The two darker toned dials are host to intricate and eye-catching patterning that is achieved using a 40-year-old press from Glashütte Original’s archives. This press leverages some 60 tonnes and a stamp to imprint the dials with a filigree pattern. The Glashütte Original Sixties Iconic Brown sports a subtle rhombic pattern while the Iconic Grey features a “dewdrop” texture I don’t think I’ve ever seen before, looking like fine water droplets on a metal surface. The effect is wonderful, and the Grey model manages the rare feat of being a rather reserved overall package with a head-turning dial execution.


The collection of colors and textures at play make for a wide range of appeal as Glashütte Original has designed five models that are simultaneously very similar while each providing their own distinct charm. With these varied dials that set them apart from the already lovely standard Sixties models, the Glashütte Original Sixties Iconic looks like a hit and GO isn’t charging extra for these models versus the standard steel Sixties models. That’s right, the Glashütte Original Sixties Iconic will retail for $7500 USD exclusively though select Tourbillon and Glashütte Original Boutiques.

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