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GIVEAWAY: Hamilton Khaki Field Titanium Auto Watch As Seen In Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit Movie

GIVEAWAY: Hamilton Khaki Field Titanium Auto Watch As Seen In Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit Movie Giveaways

This month you actually have two chances to win a watch on aBlogtoWatch. In addition to the Gc-3 Automatic watch giveaway, we are offering a special opportunity to win a Hamilton Khaki Field Titanium Automatic (ref. H70575733) watch - the same model as the one worn by Chris Pine in the movie Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit. This particular giveaway is for US residents only. See details below on how to enter.

Opening on January 17th, 2014 movie goers will will be treated to the latest film in the Jack Ryan series. From Patriot Games and Clear and Present Danger, to the sublime Hunt for Red October, Tom Clancy's idyllic American hero has been the central character in a long running series of books and films. Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit is sure to boast enough explosions, espionage and general extremeness to make Ethan Hunt consider calling in sick, not to mention a solid supporting cast of watches.

Watchnerds checking out Shadow Recruit will surely notice a couple of interesting watch placements courtesy of Hamilton watches. Hamilton's watches can be seen in so many movies, including on Ryan Reynolds in Buried, Mark Wahlberg in The Italian Job, and more recently Jai Courtney in A Good Day to Die Hard. My clearest memory of a Hamilton in anything that I watched closely has to be the Khaki King worn by Hugh Laurie in the early seasons of House MD, where the King's large day and date display make it easy to spot and I always thought it was a great choice for that character.

GIVEAWAY: Hamilton Khaki Field Titanium Auto Watch As Seen In Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit Movie Giveaways

Not only does Hamilton actively use movies to better highlight, explain and feature their watches, they are also active in supporting and recognizing filmmakers through their annual Behind the Camera Awards (BTCA). The BTCAs honour the off-screen roles that make our favourite movies a reality. From Set Designers, Editors, Writers and Directors, Hamilton's now seven-year-old event pays some long-overdue attention to those that make movies possible, because it takes a huge team of people to build the world in which an actor can perform.

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit features two Hamilton watches, a black Khaki Field Titanium Auto (above, worn by Chris Pine) and a custom Khaki Aviation Flight Timer (below, worn by Kevin Costner). While I have yet to see the film, I love a good spy movie and both of these watches seem like solid choices for a spy's everyday carry. The Khaki Field Titanium Auto (ref H70575733) features a 42mm titanium case, an ETA 2824-2 automatic movement, a sapphire crystal and can be had on either a titanium bracelet or the suitably tactical looking canvas strap shown in the photo. In contrast, the Khaki Aviation Flight Timer (ref H64554431) sports a 40mm steel case, Swiss ana-digi quartz movement (with UTC, dual time zone, chronograph, alarm, flight time recorder and perpetual calendar) and a sapphire crystal.

GIVEAWAY: Hamilton Khaki Field Titanium Auto Watch As Seen In Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit Movie Giveaways

Similar Hamilton Khaki Flight Timer Watch to that Worn by Kevin Costner in Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

The watch you can win is a ref. H70575733 Hamilton Khaki Field Titanium Auto in PVD black on a black matching the strap. The titanium case is 42mm wide with a sapphire crystal and is water resistant to 100 meters. This classic military design is both legible and iconic - and in various forms has been featured in dozens of films. As we already stated, the watch contains a Swiss ETA 2824-2 automatic movement and it retails for $995. Also, if you are in New York, visit the new Hour Passion store that has a special Hamilton exhibit this month with 12 of the actual Hamilton watches featured in various movies. Note that this giveaway is open to US residents only.


To Enter You Must:

1. Comment on this post below (on, not Facebook or elsewhere you might see this article) before the giveaway is over with your valid e-mail address where required (if you've signed up for the commenting system before, your e-mail should already be in there). In the body of your comment mention your favorite appearance of a Hamilton watch in a movie.

NOTE: By default, our commenting system will send you notifications of other comments to this post. If you do not want to get the comments on this post in your email, log into your LiveFyre account (should be a link in the comment box after you enter), and manage your notifications there.

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3. Wait until the giveaway is over on February 9, 2014 for the winner to be chosen at random.

A couple of basic rules. You can only enter once. You must comment with a valid e-mail address where you can be reached. Your comment must be confirmed and approved. You must complete the objectives to be considered. You are responsible for providing your contact shipping information if you are chosen. NO PURCHASE OR PAYMENT OF ANY KIND IS NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN THIS CONTEST. A PURCHASE WILL NOT INCREASE YOUR CHANCES OF WINNING. ODDS OF WINNING DEPEND UPON THE NUMBER OF ELIGIBLE COMMENTS RECEIVED. ONLY ONE ENTRY PER PERSON IS PERMITTED. VALID IN U.S. ONLY. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED. All comments made after the end of the giveaway period will not be considered. If you are chosen as a winner, you then have 24 hours to ensure receipt of your full shipping information or an alternative winner will be chosen. For the full terms and conditions, please click here.

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James (@jamesstacey) is a writer, dilettante photographer and part-time adventurer. An obsessive fan of many things, he loves watches for their breadth of style, historical connections and raw technical design. James has tendency for diving with dive watches, obsessing about case thickness and, despite owning a vast collection of leather straps, he lives by the adage - "when in doubt, just nato". He also wrote this entire bio himself and is pretty sure it's not a cry for help.
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  • RafT

    Most Memorable Hammy at the Movies?  Has to be Men in Black.

  • msamuels0

    While not necessarily my style, I thought the Venturas were a great fit in Men In Black

  • rachelcartucci

    I can only think of Men in Black but my brain is broken today…sigh  Oh,and I like on FB as rachel crisman and already subscribed.

  • Fonoroff

    I love the look of the watch–and may just buy one anyway.  As far as Hamiltons in a movie–I’m not sure that I have every seen one, although I will be looking out for the H70575733 in Shadow Recruit.

  • tran13

    I like the Hamilton watch appearance in A Good Day to Die Hard.

  • Kyle Hicks

    That would easily be the use of Hamilton Ventura in the Men in Black movies!

  • teejnut

    Hmm MIB for me with the Ventura.

  • tegart

    It’s been said before, but the Ventura in Men in Black, for sure.

  • HellsAngel

    X-Mach in Raid: the redemption

  • JayM

    My favorite appearance is the Jazzmaster on Liam Neeson in Taken 2.  I love the fact that it’s a classic watch which is unexpected for the main character in an action movie. Now, best movie with a Hamilton watch – Raid, The Redemption.

  • doctorwatch

    I’m pretty sure Liam Neeson wears a Jazzmaster in Taken.  Seems like a pretty appropriate choice and I love it.

  • shang2

    A Good Day to Die Hard

  • shang2

    A Good Day to Die Hard for sure.

  • doctorwatch

    Crap!  you beat me to it JayM

  • ocabj

    I would happily test that H70575733 through live fire drills.

    I’m a bit skeptical about this film, though. But who am I kidding? I’m going to watch it, anyway.

    I agree with some of the other posters regarding the Ventura in MiB. That watch is awesome.

  • exmin
  • RobKlause

    While the Bond movies are known for a couple other nice little watches 😉 I’d say the Hamilton Khaki X-Wind that Felix rocks in Quantum of Solace is pretty sharp.

  • CRS

    Yet another great Hamilton featured in a movie, and also worn by Will Smith, is the Khaki X-Wind in I Am Legend. Actually I think he wore 2 watches in that movie.

  • jimHartsing

    Love Hamilton watches – can’t wait to see the movie.  Will wear my Hamilton Below Zero Khaki Automatic.

  • gqmike54

    Men in Black Ventura

  • mikedalton24

    A Good Day to Die Hard 🙂 Thanks!!!

  • Alex CBR

    The Hamilton Ventura comes to mind, Man in Black.

  • daswickerman

    I’ve gotta say that A Good Day to Die Hard takes it for me.

  • iharley

    Great looking watch.

  • TOGwDog

    Thanks for the giveaway!  I like the Hamilton Ventura in Men in Black.

  • stefan_eb

    Interesting question. Although the Ventura in MIB comes to my mind, the Khaki has been used in a lot of films. It might even be the most worn watch in the movies? Probably only Hamilton knows. Nevertheless, I like the classic style combined with new materials. Would love to wear the Khaki titanium when I am outdoors. Looks really nice.

  • rwillardphil

    Does it increase my chances, if I am a Chris Pine look-alike?  Taken 2… Liam is a badass.

  • Neil C

    Elvis wearing his Ventura in ‘Blue Hawaii’, of course!

  • parkus

    Love Hamiltons! Not quite movie, but Oda Yuji wears a Hamilton Xwind in “Taiyo to Umi no Kyoshitsu”

  • falon

    My favorite appearance would be in Ocean’s Eleven. Hammies are great!

  • jhiester

    I like lots of Hamiltons, and while the Venturas are not my favorites, I loved seeing them in the Men in Black movies.

  • manueldabranca

    Oceans Eleven. George Clooney. Linwood Viewmatic.

  • atimefordesign

    Men in Black, for sure. Great looking watch.

  • jaydub_

    I’m with Rob – the Hamilton Khaki X-Wind in Quantum of Solace.

  • Jon_B
  • C_Toste

    Favorite appearance was probably the Ventura in MIB…first time I ever googled a watch lol.

  • binsoo

    Ocean’s Eleven is my favorite. Please pick me!

  • AleksBak

    MiB hands down

  • mikec1100nu

    Love the hamilton khaki field titanium. Slick looking spy watch.

  • outatime

    Love Hamilton watches. Men in Black was my favorite appearance as the style fit so well in the futuristic tone.

  • Torben754

    Beauty watch – also agree with the MIB movies, watch mirrored the theme perfectly!

  • RomKa

    Hamilton really very suitable for men of action, spies, pilots, soldiers, stuntmen…

  • arc0300

    Hamilton Khaki X-Wind in Quantum of Solace i think that was the one! thanks!

  • fesi

    Hamilton Khaki X-Wind in Quantum of Solace

  • MikeFig

    My favorite Hamilton placement was not in a movie but on a TV show: Scrubs (Dr. Kelso wears one)

  • bremersm

    I agree with MikeFig about the Hamilton that Dr. Kelso wears on Scrubs. Love that show.

  • alpharon

    My favorite Hamilton movie placement was seeing the Hamilton Jazzmaster in Taken 2.

  • JamesWarne

    The best appearance of a Hamilton on the screen was on the wrist of Dr. House in House! The Hamilton Khaki King Auto. Beauty!

  • Aston14

    I have to say my favorite Hamilton in film was the Ventura featured in the Men in Black movies. Fits perfectly with the theme and vibe of the movie, and just looks mid-century cool.

  • MarkStorch

    Definitely MIB!

  • JDewitt

    I first remember seeing the Ventura in MIB. I own it, and love it.

  • charc0aled

    favorite is Ventura in MIB,

  • alexmorrow

    Tommy Lee Jones, Khaki Field Mechanical :  In the Valley of Elah. All the watches are great, although I really do think that this watch is best suited to its character in the movie. You get a sense that it wasn’t just chosen at random.

  • ClumsyCoyote

    This one looks like me new favorite Hamilton watch placement in a film. Granted I haven’t Jack Ryan yet, but that watch is just so cool.

  • amb3rgris

    I think for me, the most memorable was the Ventura in MIB, mostly because it’s so recognizable, even from far away. I wasn’t even into watches at the time, and it still stood out.
    But I think the Khaki King II worn by Hugh Laurie in House is one of my favorites, as it did really seem to fit the character. And it was a use case that was more relatable to me, as I’m not a super spy/soldier/ex-CIA operative with “certain skills” 🙂

  • Jeffster

    This is a sharp watch, and I have high expectations for the movie too!  My favorite thus far would be MIB also, but we’ll see after January.

  • Saddler_

    While the movie Drop Zone was lackluster, that simple Hamilton is probably one of my favorites.

  • benchristen

    Hamilton Khaki Field Titanium Automatic in PVD is a great stealth update to a classic watch. Looking forward to seeing it in Jack Ryan and in person.

  • Levinax

    I love the Khaki Field Auto Chrono that Mark Wahlberg wears in The Italian Job.

  • nadroj56

    I would love to wear this watch so that my friends finally think I’m cool.  I need a confidence boost!

  • jcushner

    the hamilton jazzmaster in taken 2

  • teyink

    Love the looks of this watch. My favorite appearance with a Hamilton watch would probably be The Italian Job. I’m going to have to check out this Jack Ryan movie.

  • BigJWard

    I loved the Hamilton…. Oh never mind. I don’t live in the US.

  • ccurryf3

    As far as recognition for the Hamilton brand the movie has to be MIB. The iconic Ventura shape was dead on for the retro-future vibe in all of those films and so easily recognized by the audience. Bringing in the legacy of the Ventura with the 1969 and 2012 models in MIB 3 was pretty cool as well. Personally, the Khaki has always been one of my favorite categories by Hamilton though; so many heavy hitters there in aviation, navy ,and field.

  • Andrew00100

    Love Hamilton watches!!! I just received the king scuba as a Christmas present and absolutely love it. Hands down the best Hamilton appearance in movies is the Ventura Xxl from mib iii

  • lscardin

    I really like the design of this watch.  However, I’d be lying if I said I could remember seeing one in a movie.  However, based on commenters below, I’d go with MIB.  Love those movies.

  • pop_labchem

    Hamilton really very suitable for men of action, spies, pilots, soldiers, stuntmen..

  • JWex

    Anything that makes me look more like Chris Pine in my wife’s eyes!

  • SoonerTA

    Love this time piece!  Great design and style

  • German L

    Honestly, when im watching movies and stuff i barely notice small details like that. But i love the look of that pilot watch. Pilot style watches are probably my second favorite style.

  • MaxIndonees

    Personally I love the Hamilton Ardmore that Richard Geere wore on Autumn in New York.. it’s classic but very eye catching because of the model.. it’s simple but still luxury.. 🙂

  • tjoy89

    Great watch! I love the lightness and durability of titanium cases. 
    I liked seeing Jessica Alba’s Hamilton in the Fantastic Four, where she’s invisible but the watch is still on her wrist.

  • Draconis

    The Ventura Chrono definitely caught my eye in MiB 3.

  • JohnKeil

    My favorite Hamilton sighting in a movie would be in Oceans’ Eleven, Danny Ocean (George Clooney) was wearing one.  One of my favorite movies!
    I can’t wait for Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit to come out. 
    I am a huge fan of Clancy.  So much so that I named my first born child Jack Ryan.

  • nutellabear

    I want! My favorite appearance of a Hamilton watch in a movie has to be the Ventura since it has been in so many and was just about the best accessory in Men in Black.

  • estheme


    I think the Ventura in Men in Black is the best (maybe only) Hamilton watch I can think of in film.

  • PygmyTitan

    Really like the black on black look. 
    My favorite movie appearance of a Hamilton watch was Taken 2 with Liam’s Hamilton Jazzmaster.

  • ttchen

    Very cool watch.  Ventura in Men in Black.

  • Watchmonster

    Hamilton is a great brand, founded in the USA, Lancaster, PA. In the latest Die Hard movie Willis and his son in the movie were both wearing Hamiltons. The X-Patrol is my current favorite which was featured in that movie. all around good stuff.

  • seth9341

    I am excited about the movie and would love to own such a cool watch.

  • dagbert

    I really liked the Khaki Navy Diver that Paul Walker wore in Into the Blue. Beautiful silver dial, internal rotating bezel, and also *ahem* Jessica Alba.

  • LordotU

    Hamilton Ventura in MIB film!

  • SeaLarson

    How many films has Hamilton been in anyway?  The MIB Ventura was way cool.

  • bdover

    what a great looking watchin a clear and present danger,,,  it looks like someone of power should have it

  • kardnal

    Men In Black’s Hamilton Ventura, for the win.

  • PatrickDiSanto

    I have been wanting one of the

  • jams5309

    Men In Black Ventura definitely!!

  • PatrickDiSanto

    I love the khaki field watches. For me it would be Daredevil, or Fantastic 4.

  • clintonfl

    space odyssey

  • Mercury66

    Love the Hamilton!  Great looking piece.  Would love to own one.

  • gleam

    Clearly the best Hamilton in film is James Bond’s Hamilton Pulsar ‘P2 2900? LED in Live and Let Die.

  • Vtron5000

    Quantum of Solace!

  • Bobeca

    Liam Neeson’ s Hamilton Jazzmaster in Taken 2.

  • gojiB

    MIB with the Ventura for me! that is so cool.

  • azrml

    Another great giveaway!  Wahlberg’s Hamilton in Italian Job.

  • LapYoda

    Like many others who commented, the most memorable Hamilton appearance in a movie for me was in Men In Black with the classic Ventura.  I’m surprised that Chris Pine wears a Hamilton Khaki Automatic; shouldn’t Captain Kirk wear something futuristic like a Pulsomatic?

  • Csagan

    I like the Hamilton Jazzmaster in Taken 2, it is a very nice looking watch.

  • wms1228

    Wahlberg’s Hamilton in the Italian job was likely my favorite.  Hamilton’s as cool are sometimes forgotten, and as a Hamilton collector its great to see them trying to gain some much needed visibility

  • karsonb

    Probably the MIB Ventura…like the movie, LOVE the watch.

  • Jeff Goldblum’s Hamilton Carlisle is the only redeeming aspect of 1996’s “Independence Day”

  • Awesome watch,   Currently I don’t own a PVD watch and I would love to add one to my collection.
    I also love the display back.   
    I hope I win this.

  • Apdl

    The first time I really noticed Hamilton was in MIB that radical ventura  has always stood out in my mind

  • The Hamilton Ventura in the original Men In Black was probably the first time I sat up and took notice of a watch on a movie.  A great example of an existing design with a history of its own perfectly complementing its role in a movie.

  • SteveMulder

    The Ventura Men In Black, definitely.

  • Pac1185

    Great looking piece. I usually don’t care for the PVD look but this is nice. A dressier version of Clooneys watch from Oceans Eleven

  • MID

    My favorite appearance of a Hamilton watch in a movie is the custom made Hamilton which was a prop in 2001:  A Space Odyssey.  (It’s funny to think that in the real 2001, we were in the midst of a mechanical revival.)  The Hamilton that made me laugh the most was the one in Pearl Harbor.  On a close up, you could see the word “Automatic” written across the face.  If you just think about it, you’ll know why I laughed.

  • PhilMaurer

    MiB Hamilton hands down.

  • vmavco

    the ventura men in black

  • JuanC

    Cool looking watch.  They did a good job with the design.  I like the 24 hour reference on the dial.  I agreed that the Hamilton in the Italian Job was the best representation so far; bu that is likely because I haven’t seen Jack Ryan yet.

  • jkizzle

    I love the PVD, that’s the Khaki I’ve been looking for!

    The Ventura in Men in Black is timeless, and fit the aesthetic perfectly, but I remember seeing Reed Richards wearing a Hamilton chronograph in Fantastic 4 and thinking it was awesome.

  • ChiaChristopher

    yeah, that’s a very nice Hamilton!

  • ricsif

    Hamilton Jazzmaster in Taken 2.

  • Ldsphi

    I want to say the Ventura Elvis wore that kinda started it all, but my favorite is the Linwood Viewmatic worn by Clooney in Ocean’s Eleven. Love my x-wind…favorite watch in my collection.


    Circa 1966-1967, a Hamilton was customized into an ‘electropass’, allowing Patrick McGoohan access to a helicopter guarded by Rover the weather balloon in ‘Arrival’, the first episode of “The Prisoner” TV series.

  • jhaggett

    For sure Men in Black with the Hamilton Ventura.. Love Hamilton!!

  • Fraser Petrick

    On behalf of the Canadian People may I register our displeasure at being excluded from this monthly giveaway. Just because we have been sharing our crappy winter weather is no reason for our being snubbed. What about excluding Alaskans with their balmy temperatures?  What about Hawaiians and their Carson watches and pineapples? They’re eligible, and we’re not?  Brace yourselves, America, we are not amused

  • wristtime

    It wouldn’t suit me personally, but I’ve always liked the Ventura from Men in Black. Clooney’s Linwood Viewmatic from Ocean’s 11 is also gorgeous.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win this beauty!

  • Schpeeves

    Jazzmaster Chronograph in Fantastic Four – Rise of the Silver Surfer

  • Fraser Petrick

    May I remind you that Hamilton is a city in southern Ontario, Steel City, a diamond in the rough, rusty and ragged, where they play football without helmets (Canadian football). Hamilton drinks beer from the bottle, takes no prisoners, and calls a spade a spade. Who needs your sissy Hamilton watch? Phooey!

  • actroutt

    windtalkers is a great movie with Hamilton watches in it

  • toddvb71

    I liked the Hamilton Khaki in In The Valley of Elah.

  • LewisLeong

    Hamilton’s Jazzmaster was pretty cool to see in Taken.

  • ghweiss

    Love these watches!

  • JosephW

    I really liked Travolta’s Khaki Chrono 39mm in The General’s Daughter. Really sharp looking watch, and not too large.
    This black titanium Khaki looks suitably military and covert.. and I don’t have a black watch in my collection. Yet?

  • I like the Hamilton Khaki Flight Timer – I love analog and digital combos. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Bdraguts

    Definitely the Ventura in MIB. Didn’t know anything about watches until I saw that beautiful thing

  • maxelman

    Loved the Hamilton in Taken

  • WiZARD7

    Ventura in MIB is the best.

  • atkinsct

    great looking watch. i’d have to say the most iconic Hamilton movie appearance for those in their late 20’s through 30’s is the appearance in the original Men in Black.  My personal favorite though is the appearance in Fight Club.

  • PaulNowicki

    Watch looks great but I can’t recall seeing Hamilton watch in any movie

  • gtsspeed

    Can I still enter the contest by saying my favorite movie Hamilton, is ANY Hamilton? Especially Men in Black? Please email me, I don’t own a Hamilton and NEVER win any contests! Please!

  • nstano

    In terms of iconic Hamiltons, the Ventura in Men in Black is second to none. Even if you don’t get a good look at anyone’s wrist, that is a watch you could recognize a mile away. I’d have to say that’s my favorite.

    If I could mention a second, it would be the Hamilton Pulsar worn by Roger Moore in the opening sequence of Live and Let Die. Not many people know that a Hamilton has been Bond’s watch!

  • UncleBennie

    X-Wind in Battleship.

  • kayhjoo

    I can only think of Men in Black.

  • moomoobiggens

    I want to agree with those that are saying the Ventura is one of the most iconic Hamilton Watches.  The Ventura is the watch that got me interested in horophilia.  However, it was not Men in Black that made me double take, it was Blue Hawaii.  I was born about 20 years after the movie’s release, but my Mom and Dad loved Elvis movies.  I asked my dad about the watch when i was about 10.

    My Dad joined the military to attain his US citizenship and and it was Elvis who inspired him to do so.  He told me that one of his superior officers wore a Hamilton watch issued to him by what was then known as the Army Air Force during WWII.  He asked him what type of watch it was, the officer simply responded “Same as Elvis”.

    I told my Father-in-law this story before my wife and I were married.  As a wedding gift, he gave me my only Hamilton watch.

    As a side note, I do not enjoy Elvis’ movies.  Elvis is huge in South Asia, where my Mom and Dad are from.

  • zlabbit

    I believe it was a  Hamilton X-Wind in I Am Legend.  I mean, last person on Earth – need something to tell time, what a great promotion.

    Love the Khaki Field Titanium.  Pretty excited for the movie as well.

  • Humanloop

    Ocean’s 11. Beautiful watch.

  • Kerby23

    2001 — custom Hamilton for everyone!

  • Bobocam

    Hamilton Jazzmaster in Taken 2.

  • WilliamLi1


  • rayovolks

    Hamilton Khaki Field Officer in Buried!

  • spazthecat

    I’d love to have this as my first new watch of 2014. I think I’d have to say my favorite Hamilton appearance in a movie is the Italian Job. But, admittedly, I spent more time looking at Charlize Theron than checking out the watches the actors were wearing.

  • JuanTrujillo

    Love the automatic one

  • Bucky Katt

    How about the Hamilton X-01 based on the Odyssey 2001 watch from 2001: A Space Odyssey?

  • LanyeeOh

    Love PVD black, but I prefer bracelets

  • wujuboy

    Elvis put Hamilton on the map! Happy Birthday KING!!

  • ericlikeseatin

    I had to do some research on this but I’d say the Ventura in MIB as well!

  • PhilZ09

    Last of american watchmaking still well made

  • crashgravity

    Love this titanium and love the Hamilton in The Italian Job.

  • xerocool23

    Love the Hamilton Khaki X-Wind in 007 : Quantum of Solace worn by Jeffrey Wright.

    Had to look it up though, only one that came to mind before i hit Google was the agent watch in MIB

  • MarcTravis

    Apparently there’s a vintage Hammy in Gran Torino. Great flick.

  • DangKhoaPham

    nice watch

  • Data08

    I think the Khaki Field is the best range of watches Hamilton makes. Not sure how many Hamiltons I’ve seen in movies, but the one that stands out the most is the Ventura in Men in Black.

  • BigDalt77

    I had never been much of a watch enthusiast until I saw the watch Ryan Reynolds was wearing in buried. Something about it just looked tough and classy. I researched it and found out it was a Hamilton Officer and that has started an obsession! Hamilton’s are just fantastic.

  • drThrillman

    I like the ruggedness of this piece and I feel the ETA 2824-2 is a perfect match. I am a fan of the Predator franchise so I liked Adrian Brody’s in Predators. I  also see Hamiltons are in Blood Diamond, going to have to re-watch that one.

  • dougev

    Iconic indeed! Love the classic look. Favorite Hamilton in a movie was the Khaki Sunset in “I am Legend”.

  • jmsherer21

    To be honest.  As much as I love keeping track of Hamilton’s in Film, I had to google it.  If I had to pick one it would be Liam Neson wearing a Jazz Master in Taken 2.  “Not only am I trained to hunt you down and kill you, but I wear a sexy timepiece.”  
    On a side note I do love Hamiltons, ever since I saw my great grandpa’s retirement gold Hamilton.

  • cotignola

    I love this watch and it would be a great add to my collection. If I have to pick a watch from a movie I like the one from I am legend and Blood Diamonds.

  • sitnstew

    Sweet watch!

  • magicaltattoo

    The Ventura in MIB, though I might not wear it, it was perfect for the movie.

  • luigisilva1

    I love this watch!!!!! Huge fan of field watches and this Hamilton field is the best I’ve seen so far! My favorite appearance of a Hamilton in a movie would have to be the Aviator Twilight that Will Smith wears in I Am Legend.

  • HowieBoyd

    That black one is a looker.  I already have 3 Titanium watches, but I could use one more.  Just one more.

  • BryantLai

    men in black, of course

  • Chanse503

    LOVE ME some Hamilton!
    My favorite Hamilton appearance in a movie was the BelowZero in Predators. A close second would be the Field Officer in Buried.
    Thanks for the at this beauty.

  • Albi

    I agree with those who said it before me: my favorite appearance of a Hamilton watch in a movie is the Ventura in MIB!

  • BrianSchiele

    Another great watch!

  • Mind_Game

    I would also go with the Ventura in MIB.

  • AH795

    Love the X-wind in I Am Legend. I know Hamilton says Will Smith wore the Khaki Sunset but in a least 1 scene he has the X-wind on his wrist.

  • GZ

    Loved the Hamilton Khaki X-Patrol Automatic Chronograph worn by Jai Courtney in A Good Day to Die Hard! Been a fan of Hamilton for a long time :).

  • ChairmanM

    Agree – Ventura in MIB!

  • APLewis

    Ventura: from Elvis to MIB

  • larrybarry

    Though I’m not a big fan of Liam Neeson, and I don’t really know why I actually sat down to see the second Taken movie. Taken 2 is also the only movie I remember having a hamilton in it. I believe Neeson wore a jazzmaster, however I’m not too familiar with Hamilton’s styles to be 100% sure about that.

  • johnthompson8

    Yup, Ventura in MIB

  • 28800bph

    Ecstatic romance… Exotic dances… Exciting music… Enigmatic watch… 
    In the world’s lushest paradise of song:
    Elvis Presley rides the crest of the wave in Blue Hawaii wearing his Hamilton Ventura!

  • benleyland

    Gotta be MIB!

  • JMcTavish

    The old 500 electric movement was a bit of a handful, but the Ventura was such a classic watch.  Classic and modern Hamilton have both made great watches.

  • bapackerfan

    Wow!  Take one look at this handsome Hamilton, and you’ll see it staring coldly and unflinchingly back at you while smoothly and methodically going about its business.  The very evenly spaced and broadly distributed numbers, the understated labeling, and the humble hands all seem as though they could glow in broad daylight against the starkly anonymously black dial and case.  The perfect watch for men who want to get the job done, and who have no interest in winning recognition.

    As for my pick of Hamilton watches in movies, it’s got to be Chris Pine in Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit.  Did Hamilton design the Khaki Field Titanium Auto just for that movie?  What a perfect match!

  • raspringer

    My favorite movie with the appearance of a Hamilton watch is Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer.  The character Reed Richards was wearing a Jazzmaster Chrono.  By the way this is a pretty nice watch.  I was looking at it in Jared’s on New Year’s Eve.

  • hoyaeldridge

    I caught the Hamilton in Taken 2. 
    I enjoy this giveaway’s style more than that specific movie watch. 
    Hamilton is a great brand and I love the American nostalgia to it’s name and product.

  • Dan A

    I loved the original Men in Black since I was a kid and the Ventura was the perfect watch for that movie.  I remember it was the first watch I ever looked up on the internet, and it took some patience waiting for pictures of it to load at 14K bps.

  • chinginud

    Not a movie, but as a medical student, I loved House MD and always loved it when he wore a Khaki King.  So much so that I bought one when I became a resident.

  • AlexanderZharkov

    I used to own some Hamiltons and have the only sweet memories about that watches. IMO it has a perfect balance between price and quality. I’d like to have the black one, which is looking great.

  • Brendore12

    Indiana Jones was the perfect character to wear a really good Hamilton watch. As an Xmas gift to myself several years ago I bought a Hamilton Khaki King Pilot and I get a little feeling of Indiana Jones with it. But to pick an actual movie with a Hamilton watch I’ll go with Ewan McGregor wearing one in Big Fish. Terrific movie.

  • Blue Hawaii (the original Ventura)

  • rrinawat

    Apparently a Hamilton X-Mach  is worn by the main character in The Raid: Redemption.  It’s an awesome martial arts movie if you haven’t seen it.

  • faiz31887

    Hope this still counts, because it was an appearance in the show Psych. Not a movie. Somebody notices Detectice Lassiter’s vintage Hamilton. They show a nice closeup of the dial and Det. Lassiter says “This old thing? It just keeps on ticking like the heart of a wounded elephant”

  • Slider6

    My favorite hamilton appearance is the khaki field automatic seen in Amelia. This watch looks like it’ll be a good rugged field watch.

  • mikeysrealm

    Its a tough choice for a favorite Hamilton watch movie appearance…either the Men in Black Ventura, a great, unique, art deco time watch, or the very tactical Hamilton multi touch in SWAT worn by Samuel L Jackson.  The first autpmatic watch that I purchased for myself was my Hamilton Khaki Navy – a great dive watch with an internal bezel, sharp enough for business wear and sporty too!   A big fan of the Khaki line!

  • vanhooglesnort

    I love the looks of this watch, and the whole Khaki line. My favorite Hamilton appearance has to be the Ventura in Men In Black, even though I don’t think I could personally wear that watch and pull it off.

  • dcteas17

    This watch looks really fantastic.  As for my favorite movie appearance, it’s the Ventura in Men in Black.  But I might be biased by the movie itself.

  • cmwiggen

    This watch is on my purchase list for a great all around watch. The best combination of best Hamilton in the best movie I could find would be Oceans Eleven with the Hamilton Linwood Viewmatic.

  • Tango45

    I really like Hamilton’s Khaki Field line and this one looks absolutely amazing. As a huge fan of Hunt For Red October, Patriot Games, Clear and Present Danger, and Tom Clancy’s earlier books (the solo works), I’m apprehensive as to how this movie will treat the franchise. Either way, great looking watch! As for movies, I liked the Khaki that Hartnett and Baldwin wore in Pearl Harbor (that’s a vote for the watch, not so much for the movie).

  • danieluy

    The watch is amazing, and I would have to say that my favourite appearance of Hamilton is in A Good Day to Die Hard, a 2013 movie where character Jack McClane wears a Hamilton Khaki X-Patrol Automatic Chronograph.

  • Watch me not win this watch–again.

  • Michael Walters

    Favorite Hamilton watch in the movies? Would have to be the custom one they made for Stanley Kubrick for his classic 2001: A Space Odyssey.

  • DavidJGreenspun

    Love the Hamilton Ventura in Men In Black III.   The watched plays an important role in threading time throughout the story.  And it looks damn cool!

  • briciur

    like the watch, want the watch

  • ChrisMcPetrie

    My favourite example of a Hamilton in the movies is Liam Neeson’s Jazzmaster quartz in Taken 2, although I would have preferred a mechanical example.

  • MatthewHofbauer

    I’ll go with the iconic Ventura in Men In Black…

  • sobrnola

    I really like the Ventura in Men in Black, but this movie might just take its place, cant wait to see it

  • Bodensee

    Best ones for placements were 2001: A Space Odyessey and Pearl Harbor.

  • DG Cayse

    The Khaki Field Titanium Auto (ref H70575733)is definitely the watch I can use in all aspects – from tactical to practical.

  • Dharmik Mehta

    man i love this watch

  • Jmruppert300

    My favorite appearance of a Hamilton watch is definitely in “The Raid: Redemption”. The character, Rama, wears a Hamilton X-Mach. Several of the other characters wear Hamiltons as well. I would love to win this watch. Thank you for the opportunity to do so!

  • Fld_Khk_Atmtc

    I love this watch–I regularly wear the baseline version, but it is in the shop for repair now.

    Best movie appearance of a Hamilton has to be Indiana Jones hands down.

  • TerryN

    House MD and the Khaki King. Very noticeable and a cool watch  worn by Hugh Laurie. 
    I love Hamilton’s and my wife bought me a Hamilton Khaki Pilot Watch a few years ago for Christmas. It’s a large watch and I love the way the numbers display from 5 – 55 on the face of the dial and the exhibition back. The brown leather band with the double prong clasp is awesome. The long, sleek second hand with the arrow tip is really cool.

    I seriously looked at another this past Christmas but, alas, it wasn’t to be. Car repairs ended up being the Christmas present. That’s why I’d love to win this watch.

  • lonegoose

    An outstanding watch.  Gotta go with the classic “2001” appearance of the Hamilton watch as my all-time fave…

  • tce001

    My favorite movie appearance of a Hamilton watch would be the Jazzmaster in Taken 2, mainly because it’s the first time I stopped in a movie and said “Hey, that’s a Hamilton!”  when he looked at it the first time (yes, I’m new to watches).  I love this watch, a Hamilton Khaki Field watch is next on the list of watches to buy!

  • jtfremont

    My favorite is 2001: A Space Odyssey.

  • antipunk

    Blood Diamond was a really good movie, i think it featured the Khaki King

  • erikdy

    Definitely The Italian Job. One of my favorite movies of the last several years.

  • OregonReign

    Great watch. Own one Hamilton now and it’s an awesome watch!

  • lukeaub

    I have to go with the Hamilton Khaki Field Officer in Buried.

  • ptabatcher

    I’ll have to say Men in Black. While not a watch I would wear, it really fit the movie well.

  • RevereGriffin

    The Ventura in Men in Black. The iconic shape made it the perfect watch for the Men in Black Agency.

  • Stanley223

    Men in Black, Will Smith’s Ventura.  Still remember it from when I was a boy.  I was amazed to discover it was a real watch, not a prop they made for the film.

    Eastwood’s vintage Hamilton in Gran Torino was a nice touch, too.

  • JasonDunn

    All of the Hamiltons belonging to the astronauts in 2001: A Space Odyssey.  After that, I’ve seen Venturas a few times in MIB and recently on a TV show that I can’t remember now.

  • IamSpazzy

    Must also agree with the other posters who mentioned the Ventura in MiB. Being a kid at the time, I thought that watch was made for the movie and didn’t realize it was an iconic watch

  • rpsmith01

    I really like this Hamilton and it is a very reasonable price for a workhorse watch.  The first time I noticed a Hamilton on screen was watching House and I thought it was a perfect fit for the character.

  • M0m0

    My favorite Hamilton worn in a movie is the Hamilton X-Mach worn by kung fu actor Iko Uwais in Raid Redemption! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  • AndyBerr

    I remember seeing one in the “Cliffhanger” movie, always like seeing what kind of watches are worn in movies. The watch posted here is very nice! Clean and functional.

  • ilovesandwiches

    Titanium looks great.  Hamilton makes some really nice reasonably priced watches.  Men in Black was the only one I remember but that’s probably because I saw it a few months back.

  • estwest

    Men In Black,  Ventura

  • Kevinsod

    I have always enjoyed seeing Hamilton watches in movies and in everyday because of the history the brand has before becoming a Swatch brand. I really liked seeing Hamilton on Jessica Alba’s wrist (or invisible wrist) during Fantastic Four, cool special effects making the watch “float” and it was Jessica Alba…

  • Spaceguitar

    Not because I’m a Marky-Mark fan particularly (haha!) but his Hamilton in the Italian Job was nicely distracting. Is that what us watch nerds gravitate to, fixating on the timepiece instead of the plot? 🙂

  • Gassy

    Italian Job because it is also a great movie!

  • Puree Classee

    I think I most enjoyed Will Smith’s Ventura in Men in Black. I like the Venturas unique shape 🙂

  • DavidDrecktrah

    I really like Hamilton’s dedication to placement in movies. My favorite if I have to pick one is their work with the ‘Men in Black’ series.  I love the timeless Ventura in MIB!

  • gmtmin5

    I didn’t know there was one in Italian Job but interesting to find that out here.  I’ll have to go check it out this weekend, love that movie!

  • It was pretty cool to see the Hamilton Khaki X-Wind on Jean Claude Van Damme in JCVD. Hamilton has really had some great placement the past few years.

  • aloutside

    Hamilton Khaki Aviation Twilight from I am Legend – great film and great looking watch

  • Jimmy H

    2001: A Space Odyssey… love that movie, and Hamilton watch!!!

  • roachmotel

    Love the Hamilton’s in Men In Black.

  • Phillyfilm

    The Jazzmaster Auto Chrono that appears in several movies is an awesome watch. But I also really like the square-on-square design of Lloyd Chrono worn by Jessica Alba in the Fantastic Four movie.  They should make a men’s version!

  • Jttuck

    The one that stands out to me both because of its style as well as the role it plays in the move is the Ventura in Men In Black.

  • jid963

    Not sure about the movie, but the field watch looks great.

  • DCportraits

    I definitely like the use of the Hamilton Ventura in the MIB III movie. Such a futuristic looking watch with a vintage twist to it.

  • Without a doubt, it has to be 2001: A Space Odyssey.

  • dukdlx

    Hamilton watches have a special meaning to me. I am wearing my Dad’s 1937 Linwood in honor of what would have been his 95th birthday. I have 8 Hamiltons in my collection. Three are featured in movies, Ventura – MIB, Pulsar reissue – MIB II and Khaki Action Sunset – I Am Legend. The Khaki is my favorite.

  • RichardFrye

    My favorite is the classic Ventura model shown in MIB I. This is the first time that Hamilton watches made an impact and caught my attention.

  • rjanik

    Really like this model; in fact I almost bought it recently.
    Favorite movie appearance: the chrono worn by Jeffrey Wright’s Felix Leiter in “Quantum of Solace.”


    My favorite appearance of a Hamilton watch in a movie was in the 2010 film “Buried” starring Ryan Reynolds.  I noticed the watch while watching the film and said to myself that was a sharp watch and had to research more about it.  I believe he was wearing a HAMILTON OFFICER AUTO H70615733 WATCH.

  • shuellmi

    love the Ventura in MIB,  First time I ever really noticed a watch in a movie

  • JaggedB

    2001 and MIB are the two that immediately come to mind.  However, The Miracle at St. Anna was a pleasant surprise for me since I was watching it at 2 a.m. and out of nowhere there is a full screen shot of a Khaki Field for probably two seconds.

  • bartmanhi

    “Men in Black” is by favorite movie with a Hamilton watch, and titanium is my favorite case material.

  • angrypistols

    I like the overall simplicity of this watch and think that the placement of the black on black watch will highlight the “Black Ops” aspect in the new Shadow Recruit movie.

  • RaulJauregui

    I live in Philadelphia so what I love about Hamilton Watches is the history of their design and manufacture which reflects the company’s evolution from Lancaster County, the Amish farmland about 90 minutes west of Philadelphia, to Switzerland.  Definitely my favorite Hamiltons in film are those in MIB.

  • Shawnnny

    What a great watch and a great watch company. And what a great giveaway. Mine would be the Italian Job in 2003 with Mark Wahlberg wearing a Khaki Field Auto Chrono.

  • Awesome giveaway for a fine watch. I’d say the Hamilton Watch in “Men In Black” fit the aesthetic of the film well.

  • OmarB

    I love some hamilton watches and I really dislike others (the weird shape designs).  This watch is one that I really like – it has a victorinox swiss army look, very legible, and simple.  

    My favorite hamilton appearance was in 2001 a space odyssey.  They chose a design that matched the movie.

  • MarcoFranken

    First to mind is Elvis in Blue Hawaii with the Ventura

  • L_Harvey

    Really nices watches. Just as awesome as the Hamilton in men in black (but l
    A little less wearable in my own tasts) but it fits the style of MIB

  • cableman

    Great giveaway! My favorite appearance of Hamilton timepieces was in Man In Black, it was quite fitting…

  • batsone14

    I love the watch and since Kubrick is my favorite director my vote for best Hamilton in a movie is 2001: Space Odyssey. The watch was made for the film because the awesome director wanted a particular look. That says a lot about Hamilton and how unique and wonderfully they design a watch.

  • viking_dn

    My favorite Hamilton appearance would also have to be Men In Black. It actually made me want to get a Ventura.

  • GalileoComenge

    Great giveaway, my vote is form man in black

  • MID

    Phillyfilm Why would you want a men’s version of Jessica Alba?  I think the existing version is pretty good.

  • Phillyfilm

    MID Phillyfilm Ha!  Agreed–the existing version is quite excellent as is!

  • manivelle

    Too many watches.  Makes you wish you had 4 arms.  Or at least two left arms.  Okay, 3.  Which sort of goes along with my movie selection, the Ventura and Men in Black.

  • Evan59

    The Hamilton Khaki is a classic watch line- very legible and clean styling from a wonderful brand.  I must admit that the only time I have noticed a Hamilton in the movies was in MIB. Although the styling of the Ventura is not to my taste, it is a standout watch and fit well into the MIB franchise. I like the Khaki series and would certainly enjoy owning one.

  • jtambor

    MIB gets my vote.

  • NWP

    My favorite appearance of a Hamilton watch in a movie was the X-Wind which was instrumental to the survival of Will Smith’s character in the movie I Am Legend.This Hamilton Kahki Field Titanium Auto looks like it can star in a movie of its own, I like it!

  • istone

    I liked the Jazzmaster in Taken 2, a classic watch for a no nonsense guy.

  • JoshuaOgle

    Ah, Hamilton is my favorite. You can’t get better watches with ETA movements for less money, and you’ll generally end up paying a bunch more… As far as the movie thing goes, I’ll head off on a tnagent because everyone else is going with MIB, and say The Raid: Redemption. There’s a great shot of an X-Raid with the lead character’s sidearm on a table. Very iconic.

  • mikarvey

    The Hamilton Khaki series seems to be seriously making a mark in the industry. Movie placement is a subtle, yet effective method of enhancing the brand as stylish and desirable. Elvis Presley wore a Ventura – the groundbreaking electric – in several films. Probably “Blue Hawaii” would be the most notable.

  • Bob Sebastian

    I have longed for a Khaki X-Wind for a long time so Quantum of Solace where Felix Leiter sported an X-Wind with the brown strap (my favorite) wins out over I Am Legend where the X- Wind is black. For a historical reference I would pick the Ventura on Elvis’ wrist in Blue Hawaii.

  • KeithHauser

    I am a huge fan of the Khaki from MIB.  This is watch in the giveaway is one of the best looking watches to date.

  • eitan

    The Hamilton is one of those
    pieces I’d offer around: even though people are usually puzzled when I offer
    them a watch

  • GStuck

    I’d have to say “I am Legend” with Will Smith wearing the Khaki Aviation Twilight.

  • retrotex

    My favorite would be Ocean’s Eleven with George Clooney wearing a Linwood Viewmatic.

  • ledbettt

    Hamilton Ventura in Men in Black

  • amg_

    The MIB Ventura was such an icon.

  • acflynn

    I love the Khaki Navy GMT, with leather strap and oddball winder on the left – I think the late Paul Walker wore one in “Into the Blue”. His was white, but I would go with the Black/Gray face.

  • Pugsley

    Shame this is only open to US Residents, so i’m not valid. But my favourite Hamilton watch in a movie would have to be the Ventura in Men in Black, while i would not wear that type of watch myself it fitted perfectly with the style of the movie.

  • djhamilton

    Without doubt, the hamilton jazzmaster in taken 2. It’s a quartz, but still classy on Mr. News onas  he finding and killing people. Why folks continue to mess with this guy is beyond me.

  • nickyabelardo

    Nice watch, men in black

  • Jamsie

    don’t own a watch, yet I have had many, and too many to count so don’t get
    me wrong.  Each one held memories that were unique and special. 
    Before this explanation becomes tedious and folkie, I must confess I sold my
    last watch this month, a New Year 2014 it is.  I am naked now, no longer
    addicted and staring at others wrists every time I visit a coffee shop.  This was in due part to
    financial obligations and made good business sense.  I really don’t miss
    it, my life is different now, after buying the homestead which sits in front of
    95 acres of private/protected land my priorities have shifted.  I have
    started to enjoy some of my boyhood loves, knives in all sizes, a hand-made axe
    that I covet from Sweden.  Yet here I am, back on ABTW, I feel a little
    dirty.  I know I need something on my wrist that suites my new
    environment, nothing could be better than this Hamilton Khaki Field Titanium
    Automatic.  I am reminded of Hamilton watches every time I sit down to
    view the TV series Grimm.  Watches are prevalent in this show, seen on
    each character, and worse still we have Monroe, a major player in this fable
    who is a Wider Blutbad (That’s another story), sort of like a wolf, he’s a watch
    repairman!  And one of the Detectives, Hank he wears a sweet Hamilton
    watch every episode…So, think of me and I promise to wear this watch as it was
    meant to be, honest, I will.  My favorite time seeing a Hamilton watch in a movie, has to be Casino Royale, wait was there another watch in that movie?      

  • DavidRainey

    I like the Hamilton Jazzmaster Chrono in Fantastic Four, Rise of the Silver Surfer.

  • lomarti

    Don’t remember Hamilton watches in any movies, but I would like to win one.

  • hsamue14

    I absolutely love Hamilton watches! My favorite Hamilton in a movie will have to be the Khaki Aviation Twilight worn by Will Smith in I Am Legend. The watch fits the character and is a Hamilton I would enjoy wearing. The second and third favorites will have to be the Ventura and Digital Pulsar seen in Men in Black. Those watches look futuristic regardless of the time period. They get second and third place simply because I don’t see myself wearing them.

  • halfdodgy

    My favorite Hamilton watch film appearance: the watches worn by the astronauts in 2001: Space Odyssey–custom made for the film.

  • Jetman89

    I know it’s not original but I have to go with the Ventura in Men in Black.

  • HarpoMarx2

    Khaki Navy GMT in Spierman II is my favorite.

  • supremo007

    Hamilton – good quality watches at very reasonable prices, and really like the variety and product range.
    Ventura in MIB will be my pick.

  • vferrava

    Like that Hamilton is back thought. It made a nice Cameo in the last die hard film

  • berniesiao

    The Raid…Indonesian action movie.

  • Schmidty

    Ventura, Men in Black.

  • imbosile

    Great looking watch here. Ventura in Men in Black for sure. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • HeyBlinkin


  • skew

    I have the Hamilton Field Khaki.  It is a great watch for the price.  Ventura in Men in Black for sure.

  • Mcckevin

    It has to be the Khaki Navy in the Italian Job, though i really like the give away watch as well.

  • Austieb7

    Khaki Field Quartz worn by Ewan McGregor in Big Fish!
    Facebook: Austin Baroudi
    Thanks so much for the chance!


    Definitely the Ventura in MiB

  • Stephleu

    The Aviator – Dodson (worn by Alec Baldwin)

  • ihatedavid

    Oh yes. Always liked Hamis and have always wanted one. Hopefully the gods will look favorably upon me. The Ventura was an interesting choice for Men in Black movie. Great blog as usual, thanks for the chance.

  • CAA7273

    Awesome looking watch. Hamiltons are great watches.

  • Dovelivefyre

    Love the new Titanium, bet it’s really light!

  • penemio

          I loved the Hamilton Khaki that Sylvester Stallone wore in Cliffhanger

  • IvelisseWoods

    I am remembering the Lady Hamilton that Michelle Pfeiffer wore in the movie Hairspray

  • nils444

    What a great giveaway. The Hamilton Jazzmaster Auto Chrono worn by Ioan Gruffudd in “Fantastic Four and the rise of the silver surfer” was (and still is) absolutely stunning.

  • ScottCowher

    Great line of action watches.  This would be a great additional to any (hopefully mine) collection.  I’l need to research all of the movie’s the Hamis have been showcased in.

  • JYee

    The Hamilton Will Smith’s character wore in I Am Legend is definitely my favorite Hamilton in a movie…

  • chabusch

    Hamilton Lord in The Raid: Redemption. Unfortunately, the guy who wore that watch in that movie was a negative character. But the watch still looks great and the 7750 is a decent stock movement.  I agree that the X-Mach appearing in that movie has more appearance, but I need to wear my watches on bracelet, so I chose the second best.

  • watch_lova

    Love Hamiltons!

  • acknack56

    If its good enough for Jack its good enough for me.
    A Hamilton Khaki that Sylvester Stallone wore in Cliffhanger.

  • Draeger

    The appearance of Hamiltons khaki field in Abduction was my favorite.

  • skretter

    The Ventura in the Men in Black movies.  I like the original design better than the reimagining, but it was perfect in that movie.

  • Unfulfilledmind

    Ed Harris’ (Mitch) and the Hamilton Lloyd Chrono in National Treasure

  • dku081

    Love the watch. Love the Jack Ryan books. What’s not to like?

  • will7926

    I’ve been a fan of the Jack Ryan character for years.  A classy Hamilton watch is a natural fit.

  • browndog69

    Has to be the Pulsar P2 LED that Roger Moore wore in “Live and Let Die”.

  • fearlessleader

    I, too, love Clancy’s Jack Ryan series, and Hamiltons too.  So I like all of their product placements.  The Hamilton in this giveaway would look superb on my wrist… thanks.

  • manuelz

    The Ventura in MIB as so many have picked.

  • Princenymph

    Khaki Twilight worn by Will Smith’s character in I Am Legend.

  • ParesseuxDan

    Definitely Men In Black!

  • eitan

    This would be a great
    additional to any  collection specially to mine- Love any Hamilton

  • ehansen42

    Love this watch, particularly that it’s Ti.  My favorite Hamilton reference would have to be the X-Wind worn by Felix (CIA) in the recent 007 flicks.

  • GeekDad248

    have to go with the Hamilton  in ” I Am Legend ”  that Will Smith wore


    Cool watch! Looking forward to this movie! I really liked the Hamilton Khaki King worn by Jennifer Connelly in Blood Diamond.

  • FalconerInd

    Too lasy to check the 300+ comments before this one, but for me the biggest hamiton ever were on the big screen was in “2001: A Space Odyssey”

  • sph33r

    I’m also going to agree with the Hamilton worn by Will Smith in I Am Legend.

  • MaxFinnerty

    The Hamilton khaki field chrono auto (H71516137) in Killers is my favorite.  It’s my favorite watch I own, but other Hamiltons like the one in this giveaway are quite appealing.

  • jwall938

    Hands down the watch in Taken 2 (2012)! The Jazz Master is a classic watch that plays well in the movie. 

  • jruzbar

    The coolest had to be the one worn in the Men in Black, unique style.

  • CrystalRenee1

    I liked the one Will Smith wore in I Am Legend.

  • CJchristian

    I Am Legend hands down!

  • Beau9

    The movie Pearl Harbor starring Ben Afleck and Jason Hartley.

  • mule_variant

    The Men in Black appearance was my favorite. Perfect watch for that film.

  • DanielVelez

    My favorite Hamilton watch featured in a movie definitely has to be the Khaki X-Mach worn by Iko Uwais in Raid: The Redemption. Saw this movie on Netflix, and spotted it right away when there was a close up on it. I have played with the Hamilton X-Wind (I work at a Swatch Group boutique), and the X-Mach is definitely much more appealing to the eye. Although I would never use the pilot functions of it, it’s nice to know that real pilots use that watch.

  • victorarmd

    Love the Boulton worn by Steve Martin in Pink Panther

  • ywlow

    Love the Ventura XXL in MIB3 !!!!!

  • Kris C

    lol James Stacey promoting a contest for Americans only.

  • mspxavier

    Definitely the watch from Raid: The Redemption for me.

  • dspodium

    My favorite appearance of a Hamilton watch is the one in Am I Legend with Will Smith.

  • JeffJenkins

    I liked the Hamilton Khaki Navy worn by the late Paul Walker in “Into the Blue”.   It’s a beautiful watch.  It was hard to concentrate on the Hamilton though when Jessica Alba was also in the shot.

  • dmachaystack

    I also enjoyed the Hamilton Kahaki Navy worn by Paul Walker in “Into the Blue”. Great ETA movement and it featured a oyster bracelet and had an internal rotating bezel. This is kind of the watch that made me look at getting a dive watch as I was in the water all the time and I was just using a Casio at the time.

  • Leonardc12

    Hamilton Kahaki Navy – Into the Blue gets my vote.

  • majordesignmike

    Definitely got to go with Will Smith’s Hamilton in “I Am Legend”. Great stuff.

  • snowyseven

    2001: A Space odyssey introduced me to how cool watches could look

  • mattsh

    For Hollywood movies, it would be the Khaki Field Automatic Chrono from the Italian Job.  But for the best action film that featured a Hamilton, you have to go with Rama’s X-Mach in Raid:Redemption.

  • Morteza Alavizadeh

    I’d go with anything Dr. House is wearing. He is THE man 😉

  • uhrinc

    Favorite Hamilton appearance is the Hamilton Khaki Officer Automatic Ryan Reynolds wears in buried.

  • johnDo

    Favorite movie: the Hamilton from Men in Black.

  • shovey28

    The love the simplicity and classic rugged military style of the the Khaki Field Titanium. It’s cameo in Shadow Recuit comes full circle to my favortite movie, and Hamilton’s first… Frogmen from 1951.

  • NoleenELT

    I would have to say the Ventura in Men in Black! Classic Elvis style!

  • Spader05

    The Jazz Master in Taken 2. classic, classic, classic!

  • Rotorblade

    Khaki BelowZero from Predators. Great watch. Meh movie.

  • Gamer35

    I first saw Hamilton watch in the movie “I am Legend” and been observing their watches. I should say, they do come up with some interesting design and features like the watch in MIB3. It would be an absolute pleasure to own one 🙂

  • bentodicarmo

    Nice, love the all black finish!

  • jkg263

    Love the Hamilton’s. I really like the Ventura series, as seen in the original Men In Black (MIB). I picked up a collectors edition Hamilton Digital watch from the MIB II movie and love it.

  • nicobees

    I’d have to say Hamilton’s appearance in Buried is the best! Rugged and classy!

  • bikeohio

    Beautiful, simple watch! Would love to own this watch! My favorite spotting of a Hamilton timepiece is the one Jessica Alba wears in the Fantastic Four. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • ToddScarbrough

    I became aware of Hamilton watches via the ‘Men in Black,’ too.

  • coskvig

    I like the dark case, dark dial of the black Khaki Field Titanium.  Easy to read and clean design.  Big Fan.  The Hamilton Officer worn by Ryan Reynolds in “Buried” plays a major role in creating suspense.

  • coffstuff

    I loved the Hamilton Khaki on Paul Hackett in “After Hours”. Scorsese nailed that one. I’ve always been a fan of 24 hour watches anyways. They’re different for the regular fair.

  • torbotek

    This is a very snappy and sharp watch! I love the black on black look of this watch. I have been looking for a watch like this (Luminox) but would love to sport this watch instead. I love American made watches and even if the Hamilton is now owned by Swatch, i still covet it because of the history and the name.

  • treefroga1

    Ryan Reynolds in Buried.

  • chaotictheorist

    One of my favorites would be Liam Neeson in Taken 2. You get to see the Jazzmaster  multiple times because his character is very precise when it comes to time. The watch wasn’t over the top for his charater either.

  • gfraser7

    The hamilton Ryan Reynolds wears in Buried was my first chance spotting of one in a movie and still my favorite.

  • hamiltonwinner2014

    Cliffhanger: sylvester stallone wore a hamilton Khaki timepiece.

  • JamesRTR

    James Bond always has great watches, but Quantum of Solace has two Hamilton watches, a Kahki Field and a Kahki X-Wind.

  • bryanz1

    Ocean’s Eleven… Clooney

  • ianm506

    There’s a Hamilton nice broad arrow in Force 10 from Navarone.  That classic gets my vote.

  • JJLrk

    The Khaki Chrono Wahlberg wears in The Italian Job – but the Khaki Field on offer here probably knocks that one off its perch.

  • bomicuw

    mib, not bad

  • jhronafalvy

    The Italian Job.

  • benner23

    In Taken 2. And in the Tv show Scandal

  • tsukasa36

    Hamilton Jazzmaster on taken 2.  nice watch.

  • Stokpot

    MIB and Taken2

  • Patmore83

    It was great seeing a Hamilton Aviation Twilight on Will Smith’s wrist in I Am Legend. A good watch to have during a zombie apocalypse. 

    Totally love the selection of watches for Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit.

  • nas2250

    The Italian Job

  • loueichjr

    Not a movie, but a TV show.  The Hamilton Ventura in Mad Men worn by Ken Cosgrove.  Love the watch and the show.

  • BJS314

    an understated black watch is always a welcome addition to the collection. works great for weekends and business casual moments when you want your manly active side to show through. :-p

  • DoMo2117

    Men In Black Ventura.

  • DG Cayse

    This is my type of watch. Old time Hamilton fan. I was glad to the the Ventura in Men in Black.
    Stylish and fashion forward…still.

  • peetee3

    First off, I like Hamilton watches.  you have to search to get beyond the main stream lines, but they make some pretty interesting special and limited editions.  The Sub-zero, Route 66, Ventura XXL, x-Mach and Action Code are some of my favorites.  If you have not seen them, check them out.

    For the movies, coolest Hamilton placement has to be 2005 – Fantastic 4.  Jessica Alba is the invisible woman and happens to check out the time while going invisible showcasing her Hamilton Lloyd Chronograph nicely.  But then again, what DOSEN’T look good on Jessica Alba?

  • c2future4u

    The perfect tactical watch – i see that “Hamilton”‘s designers made this watch with the U.S. Armed forces requirements in mind: readable arabic numerals, 24-hour dial, nice lume and even: the G.I.’s luxury – a date! This timepiece is good looking and most importantly – practical. The fact that the case is titanium makes it even more object of desire!

  • dkbjr333

    I have to the most memorable one for me was the Ventura in MIB. I also liked the one in 007 with the khaki xwind. I have wanted a hamilton for some time now and almost putchased one this past xmas but couldn’t quite swing it past the wife.

  • jewebb47

    Taken 2, can’t say that the movie was everything I hoped for, but at least the Jazzmaster gave it some redeeming quality!

  • VMW

    Not a movie but love the Khaki King that Hugh Laurie wears in House. Also a big fan of the Ventura from Men In Black.

  • Hard not to love the legibility of these time pieces. Love the product placement in Fantastic 4.

  • bmferreira

    Blue Hawaii, the movie made when Hamilton introduced the world’s first

  • stevej2001

    I’m afraid I’ve not noticed Hamiltons in movies, but I rarely watch them. I do admire this watch, however.

  • sbaitinger

    I would like a new Hamilton. 🙂

  • mhammer2

    Hamilton looked great in MIB

  • drunkensky

    Definitely Quantum of Solace

  • rbarlow16

    i’m a big fan of the jazzmaster chronograph.  loved its sick cameo in fantastic 4: rise of the silver surfer.  however, the khaki field titanium is pretty sweet too.

  • Rsquire

    Hamilton Officer in Buried. That movie was an anxiety attack.

  • Hmckjr1225

    Laz Alonzo in the Spike Lee Joint “The Miracle at St. Anna”

  • sjg

    Has to be Men In Black!

  • mgluck

    Too many good ones to pick from!!! Great watches all around.

  • rainman333

    After watching the brilliant thrill ride that was Buried, I would have to say the Hamilton placement in that film was superb. But one cannot forget about I Am Legend, and the Khaki Chronograph Will Smith had strapped to his wrist. Both fantastic movies with fantastic watches.

  • BlakeSchmitt

    There is no question, MIB (Men in Black) was the best appearance! And while not a movie, in the TV show Dexter, Angel Batista wears the same Ventura. Pretty awesome.

  • nickweiss

    This watch looks amazing…I would love to win it because it be great to have a watch that I can tell a story about, a story of how I won it from ABTW…The best appearance of a hamilton watch would have to be in the fantastic four movies because both of them included beautiful Hamilton watches.

  • RobertCreamer

    I saw the movie last night the Hamilton watch looks great. Iwould love to win.  Great article.

  • Ahershner

    I’m very much in the Men In Black camp. I think the Ventura was easily the most distinctive Hamilton shape, and stands out from a good distance off. At this point, it’s both retro and yet still the look of the future, so perfect for MIB.

  • stereoblue

    Wow! That’s a beaut!

  • jrl95608

    Like Rsquire, I liked the Hamilton in Buried. I always look for the watches the actors are wearing. Thanks for this contest ABTW! Hope I win!

  • scottasavage

    I really love the Khaki Field Titanium – been considering a Khaki for a while, and the black on black is really, really nice. Hard to resist!

  • I love the Khaki Field, and this titanium is just such good looking.

    Favorite movie with Hamilton; has to be The General’s Daughter, Travolta wearing his Khaki Field Chronograph. Not a particularly good movie, but it did start my Hamilton love.

  • humphl

    I am legend. Perfectly utilitarian.

  • EdLingenfelter

    I think Hamilton makes great watches. I would love the win the Hamilton Field Titanium Auto Watch. The movie is on my to watch list.

  • thefortitude

    The Hamilton Ventura in Men In Black is my favorite. I hope I win.

  • engineerwatchfiend

    I’m showing my age, but growing up I was a big Elvis fan. The Ventura he wore in Blue Hawaii was the watch I ever took note of on the screen. I love the history of Hamilton watches and the addition of this Khaki Field Titanium is great next step.

  • jaemo

    The most memorable movie with a Hamilton has to be Men in Black… Great film classy style…

  • aquatium

    I’ve slow

  • aquatium

    lie slowly become a fan of Hamilton watches and been surprised how many appear in movies but recently I would have to say the Hamilton X-Mach in the movie The Raid Redemption.

  • tokcho

    Men in Black takes the prize for me.

  • Obone76

    Samuel L Jackson in SWAT da da dahhhhh da da dahhhhhh da da dahhhhhh da da dahhhhhh da da da!

  • Animal Mother

    Hamilton Ventura in Men In Black is the most memorable.

  • wbulldog

    Just finished seeing the movie ” Jack Ryan, shadow recruit” had to look up the watch on my smart phone ASAP…….extremely classy watches…..I hope I canhave one one day soon….

  • tokugowa

    I say the Hamilton watch on Invisible Girl in Fantastic Four is very nice plus being invisible means we can really admire the watch.

  • Gmaker202

    The Hamilton showcased in 2001: A Space Odyssey

  • aryanmilkshake

    Hamilton is my fav watch brand <3

  • cryan

    George Clooney in Ocean’s Eleven

  • expatbrit

    Will Smith in I Am legend. Great movie, great watch.

  • jwc

    Men in Black has one of the most unique Hamilton watches, but the understated appearance of one on Maddie Bowen (Jennifer Connelly) in Blood Diamond was a nice touch of a quality timepiece on a person working to make the world a bit better. Jack Ryan’s watch in Shadow Recruit is also fantastic and the reason that I ended up on this site.

  • ilia

    Taken 2. Hamilton jazzmaster viewmatic though the Hamilton logo was removed.

  • billjones270

    Men in Black!

  • D S Vilhena

    The Hamilton from 2001 – Space Odissey. i even have a close-up shot of the featured watch taken on a visit to a Kubrick’s exhibition.

  • anishdantale

    I am Legend. The watch for the Post apocalyptic timekeeping.

  • Artem P

    Hi there, talking about Hamilton in moves the first thing comes to mind is Hamilton Ventura in Man in Black III (which was actually covered on this web site here:

    So hoping to win another one for myself 🙂

  • briarsmoke

    My favorite Hamilton watch that appeared in a movie is the Jazzmaster that Liam Neeson wore in Taken 2. Very classy watch.

  • Eyfz

    My favorite Hamilton watch that appeared in a movie is the Khaki III in the Movie Nutty Professor II (2000).
    The movie is great and really funny and the watch is even greater!

  • larrybarry

    I’m not too familiar with the brand, but I believe a friend pointed out one to me in the movie taken 2 on the wrist of Liam Neeson.
    I don’t know if I would be able to recognize a hamilton out of nowhere. I haven’t really looked into getting one yet.

  • I’m a fan of Hamilton. Although American in past heritage only, I do like the fact it reminds people that the USA once was a world leader in timepiece manufacture. I really like the Khaki line. Their simple three handed field pieces with natural straps, look and feel like the perfect warm weather watch. I almost picked up the Harrison Ford version the other day, but I’m saving my coin for a grail. The watch in this giveaway would certainly be given ample wrist time.
    As for the most favorite appearance of a Hamilton watch, I would have to say the Hamilton Ventura in “Men in Black”. The style matches the style direction of the movie, especially the fanciful weapons.

  • BigMikeATL

    I love the classic Hamilton watches… especially the Ventura that Will Smith rocked in Men in Black and the military field watch that made an appearance in Force 10 from Navarrone.

  • SkiBumGolfer

    This is a solid field watch.  Looks super durable with the Cordura strap, and it’s a nice simple style that will go with anything except formal apparel.  Would love to win it, as I’ve never sported a Hamilton before!
    As for my favorite Hamilton in a movie, I quite like the Jazzmaster that Bryan Mills aka Liam Neeson rocks in Taken/Taken II.  Also (of course) a fan of the Ventura appearing in the Men in Black series.  That watch seems both futuristic and retro at the same time, which somehow fits the MIB aesthetic really well.

  • moe1995

    wow that’s an amazing timepiece, but it still doesn’t live up to the my all time favorite Hamilton watch featured in a movie. My favorite has to be the Khaki Aviation Twilight that Will smith wore in I am Legend. Great actor, great movie, great watch!!

  • bentleyspotter

    My favorite appearance of a Hamilton watch in a movie was in Taken 2.  How could you not like Taken, they just make you want to be a cool dad.  

    Personally, my dad always told me that his dad always wore Hamiltons and to this day they have a special place in my heart (He wore them in the 40’s through 90’s).

    Ps: I’d look like a badass with that dark watch saving my daughter in a few years.

  • skee

    That is a nice watch, and it looked good on Jack Ryans wrist in the new thriller Shadow Recruit. I have always liked Hamilton watches , they are Stylish, functional , and rugged ..

  • Jecopo

    I think the ti is a great looking watch. I think that for all of appearances of Hamiltons over the years, I most enjoyed the MIB version. Fun watch, fit well with the movie. Well integrated not just haphazard product placement.

  • Copelandphotographer

    My favorite appearance would be The Italian Job. Marks khaki field chrono fits his charactrer well. This watch looks amazing!!

  • richarmstrong75

    Just saw Jack Ryan Show Recruit. The Hamilton watch he wore looked great. Very practical and uber-stylish.

  • idpassr

    I thought the Hamilton looked pretty good in Zulu

  • ripshop

    My favorite was in Taken 2…well..because…Liam kicks some ace.

  • 1983christopher

    I’d have to say Gregory House from the “House” sitcom would be my favorite. So much so That i Purchased that watch.

  • Mddb83

    Chris Pine did an excellent job as the latest iteration of Jack Ryan. I thought the Hamilton was a good, practical choice for his role in Shadow Recruit.

  • hyperaesthetic

    I liked will Smith character in “I am legend” wearing Hamilton Khaki Aviation Twilight.

  • BertieWooster123

    The hamilton titanium looks good. My favorite hamilton movie appearance is Mark Wahlberg’s kakhi in the Italian Job.

  • hamauto72

    I am a huge fan of the movie Big Fish. There is a plane jump scene when a Hamilton Khaki Field makes an appearance. Although, the watch model appears to be about 60 years too early for the period in the film. Great movie and a wonderful watch.

  • Maikkeli

    I am actually a big fan of Hamilton watches, the bang for buck is just right. This one has a very nice carbon-ish look. The best Hamilton feature, though, is on MIB.

  • marko13

    My personal favorite is the one worn by Paul Walker in “Into the blue”. However the Khaki Field Titanium Automatic might just be at the top of my list after seeing Jack Ryan Shadow recruit… I did google it straight after the film after all. Nice placement for a beautiful timepiece guys!

  • usmc53

    I own and use military watches and the Hamilton watch has history with the military.  The Hamilton Kahki here is a beautiful watch, a case of form following function.  As far as movies with Hamilton watch in it:  2001 A Space Odyssey is the movie where  a Hamilton watch struck a cord with me.  A look at the future, that I am old enough to remember that we all thought would be (space travel) and the watch was a part of that future.

  • fuzzysquid

    Gotta be the Ventura in ‘Men In Black’ !

  • scottorsborn

    I hope I’m not going too far back, but I’m a big fan of the Ventura that Elvis wore. I’m not sure that it was featured in Blue Hawaii, but I’m pretty sure he wore it around the set.

  • giosdad

    What a great watch the Ti Field Watch is for any collection. I look forward to trying one on. As far as movie’s you can beat how great the Venture looked on Elvis and in Men In Black. Ahead of it’s time in design but always a great design any time I see it.

  • nickweiss

    Wow this is an amazing Hamilton watch… IT is simple and yet so beautiful… I really hope I win this watch because it would be great to have a watch you can attach a story to… My favorite appearance of Hamilton watches in film would have to be in the Fantastic Four movies because they’re my favorite hero movies.

  • runner2climber

    I have been on more of a vintage kick lately, but if I were going to go with something more modern, this is a very nice looking watch. My favorite appearance of a Hamilton would have to me the one House M.D. wears for a number of seasons.

  • UofASouthpaw

    I’ve been shopping for an everyday watch, particularly a field watch, since my cheap quartz everyday watch died late last year.  This Hamilton Khaki Field would fit the bill perfectly!  As for on-screen Hamilton appearances,  the Khaki Field that Wahlberg wears in The Italian Job really stood out to me.  You don’t normally think of crooks (yes, he was “the good guy”, but he was still a crook) as having the sophisticated taste to be wearing a mechanical watch.

  • JeffPhillips

    I can’t say what my favorite movie appearance of a Hamilton is since I’ve only just started noticing watches in film and TV, but I will say my favorite “appearance” of a Hamilton watch is when my grandfather gave me his 1940 Hamilton pocket watch – it’s beautiful and still functions perfectly. I’d love to have a new one to complement my two older ones.

  • robrm07

    Great giveaway – I own a Hamilton Navy Frogman Automatic Chronograph and it’s been a great everyday watch for me…. Personally, I like the watch in Buried – the Officer, I believe..

  • neilpat

    Must be 2001: Space Odyssey where they had custom hamiltons I think

  • cmish

    I’m liking the jack ryan shadow recruit hamilton cameo.

  • Skibummer011

    My favorite Hamilton in a movie is the one worn in 2001: A Space Odyssey. It was commissioned by Stanley Kubrick for the film, and later produced off as an actual product by Hamilton.

  • darrenlivefyre

    My favorite appearance of a Hamilton would be the Pulsar in Live And Let Die because it’s also my first memory and favorite appearance of the Rolex Submariner.

  • incontrol

    My favorite Hamilton watch movie moment is definitely in Men in Black. I love that watches triangular shape!

  • Aaronparker

    Finally a titanium watch from Hamilton. Love the simple features and easy to read numbers, makes it nicer to teach my twin 3 year old boys how to tell time on an analog watch as this is a requirement in the first grade. They both like the black one.
    As for movie watches I like the Khaki BELOWZERO worn by Adrian Brody in Predators. A watch built to stand up to anything.

  • deepsilver

    My favorite Hamilton watch in a movie is Liam Neeson wearing Hamilton Jazzmaster in Taken 2.

  • lesnichei

    I have to say…Men in Black.

  • r_s_g

    Some nice pieces! I liked Will Smith’s Hamilton in I Am Legend–very useful.

  • Bruinjuly

    I actually just watched the Jack Ryan Film last night and I enjoyed it in a silly 90s action movie kind of way that many reviewers found it to be. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the Hamilton placement in the movie. The quick wrist shot of by Ryan was fun. I actually enjoyed that shot more than the billboard in the background in Moscow. Sure it was more in your face but it served the story and works for Ryan’s character.

  • brainwise

    Can’t go wrong with the Hamilton Ventura in MEN IN BLACK!

  • omrivm

    My favorite Hamilton watch movie is in Men in Black

  • orzano12

    Hamilton Ventura Men in Black

  • mdiesel

    Love the black tactical strap.  I approve of more manufaturers using canvas, NATO and other similar straps as they are very comfortable and look cool.  

    Gotta be a Hamilton that Elvis wore though………he’s way cooler than any of these young whippersnappers.

  • MarkFD

    Jazzmaster Chrono in Silver Surfer.

  • drunkos

    Liam Neeson’s Jazzmaster in Taken 2 was absolutely awesome. But the Aviation Flight Timer might take its sport. Gorgeous

  • Mojohand1

    I really liked the styling of the Hamilton watch in “Men In Black”.

  • scoopster42

    There’s nothing so iconic as the Hamilton Ventura. I can not imagine that the watch dates so far back and yet in Men in Black it looked futuristic. So that why it’s my favorite.

  • goldbison

    My favorite is the Hamilton Ventura worn by Elvis in “Blue Hawaii.” Elvis had a one-of-a-kind style, which was evident in his choice of watch.

  • schepera2

    I think I’d have to go w/ this watch right here.  It’s beautiful, and very cool to see in the movie.

  • bssc

    cool looking watch would make for a great casual time piece

  • jswing

    Favorite movie appearance was Jessica Alba in Fantastic Four. I have my dad’s 51 Hamilton Craig, would love to add a modern one.

  • JasonC74

    Very nice giveaway.  I currently own a Hamilton and have owned a couple more and they’re great watches.  I love the movie The Raid and the X-Mach appearing in it was a nice little bonus.

  • fbd223

    hamilton makes great watches for the money… they favorite hamilton on screen isn’t a movie but a tv show was house wearing a khaki king

  • McWatchOut

    I really like the design of this watch and can’t wait to see the movie.  My favorite appearance of a Hamilton in a movie is the ever classic Jazzmaster worn by Liam Neeson in Taken 2.

  • Docwein

    Just saw the movie, wish this watch had GPS too.

  • csfly

    After reading every Ryan-verse book I was looking forward to taking my Great-Uncle to see Shadow Recruit in iMax.  We had a great time!  I would have to say my favorite Hamilton appearance in a movie would have to be in “Tin Cup” worn by Renne Russo.

  • Docwein

    I like the one Ben Affleck wore in Pearl Harbor. Great green canvas strap.

  • JackJackWatch

    I like the design of the watch in The Fantastic Four. I like Hamilton’s line of watches. They always have a nice clean, classic look.

  • graham3

    Venturas Men in Black, the original in “97.

    Cool watch.

  • jayswia

    I would have to go with men in blackmail. Handsome watch

  • bcorneliusen

    A Khaki Field Chronograph  worn by John Travolta in The General’s Daughter. Nice giveaway!!

  • rawfishandbeer

    Gotta go with Men In Black 🙂

  • brod

    The Hamilton Khaki Ex Patrol Automatic worn by Jack Mclane in “A Good Die to Die Hard” is an awesome looking piece.

  • eclavoie

    Loved the new Jack Ryan movie. I think Hamilton had a very similar, if not the same, model in The General’s daughter.

  • ajamesg

    It’s got to be Live and Let Die. If it’s good enough for Bond, Hamilton is good enough for anyone! He wears a magnetic Hamilton Pulsar I think.

  • Burb29

    Huge fan of Hamilton and Jack Ryan movies. Great choice by the filmmakers. It’s a very sharp looking watch!!

  • Redline2007

    I’d have to go with Blue Hawaii and the “Electric 500” Ventura on the wrist of Elvis Presley.. I appreciate the long US history of Hamilton, even though they are now rolled into Swatch. Their older pieces have held value as well as any US based brand.

  • jsilver02

    I am a huge Clancy and American history fan so the Hamilton watch in the new Jack Ryan: Shadow recruit movie looks awesome and right up my alley.  I like the simplicity of the black one.

  • canoz

    Awesome Watch!!

  • comet675

    I have to check out this cool Hamilton Khaki in the new Jack Ryan movie!!

  • Ronkat

    I like the look of the over all piece. Simple and clean looking, hands are long enough the type face is attractive and looks both historic as well as modern.

  • wbryce

    This watch rocks!!

  • embedded_Tom

    Love the simplicity of this watch! 
    As for my favorite Hamilton appearance in a movie? I didn’t know it was a Hamilton until a friend told me: A Beautiful Mind.

  • llouie68

    Very nice looking watch, clean and simple design yet rugged looking at the same time.
    I have to say Agent J’s Ventura in Men in Black.

  • johnnyx5

    A beautiful watch.  Hope to get it for my father.  My favorite Hamilton appearance in a movie is The Raid.

  • L8foregolf

    Nice watch, very classy yet modern….must say the movie DareDevil with Ben when everyone hated on him, was a good movie placement of a Hamilton watch.

  • Kryoclasm

    Cool watch, I have only noticed Hamilton watches in Jack Ryan and the MIB movies.

  • Jamland

    My favorite Hamilton movie scene is when John “Bluto” Blutarsky (John Belushi) checks his watch in the Death Mobile in Animal House. Love Hamilton!

  • jgun1

    Nice watch! Especially the black version. For product placement, I would choose Men In Black.

  • spedmonkey

    Gotta second the Men In Black mentions here. One of the most distinctive and noticeable watches in movies I can remember.

  • Jackmoo

    The Raid was my favourite with a Hamilton. Have seen they are making a second film too.

  • Zundfolge

    The MIB Ventura is my movie fav. Love the jet age style.

  • Hank429

    Adrian Brody in Predators.  The Khaki BeLOWZERO model looked great with the rest of his gear.  The watch looked rugged and reliable.

  • jackunver

    I have to say that I really liked the Men in Black Ventura model myself although I don’t know that I would wear it myself. I prefer their more conservative styles. Hamilton watches have been passed through my wife’s family as well as my own.

  • Scoottss

    Has to be MIB..

  • skovi

    The Hamilton Khaki ETO on Die Hard is awesome!

  • SusieKing

    My favorite was Chris Pine in the movie Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit.  Thanks for the opportunity.

  • patrickpem

    My favorite appearance of a Hamilton in a movie has to be where Ashton Kutcher wears the Khaki Field King Scuba Chronograph Quartz. You really have to look closely to be able to see it in the film. Love how he’s actually using it for diving!

  • bodungan

    I liked the Khaki King worn by Tommy Lee Jones in the “U.S. Marshalls.”

  • jumbopain

    My favorite of a Hamilton watch in a movie has to be the Khaki Field Titanium in Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

  • lambynguyen

    my favorite hamilton watch is the one Greg House wears AFTER he switched from Casio. i became obsessed with it after the change. not a movie, but definitely my favorite.

  • dlongeuay

    Love the khaki field watch.  its a great everyday timepiece.  My favorite in film has to be the Ventura in Men In Black though.

  • macheesy

    Just saw the movie and its definitely the Khaki Field Titanium in Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

  • banand

    Good movie, love the khaki field titanium…nicest watch I have seen in a movie lately.

  • dino721

    MIB Ventura

  • Greenc76

    Not seen your watches in a movie before, love the look of the khaki titanium will be adding it to my want list.

  • justwatchme

    That Khaki Titanium in Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit is probably the coolest looking Hamilton I’ve seen in a film.

  • AndreaBanfi

    Like best aviation flight timer worn by Kevin Costner in Jack Ryan:Shadow r


    Hamilton are great watches with cool styles and great prices. My favorite Hamilton appearance is the Ventura XXL worn in Men In Black.

  • bleenhe1

    Liam Neeson’s Hamilton Jazzmaster in Taken 2.  So awesome. Thanks for the chance to winl

  • Kav

    Hamilton Khaki X-Patrol Automatic Chronograph in a good day to die hard. Gotta love it.

  • mikeormoe

    The only Hamilton I have really noticed in a movie is the Ventura in Men in Black, but it is honestly not one of my favorites.  I do, however, love the Khaki Field Titanium in the review.  I really really want to own it.

  • Tazzdad

    I’ve got to go with the Hamilton in Men in Black.

  • tcc956

    Hamilton Khaki Navy UTC in the Sweeney. Hamilton is next on my way up the watch ladder. Would love to win one

  • austin_coward

    This watch is absolutely beautiful. The first watch I really recognized in a movie was Will Smith’s Hamilton Khaki Aviation Twilight in ‘I Am Legend’. I could not get over how great the watch looked without being focused on, and that’s what started my watch craze!

  • Nicja

    The Jazzmaster Open Secret worn by Ashton Kutcher in Kiss & Kill, just plain beautiful.

  • uptownsf

    The Hamilton Khaki Automatic in Abduction, simple clean and luxurious. I’m new to watches, but I’m a big fan of this brand.

  • timmyj01

    I really like seeing the Hamiltons in Men in Black.  They’re just such great watches.

  • stamo25

    Love the Hamilton watch in Men in Black.

  • sfrankiel

    My favorite Hamilton was in Taken 2, the Hamilton Jazzmaster has such a classic great look.

  • wfh47

    I gotta go with the Ventura Elvis wore in Blue Hawaii. So distinctive. Plus… Elvis!

  • T_Allergy

    I do believe that Chris Pine owned the
    Khaki field Titanium watch in this movie and it wins my fav Hamilton
    watch appearance.

  • chief771

    I just watched Jack Ryan:Shadow Recruit and this continues the great tradition of the Jack Ryan series.  Also, the Hamilton Khaki Field Titanium Watch looks great in this movie! Thx

  • anicewinter

    My favorite Hamilton in a movie would have to be the Ventura XXL in the men in black series.

  • egznyc

    Cliffhanger was a surprisingly good movie, and who doesn’t have a soft
    spot for a Stallone action adventure film that doesn’t involve boxing or
    war games?  In this film, he’s a mountain climbing adventurer, who has
    fight off John Lithgow as a brilliant
    villain while braving the cold, snowy high-altitude environment.  So
    what could be better than a rugged Hamilton Khaki watch for such an

  • jkjoller

    Hamilton makes some nice watches for the price range. My favorite is the khaki chrono 39mm worn by travolta. I also like the Ventura series in Men in Back.

  • mikeburdine

    I like the Khaki Field Titanium in the Jack Ryan movie. It is a great story and a great watch. Thanks for the chance to win one.

  • KeithNagel

    The Khaki King Chronometer Ryan Reynolds wore in Green Lantern.  Thanks!

  • earek1

    Love the Khaki Field Titanium in Jack Ryan.  Titanium & automatic . . . awesome combo.

  • KwekJooChuan

    It has to be the Ventura in MIB.  The most iconic Hamilton watch imo.

  • Antonis46

    On fantastic four .. Hamilton Lloyd Chronograph worn by Sue Storm, or the one in Fantastic four rise if the silver surfer. Hamilton Jazzmaster Chronograph worn by Reed Richards

  • AdamLang

    My favorite appearance of a Hamilton watch in a move is “Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit”. I must admit, I’m new to watches and wasn’t aware of Hamilton until I saw this post. I”ve been looking for a good all black watch and the one in the lead picture looks bad ass so I dragged my wife along with me tonight to see Shadow Recruit just so I’d have a chance to enter. I’m guessing the real one doesn’t have a ping button to send the GPS location like in the movie? lol.

  • ryanpmcau

    The Ventura in the Men in Black film series.

  • My favorite on-screen appearances of Hamilton watches (too hard to choose only one) would probably have to be the Jazzmaster Automatic Chronograph from ‘Fantastic 4 – Rise of the Silver Surfer’, the Khaki BeLOWZERO from ‘Predators’, the Khaki Aviation Twilight from ‘I Am Legend’ and the Khaki Navy GMT from ‘Into The Blue’.

  • LanyeeOh

    Love PVD black, so the Khaki Field Titanium Auto in Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit is my favorite
    (Which I failed to mention in my previous post)

  • frostymalts

    Hamilton Jazzmaster in Taken 2.

  • sarkasha

    The nicest Hamilton in movies is by far the Hamilton Khaki X-Patrol Automatic Chronograph in that Jack McCain wore.

  • Nicolas_Rieussec

    I’m not a Facebook member and never will be. Can’t there be an alternative so I can enter this giveaway? I’m not going to join Facebook just to win this watch. Thanks.

  • BJS314

    Can’t say for sure what my favorite appearance of a Hamilton watch is in a movie, but this post really drives home the diversity in their lineup. They have made a variety of watches and executed most very well. I’d be stoked to own this beauty.

  • ffeingol

    It has to be Elvis Presley in Blue Hawaii.  This watch is really nice looking.  I don’t expect to win, but it would be nice.

  • My favorite appearance of a Hamilton watch in the movies is the
    Ardmore that Matt Damon’s character wears in “The Talented Mr. Ripley”.
    That’s a classis watch for a period piece.  I love that Hamilton is back
    at the forefront of contemporary watch design given their history as a great
    American watchmaker. I would love to win this Khaki, it’s beautiful…thank you
    for the giveaway contest!

  • BK1017

    Khaki Aviation Twilight from ‘I Am Legend’. Interestingly, he would be considered the “Omega Man” in the movie. /pun.

  • MajorCapsFan

    Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer – The always classy Hamilton Jazzmaster Chronograph

  • Uncle Phil

    Titanium and 42mm, perfect combination imho. I thought the futuristic Hamilton Ventura that Will Smith wore in MIB was the perfect choice for his character.

    Thanks for the blog.

  • I would have to say the jazz master in taken two. I always love Hamilton watches they have such unique DNA and they are affordable. jazz master line is my favorite line they have.

  • ArturoMarchand

    I know that Hamilton has featured watches on a bunch of movies.  I purchased my first (and still my favorite) because of Dr. Richards Jazzmaster in “Rise of the Silver Surfer.”

  • mollesonder

    Sweet watch. Would love to own it.

  • luvmywatches

    John Travolta wore a Hamilton Khaki Field Chrono in, The General’s Daughter.” The brown band with the black watch face are a nice combination and are one of my favorites because it can coordinate with just about any clothing accessories, belt, shoes, etc.
    If I win the Khaki Field Titanium, I will be the envy of everyone on the police firing range.

  • aleximd2000

    my favourite hamilton appearance is in the movie Guns of Navarone 2 where Harrison Ford has one. It resembles with that made by GP mimo for the wehrmacht. I would like to have one but on ebay I thing many times the bids are fixed!

  • Andrew O

    Hamilton is definitely getting better lately…

  • giga_gg

    Liam neeson wore Hamilton jazzmaster in Taken 2 movie! Elegant as Vampire…!

  • Bundeta

    The Ventura in Men In Black!

  • euphscott

    I like this Titanium Hamilton. It’s really sharp!

  • joeprez

    One of my favorite models is the Hamilton Khaki X-Patrol worn by John McClane’s son on A Good Day To Die Hard. I really like the Khaki line, classic watch with good looks.

  • rlee0809

    Fave Hamilton in a movie would have to be the Hamilton Khaki Navy in “Into The Blue”

  • Tube607

    Great looking Hamilton, i would have to say the best hamilton watch spotting has to be the Jazzmaster in “A Good Day to Die Hard”, thanks for the opportunity to win this watch!

  • SS1970

    Great looking watch for casual wear. Best Hamilton would in movies would be Khaki Field Chronograph in the General’s Daughter by J. Travolta.

  • brianjchow

    Love the titanium khaki field. Here’s hoping this configuration is a mainstay in the Hamilton lineup.

  • nilsalb

    My favorite is the jazzmaster from die hard. Amazingly beautiful watch

  • honeybear75

    I liked the Khaki King worn by Tommy Lee Jones is U.S. Marshalls.

  • Chadboode

    The Hamilton Ventura in men in black is my fav. It was the movie that opened my eyes to the importance and history of this American brand.

  • daviskim37

    I am Legend!!

  • Blister

    Nice page. Where I have been all these years.

  • toptier

    Not sure on the model but saw it on Men in Black.

  • pop_labchem

    Love the titanium khaki field. Here’s hoping this configuration is a mainstay in the Hamilton lineup.

  • saferider

    Ventura in Men in Black

  • DCDre

    The all black watch looks quite sharp, though I wish they would have either skipped the date or put a black background date wheel instead. The white date wheel looks very out of place on this one.

  • MannyPimentel

    I like the Hamilton Watches features in the movie A Good Day to Die Hard. The Khaki X-Patrol and the Jazzmaster Viewmatic. Nice watches both of them!

  • dan335d

    Jack Ryan Hamilton Khaki on the weekends, James Bond Omega Seamaster during the week ….

  • ramichae

    My favorite Hamilton in a movie is the Ventura in Men In Black, but I’m looking forward to seeing this one in Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit.

  • sbaitinger

    Did I mention that I would love to win this watch…. There. I just did. 🙂

  • marcusn27

    Can’t say that I can ever tell the brand of a watch in a movie, especially action ones, (even the Bond ones, sorry Omega) but in other pictures you can tell and these watches definitely have that “spy in the field” like appearance and quality. Would love to have one.

  • graymadder

    Into the Blue, Independence Day and Men In Black.

  • Dialed_In

    I do like Hamilton watches, specifically the Jazzmaster.  I hope to add that to my collection someday.  My favorite movie moment with a Hamilton watch would be in The Fantastic 4: Rise of the silver surfer.

  • BigMike213

    My favorite Hamilton in a movie has to be the Ventura in MIB, it just fit the style of the movie perfectly.

  • My favorite Hamilton appearance is the Khaki Field Officer Automatic in Buried with Ryan Reynolds, I think it looks absolutely awesome even with all that dirt on, the dirt makes it look very masculine and durable 

    Mail: /

  • TZ250

    My favorite Hamilton shown in a movie is definitely the Ventura worn in Men In Black (MIB).

  • Fsatsil

    Very cool giveaway I’m definitely looking forward tot he new Jack Ryan movie!

  • otherdev

    Um….Liam Neeson in Taken 2! Wearing a Viewmatic or Jazzmaster, not sure. He went through all bad guys in the world in that movie and so was forced to fight wolves in the next one.

  • germy_wermy

    My favorite appearance of a Hamilton watch would be the Hamilton X-Mach in The Raid: Redemption. Not sure how well it held up with all the fighting going on though. ;P

  • Oklahomaultrarunning

    Wowowowoowowow!!! Definitely Men in Black?

  • TomCanedy

    Love the looks of Hamilton watches.

  • zookeepa3

    How cool is this; I was just in a local retailer trying to get an up close look at the Khaki Field Titanium Automatic!  They didn’t have it on display.  I first came across Hamilton watches in 2007 watching Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer. Back then I was just starting to think about watches.  I know now the model was a Jazzmaster Chronograph..

    Years later in 2013 with the power of the internet; figured out that the watch in Die Hard – A Good day to Die worn by Actor Jai Courtney (John McClane’s son) was a Hamilton Khaki X-Patrol Automatic Chronograph

    Nice watches…I’d love to own…here’ to winning this one!

  • bengatz

    2001: A Space Odyssey hasn’t been mentioned yet. it may not be the most functional watch, but it certainly was a very innovative Hamilton movie watch design. I like your blog!

  • rogerdude

    This movie!

  • doty001

    The Sweeney, Ben Drew  as George Carter wearing Hamilton Khaki Navy UTC

  • Barr8

    My favorite appearance of a Hamilton watch is the one Harrison Ford wears in Indiana Jones

  • 4Runner

    Indiana Jones

  • koningfelix

    My favorite appearance of a Hamilton is the one in Taken 2, the Jazzmaster.

  • Other than the men in black Ventura Hamilton pieces from, and inspired by 2001 are my favorites.I can’t say if the odc 2 ever made it to a movie but it certainly had it’s origins there and it’s practical enough for a person that has  a head office in one timezone and parents in another,


    My favourite Hamilton time pieces appear in upcoming movie, “Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit,.” I’m conflicted between the one worn by Chris Pine and Kevin Costner!  Either one would be amazing to own and wear!

  • sschork

    Nice watch and I can’t wait to see the movie. As for my favorite appearance of a Hamilton watch in a movie would be Men In Black 3, the Ventura XXL is a beautiful watch. Look forward to seeing the Field Khaki Ti in Shadow Recruit.

  • bshank

    The X-Mach in The Raid: Redemption

  • Yvan Gaga

    Harrison Ford wears a Hamilton in Indiana Jones

  • sdevashis

    The PVD with pattern straps and all black look would be the first of its kind in my collection if I win one.

  • phredless

    Have found that the other military style watches I own have actually been my go to casual watches.  Though I’ve got to have something a little more formal for work, I have a deep-dive model, and two pilot styles that I turn to time and again.  This Hamilton is a beaut, with enough refinement to make it an everyday, flexible watch, rather than relegate it to outdoor or sports.

  • Lovely watch. Would love to win it. I guess my favourite appearance of Hamilton watch in a movie has to be the futuristic looking watch in 2001: A Space Odyssey.

  • earlgray

    Nice watch, nice blog too . favourite movie Hamilton would be Bruce’s Good day to die hard

  • ronlangman

    Love the watch. Just saw the movie,….it was fantastic

  • MHeckler187

    My favorite would be the Ventura XXL in MIB3

  • MHeckler187

    My favorite would be the Ventura XXL in MIB3.
    I would love to win that Hamilton Khaki Field Titanium Auto!

  • AkyRaja

    The Fantastic 4: Rise of the silver surfer.

  • nullyn

    The Hunt for Red October

  • PeterSHNM

    Obviously Men In Black…

  • abistanand

    love it. shadow recruit

  • salviotti

    Great watch!  I’d love to get one.  I’m gonna go with Fight Club!!!

  • Malaysia57

    MIB3….love the watch.

  • Mr Roth

    I love that watch. I’ve been wearing black watches recently. This would make a beautiful addition to the collection.

  • ReelDiehl

    Absolutely love the Hamilton Khaki Field Titanium! Its a perfect watch in my eyes because it blends form and function so well.  My favorite  Hamilton Watch in a movie would be in Pearl Harbor, I really like military inspired watches and Hamilton makes some of the best.

  • Anand.V

    My favourite Hamilton watch  in a movie is Liam Neeson wearing a Jazzmaster in Taken 2.

    I have always been a Hamilton fan and love the design on the military style Khaki.

  • bigplaya

    I like the Hamilton of House (Hugh Laurie) much, even though it took a while for me to track down which model it was back at the time.

  • CatalinZaharia

    I like the Hamilton that  Will Smith is wearing in MIB 3!

  • RickyE

    This would be a great time keeper to own.

  • WatchNerd76

    Hamilton Jazzmaster Chronograph in Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer!

  • DavidReilly1

    Got to be the Hamilton in MIB3

  • arodprn

    This Hamilton is just drop dead gorgeous and it’s band looks to be something from outer-space.  I’d have to say that Shadow Recruit is the best Hamilton featured watch in a movie since this is now my favorite piece.

  • delapenakevin

    MIB 3’s Hamilton was nice.

  • highfyrebob

    Ooh, man.  Gimme ‘at wartch.

  • highfyrebob

    bigplaya  I never noticed what he wears in the show.  Which model is it?

  • austin_coward

    My favorite Hamilton was the first watch I really noticed in a movie was Will Smith’s in ‘I Am Legend’. Absolutely beautiful watch. Good luck to everyone!

  • JJY

    Detective Batista’s Ventura worn in Dexter (not a movie, I know)

  • JerryDennisBradford

    Hamilton watches are eye catching fun
    Precise and perfectly styled
    I’d sell my mother kidneys and ears
    and that is putting it mild
    I’m not fancy but
    Author Tom Clancy had showcase this pieces
    on screen
    I though to myself, “a perfect type blend 
    of masculine ,
    cool, and clean
    I never win but I wont whine
    Unless it comes with some cheese
    But you can have my kidneys too
    If I win myself one of these.
    2014 J. K. Bradford

  • Alex_van

    I’ve wanted this watch for a long time since trying it on. Very comfortable, stylish, and rugged everyday watch. Pretty pricey for a college kid though, unless I win it!

  • Qnceagain

    Really dig the Hamilton in MIB3.

  • javierbatlle

    Indiana Jones!!

  • Duchead

    I really like the Khaki Field Titanium Automatic.  My favorite appearance of a Hamilton watch is on Ryan Reynolds in Buried.  I haven’t seen Shadow Recruit yet, but I will.

  • mr_blonde25

    great looking watch! my favorite Hamilton appearance is probably in men in black

  • mr_blonde25

    great watch! My favorite Hamilton watch appearance in probably in MIB

  • jmeurer

    Men in Black!

  • eewill

    Extremely classy watch. I love it!

  • rsheehan

    Beautiful watch! I’ll take it.

  • joakl

    Gorgeous watch.  Love the placement in Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit.  Exciting watch, exciting movie!

  • fletma

    Gorgeous watch.  Love the placement in Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit.

  • scottkupferman

    Gotta have it!  Favorite Hamilton in a move – Ventura in Men in Black

  • Cmartin26

    This is a beautiful watch.  Would love to add it to the collection.

  • Ak_Cedric

    The Hamilton Khaki X-Patrol in the movie “A Good Day To Die Hard” is just stunning

  • is_it_fast

    One of last Die Hard movies – Bruce Willis wore what appeared to me as a Hamilton chrono. Ive always been a fan of Hamilton since I saw a previously owned Navy Frogman on a nato strap at a local watch shop.

  • fishtank96

    The Hamilton in Taken 2

  • Gilrio

    I liked the Aviation Twlight because of its face size in I Am Legend and the classy look of the Jazz Master Auto Chrono in the Fantasti Four.

  • smashinlash

    I love the Hamilton Khaki X watch in a Good Day to Die hard by Jai Courtney. Probably is going to be my next purchase!

  • MarkNatm

    I think this will sound cliche, but the appearance of the Hamilton Ventura when it appeared in Men in Black. At the time I had been looking at vintage watches including some of the more unique Hamilton designs from that general era of American watchmaking.

  • imachucas

    MIB Hamilton ventura

  • Christianchilee

    My all time fav… Hamilton Ventura in Men in Black

  • Otto Barz

    Watches with military design are the best all rounders. A watch like this is a testosterone industry. Gorgeous.

  • T_joseph

    Russel Crowe’s Wilshire, as seen in A Beautiful Mind.

  • n8_bennett

    The Hamilton in Men In Black 3

  • nealdives

    Love the look of this watch. Really liked the one in Men in Black.

  • meandperry

    I really like the one in Men and Black but I like this one even more.

  • cbhood25

    This one would be the best. Before that the one in Die Hard

  • fleetfeet03

    Nice watch! Favorite appearance would have to be Die Hard. Haven’t seen the new Jack Ryan movie, but always been a Tom Clancy fan.

  • RickVencill

    Wow. I love the titanium Hamilton.

  • Wooter

    Hamilton Khaki in Pearl Harbor.

  • AndrewsVoice

    the futuristic custom watches in “2001 A Space Odyssey”

  • bigplaya

    highfyrebob It was a Khaki King as the article also mentions 🙂

  • driverm11

    Very slick. Might be my new favorite on screen Hamilton.

  • VasilisAnagnostopulos

    The one in MEN IN BLACK due to being Retro of Modern tech 🙂

  • kridder814

    I love the look of this watch, so this one, in this movie (Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit) is my favorite!

  • AltTab

    Really sharp watch.  I’ve been eyeing this one for a while now, and it’s great to have the opportunity to win one.  Thanks!

  • Marrus

    I like the black one from Jack Ryan.

  • bravehand

    The in in men in black.  retro future all the way.

  • jbiss

    I love heist movies so I will have to say that The Italian Job is my favorite.

  • bockzilla

    Jazzmaster in Die Hard, but I think this is a brilliant watch and winning one certainly would change my views.

  • ryanwhite0

    Hamilton Ventura in Men in Black

  • fwiseman

    It would have to be House, I love that show.

  • sitnstew

    Men in black

  • mattstuehler

    Lots of great Hamilton watches to choose from, and lots of scenes. But my favorite is definitely Bruce Willis’ Hamilton Jazzmaster that he wore in “A Good Day to Die Hard”. That watch is beautiful.

    This titanium automatic is pretty spectacular, too. Hope I win it, but good luck to all!

  • Scalibur

    I love watch placement in film. I am always on the lookout.

  • eschenkel

    men in black.

  • jjnov

    I like all the Hamilton watches in all the movies! I would love this watch!

  • Anderblue

    Hamilton titanium has an “Old School” look that looks Great on Costner! I am really “OldSchool” and still love to look Good! Love to have this watch!

  • Anderblue

    Shadow Recruit’s Titanium Hamilton looks great on Costner. Old School Quality never goes out of style.

  • brianmazanec

    It is always great to see a hammy in the movies!  I actually recently saw Shadow Recruit before seeing this post and definitely noticed the watches!  That’s my favorite Hamilton cinema appearance so far!  Thanks for the contest!

  • SparkyEOT

    Of course the new Venturas in Men In Black!

  • SnackS

    Gotta love the Men in Black watches.

  • nslow

    I like the look of the Hamilton timepieces in this movie. Chris Pine is a nice pick for an updated Jack Ryan.

  • Ruscicap

    Men in Black would have to be my favourite

  • terpxxx

    Very nice looking watch.  The price is very appropriate.  First noticed Hamilton in the General’s Daughter and on Liam Neeson in Taken 2.

  • BastienKoert

    This is a great looking watch. I also really liked the Hamiltons shown in the Men In Black movies.

  • djabrams77

    Space Odyssey for the win!

  • condor19

    Win or lose… The Hamilton Khaki my favorite… period.  Regardless of it being the larger model, on the wrist of Hugh Laurie/”Dr. Gregory House”… or the original smaller size, on the wrist of Ben Affleck/”Pearl Harbor”… this new version really gets my attention.  Yesterday meets today. So… it pays, to pay attention… while at “The/Movies.”

  • CottonbellyMoves

    Great looking Hammy! My favorite appearance of a Hamilton watch in movies is in Men in Black.

  • Steve Poorman

    Has to be the appearance in Men in Blaxk.

  • carhappykid

    Enjoyed the movie and like the watch.

  • AaronCohen1

    I have never ever noticed a hamilton watch in a movie but I love this watch and I would wear it daily!

  • dom1357

    Cool watch. MIB is the first thing I think of when it comes to Hamiltons in movies.

  • liteczar

    That is a great looking Hammy and would look great in my collection of Hammys!  I wonder what it looks like on the Ti bracelet?

  • midpoint

    Very nice, I’ve always liked Hamilton’s Khaki line. My favorite movie appearance is the Khaki X-Patrol in ‘A Good Day to Die Hard’.

  • ddavidch

    I would love another Hamilton…. I remember the retro Ventura’s in MIB

  • swedock

    I would love to have this watch.  Please enter my name and my email address in the

  • swedock

    I would very much like to own such a fine watch.  Please enter me name in your giveaway basket…

  • bmoritzasu

    Hamilton seen in Taken 2 with Liam.  Great looking watch.  Really a fan of the black fabric strap.  Fingers crossed.

  • twall3

    Would love to win a Hamilton watch, and support a great American company.  Love the Chrono that Marky Mark….err….Mark Wahlberg wore in The Italian Job!

  • awalawal

    well, felix leiter’s khaki looks good in ‘quantum of solace’.  but its hard to top elvis’ ventura in blue hawaii

  • egdryer

    Cool watch.  I love the Hamilton Ventura that Elvis wore in Blue Hawaii.  Such a unique design!

  • liteczar

    I thought the Hammys in MIB looked really cool, but like most have said here, its hard to top the Ventura that Elvis wore in Blue Hawaii.

  • tre

    This is a great looking field watch that I would be proud to own and wear. I am a fan of Hamilton and one of the watches on my list to own is the one worn in the movie, Men in Black., the Ventura.

  • Link16

    My favorite appearance is the Khaki X-Wind in Quantum of Solace by Felix Leiter. Perfect watch for an American CIA agent.

  • Inmate

    i really like this watch, and I am glad canvas straps are really making a comeback.

  • MikeinFrankfurt

    Great looking watch!

  • bsugarman

    I really like this watch. My favorite Hamilton in a movie would be the Ventura in Men in Black

  • kmatix

    I am a sucker for titanium

  • TexasExile

    Nice watch! Would look great on me!

  • watchingtime

    Great watch.  Favorite Hamilton was in Quantum of Solace.  Felix lighter

  • Marcrovner

    I would go with the Hamilton in the Quantum of Solace. Good watch. Good movie.

  • gnuber

    I gotta go with the italian job on this one.

  • NigelLewington

    Hamilton is an iconic brand that has produced some really classic watches which stand as a counter weight to a lot of the Swiss styling. It is an ideology which I like and it is a brand I like, though have never been able to afford. For me, it would have to be the Hamilton used by Felix Lighter in Quantum of Solace. Apart form being a great watch, it is set in a world of both functionality and style where it imposes itself on European elegance with aplomb.

  • Bitpicnic

    Italian Job for me.

  • PerryBolding

    Nice looking watch.

  • jls8382

    Definitely men in black

  • mitch57

    Definitely Men in Black with Italian Job being second.  Hamilton makes some great looking watches.

  • curtinnd

    The Ventura in MIB. Iconic watch helped define the style used in the movie.

  • FerdinandAngeles

    Mark Wahlberg’s Hamilton made a good job in The Italian Job 🙂

  • Invic

    To paraphrase Dire Straights….money for nothing and the watches are free. I think the Khaki Aviation Flight Timer is a great looking watch….maybe almost worth seeing Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit to see it in action

  • jeff_e2

    Hamilton watches have such a proud tradition of American watchmaking, and I love the no-nonsense look of the khaki field titanium automatic.  Favorite in a movie would be Mark Wahlberg’s in The Italian Job, with Liam Neeson’s in Taken 2 being a close second.

  • AlanAnn

    Hamilton Ventura in Blue Hawaii. Also, the Hamilton watch in Pearl Harbor was pretty cool.

  • terrylhartley

    Loved seeing Hamilton in The Italian Job

  • TexasExile

    Itaian job – watches and cars!

  • b166er

    I liked seeing Hamilton Jazzmaster Chronograph in Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer.

  • Jimym3

    Italian job

  • char005

    Italian job.  American style in Italy

  • db3

    Wonderful piece! my first watch was a Hamilton — inherited, not even sure which model i’ve always liked the Khaki Field auto and it looks great in titanium. i have to admit, i haven’t noticed any Hamilton watches in the movies, except maybe the Ventura in Men in Black, but that’s because i knew about it before seeing the film. Fun to see it in the movie even though it’s not really my style. 🙂

  • JoseHaresco

    I like the appearance of the Hamilton Jazzmaster in Taken, since the watch was as durable and suave as Liam Neeson.

  • ChenfeiMu

    Good looking watch! A nice twist to the classic hamilton military style. If we’re talking Hammy’s and movies, top pick must go to the King and his now infamous Ventura in Blue Hawaii.

  • Specwill

    Very nice for a mil style watch. First place has gotta be the custom jobs for 2001. As silly as it sounds, I’m sort of a sucker for the whole auto-digital thing, so I also have to give a nod to the Pulsar in MIB 2. Not a great movie, but a great costuming choice.

  • mcv1973a

    A nice update for a classic timepiece…
    As far a movie Hamiltons go, Felix Leiter’s X-Wind in Quantum Of Solace.

  • chargerpoke

    My favorite appearance of a Hamiliton watch is definitely Shadow Recruit.  Mainly, I was able to pick it out easily.  I know their watches have appeared in other movies but I’m not skilled at picking them out.  Love this style watch……

  • workerjan

    My favorite appearance was in Italian Job!!!

  • watched

    Cool watch. Always liked the mil-spec stuff. Just hope it’ll hold up to actual muck-raking.

  • WilliamLi1

    This is such a cool watch

  • SecuringTheLead

    Another very nice design from Hamilton!

  • Metalgod

    Love the new titanium! This watch and the one worn by Felix Leiter in Quantum of Solace are my 2 favorites. Hope to see more Hamilton watches in other movies as I think they make a great product for a reasonable price.

  • Gorgeous Watch. The Italian Job

  • Fcorbs

    I first heard about Hamilton from MIB. So I guess that’s my favorite appearance.

  • perpetualcuriosity

    MIB3 since the V. fits very well into the theme of the movie. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • DanaRasmussen

    love the design of the field.
    so far the Hamilton Ventura in Blue Hawaii

  • cpcarrigan

    Favorite appearance is the Ventura in Men In Black. The watch just went with the movie’s ‘retro futurism’ style.

  • pop_labchem

    Hamilton is an iconic brand that has produced some really classic watches which stand as a counter weight to a lot of the Swiss styling. It is an ideology which I like and it is a brand I like, though have never been able to afford. For me, it would have to be the Hamilton used by Felix Lighter in Quantum of Solace. Apart form being a great watch, it is set in a world of both functionality and style where it imposes itself on European elegance with aplomb.

  • yoonsb

    Love it

  • pitt03

    This thing is understated and classy

  • Sragland

    Great looking watch. My favorite Hamilton in the movies is still Men In Black.

  • jaanus

    My Hamilton choice would be from the movie Kennedy et moi (Kennedy and me)

  • Jmasker

    My favorite Hamilton in a movie is the one worn by Felix the CIA agent in the new Bond movies. In Quantum of Solace I believe he was wearing a X-Wind Auto Chrono.

  • narendran

    The best I have seen it in is The General’s Daughter on John Travolta – king of cool – The Khaki chrono, Awesome!

  • John DArcy

    The black case is a standout!

  • marios_ch

    Very nice watch, my favorite Hamilton is the one in men in black movie.

  • Dezianjo

    Me like. Want one I do. :o)

  • Krampus

    There are a lot of great movie apperances, but I have to agree with the majority and say my favorite is Men in Black.

  • avisluna

    great design and aesthetic…loved seeing the Hamilton worn by Felix in Quantum of Solace.

  • ingea87

    My Grail!!! I saw in The Italian Job!

  • Yorzh

    I wear a Hamilton khaki series watch and having seen this new one I have to said I like very much the military style it has as well it is equiped with a reliable swiss ETA 2824 2 movement. I like the Hamilton on Felix wrist performing on Quantum de Solace Bond movie.

  • toms_1980

    I look forward to seeing the Hamilton in the new Jack Ryan movie, I always think of the Hamilton Venturas in the MIB franchise, and today I’m going to a local watch shop to check out the vintage Hamiltons!

  • CrossCheck1

    Looks like a good watch and excellent value!

  • BP75

    Nice watch. Paul Walker wore a Hamilton Navy watch
    Into the Blue movie.

  • tcassa

    Really like this watch. My favorite Hamilton would have to be from MIB.

  • EdwardL

    Gotta be the Hamilton Pulsar P2 2900 LED seen in Live and Let Die. Such a cool watch in its day!

  • mkss55442

    My favorite is the Ventura XXL from MIB III.

  • AtotheG

    Great-looking watch and one I definitely want.  Loved the Hamilton worn by Roddy McDowall as Cornelius in the original Planet of the Apes.  Kidding.  It would actually be the Ventura from Men in Black or maybe the watch (not sure of the model) from 2001, A Space Odyssey.

  • ratich13

    My favorite is the Jazzmaster Liam Neeson wore in Taken 2.

  • jwoodsy

    Love Elvis’s ventura from blue hawaii. Classic

  • protiago

    My favorite is not exactly on a movie, but on a TV series. It is the Hamilton American Classic Ventura, that Angel Batista wears on Dexter.

  • Hazzmatt

    My fav appearance of a Hamilton is in the latest Die Hard movie. Cool watch. Cool movie. Hamilton’s being used in movies are a good choice because the styling fits the action genera. I also think the watches were featured in the TV series House.

  • GoGoJackson

    Love this watch and many Hamilton watches! One of my favorite Hamilton movie appearances is the Khaki that Stallone wears in Cliffhanger. Awesome!
    Crossing my fingers for this one.

  • MrEd

    The Khaki Field Titanium model is a very sharp looking watch – this one appears to be a keeper.  However, after reading the author’s bio, I’m a bit puzzled why he mentions’s nothing about “case thickness” in this write up.  Mr. Walhberg ought to be a brand ambassador as he looked sharp wearing a Hamilton in the Italian Job–which wsa my favorite Hamilton movie!

  • mozjo33

    Without a doubt the JazzMaster on Taken 2. Love that watch!

  • leicaman

    Love this watch. I’ve photographed a Hamilton-certified watchmaker. Good company!

  • Jkkspeer
    I love both field watches but my favorite is the Aviation Flight Timer. Great combination of analog and digital.

  • MattBirnbaum

    I am Legend Khaki Aviation Twilight

  • Stevec2828

    Gotta go with Wahlberg’s Hamilton in the Italian job. The khaki field auto titanium looks pretty good too!

  • alvinblin

    I’ve failed – while I love to look for product placements such as watches in movies, I can’t remember any specific one right now, although in reading others comments, I can see that I’ll need to go back and watch a lot of movies.. So bottom line, I’ll have to mention this Hamilton Khaki Field Titanium Auto in Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit. as my favorite. Compared to most, I actually liked this movie.

  • LelandJ

    I can’t think of a Hamilton watch in a movie. That might be a good thing, as the most blatant watch sponsor I’ve seen recently was a Richard Mille on Jason Statham’s wrist, and I thought it was silly. As far as this Khaki Field Titanium is concerned, it’s very much the kind of watch that I could use every day. Light, legible, and lumed. (ha! I didn’t plan on making that phrase!)

  • mluke

    My favorite Hamilton movie scene is still the Ventura from Men in Black!

  • vferrava

    I do like the Ventura in men in black a “modern” watch.

  • tmclehaney

    I’m always looking at the watches in movies I see. The latest movie I’ve seen is Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit. I have been looking at Hamilton Khaki watches and am planning for that to be my next watch.

  • luciendc

    I’d have to say the appearance of Hamilton in the Italian job is my favorite, and although I haven’t seen the new movie, I sure do like the look of the new titanium!

  • I’ve been a fan of Hamilton for some time; A great mix of value, quality, and style. Favorite movie appearance is definitely the Italian Job. Wahlberg is awesome and the movie is a classic. Good placement…

  • mluke

    I know, I had completely forgotten about the Ventura, but seeing it in MIB, it was retro/futuro perfect!n

  • mgennone

    This is an easy one……Elvis sporting a Venture in Blue Hawaii! The King is sporting a very aggressive look and while not my cup of tea it certainly pushes the boundaries of what a watch case  should or could be!

  • CoreyFong

    It would have to be Italian Job for me. Walberg is a favorite of mine.

  • Bhodisatva

    Once again I Would love to win this fantastic and super Hamilton Khaki Field Titanium Automatic to feel like a real agent with license to give the time to anyone who does not look my nemesis

  • Johnbellamy

    Hamilton watch in Italian job is my favorite appearance of the watch brand in a movie.

  • medster

    I’ll choose Raid Redemption for the Hammy display. It was a great movie and the watch is be-a-u-tiful! I love the X-Mach.

  • StephenDiStaso

    Love the black khaki field watch worn by Chris Pine in Jack Ryan.

  • b_ballman345

    I Am Legend! Not many peoples’ favorite movie but I loved it. Will Smith’s character seemed like someone who would wear a Hamilton. Will Smith in real life seems like someone who would wear a Hamilton. I wish I could wear a Hamilton….

  • Wunderbro

    Jeffrey Wright as CIA Agent Felix Leiter in the Bond movie Quantum of Solace wearing a Hamilton X-Wind is my fav so far. Actually it contributed to me lusting after a Hamilton X-Wind… So I bought one! Love the X-Wind and the strap it came with (light brown leather with rivets). One of my favorite and actually most accurate auto chrono’s in my collection.

  • Clarity2020

    I am legend all the way. I gave a PVC subzero to my brother because he is a pilot and yet it is stealthy cool.

  • TheBigOldDog

    The Khaki BeLOWZERO in Preadators worn by Adrian Brody. Wanted one ever since.

  • Scootiemonkey

    I think my favorite is the Ventura in Men in Black.

  • Ingens

    In the Blood Diamond a Big Fish a Hamilton Khaki King worn by Jennifer Connely, although not seen as much as DiCaprio’s Breitling.

  • fireearthwoodson
  • kevingrr

    Very cool.

  • GBD

    I’d have to go with Elvis and his Ventura in Blue Hawaii. As others have said, a classic!

  • Agnecli

    +1 on the Ventura from Blue Hawaii.

  • SteveA2

    This Hamilton is a great example of a military watch.  I would love to own it.   The “The Italian Job” was an enjoyable movie including the appearance of the Hamilton watch.

  • watchmylegacy

    You can find me at! I have yet to see the movie, but I since finding my passion in horology, it is a natural instinct to catch and identify the watches on people’s wrists! i.e. anyone seen the Jack In the Box commercial where Jack shows off his Breitling to the intern? Haha!

  • bhnov

    That Hamilton looks sharp in black.

  • GaryK30

    I like the black Khaki Automatic worn by Taylor Lautner in Abduction. It looks very similar to the model being given away.

  • Sarsipius

    Not a movie but I enjoyed seeing Hamilton’s on House MD

  • brianczernik

    This thing is cool. Love the look and color combo. Perfection.

  • aikiadam

    Good to see Liam Neeson wearing a Hamilton Jazzmaster in the film Taken 2,  A classic film, and a classic looking watch ::)

  • abugusgus

    It seems to be taking the action hero world by storm and with good reason!

  • joel f

    So easy to pick my favorite from the movies.  It’s the Ventura from Men In Black. Its got a unique shape that’s INSTANTLY recognizable and oh-so-retro-cool.   I liked it so much I went out and bought one.  The  Khaki Filed Titanium in the giveaway is a handsome watch in my favorite non-color (black) and would be a great partner to the Ventura XXL I’m wearing.

  • guidojcruz

    Of course my favorite Hamilton film appearance is 2001: A space Odyssey.


    Hands down: Men in Black. It was a fun way to revive a retro case design to put it into (what at the time was) a big budget summer action comedy. Great movie, great memory, great characters, and the perfect wrist watch to match.

  • Leilah

    My fav is the Jazzmaster in Taken2. Loved it so much I purchased one for my son. My husband would love this one

  • Leilah

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  • WristFish

    My favorite Hamilton movie appearance has to be Bruce Willis in “A Good Day to Die Hard.” A Jazzmaster and a Khaki! Both great choices. 

    I really like the styling on these PVD khakis, very distinctive while still retaining a reserved, military sensibility with quality materials throughout. Yummm.

  • 1959mclaughlin

    Torn between Men in Black and the Italian Job

  • steve_dc

    My favorite Hamilton movie appearance is the Khaki Field Auto Chrono 38 in The Italian Job.

  • James Chasteen

    Bruce Willis: Good Day To Die Hard- Awesome Jazz Master!

  • tresd

    My favorite Hamilton movie appearance is Bond’s Hamilton Pulsar P2 in Live and Let Die.  Would I wear one?  Doubtful.  However, it sums up cutting edge “style” of the 1970’s

  • engineerwatchfiend

    I love the history of Hamilton watches. Showing my own history, I think back to the first watch I remember taking notice of in a movie. That movie was Blue Hawaii, with Elvis Presley, and the watch was the Hamilton Ventura. I would like to continue my history with Hamilton and wear this Khaki Field Titanium with pride. Thanks for the chance to own this fine timepiece.

  • Remme7

    In 2002 I received a Hamilton khaki field watch as a gift, I remember seeing Mark Wahlberg’s Hamilton watch in The Italian Job shortly there after and then looking down at my wrist and connecting the dots. That moment makes it my fav Hamilton watch in a movie. I’d love to play that moment over again with this giveaway Hamilton on my wrist watching Shadow Recruit.

  • schacon

    Most recent and favorite sighting is Liam Neeson wearing a Jazzmaster in Taken 2

  • watchguy

    The Khaki style and I go back many years when a smaller version was given to some of us by the US as part of the gear for a visit to SE Asia.  Fast forward to today, this would be and excellent companion.
    Hamilton has been in a slew of movies, Men in Black, Blue Hawaii, the Italian Job and on and on.  If you are a Hamilton person, you spot them all the time.

  • bosco39

    i liked hamiltons as seen in Italian Job

  • What a give away. I liked the Hamilton watches for Men in Black they made part of the movie, they defined a trend and even more they went into changing the way we look to watches

  • timesup

    Elvis in Blue Hawaii sporting a Ventura is my favorite appearance of a Hamilton in a movie. Timeless and ahead of it’s time.

  • Posacu

    The Khaki Field Officer worn by Ryan Reynolds in Buried. Great movie, great watch.

  • fm1985

    Hamilton is the super hero watch. In all the movies, Hamilton is worn by the super hero. I want a super hero watch.

  • medaze

    Will Smith wore a Ventura in Men in Black. Perfect watch for the part.

  • bdanks88

    The Hamilton Khaki worn by Reynolds in Buried is great

  • garfield03

    I’m kind of partial to the Khaki Field Quartz that Ewan McGregor wore in Big Fish. It is totally my style and something I would be my boyfriend.

  • AndrewHochberg

    I have owned several Hamilton watches, both the classic Lancaster PA manufactured classics as well as khakis from  the modern Swatch group era. These watches always represent a great value for to the watch buying public with great styling, reliability, mechanical movements while retaining a sense of horological history. Truly one of the premier entry level brands of all time to obtain a real  mechanical watch for a fair price.
    My favorite movie appearance of a Hamilton was in the “Lindbergh” with Jimmy Stuart. Opps…That was a Longiness. Oh well, it was still a great film.

  • mattebden

    Saw Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit last night and was extremely impressed with the Hamilton watch on Chris Pine’s wrist during action scenes. Definitely made me really want one, would love this opportunity 🙂

  • NunoTerra

    Great giveaway!
    Never owned a Hamilton but would love to!
    Liked that below zero on Predator 😉

  • decontid

    Great giveaway. Hamilton’s are hit or miss with me. This is a hit.

  • JeremyPaxton

    Loved the Hamilton x-wind chronograph in quantum of solace.

  • ferulebezel

    Madmen-Ventura-’nuff said.

  • leokhan

    Fantastic Four  of jessica alba 

  • narkleptic

    Great contest for a very cool watch. I’m going to go with the Elvis’ Ventura in Blue Hawaii.

  • BunsenBeaker

    The Talented Mr. Ripley. Ardmore.

  • I love this watch!

  • Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace – Hamilton Khaki X-Wind Automatic .

  • lyleberman

    I love Hamilton watches. Been wearing one for YEARS!

  • FabianG

    The 2001 watch may be the most distinctive

  • #1 Elvis, Blue Hawaii
    #1b Jessica Alba, Fantastic Four

    Beauty watch…

  • HopenYang

    MY favorite appearance of a Hamilton watch is in Men in Black.

  • Philiplee203

    The Hamilton Khaki field titanium looked great in Shadow Recruit. That’s definitely my favorite

  • iceisarock

    Looks cool!

  • wolfieee

    Definitely loved the Hammy in Quantum of Solace.  🙂

  • Buzzo

    Does House MD count?

  • dmcsr71

    Always loved Hamilton. The iconic Hamilton custom watches for 2001 Space Odyssey were amazing.

  • seve

    another vote for MIB

  • JCH19

    Sweet Giveaway! That Hamilton looks awesome!

  • Canon1243

    Great Contest!  Loved seeing a Hamilton in Men In Black!

  • Jcasimiro

    Obviously the Hamilton in jack Ryan shadow recruit!

  • Raduculous

    The Hamilton Khaki Sunset in I Am Legend.

  • Rologi

    In general Hamilton watches are great value for money plus very interesting designs. I like the Hamilton Khaki X at A good day to die hard for sure..

  • lou186

    Both watches are great but I prefer the Khaki Field Titanium Automatic.

  • lou186

    I have not seen the “Jack Ryan” movie yet so I will vote for MIB.

  • Jwaite69

    Both are beautiful time pieces and would be worthy wrist companions.

  • peeti

    Love the jack ryan series – can’t wait to see this

  • bmhodge

    This is a great looking watch and since automobiles and watches go together so nicely I’d have to say The Italian Job is my favorite movie to feature a Hamilton.

  • MargaretWoodard
  • Chapstickjunkie

    Awesome in men in black

  • angrypistols

    Has a winner been selected yet?

  • AlanHaines

    in it to win it

  • peterkirwan

    Very nice watch!

  • Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit features two Hamilton watches, a
    black Khaki Field Titanium Auto (above, worn by Chris Pine) and a custom
    Khaki Aviation Flight Timer (below, worn by Kevin Costner).

  • incontrol

    Hamilton and are a couple of my favorite things!

  • qtk786

    my favourites are featured in the movie shadow recruit,the black khakhi field titanium auto which is apt for the movie,and the khakhi aviation flight timer with all its features.

  • watchguy

    As a big Khaki fan, I must admit the Hamilton that jumps out in movies to me is the Ventura, I suspect due to it’s ‘unique’ style.  From Blue Hawaii to MIB if your a Hamilton fan as soon as you see it you know what it is.

  • MatheusKruger

    Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit features two Hamilton watches, a black Khaki Field Titanium Auto (above, worn by Chris Pine) and a custom Khaki Aviation Flight Timer (below, worn by Kevin Costner).

  • duncaak

    This watch is brilliant. It is so nice to see manufacturers standing by their products proudly and maintaining a quality and innovative approach.

  • troy1906

    Loved the Khaki King in House. And this is a pretty awesome watch being given away.

  • demstav

    Great watch, would love to have it

  • omerm

    My favorite Hamilton watch featured in a movie was definitely Interstellar. I’ve been thinking about owning a Hamilton watch for ages, but seeing it in that movie, shining and bright, was definitely what sent me into a frenzy. Great, beautiful watches.

  • kyleoneal

    Huge fan of the auto, beautiful simplicity.

  • dturck23

    My favorite appearance of a Hamilton watch has got to be Interstellar. Amazing movie, and really clever how the watch wound up being an integral part of the story line!

  • PatrickS1

    My favorite Hamilton watch appearance in a movie was in Quantum of Solace when Jeffrey Wright wore the Khaki X-Wind. Beautiful watch and great value for money.

  • dsfeight

    I prefer the Hamilton Khaki Field Titanium Auto in Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

  • craigmcgov

    This is a handsome watch. Good for a secret agent out in the field. My favorite  Hamilton watch in a movie is the Hamilton Khaki worn by Sylvester Stallone in Cliffhanger.

  • spumoni1

    My wife laughs because I always look at the watches that the main characters are wearing. This would look good on any villain or hero.

  • moynihad

    My favourite Hamilton in a movie was the Khaki Auto Chrono in Italian Job (2003) Worn by Mark Whalberg.

  • Jdsanderbeck

    This is my first choice for a new watch at any price! Handsome and functional.

  • abugusgus

    A Kevlar band would be sweet on this watch!

  • Nicole

    This titanium has the many features , this has the best feature launched the watch .Then the company saw the good profit in financial year.for more information about this watch visit Car Daddy