Since its inaugural appearance in 2022, the Byrne Gyro Dial has served as the foundation for the Swiss brand’s catalog, with its innovative mechanism that changes the appearance of its hour markers. Along with creating several variations in different alloys and bespoke piece-unique models, Byrne has also produced thematic editions of the Gyro Dial that feature different types of symbols on their automatically changing indexes. As one of its novelties for 2024, Byrne has created a limited-edition Gyro Dial that pays tribute to the sport of golf, and the Byrne Gyro Dial Golf Edition features a rich green colorway with tiny three-dimensional sculptures of golf balls and clubs appearing on its signature changing hour markers.

Unlike the recently launched Gyro Dial MECA, which introduced a smaller case and manual-wind movement to the collection, the Byrne Gyro Dial Golf Edition is based upon the core platform of the original series of models, which means that it features the brand’s full-size case paired with an automatic-winding movement. While the full-size Gyro Dial models have existed in a variety of executions, Byrne’s Gyro Dial Golf Edition is essentially a thematic rendition of the brand’s Gyro Dial Zero watch, which means that it features a case crafted from grade 5 titanium, and it foregoes a dial entirely to showcase both sides of its movement and its party-piece changing indexes mechanism.

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Just like the standard-production versions of the Gyro Dial, the grade 5 titanium case of the Byrne Gyro Dial Golf Edition features a streamlined cushion-shaped profile, and it is finished entirely by hand with largely high-polished surfaces contrasted by a thin sandblasted bezel. Two large grooves run down either side of the case, and they are given a sandblasted finish to match the appearance of the bezel. In addition to creating a dynamic and visually engaging profile, the large recessed grooves help to remove excess material from the case, and this allows the total weight of the Gyro Dial Golf Edition to come in at approximately 98 grams, including its strap and buckle.

The dimensions of the Byrne Gyro Dial Golf Edition are identical to what can be found among its full-size siblings, and its rounded cushion-shaped case measures 41mm in diameter by 48mm lug-to-lug. A domed sapphire crystal with anti-reflective treatment is fitted above the dial and brings the total height up to 15.5mm, while a screw-down display caseback closes up the reverse side of the watch, and sitting slightly recessed into the side of the case at the 3 o’clock location is a winding crown signed with the number “1” that screws down to the middle case to help guarantee the 50 meters of water resistance that is offered throughout the Gyro Dial collection.

Due to its cushion-shaped profile and streamlined edges, the Byrne Gyro Dial Golf Edition wears noticeably smaller than its on-paper dimensions, particularly when it comes to the thickness of the model. Although the diameter and lug-to-lug distance feel relatively close to their actual numbers, the sloped upper profile helps to minimize the perceived height of the watch. Generally speaking, 15.5mm is considered properly chunky by definitions, although the proportions of Byrne’s cases are very well considered, and just like its standard-production siblings, the Gyro Dial Golf Edition ends up being quite manageable on the wrist and comfortable to wear for extended periods.

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Just like the original Gyro Dial Zero and the recently announced Gyro Dial MECA, the Byrne Gyro Dial Golf Edition doesn’t feature a dial, and its mainplate sits fully visible below the pair of hands that are mounted in the center of its display. The mainplate is finished in a vibrant metallic green color that is intended to be reminiscent of freshly cut grass, and the “Gyro Dial” name is engraved directly into the mainplate as the only text or branding on the front side of the watch. Additionally, sitting at the cardinal points are Byrne’s signature changing hour markers, which essentially function like four miniature date displays that instantly change to reveal a new style of index every second time that the hour hand passes the 12 o’clock position.

The changing hour markers on the Byrne Gyro Dial Golf Edition appear as rectangular blocks, with a different style of index on each of its four sides. In addition to Roman numerals and a “Sport” style that includes stylized Arabic numerals with an inverted triangle at the 12 o’clock location, the Gyro Dial Golf Edition features miniature golf-themed sculptures on the remaining two sides of its changing hour markers. One side reveals tiny metallic golf balls, while the other features golf club heads that are based on the founder John Byrne’s personal set of clubs. Additionally, each of the four golf club indexes depicts a different style of club, and the set includes a driver, 7-iron, wedge, and putter.

The miniature golf-themed sculptures on the Byrne Gyro Dial Golf Edition are crafted from a proprietary alloy, while its Roman numerals and Sport indexes are sculpted from Super-LumiNova, and small dots of luminous material are applied to the mainplate along the periphery of the display to serve as additional hour markers. The type of Super-LumiNova used on the Gyro Dial Golf Edition appears to be the same as what is featured on the Gyro Dial MECA, and all of the luminous material on its dial and hands is a crisp white color in the daylight but emits a very pale blue (almost white) glow in the dark that is noticeably lighter in color than the typical blue or green hues that are commonly associated with Super-LumiNova.

Powering the Byrne Gyro Dial Golf Edition is the same Caliber 5555 automatic movement that you will find inside other full-size Gyro Dial models, which is manufactured for the brand in Fleurier, Switzerland. Running at a frequency of 28,800vph (4 Hz), the 261-component Byrne Cal. 5555 features 42 jewels, and despite the heavy power draw needed to operate its signature changing hour markers complication, the movement still offers a fairly respectable power reserve of approximately 60 hours. Finished by hand with perlage on the mainplate, straight graining, and off-set Geneva stripes, the Cal. 5555 is fitted with a sandblasted skeletonized rotor, and the entirety of the movement sits visible through the sapphire crystals that are mounted to either side of the watch.

The cushion-shaped case of the Byrne Gyro Dial Golf Edition opens up at either end to create standard 24mm lugs, and fitted to the case is a two-piece strap made from textured green rubber that matches the metallic green hue of its mainplate. Tapering from 24mm at the case down to 20mm on the underside of the wrist, the strap features a black lining with a padded structure and a detailed texture on its outer surface that simulates the appearance of woven fabric. While the standard strap configuration comes fitted with a signed tang-style buckle made from brushed titanium, Byrne also offers a deployant-style clasp for its Gyro Dial models, which can be included at the request of its customers when they order their watches.

Unlike most complications that were originally created to perform practical functions, Byrne’s signature changing hour markers mechanism is strictly intended to create intrigue and amusement for its owners, and that is part of the reason why I find Byrne fascinating as a brand. With that in mind, if we are being completely honest with ourselves, nearly all mechanical complications beyond a date display (and maybe a chronograph) no longer have practical applications in today’s modern digital world, and they are instead primarily enjoyed by their owners for their mechanical intrigue and ingenuity, regardless of the practical applications that they were once intended to serve.

Due to its intricately crafted miniature sculptures, the Byrne Gyro Dial Golf Edition is more expensive than the standard Gyro Dial Zero, and this 24-piece limited edition is priced at 25,000 CHF (or approximately $27,500 USD, at the time of writing). While this particular rendition of the Gyro Dial will likely exclusively appeal to golf enthusiasts and is hardly the least expensive way to get your hands on a watch with the brand’s changing hour markers, it’s undeniable that the Gyro Dial Golf Edition offers something truly different than what you will find among the various other golf-themed watches that are available on the market. For more information on the Byrne Gyro Dial Golf Edition, please visit the brand’s website

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