Photos by Ariel Adams

Back in 2022, MB&F launched its first chronograph watch, which like all things the brand does, wasn’t standard fare. In fact, that Legacy Machine Sequential EVO with two chronographs in one watch blew David Bredan’s mind two years ago, and MB&F is back with the intent to blow everyone’s mind again with its latest chronograph offering. Meet the brand new platinum MB&F LM Sequential Flyback watch, now equipped (as the name suggests) with flyback functionality across both chronograph complications, which we had a chance to go hands-on with.

Let’s get the obvious out of the way first; yes, it’s a big watch, yes it’s mad, and yes, it’s exactly what you’d expect from Max Büsser and one of his most talented friends, Stephen McDonnell — the same watchmaker behind the GPHG Aiguille d’Or-winning LM Sequential EVO and other mega-hits like the LM Perpetual Calendar.

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Like most  MB&F watches, the LM Sequential Flyback is substantial on the wrist in every conceivable way: diameter (44mm), height (18.2mm), weight (platinum), and most importantly (in my opinion), personality. Despite its imposing measurements, MB&F illustrates its understanding of ergonomics and real-world wearability as seen here on Ariel’s wrist. The watch proudly bares its mechanical soul, housed inside seductive curves and prominent proportions.

Thanks to the plethora of pushers, the case silhouette reminds me of a simplified cog emoji (apt, given the mechanical-forward design) or if you’re more poetic, a hieroglyphic-like interpretation of the sun. This is not the same sportier EVO case of the original MB&F chronograph but rather, the more classic Legacy Machine case, complete with longer screwed lugs, lower water resistance (30 meters instead of 80 meters), a dressier leather strap, and a white lacquer-accented dial. The case also benefits from a mix of polished and brushed finishes.

The dial of the LM Sequential Flyback follows the same layout as the maiden MB&F chronograph but with a touch of design updates, such as the aforementioned white lacquer, polished subdial rings, and the tilting of the hour and minutes display at 6 o’clock, to lean into the brand’s interpretation of a classic aesthetic.  The cool tone of the sky-blue dial plate serves the design well, complementing all the blue hands peppered throughout the dial.

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The left chronograph, operated by the pushers at 8 and 10 o’clock, includes a minutes counter at 11 o’clock and a seconds counter at 9 o’clock. The right chronograph, operated by the pushers at 2 and 4 o’clock, includes a minute counter at 1 o’clock and a seconds counter at 3 o’clock. Of course, thanks to the addition of the flyback feature, the chronograph hands can be sent back to their starting positions without being stopped first with a simple press of the bottom pushers, conveniently inscribed with “FLYBACK.” The mirrored effect of the duo of chronographs is further emphasized by the Twinverter pusher (more on that shortly) at 9 o’clock twinning with the winding crown at 3 o’clock.

The Twinverter switch controls both chronographs by inverting the current start/stop status of each chronograph. Therefore, if a chronograph is running (either one or both), pressing the Twinverter will stop it. Conversely, if a chronograph is dormant, pressing the Twinverter will start it. The separation of the two independent flyback chronographs coupled with the magical Twinverter mechanism means that the LM Sequential Flyback offers five different timing modes depending on which pushers are activated, and when. The first four modes were present on the LM Sequential EVO model, and the last one is the additional mode offered by the LM Sequential Flyback.

  • Independent timing mode: track two separate events across two chronographs (Left and Right) with differing starting and end times. e.g. two different pots on the stove, one for hard-boiled and one for soft-boiled
  • Split-second (a.k.a. simultaneous model) timing mode: track two events with identical starting points but different end times. e.g. one pot with two eggs, one soft-boiled and one hard-boiled (Twinverter to activate Left and Right, respective pushers to stop each one when necessary)
  • Cumulative timing mode: track how much time has elapsed across two separate events with the ability to switch between both. e.g. time spent cooking versus time spent eating said eggs throughout one day (start Left, press Twinverter to both stop Left and start Right. Then continue to press Twinverter as needed to switch between chronographs)
  • Lap-timer (AKA sequential mode): track the times of different laps in one race. e.g. how long each lap took to complete during a five-lap egg-and-spoon race (start Left and once the lap is complete, press Twinverter to stop Left and start Right. Reset Left and press Twinverter when ready for the next lap)
  • Flyback functionality: track the entire time of one event and its various legs, separately. e.g., the overall time it took to complete the said egg-and-spoon race (Chronograph A) and accurately time each lap with the flyback function (Chronograph B)

The possibilities are almost endless.

Powering this function-packed chronograph watch is a 619-component manual-winding, fully integrated chronograph movement. The Sequential Caliber offers 72 hours of power reserve via double mainspring barrels and includes a flying balance wheel with regulating screws and Breguet overcoil, positioned at 12 o’clock on the dial side. Conversely, the power reserve indicator is located on the caseback side of the movement. Whether from the dial side or via the transparent caseback, the hand-finished movement is glorious to stare at. In addition to the groundbreaking jeweled vertical clutches system that was introduced on the original Sequential Caliber, McDonnell had to incorporate a special patented jeweled roller into the flyback mechanism to reduce friction and avoid any jamming of the entire movement when all the hands “fly” back their zero positions.

Interestingly, when McDonnell designed the original Sequential Caliber, he had planned for it to have the flyback. However, given the complexity of adding a flyback to the already pioneering multiple-mode dual-chronograph movement, it was decided that it would be more prudent for MB&F to launch the non-flyback EVO design first, and then follow it up with the more classically designed LM flyback a few years later once the Sequential proved itself out in the real world.

Mechanically and aesthetically, the platinum MB&F LM Sequential Flyback is a beast. And I mean that in the best possible way. Only 33 pieces will be made, each priced at $218,000 USD. Expensive? Yes. Worth it? Absolutely. For more information, please visit the brand’s website

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