Giveaway: YEMA Diving Chronograph Watch

Giveaway: YEMA Diving Chronograph Watch

Giveaway: YEMA Diving Chronograph Watch Giveaways

Yema USA offers one of these Diving Chronograph watches for you to win during the month of March (ends March 31st). The specific model is this black colored Ref. YMHF0202 that is 43mm wide in steel and water resistant to 300 meters. The rotating diver's bezel has a unique guard over it near the crown while the dial is rather clean and easy to read. Inside the watch is a Japanese quartz movement that features the time, alarm, chronograph, and date. I like the silver on the dial and the blue trim in the crown and pushers. Retail price for this YEMA Diving Chrono watch is $665. You can enter for a chance to win one by following the instructions below. Plus, as an added bonus, YEMA USA has extended a 25% discount on any YEMA watch to all readers who enter the discount code "ablogtoread25" at checkout.

To Enter You Must:

1. Comment on this post below with your valid e-mail address where required. In the body of your comment mention a situation when you'd use an alarm on a watch (preferably a humorous one).

2. Be a pal. If possible, Facebook friend/fan all or any of the following:

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3. Wait until the giveaway is over on March 31st, 2011 for the winner to be chosen at random.

A couple of basic rules. You can only enter once. You must comment with a valid e-mail address where you can be reached. Your comment must be confirmed and approved. You must complete the objectives to be considered. You are responsible for providing your contact shipping information if you are chosen. Shipping restrictions to non US entrants may apply based on sponsor's policies. Giveaway watch selection based on sponsor's inventory and watch availability. All comments made after the end of the giveaway period will not be considered. For the full terms and conditions, please click here.

Good luck, and thanks to YEMA USA the sponsor of this Diving Chronograph watch giveaway here at!

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  • If I could pick ANY high-end watch in the world I’d probably get an MB&F HM-something πŸ™‚

  • The Audemars Piguet would do me just fine.

  • Uldis

    I’d use an alarm to tell me I’m too long underwater and need to resurface.

  • Greubel Forsey, Urwerk, MB&F

  • Ben

    I used the alarm to tell me when my cookies were ready

  • Gabriel Balas-Baconschi

    I used the alarm in the school, to set the finish time for class. Some of the teachers didn’t “understand” how important is to have the break between the hours. πŸ™‚ Some of them used to keep us in the class even in the break. The alarm helped me in some of these situation πŸ™‚ I keep remember the iritate figures of those teachers.

  • Hublot Big Bang, in black ceramic.

  • Jakob Groendahl

    I use my Jaeger LeCoultre Master Compressor Extreme W-Alarm when I have sex. Set it for 2 minutes later…….. And then…….. Well go figure…..

  • Maximiliano Laprovitera

    I’d be beyond happy with a Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Tribute… but I really like these divers from Yema.

  • Philippe

    I’d really like to be able to afford a Patek Philippe. How can one be considered a serious watch collector without having one?

  • Bernard Siao

    Hey since we’re all shopping, I’ll take an IWC Portofino

  • sportscenterisnext

    Hi ends watches are nice to look at, not sure they are for me. I would be extremely concerned about damginging them in some form it would take away from the joy of wearing it. If I had to select a hi end timepiece a Blancpain Tourbillon or anything by Kari Voutilainen would be my choice.

    I would be very content with a Maurice Lacroix Masterpiece Phase de Lune or a Zenith Elite class Moonphase Grande Date.

  • Perry Spice

    I have used an old swatch diver as an alarm, as I am getting a little older I like to have a nana nap after lunch, in my dreams I return to the Nautilus anchored at Vulcania and become that steampunk hero Captain Nemo, rudley awakend by the alarm I return to my cabin on the old bulk carrier I work on. I think I could really dream if I had that Yema on my wrist

  • Jéjé

    I use an alarm on my watch to wake up when I’m on holidays…
    So I can go to the beach and sleep more. Go figure πŸ™‚

  • Patrick

    What a nice give-a-way, lately, I got my eye on a Rolex Oyster with a date.

  • Robert

    I would use the alarm the time the point, when it is advisable to back out of conversation.

  • David Lopez

    Four Words: Hublot Big Bang All Black

  • Ovidiu Hretcanu

    I share the birthday with Picasso, so I’ll give you one one his toughs on the matter: β€œWork is a necessity for man. Man invented the alarm clock.”

  • Ivan

    Sometimes I use the alarm for waking up my bulldog, he hates the sound of it .

  • Axel

    I would put on the alarm, to go to the post office as early as possible, to collect the watch i just won at πŸ™‚

  • Calvin

    I use a watch alarm to piss off my demented landlord who does not know where’s the sounds come from.

  • Rob Kriegel

    I had a watch alarm wake me up in the middle of class once. It was one of those old Casio digital watches from way back in the ’80’s. My teacher was not amused. The rest of the class was!

  • Mike Matthews

    I use my watch’s alarm daily so I don’t forget my coffee as I walk out the door. It goes off and I grab my mug. Works like a charm…..

  • Albin Hultman

    Just the same way I use my Seikos bezel for timeing when boiling eggs, since I do not dive, the alarm would still be in good use.

  • Jeff S

    I’d set the alarm for any time my in-laws were supposed to be in town…..just to remind myself to be “busy” during that time.

  • Ariel Potischman

    I would use a countdown alarm to alert me when I beat my best time whilst in the throws of passion.

  • Jeff

    I would love a classic Rado, Montblanc or Rolex

  • Benoit D

    High-end watch? Blancpain Fifty Fathoms for the weekend, and, yes, don’t laugh, Channel J12 for the office. Now, these lack an alarm…

    I use an alarm to tell me when to put soap in my dishwasher… The dispenser mechanism is broken.

  • Zarik

    I use the alarm on my GSHOCK to remind me to quit spacing around and hit the books again. As you might imagine I really need all three of the alarms on a Casio, especially the one with snooze function!

  • Bart Thans

    I would set the alarm on my watch to be alarmed when it’s time to wind my other watches πŸ˜‰

  • I would use the alarm to wake me up at my desk folloing my post-lunch nap.

  • Calin

    I use the alarm in weekends so i don’t miss out my free time:D

  • Nick

    I have a friend who used to use the alarm on his watch to remind his GF to take her birth control pills. He tried to hide the purpose, but then one day someone says “that’s a birth control alarm, isn’t it?”

  • Dana Russell

    I would use the alarm to interupt boring business meetings in a very impressive way.

    Thanks Ariel.

  • Mariano Sanchez

    I use alarm watches when need to measure how much time takes to the people in mcdonals to prepare my food, and if they take to much time I speak with the manager.

  • Leslie George

    Blancpain Mens Leman FLYBACK would be just great!

  • kris c

    Sometimes I spend too much time here at the office, and drive home tired. It would be nice to have an alarm that wakes me up when I get home, in case I nod off at the wheel and drive asleep.

  • Gaurav R

    If I were *hypothetically* cheating on a friend with his girlfriend I’d sure as hell need an alarm on my watch to tell me when he might be expected back….

    This is all hypothetical of course πŸ˜›

  • Matthew

    I would love to own a Urwerk, or MB&F.

  • amiel ong

    hi i use alarm for reminding me of the time if its 3pm everyday. Thanks hope i win

  • Forrest Haney

    The alarm would tell me what I already know, I’m late , I’m late, I’m always late.
    Thanks for contest.

  • Bill Anagnos

    I have used my alarm on my Casio’s to wake me up from a good nights sleep.
    Best rgds Bill in iL

  • Roberto L. Lopez-Molina

    I’ve always wanted an all black watch

  • dave

    breitling navitimer

  • Can’t wait to get my hands on a watch that is ready for 300meters under water action.

  • Jakob

    I used to use my Seiko world timer alarm clock when boiling pasta. But the I got a new kitchen stove with an egg timer built into the front panel… :-J

  • Steven Ogle

    I’d love a JLC Polaris, no alarm there.
    I’d use the alarm to remind my wife that she said she wouldn’t make us late this time…just like last time. Would it work?

  • Chris

    I’d use the alarm to remind me to read this interesting, high-quality blog!

  • Jason T.

    If I had the cash I’d like to get a Patek Philippe Gondolo.

  • Wilson

    I’d use wristwatch alarms a lot, but I’ve never figured out how to use them (same for chronograph functions, etc.)

  • Ted

    Alarm, alarm, we don’t need no stinkin’ alarms!

  • Ben M.

    I’d use the alarm to wake me up in the morning when the alarm on my phone fails… again.

  • Nate A.

    I think I’ll take an A. Lange & Sohne Pour le Merite

  • Thierry

    My dream watch is a Breitling, Navitimer World. The blue one is really cool.
    I’ve already set my watch alarm to simulate a phone call during a boring company meeting and get an excuse to leave the room for 5 minutes. As I always have strange ring tones on my cell, and people know it very well, everybody laugh stating that my phone was now ringing as a watch! I just said with a smile “True. I’ve to change it again!”.

  • matt

    I’d set the alarm to wake me up in the morning. I use my iPhone for this, but it fails to wake me up at least one day a week.

  • I’m in for this giveaway. Thanks. Oh, and the alarm? It’ll be useful in helping me make smooth transitions between my job as a newspaper editor and my avocation of being a performing singer/songwriter.


    Jim Six

  • Richard

    I’d probably use a watch alarm to make sure I don’t miss my stop on the bus.

  • I’d use the alarm on a watch to remind me that I really need to get back to work instead of spending so much time reading watch reviews on and updating my facebook. I think it is very important that I win this watch so I can remain employed!

    And since everyone is shopping for their holy grail watch, mine is a Breitling Navitimer Cosmonaute with the Anthracite dial. I think it would help me feel weightless!

  • Bob Sebastian

    Between the alarm and the sun glinting off the crystal creating “light faeries”… I can really drive my OCD English Bulldog crazy!

  • weatherman

    Nice looking watches – simple, clean designs. If I were buying one with my own money I’d probably go for the non-chrono with auto movement, but that’s just personal preference.

  • Hanns

    I would use the alarm to know when I have been in the bathroom too long, before people start yelling at me to get out.

  • Andre

    Seriously. I simply tiered of not waking up on time even with my alarm clock (I’ts not loud enough) I’m sure if I win this, my boss will send you a gift or something πŸ™‚

  • omer

    to masure the time it takes me to realize that i forgot my keys in the door in the morning.

  • I use the watch alarm usually to wake me up in the morning or for a short nap in the afternoon. Which sometimes I forget to turn it off so it alarms unexpectedly even though I’m not asleep.

    This is a great watch. Never had a blacked out watch before. Hope I win this!

  • To remind myself to go stop playing Evil Genius before dinnertime.

  • Isaac M

    This is a great looking watch. The best part of an alarm is hitting snooze when it goes off.

  • Johan Vargas

    i would use the alarm to countdown until March 31st 2011!

  • Richard

    I would go for the Urwerk UR-103T, or anything Urwerk these days. Just the height of innovation, beautiful. Thanks for the contest.

  • Andreas

    I would use it to remind the pastor to end the sermon cause it’s lunch time!

  • Benjamin Atkinson

    With a new baby on the way, I’d use the alarm to rouse myself and finish my morning coffee.

  • Brett Blaauw

    I often use my alarm to remind myself to stop reading blogs and get off the john πŸ˜‰

  • P.Lecuyer

    I need the alarm to let me know the wife is on hr way home from work. Time to get the girlfriends out of the house.

  • In the morning I would set the alarm for the late afternoon, in order to be reminded to set the alarm for the next morning.. and so on

    so I’m setting alarms only to be reminded to set another alarm

  • In the morning I would set the alarm for the late afternoon, in order to be reminded to set the alarm for the next morning.. and so on

    so I’m setting alarms only to be reminded to set another alarm.. and so on πŸ˜‰

  • Mike

    I’d use a watch alarm to tell me when the steaks on the BBQ are ready to eat!!

  • Christopher Kandrat

    I’d program the alarm to come on when its time for dinner. And make the watch do it too

  • Ryan

    I’d use my watch to be my third backup alarm for the morning…. I hate mornings.

  • James P. MacNeil

    The blue detailing really sets it off, I like its simple qualities.

  • Matthew Hofbauer

    I’d set my alarm to go off during a boring meeting. The anticipation of it going on unexpectedly keeps me alert.

  • Jane

    I’d use the alarm to let me know when I’ve been “staring at the cracks in the ceiling” for too long πŸ˜‰


    If in a restaurant I saw an obnoxious cell phoner, I would set the alarm for immediate
    sound, & walk over to the schmuck telling him/her your call is over.

  • Jose Bueiz

    I would love to own a Romain Jerome…-_-

  • I would use the alarm to wake me up at my home.

  • Chas NY

    I would set a daily alarm for about 8am. That is the time I usually walk my dogs. The alarm would not be to wake me up, or to remind me the dogs need to be walk, they do that on their own. The alarm would be to remind me to look down and make sure my fly is correctly zipped because since I hit age 47 last summer, it seems that’s the one thing I can no longer remember to do before walking out of the house.. This is not a joke, sadly it’s true, but if this is the worst thing I have to deal with as I age, I’ll gladly take it.. πŸ™‚

  • Steve

    I’d use an alarm to know when I’d miss my bus.

  • iHarley

    I would use an alarm to do the opposite of what the most common use of an alarm is, to tell me when to go to sleep.

  • lucas newby

    I typically use the alarm in class just to disrupt the ever boring lecture.

  • NJL

    I’d use an alarm just to seem important and to get out of a boring conversation!

  • Everyday in morning my alarm run from 5:15 to 7:00 to get up to office and run…

    and i keep on sleeping…thats the situation i used alarm.

  • Douglas

    I would use the alarm in the watch to remind me to surface before I sink to the ocean floor.

  • Chuck

    I’d set the alarm to go off when my wife was sleep to remind me of the only time that I’m right.

  • Larry D.

    I really like the looks of this watch….I like the all black look with the white accents!!! I’d use the alarm to remind me when it’s time to go pick up my wife from work….as I get home before she does and I am always late picking her up. Why…because I am reading or responding to threads on all the Watch Forums I belong to!!!!

  • Phillip Neyman

    I hate to admit it but I use my watch alarm (when Im wearing a watch with an alarm) for cooking primarily. I just dont find myself underwater, running out of oxygen all that often… cheers, and good luck to all!!

  • Jerry

    I would set my alarm so the person i was with would be like “what time is it?” and then i would reply in a Schwarzenegger voice “ITS TURBO TIME!”

  • Tommy Higdon

    Okay, so you updated the comment requirements, so since I am confused I will try to do both…. I would use a diver timer to remind me to check eBay for updated listings on one of my favorite high end grail watches, the 1971 Rolex Ref. 1655 Oyster Perpetual Date, Explorer II “Steve McQueen” Wristwatch.

  • Eric W.

    I would use the alarm to let me know when my pasta is done boiling!

  • Jason M

    The only way I would set the alarm on a watch is if it some how caused the spontaneous appearance of a sandwich every time it went off.

  • Alireza

    I would set the alarm on my watch to set off in the middle of a boring meeting to get out and take “medication”

  • Rajesh

    I would use alarm to remind me to call my girl friend. don’t wanna get in to trouble…

  • Ramon

    Limas pharo calendar / black. niceeeeee!!

  • Simeon Weinraub

    I need a dive watch. But, if I could afford any watch, why not an HD3 Complication Three Minds. It is hard to read, but has an undeniable Steam Punk appeal.

  • Joshua Jones

    I would need this while offshore. Safety meeting every morning’s are important. I tend to miss alot due to my iphone alarm being stupid! Thanks for the chance!!

  • Tom Federico

    I work at a McDonald’s and there’s this guy who comes in and times his order. So I set my alarm for an additional minute every time he walks in to make sure it takes longer then the last time.


  • Fahd Khan

    Hi i win this watch i will start using this alarm when i am browsing tech. forums online coz i lose track of time.

  • Fahd YK

    If i win ( which happens like neverrrrrrr) i will use the alarm to remind myself that i have to sell it on ebay so i can pay some bills.

  • Diego Ruiz

    I’d use an alarm to tell me when the giveaway is over and check if I won the watch.

  • Josef

    I use my alarm on my two-bit watch everyday to remind me to pick up my kid. How’s that for parenting?

  • Vadim Zamfir

    Can’t say I remember ever efficiently using a watch alarm, for that I usually resort to my phone, however I do remember toying around with a new Seiko alarm chronograph I got when I was in 9th grade, trying to set a second time zone but accidentally setting off the alarm during an introduction class, which was pretty awkward.

  • Jeff

    I’d use an alarm to make my coworkers think I have something I need to go and do, so that they’ll leave me along (my coworkers love to complain about things they can’t control).

  • Joe O.

    I use the alarm on my watch to remember that I need to stop working and start partying. It is usually around 3:30pm on most days.

  • JEF

    I’d use the alarm to remind me of when it’s BEER :30!

  • Mantas

    I use my Casio g-shock alarm then I want to know, then I have to wake up.

  • doug liberman

    I always like having an alarm to remind to set my alarm

  • matt

    I would use the alarm function for “time out” sessions, for one of our four kids. There is a real possibility of needing more than one timer at the same time. so just throw in a Memovox, too. thanks.

  • John

    Are we talking about which watch we’d want if money was no object? Or how we’d use an alarm? In either case, a Maitres du Temps Chapter One in rose gold. And I’d use my alarm to remind me to periodically stop reading watch blogs and get the hell back to work / pay attention to what my wife is saying / sleep.

  • Fabrizio

    I use alarm watch to wake me up during work travel.

  • Eric

    The JLC Reverso Gyrotourbillon has always been on the wishlist!

  • any Patek Phillipe

  • Steve Hong

    I wish I could afford a Porsche Design high end watch. As for a watch’s alarm, I would primarily use it to alert me it’s time to flip steaks or burgers when grilling out on “dah barbie”, or as a backup travel alarm in case the hotel front desk fails to provide a timely wakeup call….!! πŸ™‚ BTW, the Yema Chronograph is one cool looking watch!

  • Nat

    A watch alarm is what keeps laundry from spending a night in the dryer.

  • Concord C1 QuantumGravity Tourbillon without a doubt!!!!!

  • Joshua

    I’d use the alarm to remind me when to check this blog again. How many alarms can one set a day?

  • I love my Rado watch, I do scuba dive and have used my alarm for 10 minutes intervals.

  • StanF

    I’d use an alarm to remind we to wind my watches.

  • Nigel

    I’m a simple guy so a Richard Mille RM 025 Tourbillon Chronograph Diver would suit just fine.

  • Chase

    I’d love to have a watch, and one that has an alarm would be even better! I’d never be late if I had such deluxe augmentation!

  • Nice watch! like the black, blue and silver. I would use the alarm either while cooking an egg or for one of my workshops with clients where short time spans are needed to cook up ideas!

  • Don Kohn

    I fell asleep at the gate while waiting for a plane at LAX. Had to wait 2 hours to catch the next flight. I now set my watch alarm so I don’t sleep through the boarding procedure again.

  • Sean Lorman

    I would use my alarm on my watch to signal when “The Price Is Right” is on (10:00 am mountain time) everyday. Because that show ROCKS!!!!!!

  • Joel S

    I’d set the alarm on the watch to go off every hour just to make people notice my new watch.

  • Ethan S

    I’d set it for 3 o’clock and when it goes off I’d jump up and say: “Uh oh, fifteen minutes to Judge Wapner!”

  • KP

    i’d use the alarm to remind me of when the parking meter is up

  • I’d set the alarm for 60 minutes, when I go into 15 minute meetings. Sometimes stuff happens. πŸ™‚ I have used my Seiko Bellmatic for such reminders.

  • Mick

    The duct tape on the alarm clock I have taped to my wrist is starting to get irritating, so I could use this alarm instead of that one

  • Corey Fong

    I use my alarm on my watches all the time to remind me that is time to buy a new watch. Unfortunately what that means is I’m always having to replace the batteries on my watches πŸ™‚

  • Andrew

    I’d use an alarm on a watch to remind me to set my alarm clock.

  • Chris

    Lange Zeitwerk “Luminous” !!

  • Will

    I’d use an alarm on my watch to remind me to remove my wallet from my jeans before I put them in the wash…!

  • S

    I would use my alarm to remind me when the cleaning lady in our office building is about to hit our bathroom down the hallway. Because there is nothing worse than franticly walking to the bathroom and turning the corner, only to see the “bathroom cleaning in progress” sign on that door. Then you are left with 2 options. Run for dear life down 2 flights of stairs and pray you make it or wait it out like a man and see just how strong your bladder is… I always run.

  • Phil Lee

    I would use the alarm on my watch when I want to get out of a boring meeting.

  • Ferdinand Angeles

    To warn me that my boss is due to arrive in 5 minutes which means logging off my Facebook account

  • Jason Garozzo

    Love to pick up a Breitling Skyracer. I love the totalizer.

  • I will use the alarm on this watch to set the time before the traffic wardens will notice how long my car’s been parked so I can get there *just* before they do.

  • Aleksey

    to wake up on the plane before it lands

  • Omid

    If I’m going to be late for work, and a girl wants to get busy beforehand, I’d set the alarm, and hope it saves my skin.

  • Gary Granger

    I would use the alarm so I can get up early enough to call in sick and go watch shopping!!

  • David hunt

    If I won this watch, with it’s alarm feature, I would consider giving it to my daughter’s school bus driver. That way she could use the alarm to alert herself that she is too early for pickup, and stop screwing up all the parents already trained for a later time. Seriously!

  • Todd


    Set the alarm every morning to go off 10 minutes before my wife’s, as an excuse for morning sex.

    Thank you for this opportunity.

  • Richard P

    I’d use an alarm on my watch when I go and take a sleeping break in a vacant boardroom on my lunch hour.

  • Nathan

    I need a alarm to remind me when to leave to get to an appointment… otherwise I always come unimaginably late!

  • sean pardo

    I use the alarm on my Seiko “Arnie” quite frequently. Usually it for some arbitrary task, such as reminding me to check something on the stove or grill.

  • D Munny

    I would use my alarm remind be to feed the fish!

  • Jeremy West

    Maybe a watch alarm that goes off every time I have an impure thought? And, if this watch were super expensive AND super ugly, it would be a terrible, terrible investment…but I’d probably buy it anyway, since, you know…it’s a watch.

  • kevster

    I would set the alarm to remind me when I needed to come up to avoid the bends. Or does nobody use these for that?

  • Fred I

    Set it during a potentially painful blind date, tell her it becasue you have to take some medication, excuse yourself to the bathroom and then bounce. . . BOOM

    Ok im not that much of an a$s. . .

  • Tom

    I would buy the new Royal Oak Offshore Tourbillon.

  • roy lee

    I would like to win this whatch

  • Fair warning, this comment is NSFW:

    I would use this watch’s alarm while having sex, to time a minimum of time I should be on top, have her switch over, and finish that way. πŸ™‚

  • Gerasios

    I would set the alarm when I am in a meeting with my boss who thinks watches are obsolete. Just to piss him off. He may be my boss but I didn’t say he was the smartest of bosses.

  • Rychastings

    I use my alarms to wake up and to time myself for time management while I do my homework. My favorite Alarm watch would be a JLC Polaris

  • I love it! It’s Black!

  • Is it as luminous as my Seiko Monster?

  • Sam Deutch

    I use my alarm to remind me when I need to come up for air… I forgot once and woke up washed ashore on a strange beach…

  • Charity Barnum

    I’d use my watch alarm to remind me when to change my Depends πŸ™‚

  • Victor M

    I last used an alarm wristwatch back in the glory days of the Roaring 20’s when I timed how long I would Charleston with my best dame. It was also great at setting limits for taking turns counting 1918 pennies, as was the fashion at the time. There’s an interesting story about those pennies, including the time I used them to put patterns in toast.

    Toast and sauerkraut, but without the kraut, or liberty cabbage as we thought of it, … Alarm? what? What alarm, you hipster hippie, … what is the fascination with hips?

  • Malfoy Roark

    I used an alarm to wake me up in time to scream at the plane flying over in hopes of getting me off the island.

  • I love that Urwerk UR-110 Torpedo that was reviewed a week or two ago. I’d need a larger wrist to sport it though πŸ˜›

  • Bill Jones

    I guess I use an alarm on a watch when it’s available, but I never really look for it on watches that don’t have it? If one of my nicer watches had an alarm, I’d set it to remember to go home at the end of the day. Just kidding – no alarm needed for that!

  • Neil

    Ever since childhood I’ve had a fear of being late, primarily because it’s terribly impolite but also because I’m always afraid I’ll miss something. An alarm watch would help keep down the anxiety!

  • Steve Jacobs

    I use an alarm watch to remind me to check patients getting treatments in my medical office.

  • Zack

    i would use the alarm after a long night of partying if I end up at some lucky ladies place.

  • Dave V

    Watch alarm? Only to to remind me to take my AIDS medication.

  • I would set an alarm for 11:59pm March 31st, 2011 – to check whether I won the Yema Diving Chrono in this giveaway πŸ™‚

  • Nvn

    I would set it at 3:27 PM each day to remind me that I would rather be diving right about now.

  • Dave Hamilton

    I could use the alarm on my watch to remind me each night to set my iPhone alarm for te morning. πŸ™‚

  • Jay S.

    I’d keep it programmed to be set at the push of a button. Perhaps an alarm/countdown timer that I’d use it for those awkward conversations with old acquaintances from high school or ex-girlfriends. I’ll start the timer as we first starting conversing, then if the convo goes nowhere or is quite dull, I’ll tell them the alarm ringing is to remind me to feed my fish. “I’m sorry, Diana, I’m miles from home & gotta feed Jesse. πŸ™ Good seein’ ya,” & run off like an idiot..

  • Rob

    I would use the alarm to remind the sizzling hot red head beside me that it’s time to get it on with some wild and crazy bedroom action….but sadly the alarm would actually wake me up from the dream.

  • Basil Maudave

    I would use an alarm to tell me when I’m spending too much time on this blog.

  • Isaac DT

    I use my alarm to wake up early, but sometimes it doesnt work at all.

  • Ákos E.

    I use my alarm after I drank too much at night. I keep my watch in the livingroom, so I have to wake up to turn it off. And of course, I trust my watch more than my phone..

  • I would use the alarm clock on the watch to remind me to set a “real” alarm on a “real” clock which can actually wake me up the next morning πŸ™‚

  • ZoretMan

    i used to use an alarm to watch dragon ball in tv, many years ago…

  • OmegaAus

    I’d use the alarm feature to set my wife a time limit on her hair and beauty routine when going out. She usually takes 6hr’s but i’d set set the alarm for 4 so we could arrive for dinner before midnight πŸ™‚


    I would use an alarm on my watch to put a time limit on the amount of time I spend in my man cave!

  • Pedro Quaresma

    To interrupt a really long meeting! πŸ˜‰

  • Dale taylor

    I would use the alarm to wake me each morning at 4am to go and drive the buses here in Brisbane Australia

  • Nenad

    Four Words: Hublot Big Bang All Black

  • Nenad

    I would like to win this whatch

  • i’d use an alarm to time my lunch in the microwave so my co-workers won’t steal it!

  • Johan

    I recently was lucky enough to be wearing my Citizen with alarm when having a ten hour layover at Bangkok airport – from late evening to early morning. I tried to stay up, but the last two hours were tough and I set the alarm in case I fell asleep.
    As much as I tried to stay up I was lucky enough to have set the alarm, because as I rested my head with the watch very close to my ear I was soon awoken by the sounding alarm and made the flight.
    If I had missed that flight it would have been a very very long journey to my final destination!

  • Jim Gormley

    A few years back, I was in a very strict Army school- We were standing in formation and the alarm to my Casio Gshock began to go off. Seeing as how were were standing at attention, I didn’t want to move to turn the alarm off. Instantly I felt one of the Instructors breath on the back of my neck, and quietly asking me why my alarm was going off in formation. Fortunately, the alarm quits beeping after about 10 seconds. I spent the next 1/2 hour doing pushups and bear crawls, for not having the sense to make sure my alarm wasn’t set to go at inappropriate times. I enjoy the sleek styling of the Yema Diving Chrono. I think the black would work perfectly with my ACU’s, as long as I didn’t set the alarm to go off while I was standing in formation.

  • Matt

    Humorous? Any time I use a watch alarm make sure I wake up. Always ends up under a pillow. Instead, I set them for some afternoon hour so that if I misplace it, on the weekend it tells me where it is.

  • Ryan F.

    I set the alarm on my watch when I stay at my parent’s house, but it’s not needed because my parents wake early and are very loud people!

  • Rocky

    I would use the alarm to remind my girlfriend to take her birth control pills.

  • Michael

    I’d use the alarm to remind me to wind it…wait….

  • Frank B

    I would use the alarm function on my watch to wake me when my office hours are over. As it is rare that students ever venture by my office during office hours, it would probably be a great opportunity to get some rest. So, yeah set an alarm for the end of my office hours so I can go home.

  • Sharon

    I would use the alarm to wake me up at the end of class in one of my interminable classes with an oh-so-boring pedantic professor.

    I’m following both on facebook.

  • Andrew

    I really should start setting an alarm to signal I need to get off … 15 minutes turns into 45 pretty quick!

  • Dean

    Alarm would be nice to keep me awake at work. For some reason people not really into buying cars these days.

  • I like the watch, very rugged. I use my alarm to mainly boil my eggs just right so that the yolk is deliciously runny. Precisely 4 minutes of boiling gets me the best tasting boiled-egg! Nice watch!

  • Geoffrey Lai

    I would use the alarm on the watch to remind myself to change the watch on my other wrist

  • Aranea

    When I got my first alarm watch when I was kid I would set it up to wake up in the morning. Likely my mom was there to make me up so I wasn’t late for school.

  • Love the look of this month’s watch. I like alarms on watches to help remind me of meetings I have – usually set em about 2 hours in advance – not humorous….but true!

  • Matt

    Damn…if I won this watch I’d use the alarm all the time just to lift up my wrist in front of people and turn the alarm off and let them gander at this amazing watch. Especially in front of my boss πŸ™‚

  • mercuryinhell

    I would love a mb&f thunderbird.

  • Stay Gold

    I would use the alarm to remind me to watch 2 n’ a half men on Mondays! (:

  • Tripp

    Use the alarm to remind me when the Bachelor was over on ABC, making it safe to turn on the tv even though my wife is awake.

  • i would use it to remind me when my gf has completed one of her non-sensical rants and its time for me to chime in robotically “uh huh…of course…definitely.”


  • Ira Dee

    I’d use an alarm to tell me I’m running to slow, and I need to speed up!

  • Keith

    I would use an alarm to get out of a boring conversation with my office-mate.


    nICE…very nice indeed…i love the crown….
    really….wonder whether i can get it in my country…

    very very intresting

  • Andri

    Only when I need to save mobile phone’s battery.

  • Jeff

    I would use an alarm on my watch to wake myself from the monotinousmeetings that I find myself in on a daily basis.

  • Filip

    ok, im gonna use my alarm watch to inform me when my just won yema diving chrono will arrive to me. But for now i dont have it, so i need do a time travel to get one from my future me. And now i must know, when to get this watch safely and not to meet myself. to this i need my yema diving chrono. But for now i dont have it, so i need do a time travel to get one from my future future me. And now i must know, when to get this watch safely… classical time loop

  • Ken Cusse

    an alarm is always an invaluable tool, especially when travelling to awake you for that all important business meeting, the reason d’etre.

  • Jay

    I would use it to be on time for work and to wake up on time

  • Steve P

    I would use an alarm feature to make sure I leave the bar 5 minutes before last call. That way I’m out the door before the “ugly lights” come on and I found out the girl I’ve been chatting up is missing a few teeth!

  • Jack

    I needed an alarm when my alarm on my clock never went off and I missed my final for biology and failed the class. Turns out my phone alarm went off for an hour straight but I slept through it because I spent the whole night studying!

  • I used my watch alarm to wake up for morning dives during a recent trip. So, what’s so unique about that? I recently started a shark-diving project for cancer survivors. When the day involves sharing a life-changing experience with someone, there’s definitely no time to sleep in!

  • Eric M.

    I’ve actually used a watch alarm to remind me I’d probably had enough to drink at the bar and still be sober enough to call a cab to take me home – lol.

  • Date rescuer

    I would set the alarm when going on a first date and if the date was a bad one when the alarm went off i’d say it was connected to my mom’s heart pace and let’s me know she had a heart attack so i’d run out of the crap date and go “save my mom who is in the middle of a stroke”!!! Evil and dark but perfect way out!!!!

  • Matt W.

    You always need to set the alarm so you know when to kick girlfriend #1 out so she doesn’t cross paths with girlfriend #2.

  • Tyrone

    I used the alarm to ensure I don’t miss my stop on the train, nothing beats a 30min powernap before work.

  • Matt

    The last time I used a watch alarm was probably on an old Casio or Timex to let me know when my GF’s parents were due back home so we would not get caught in a compromising situation. Have to maintain the illusions for the folks. Of course, that was ages ago. We have cell phones for that now.

  • DB

    I’d use the alarm to tell me that I had lost track of time while reading on the toilet. Perhaps a half hour or so….

  • My new fav has to be the Franck Muller Conquistador Grand Prix Tourbillon

  • Derek

    I’d use the alarm to remind me to check for new posts on this site. Nice looking watch.

  • David

    I’d use an alarm on my watch to tell my wife when it’s finally time for her to get out of the shower…

  • Jeff

    I would use the alarm to wake me up after from work so I dont forget to eat lunch

  • I’ll use the alarm to let me know when it’s time to set my phone alarm, which in turn will let me know when it’s time to set my night table’s clock alarm. This last alarm will let me know when it’s time to set my watch’s alarm.

    As you can see, it is an extremely delicate situation.

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  • David Gunn


  • Michelle Giorgi

    Me: Hey cool watch.
    Cool watch: Um, hey, what’s up.
    Me: Nothing. You wanna come hang out with me? I think it would be cool if I had an alarm go off so people around me would think I’m totally awesome and have like real important stuff going on.
    Cool watch: Yeah, that sounds cool… I mean, they’re only going to think you’re totally awesome ’cause your hanging out with me… =)

  • Chelsea

    i would set an alarm to go off in the middle of a meeting, date or family function that i’d want out of…. as soon as it went off, i would say “oh no! i’m needed elsewhere, it’s an emergency.” and rush out of the engagement.

  • adrienne z

    I need this to wake my youngest one up from his deep sleep (TEENAGERS!!).
    He would be up and attem if he could wake up to this great watch every morning!
    I need him to get up by himself while I’m driving the older one to His School.
    My routine is down to the split second and if traffic gets in my way, my youngest
    is late. He would walk to school with this watch just to show it off!
    would make a great graduation present!
    chichijunk at cs dot com
    Liking on Facebook!

  • Hi, I befriended you on Facebook an Liked on Facebook. I hate to admit it but I will set my alarm when I need a excuse to leave somewhere, and act like I forgot I had to do something.

  • Matt Hinkley

    I think I’d use the watch to time our clients…”well, my alarm is going off…guess I’m done taking pictures.” client, “wait, but we are in the middle of our first dance.” Me, “well, my watch never lies, it’s time to go. ” πŸ™‚

    Nah, I could never do that, but it would look good wearing it to weddings.

  • Gloria S

    I would use the watch to wake me up from my nap before my husband gets home from work!

  • Gloria S

    I like on Facebook

  • Derek

    I love watches. I love them so much, I talk to my coworkers and girlfriend about watches all the time. They don’t understand the beauty, complexity, intrigue of such a small device’s ability to describe the time. I would wear this YEMA Diving Chronograph at work. I would set the alarm for 4 minutes in from when I begin a conversation or debate on watches. Just as my coworkers start to yawn and fall asleep, it will chime, once again regaining their attention to the most important and serious subject of beautifully displayed time!

  • Even if money did grow on trees, I would need an alarm to remind me to water them.

  • Peter Levy

    I’d use the alarm to get out of a boring meeting.

  • Margaret

    Parking meters? You know those things that don’t allow you enough time so you have to remember to feed the meter? Remind me, Yema.

  • Nenad

    I’ve always wanted an all black watch

  • kunisman

    i´d use an alarm for reminding me of aswering this question

  • I could use an alarm on a watch to remind myself each day how lucky I am to be able to hear an alarm, feel a watch on my wrist, see the time, register the moment, and be neurologically intact enough to appreciate how intricate and perishable all these abilities are…

  • Sharon

    I like the idea of a diver’s watch with an alarm you don’t hear underwater.

  • scott

    I set my alarm 1/2 an hour before I go home from work to get me excited.

  • Donna C

    could really use this!

  • SankalpDesai

    I wear alarm watches as I like the complexity with which they function. And the added benefit is that they are more effective in waking you up every morning for work. I love to work. πŸ™‚ Yema is my favorite.

  • Jeppe

    Beautiful watch!

  • Anna Howell

    I’d use an alarm on a watch when I take a cat nap at work.

  • Xander

    I would use the alarm to remind me to call my mother…

  • scott meineke

    When I was told my wifes due date I thought how can I remember? As a new Dad all the things you see on TV about nervous soon to be Dads was true about me. I set the alarm during the month of my wifes due month with date and a time. I set it for her birth time. 3:47AM….well I forgot about it but was wearing the watch at the hospital during labor, 12 hours…my poor wife…she needed some encouragement and after a few minutes the alarm went off…no kidding…she laughed so hard withing 15 minutes the birth of our son. Thanks for the long story…

  • mike

    I would use the watches alarm to keep track of my running times.

  • marco

    I use the alarm to remind me of time left on the parking meter – stop me from getting another ticket. Live the Yema – great history!

  • Brian

    Very nice watch. I would use an alarm on a watch such as this to remind me to remind me to wind my mechanical watch before the power reserve empties.

  • Eric

    I would love to set my alarm just prior to going into my bosses office, then when it went off I could say “your time is up, I need to get to my golf game!”

  • Nick

    I’d use an alarm to remind me to get some exercise instead of sitting on the sofa all the time.

  • Jan

    I use my alarm to tell me when my steaks are done on the BBQ.

  • Jill Platts

    I would use an alarm to alert me when it’s time for tea a.k.a. tea time!

  • My casio watch has 4 alarms and I cruise alot, being in the business. When I am on a shore excursion I set one of the alarms to let me know when I have to get back to the ship before leaving port.

  • Ron McKelvie

    My job takes me back and forth across the country and some times, to many airports
    to many hotels so having an alarm on your watch is quite handy, so that when you nod
    off at the airport you have something to remind you that your plane won’t leave without

  • Joe V

    I use the alarm on my Citizen Calibre to remind me every month when my girl is going through…a bad mood.

  • Andrew McDonald

    I usually set an alarm on my watch to go off halfway through a first date. If the date is going well, the alarm was supposed to remind me to call my mother. If the date isn’t going well, the alarm was to remind me when I can pick up more methadone.

  • Josh

    I use my watch alarm on night shifts to wake me up come shift change time, nothing worst than accidentally staying at work an extra two hours.

  • Bruce Russell

    I would use my watch alarm to continually remind myself to check out my new cool watch.

  • Stijn

    My boss is always pointing out that we may not leave exactly at 17:30.
    He hates people that start watching the time half an hour before the work day ends.
    The day after he got really angry at a intern (who packed his bag at 17:20 and started waiting) I set the alarm exactly at 17:30.
    He got so angry I did not dare to tell him it was me.
    When he got angry at the same student as the day before (hilarious for the other guys) I told him.
    It nearly got me fired, but they other guys in the office had a good laugh.

    (And yes. I always work a few minutes extra now, just to be sure.)

  • Mike Bookhardt

    The only watch I have with an alarm, is the Suunto Core, which has both an time alarm, and also a ‘Storm’ alarm, which sounds when various barometric pressure shifts occur. That function is an outstanding feature when in the outdoors, camping, hiking etc. Nice to know when you may have some upcoming weather to contend with. That said, it has been useful when it has gone off in a meeting. Friends of mine, that recognize the alarm, often attribute the barometric pressure shift to the increased ‘hot air’ associated with the meeting. πŸ™‚

  • John C

    I don’t currently have an alarm watch, so this Yema would do very nicely. First thing I would do with it is set the alarm for when my wife announces she will be done with something in a specific amount of time. I doubt she will appreciate being timed, but I’ll get a kick out of it. The other thing I would use an alarm for is when me and my coworkers are waiting for the person who called a meeting to show up. Use the old 5 minute rule to bail.

  • Mike

    I have never had a watch with an alarm, but if I do I will probably use the alarm to wake me up in between classes so I can take a nap and not have to worry about missing the bus back to campus. I somehow always end up running out to get the bus. An alarm would help me get to the bus stop on time. A dive watch that also has a chronograph and an alarm would defiantly make me happy.

  • Andrew V

    Looks very lovely…Always liked the big hand style of dive watches.

  • Ross T

    I would use an alarm on my watch to remind me every 24 to check it against the atomic clock to see the 24 hour variance :).

  • Nino Brazzo

    I’d use the alarm to get out before the husband came home from nights.

  • EHamilton

    The first and only time I can remember was the first time I slept at a girls house. I had to gone by 7 am sharp otherwise i’d have found myself on the wrong end of her dad’s 38.

  • Kent LeVan

    I regularly use the bezel on my watch to help with cooking, especially with roasts in the oven. When it’s a quick job I don’t have a problem but if I need to leave something in there for say 34 minutes i tend to get side-tracked. That’s when I think an alarm on your watch would be really handy; it’s annoying having to take out your phone and set an alarm when your hands are occupied/dirty in the kitchen.

  • Ryan Stephens

    I’d use the watch alarm to remind me to stop reading the awesome reviews on and get back to work!

  • Kenny

    I use my watch’s alarm every single day… otherwise I’d nap beyond my lunch hour, and that would not be good.

  • Scott

    Very cool watch! I love the back and silver with the blue accents. Definitely cool as you could take it from the ocean to the board room! Glad to see it has great style AND function! Thanks for another great contest Arial!

  • Wilhelm

    I have read that 90% are dependant on alarm clocks, and I have heard that 100% of these think that it is the best part of the day when the alarm goes off:) And if you want to time travel: Throw the alarm clock at the wall. This is the only thing I uses my alarm for (beside when the mobile calendar have something to tell me).

    Love is one long sweet dream, and marriage is the alarm clock.

  • Tom

    I’d use the alarm to remind me to wind my mechanical watch, which I don’t wear every day and keep forgetting to wind!

  • PJ

    I would use an alarm watch to remind me to watch Ellen. Can’t miss Ellen or I go crazy and throw rocks at my neighbors houses. Beep! Gotta go Ellen’s on! Also check out on youtube or just google the Innerspace Seabreacher, it’s the only thing more awesome than Charlie Sheen in an Urwerk.

  • Nacho Chz

    I’d use the alarm to tell me when its time to get a cool watch, which appears to be now.

  • Zach

    I think I would set the watch so I know what month it was and could correctly answer the question for this month’s giveaway as opposed to the previous one.

  • Jéjé

    I use the alarm for my BBQ πŸ™‚

  • Larry

    I would like to have the featured watch to wear to work and because of its funtionality an simplicity in design. I actually Do have alarms on all of my watches. the alarms remind me to call my wife, at home, to make sure she gets my children up to go to school and this is no matter where in the world I am. If I don’t call her, my kids will be late for school and it would be ALL my fault.

  • Sean

    After spending all these late nights making sure I’ve listened to your podcasts, and ensuring that I’ve read every post you’ve ever contributed to the vast array of websites and blogs that pay your bills, I can honestly say I would use this alarm function to battle my Ariel Adams-horologically induced sleep deprivation. It’s become a problem, even a form of narcolepsy if you will. It can strike at any time….when driving, working, or when faithfully entering these contests, I live in fear and I think this alarm could reallitnf;rgn;vbm zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Does it tell time? Is it waterproof for at least mild scuba? Does it have a chrono? Does it have a date? Is it an automatic or good quartz? All of the above are important, in fact critical but here’s the kicker. Does the watch feel good on your wrist? Afterall, it’s going to be spending a lot of time there and it better be confortable. Have a certain “heft” to it without being a workout. Should have a bracelet that doesn’t pinch your skin or pluck hairs from your wrist.

    Anything that fills these criteria is a good start and this watch looks like it might meet them all.


  • Stuart

    Set the alarm to go off at the same time as the power reserve is depleted. This will remind me to put my watch back on.

  • CLInica prado

    i´d use an alarm for reminding me of aswering this question

  • Ne Mangas

    i´d use an alarm for reminding me of aswering this question

  • Dr4 (Steve)

    I would gratefully use the alarm to wake up my supermodel girlfriend at 3am and point out that her Movado on the night stand is typically worn by “exotic dancers” and if she wants to continue playing out of her league then she needs to step up to something Swiss, automatic, quality, vintage, rare and devoid of silly little crystals.

  • CLInica prado

    i+d use for heating my daughters milk.

  • clinica braga

    i need one for my medication

  • I’d use the alarm to remind me to buy a watch with a proper movement.

  • Geoff Weller


    A great looking watch and a movement that anyone would be proud to wear in tribute to the work being done in Japan by the individuals (from Japan and all over the world) to help the disaster survivors.

    I would use the alarm to wake my daughter up in the morning for school. She is just learning to tell the time and so I have to leave my watch beside hers on her bedside table so that we can put them on together in the morning. An alarm would get her out of bed like a shot and knowing my luck she’d be the one wanting to wear the YEMA!

    Great website. Geoff

  • David Robert

    I would love an expensive watch. I have several but they are all under $200.00. This beautiful watch I would love to own and the alarm would be perfect for making sure I’m awake before the boring daily sales meeting ends!

  • Jeffrey Chan

    I’m not gunna lie, I used my phone as a alarm, but I tend to shut the alarm off when I’m half awake. So I use my watch as a backup alarm, it’s definitely done it’s job on more than one occasion

  • Joanna

    I would use it as a travel alarm clock

  • Irvin Walser

    I set the alarm to ring to keep my wife and daughters from spending way too much time in the bathroom every morning.

  • Jim Mitchem

    I would set the alarm on this watch to go off every 10 minutes so I could show it off to everyone πŸ™‚

  • Tom

    A watch alarm would really come in handy to wake me up from my afternoon nap at work.

  • Josh

    I would set off the alarm to go off every week, to remind me that I could buy another watch.

  • Omar

    I work in a profession that forces me to bill my time. I set an alarm when there is an upper threshold on how much time to bill. I hate doing it! But a watch like this would make the practice a little more bearable!

  • Ron

    My friend gave me a Revue Thommen “Cricket” Mechanical Alarm watch. If you have ever heard it, they are extremely loud. First week I had it I was in church, and as the Pastor was getting ready to finish his prayer in a dead silent church it went off. And since I hadn’t had the watch very long I couldn’t turn it off quickly. After I shut it off I looked up and the Pastor gave me the look of “I know I’m running long but you don’t have to remind me”. Great watch and since it vibrates as well you can alway tell when the alarm is going off. Thanks for the Blog and the podcast.

  • Les

    I would set the alarm to go of every 10 minutes to annoy my (gorgeous) wife and three (divine) kids and then go of into a mad rant about the history of the YEMA watch company. Of course i would have a French accent and a fake mo to set the mood !

  • Larry Cannon

    I still love the looks of a Rolex GMT Master II, the version with black bezel and silver numbers. Very classy, not too big, not too small.

  • John Speer

    I would use a watch alarm to wake me for the next day of a kayak sojourn. These trips are known for rather aggressive “partying” after a day of paddling. As you can imagine waking to the sounds of nature alone after a night of celebrating can be daunting.

  • Jeff

    I’d use the alarm to remind myself it’s time to escape those uncomfortable conversations you find yourself in with people you have nothing in common with and don’t like anyway.

  • Peter Jones

    I would love to own a Rolex Oyster

  • Kiko

    I for one can’t understand why would anyone use an alarm for something like waking up…ridiculous!!

    I’d like my alarm to inform me of one thing and one thing only – when the fries are done!

  • D. Smith

    After a night of agitated patients needing sedatives, pneumonia coughs, pain seekers, confused nurses, misordered medications, “critical” notifications, and unintentional messages sent to the wrong pager, I would set my alarm (preferably with a different tone than the one my pager has) for when I can throw my pager off the roof of the hospital and finally go home and get some rest after such a wonderful night of call.

  • Marco Franken

    I use an alarm on my watch when there’s a comercial break on tv and i’m sitting on the toillet with my phone reading ablogtoread. Otherwise i would miss the rest of the program.
    Also at work on my break: i would miss a lot of work if i didn’t set the alarm to let me know when my break was over.

  • Raymond Lim

    I would bring the watch to give my lazy chihuahua a wake up call πŸ™‚
    and when I am diving , watch the reaction of the swam of fishes reaction when the alarm fired up.:)

  • Rickie Lin

    I use my alarm to remind myself I have important work to do when browsing ablogtoread.

  • I had set the alarm on my watch for 6 in the morning and since I had forgotten that it was day light savings. I had lost an hour and when my watch alarm finally went off I never noticed it until I had finally gotten to work and hour late.

  • yogi

    Umm… I would use the alarm to remind me of my wedding anniversary πŸ˜€

  • … I couldn’t stop my watch at a classical concert…shame on me!!

  • Ricardo

    High end Asian watches are now on par with Swiss watches

  • I have a Poljot Cricket Alarm Watch.

    The first time I decided to use it, I was at the Guggenheim museum (on vacations) waiting for my mom and aunt. As I arrived early, I decided to walk around and (intelligently) set the alarm at the time we were supposed to meet.

    Lo and Behold, they arrived early. I went to the locker room to leave my camera, jacket and why not, watch (why I got that idea I don’t know). I put it in my bag, handed it over and it went off…. OH! The face the guys and patrons (there) made….security arrived, police arrived it was not a pretty sight…

    Finally I explained the situation and everyone…police and security included started complimenting my watch…one even asked me if I could point him to the web site where I had bought the piece…..

    Funny, scary and finally interesting situation…. A vacation story to tell….

  • Azrul Hisham Idam

    Alarm sound is just like classical music for me,it make me sleep again and my boss always like to see me once i reach office…

  • I often use the alarm of my Citizen ana-digi when cooking something. I find that it is the most convenient way to time cooking, but diver’s bezel and chronograph works as well. And since this Yema has both three i see it as a perfect cooking watch πŸ™‚

  • Brad Smith

    I’d use an alarm or all sorts of things: Paying the mortgage, turning the steaks, setting an alarm…

  • Ubaldo

    Bremont > WOW…. I used my alarm only a few times of which I never woke up to it.

  • Ham

    I’ll use my watch alarm to wake myself up when I slack off and took a short nap in the conference room

  • Steve Peterson

    When I’m travelling, I can never work (or trust) the alarm clock so I bring a cheap digital watch along to wake me.

  • Frank Bennett

    I use a cheap Casio watch with a vibration alarm to wake me up in the morning.

  • simon

    I need an alarm to tell me to get my fat lazy ass up and out on my walk.

  • John Kenderesi

    I use the alarm on my watch to let me know when I can finally stop my self torture……. otherwise known as my workout.

  • Ryan Sheehan

    I would use the alarm as an excuse to become a diver, and then I would change my name to Cousteau.

  • Simon T.

    I’d use the alarm, simply because I cant figure out how those damn rotating bezels work!

  • Joshua Schwertner

    I use alarms for everything from waking up, to taking medications, and even reminding me to eat.

  • Alex

    Cool looking dive watch

  • I would use the alarm to wake me up from my (long) power naps at work.

  • carolyn

    I’d use the alarm to annoy the pets when I go mountain climbing and don’t need to bring my watch.

  • Vladimir Penev

    Well, this diver is a black killer. Never had a chance to touch Yema before, so I can’t comment the build quality, but what I see from the picture is perfect design. Aggressive and clear to read.
    Alarm. Hmm. It’s very useful when I want to limit a conversation. Just set the alarm to start about 10-15 minutes after the meeting start time. “Oh, I really forgot about this appointment. Sorry about that. See you next week…”

  • Francis P. Forte

    I’d use the alarm to get away from my wife! I’d tell her I need to get on an important call. I guess I couldn’t use it too late though……

  • Frank Forte

    I would use an alarm while diving to remind myself that im out of air!

  • Matt Kaufman

    I’d use an alarm on my watch to remind me to set my bedside alarm clock before going to sleep.

  • If humor in this forum were a watch, John would definitely say “I wouldn’t strap that to my dog!”. That being said I would use an alarm to start a wake-up call service for watch enthusiasts who obviously need to wake up in time to earn a living in some other arena other than comedydome. It will save lives.

  • I was out in the woods taking some photos at 7 at night. I had an alarm set on my Nooka watch for 12:30 am as a “get to bed” alarm. I was deep into the woods many hours later and it was rather dark out. I saw an amazing frog on a branch and leaned in to get the shot. but just before I depressed the shutter my alarm went off alerting the frog. he leaped away never to be captured by my lens. it is not that funny I suppose.. but a little ironic.. that frog probably went to bed soon after. my “get to bed” alarm worked for someone.

  • Marko

    I use alarm when boiling eggs or cooking meat.

  • I need an alarm when my iPhone decides not to wake me up after the time-change (or whatever the correct English word there is πŸ™‚ )

  • Olivier

    If I was a girl, I would use my alarm watch to remember taking my anticonceptional pill every single day not to become pregnant because of a lack of memory! πŸ™‚

  • Using the alarm would reminde me to check the time delay on my camera for that special shot.

  • Jean-Pierre HALBWACHS

    I always dreamed to own an automatic chrono alarm… some years ago I finally bought a second hand (still expensive) black PVD pilot model. Just gorgeous ! it worked great… twice ! it was not ringing anymore a very specific morning I was going to claim for a job, I was really late and explain to my potential future boss, I was a fan of non-working alarm chronograph, he replied I should wear a Vulcain like the one sitting on his wrist. My chrono-alarm has been since spending more time on watchmakers drawers waiting for a fix, no one was ever able to make this one reliable again ! Either it is ringing, and the on/off warning id dead, or I cannot make it stop ringing or the winding is dead. One (cleaver) watchmaker told me to forget about this f%*k!§g customized caliber and to win a YEMA YMHF0202 alarm chronograph.

  • David

    My alarm would be used to put a quick end to unwanted conversations. Simply set it for a couple minutes ahead. Wait until it goes off and announce that “My bull5417 detector just went off. Sorry, gotta go.” Or whatever line will extricate you from the situation.

    I’m friending you on FB next then looking over your catalog.


  • Keith

    Since I sleep through alarms, I would need a watch with an alarm to wake my wife up so she can wake me up! Or….I am currently collecting clocks and watches with alarms to recreate the opening scene of Back to the Future when all the alarms go off, reminding Marty that he is late for school….ah, gotta love the mid 80’s!

  • derique

    An alarm is used to tell me I’m spending way too much time in the toilet. No seriously, it’s all the iPad’s fault for allowing me to read and browse websites like this and posting my deepest darkest secret. πŸ˜›

  • Kevin

    I typically set 5-6 alarms to wake me up in the morning. The more, the better.

  • Mischa

    Since i have a little alarm clock (female and 2 years old) running around at 7am, i thought i never had to use an electronic alarm again. But …. the opposite is true.

    I just want to be awake before her.
    So i can wake her up.
    Instead of the other way around πŸ™‚

  • Gordon

    wake me up from the cat naps in the hospital

  • JeremyGraham

    I use the alarm to remind me to stop spending time procrastinating on various Internet forums and social networking sites, ha.

  • Andrew White

    I’ve used alarms on watches to fake early morning appointments to get out of awkward “wake-up” situations with … female acquaintances …

  • Alex

    I would use the alarm to remind me to call my father so that he can summon his evil army of the undead and take over the world….

  • Jon

    I will use my alarm for when I am out grilling food…not very humorous, I know, but oh well!

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