solar, I prefer one powered by motion, as I wear my current Seiko infrequently and I like the idea of little gears powering my watch.

  • I Landau

    Hi, I would be very happy with the Seiko Solar watch powered by light.
    Thank you 🙂

  • Chun Chan

    I would love a seiko kinetic. Thanks.

  • I prefer the kinetic! Thanks for the chance!


    I would choose the Seiko Kinetic, this is a movement I don’t presently have in my collection.

  • Shappy

    I would prefer the Kinetic, that way the watch dies when I die…ooh, what a morbid idea, perfect for a Halloween giveaway!

  • Dan

    Great Looking watch… bet it looks better on! Loving the brand .. 🙂

  • Wombox

    I would like a solar seiko, please.

  • M. L. Arnold

    Hi. Hope I get lucky and get a Seiko Kinetic. Typing this with a Seiko on right – it’s been my day to day watch for quite a while now.

  • To me the integration of movement and quartz power is very interesting in that I hope this technology can be applied to far more than just timepieces. That and I already have an ecodrive!

  • AV

    Would love the Kinetic because I don’t wear one watch everyday, I alternate between a few automatics and they always hibernate and need to bet set. Kinetic would be awesome!

  • Tomas

    Seiko Kinetic is very good, but Seiko Solar is better, it is just without any issues and works like a charm.

  • Sminto Antony

    I would prefer Seiko Kinetic. Thanks! : )

  • Sminto Antony

    I would prefer Seiko Kinetic. Thanks

  • Ken Hershberger

    I’d prefer a Kinetic, as I don’t have one of these movements in my collection.

    I had already Friended you on FB, but “liked” both aBlog and Seiko Watches, so I did all three.

  • Nathaniel

    I would prefer the Kinetic. I’m not entirely sure how much sun my wrist actually gets.

  • Tiong Khoon Ng

    I would love to own my first Seiko. A Kinetic would be very nice!!!

  • Lee

    The Kinetic is my choice . . . Too much time inside for solar.

  • Jolly

    The kinetic version is more traditional, so that is my preference.

  • Josh

    I like the kinetic

  • Arthur P. Young

    Kinetic Please. Bought my first Seiko 33 years ago–many more since.


    I would prefer Seiko Kinetic. Thanks

  • Arthur P. Young

    Kinetic please.

  • Adam



    Seiko Kinetic would be great : )

  • Ben Smith

    Love the watch. Would love to own one.

  • Luis

    I’m a fan of Seiko watches. And the Kinetic is a very nice one!

  • Eduardo Picado

    I’d prefer the kimetic, it’s so cool!

  • DD

    I prefer the movement, solar is OK for digital watches only.

  • Anthony Bellamy

    Wow, the watch I have always wanted, the Seiko Kinetic Divers watch and now a chance to win one. The perfect watch for a diver. Here’s hoping.

  • Sathish

    My first watch was a Seiko Automatic – 1981 – simplistic design and still works. Would not part with it anytime soon. I would like a new Seiko – one with movement – to further reduce wear on my original.

  • John L

    I love Seiko watches, their lines are superbly done, esp. the Sportura line.

    I would prefer the solar because its more different than the usual kinetic which most brands have the majority of their watches use.

  • Aaron Johnson

    I have to say that between solar and kinetic my choice is solar…for now. Both are battery powered quartz movements so its just a question of how you want your battery charged. And to me it is easier to leave a watch sitting on a desk in the sunlight than keep it moving if im not always wearing it. Of course if it was up to me I would stick with mechanical!

    Either way I love Seikos (own the black monster) and their kinetic technology I’ve heard is pretty amazing so I’m sure if I won it I would be converted easily!

  • Saam Takaloo

    Kinetic all the way. Can’t have a watch without a movement.

  • Harald

    I would prefer a Seiko Solar watch powered by light over a Seiko Kinetic watch powered by movement.

  • I would prefer the Kinetic version. Good luck to all!

  • L.A. Frost

    I’ve already got the solar angle covered with my Eco-Drive Skyhawk, so I would go with the Kinetic.

  • Almerick So

    If I get picked, I would prefer a Seiko Kinetic watch powered by movement. Thanks, Seiko, for the giveaway!

  • I prefer the seiko kinetic. It would be a nice piece to have.

  • Derek

    Seiko kinetic would be a great watch to have!

  • Tomasz Macanko

    I owe a Seiko Kinetic for eight years already, and still love it. So that would be my choice.

  • Ryan

    I would love to say light but I’ve been watching all the doomsday stuff on the Science Channel as of lately. So in case the sun is blocked out (and I’m still alive) a kinetic movement would be better for me.

  • Troy

    Kinetic – I have a Seiko Titanium Kinetic and I love it. It’s always the first watch I reach for.

  • Nigel

    Planning to do a review of the current generation of Seiko watches.

    Spring Drive, Mechanical, Quartz and Kinetic.

    It would be wonderful if this could help put the final piece of the puzzle in place.

  • Jeff

    Nice watch. I love Seikos. I’d definitely take the Kinetic over solar.

  • Paul E

    I’m going Kinetic all the way for an analog dial watch. I like solar watches, too, but I prefer to keep solar in digital watches.

  • Tommy

    I’d prefer the kinetic. I have a citizen eco drive and although its great, I would like to try Seiko’s Kinetic line.

  • Mark Fenimore

    I would prefer the kinetic watch! What if it’s cloudy outside or you live in Alaska? 🙂

  • Gautam Tewari

    Seiko Kinetic all the way…

  • roachmotel

    I prefer the movement powered watch. Too many cloudy days and my watch is under sleeves most of the time.

  • Gautam Tewari

    Kinetic all the way….

  • Tyler D.

    Seiko Kinetic, please.

  • Vincent

    Beautiful watch. I like movement over light though a sunny wind might make a good watch winder.

  • Raynold S.

    Seiko Kinetic would be nice!

  • Muhammad Adeel Khalid

    This is very awesome watch.. i would Seiko Kinetic watch powered by movement. it is awesome. my father is also using seiko watch since 1970 and is an awesome experience.
    thanks for the free with offer . i would love to see seiko more successful as it has been a family Watch Brand of our family.. thanks seiko, thank you very much for giving me chance to win..

  • Andy

    Great Technology, including sapphire crystal, good price a nice unique design. I love Seiko for this kind of watches!

  • Constantin Friedman

    I love both the Kinetic and solar-powered movements, but since I have to pick one it would be the Kinetic!

  • KJ

    I have a Kinetic in a box that I spent $ on two years running for its device that holds a charge. It is a p.o.s. in my opinion, I’d go solar all the way

  • Devesh

    Seiko Kinetic Absolutely!

  • Jack

    Just found your earlier today blog looking up information on the HD3 Slyde and have been reading it ever since!
    I’d like a Seiko Kinetic if I win, always liked them.

  • Simon

    Both kinetic and solar are cool, but I think I’d prefer solar — that way it can stay charged up without wearing it or using a watch winder

  • Torben

    Kinetic as well for me!

  • What a great blog! Just stumbled upon this when searching for information on Seiko Ananta… Lovely watch but need to save up for one!
    Keep up the great work on this blog! And thank you for also writing up on “normal price” watches for those if us who work and have mortgages.

    I’ve always liked the Kinetic ever since a friend showed me. Beautiful, accurate movement. That would be my choice!

  • Christian Say

    I would prefer a Seiko Kinetic!

  • Nagendra

    I would love to have a kinetic with a movement…

  • I would prefer the solar powered watch.

  • Rok

    Solar powered one is really nice.

  • Charles Boulakia

    Kinetic for sure! Solar watches still have batteries (trickle charged with teh solar panels) – rechargable batteries still need to be replaced every once in a while. I believe the kinetic works with a capacitor instead – you never have to replace a capacitor!

  • Ali

    I am pretty sure that I will win the contest and in that case I will love to have a Kinetic Drive.


  • Mark

    Both look very nice, but I’d like to have one of those Seiko Solar powered watches. Those seem pretty sharp.

  • benjaminweiss

    Definitely movement. But I support both, why not, really

  • taylor883

    I Have a Seiko 007 dive watch and wear it daily so to me Kinetic drive has a more personalised interaction with the watch than battery powered. Thanks Adam and Seiko

  • RustyinRochester

    I am a Seiko fan, especially dive watches and this one looks like a real beauty.

  • pepecasas

    I am a Seiko great admirer, I own 4 different Seikos, from a Quarts Railiroad Aproved model, more that 20 years old and still working fine, to a last model Military Model automatic all in Black PVD, a fantastic wacht, Made in Japan model,

    I do preffer Solar powered watches, but I would be very happy to be given a free Velatura Diver Kinetic.

    Have a very Happy New Year,


  • Pilot747767

    I have always been a big fan of Seiko watches. Their diver watches are so reliable and stylish. I would prefer the kinetic movement over the solar powered but would be very pleased to own either. Thank you so much for an opportunity to win a Seiko Kinetic Diver watch!!

  • hemjha

    Haven’t won anything all my life. Hope I’m lucky this time. I’d prefer one powered by mechanical movement. So far a Seiko Quartz (day & date, 651666) is my companion since 1980’s.

  • surfturtle

    I don’t believe it is solar powered as usually solar means shiny unreadable hands and date – well done Seiko nice time piece.

  • taylor883

    @I would prefer a Seiko Kinetic watch powered by movement as I have recently purchased a Casio Ediface solar and the new Seiko Kinetic would be a great addition to my growing assortment of watches. I already have a Seiko Automatic Diver’s SKX007J1. which i am wearing daily and a Sportura would compliment this one.

    Thanx Ariel again for all of the great watches you give away.

  • AndreBraz

    This is a magnific watch, with high technology movement.

  • Bigjaczzu

    Beautiful watch! Love to add this to my cOllection!!

  • Jimym3

    I like the tried and true mechanical watch powered by movement

  • Pilot747767

    I like the kinetic powered watch the best. This Seiko is so nice and has such a classy look. Would love to win this watch. Thank you for the chance.

  • RickMeisenzahl : I want to own one!!!

  • RickMeisenzahl
  • taylor883

    Kinetic rules as does the 200m limit showing another great watch from Seiko matching my 007

  • Luckie

    I’d prefer a kinetic over a solar.

  • AndreBraz

    I want to wear it under Brazilian sun

  • drautodan

    I really like my Seiko Kinetic watch powered by movement now so I think I would like to try a Seiko Solar watch powered by light now (please).

  • a3_cbm_tyk

    I love my Seiko Kinetic Direct Drive

  • Dreadnought

    I would prefer the movement powered Seiko Kinetic–a “beer snob” friend of mine was comparing his Seiko Kinetic last week. Attractive and practical piece. Would enjoy adding it to my small watch collection, and wearing it in any circumstance — it looks like it can go into casual, business, and serious work environments.

  • dbakiva

    The Seiko Sportura is a handsome  piece. I was happy with the Kinetic I had some time ago, but given my ‘druthers, I’d opt for a Solar powered watch.

  • AndreasKimoulis

    I would prefer a Seiko Kinetic watch powered by movement

  • alpost1

    prefer the kinetic, but both very good ideas

  • mauritz45

    i have no experience with solar powered watches, and todays kinetic movement  are well made and would be my choice

  • jasonarnold

    I would persoanlly prefer a seiko solar watch powered by a light.  A very interesting innovation.
    Regards Jason

  • jmjones29

    Hi, definitely solar

  • tivo

    beeing a mechanical freak i would natuarally prefer the kinetc watch!

  • RalphSpencer

    I would like the light or motion version with a slight preference for the traditional motion Kenetic. My favoriter watch style is a diver and my most prized diver is a 60s vintage Rolex Submariner – Rose Tudor that you would think was made recently. I would be honored to add this to my collection.

  • martuki80

    I would personally prefer a Seiko Kinetic watch powered by movement.

  • Sergio Magos
  • Sergio Magos

    I would prefer the Kenetic feature on a watch. It is a technological marvel, which I would like to experience. My father has an aoutmatic Seiko that looks great!!! He has it for many years. I would like to keep the Seiko tradition in the family. Thank you for the opurtunity to win such a wonderful time piece. It has many attractive features and it is a very substantial looking watch, thanks again.

  • faizawang

    Not many watch manufacturers offer Kinetic ‘movement’ and a diver’s watch at that too. Of course I would be very honored, not to mention extremely lucky, to win (the Kinetic) one.

  • runner2climber

    I prefer the Kinetic movement over Solar.

  • mch2469

    Given the state of this weather and the fact I cant afford to keep the heating on…. and so need to keep running around the room to stay warm…
    I will opt for the Kinetic movement powered version !!

  • Shawnnny

    Nice watch! I’ll wear it with pride?

  • Shawnnny

    I prefer a Seiko solar watch!

  • leicaman

    Hoo boy, this is pretty.

  • kapitanshaun

    I prefer a Seiko watch with solar power.

  • RonMillmanCPA

    I have purchased three Seiko watches over the past twenty years.
    What better reference could you ask for?
    Ron Millman, CPA, 818-241-3286
    1321 Ethel St., Glendale, CA 91207

  • Livefyre

    I have purchased three Seiko watches over the past twenty years.
    What better reference could you ask for?
    Ron Millman, CPA, 818-241-3286
    1321 Ethel St., Glendale, CA 91207

  • glennhrrs

    seiko has always been my go to watch. i have other brands. always fall back to my seikos. would like a solar power watch.

  • Shawnnny

    I would refer a solar powered Seiko watch.

  • Livefyre

    I would refer a solar powered Seiko watch.

  • ZASKAR36

    I own quite a few Seikos. So as long as the name, Seiko is on there, It doesn’t matter if its Kinetic, Solar, or Automatic…I like it all 🙂

  • propergation

    Don’t own a Seiko, but would like to add one to my collection.

  • Livefyre

    Don’t own a Seiko, but would like to add one to my collection.

  • pepecasas

    I do belive Siko in one of the best made watches worldwide, that is in its price range and above.
    Jose Casas

  • pepecasas

    SEIKO, sorry for the eroor im spelling,…in my last comment.
    Jose Casas

  • Livefyre

    SEIKO, sorry for the eroor im spelling,…in my last comment.
    Jose Casas

  • RandyTorres

    I really like Seiko as a brand, yes they produce a lot of generic inexpensive quartz watches, nut hey also produce excellent affordable watches like their divers and at the higher end like their Ananta and Grand seiko brands they produce top, Swiss level quality at much better price points and their Spring drive collections are spectacular. I’ll take the movement Kinetic thank you very much.

  • datbi_201

    I have two Kinetic Auto Relay watch, one5J22, one 7D46. I wear them daily. The ratio performance/price of Seiko is the best in all watch brands. I love Seiko.

  • Anand.V

    I would prefer a Seiko Kinetic watch powered by movement over a Seiko Solar watch powered by light. The Seiko developed Kinetic technology being a hybrid of mechanical and quartz is a mind blowing engineering excellence and innovation in the field of watch making.

  • tonepeli

    Great looking watch.   Seiko is one of my favorite all time brands.  I own a set of both automatic and solar powered divers and pilots.  I would prefer the Kinetic movement simply because I do not have one in my collection.   Otherwise, technically I would prefer the solar powered version.  It is a simpler movement design.

  • rosskale2

    I am trying to start a watch collection.I have a solar powered and I would love this Seiko Kinetic Diver.Here in the midwest during the winter where we wear long sleeves I think the Kinetic would do much better,plus I like the movement.This Seiko Kinetic is beautiful!

  • Julian Moser

    never had a movement watch so i’d absolutely love to have one