As its latest new release of 2023, SevenFriday has created a colorful new model that incorporates a number of Bauhaus-inspired design elements. Based upon the brand’s signature TV-shaped case, the new SevenFriday T1/08 “Bauhaus Inspired” watch foregoes a traditional set of hands and, instead, opts for a single rotating disc that is responsible for displaying the time. I recently had the chance to preview SevenFriday’s new T1/08 “Bauhaus Inspired” timepiece while in Geneva for Watches & Wonders last month, and although the new model is hardly the most practical design from the brand’s catalog, it just might be one of my favorites.

Crafted from brushed and polished 316L stainless steel, the case of the new SevenFriday T1/08 “Bauhaus Inspired” watch will be largely familiar to those who have previous experience with the brand’s T-Series models, offering a rounded square form that measures 45.6mm-wide by 45mm lug-to-lug. A signed crown filled with bright blue lacquer sits on the side of the case at the 3 o’clock location, and since the T-Series isn’t the brand’s line of sports watches, the case is thinner than many of SevenFriday’s other models and water resistance for the new T1/08 “Bauhaus-Inspired” comes in at 30 meters to protect against daily incidental contact.

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Just like other current-production SevenFriday watches, the new T1/08 “Bauhaus Inspired” watch features a screw-on caseback with an embedded NFC chip that allows owners to simply scan their timepiece with their smartphone in order to verify its authenticity and track its ownership status via blockchain technology. On the new SevenFriday T1/08, the polycarbonate panel in the caseback is adorned with a Bauhaus-inspired design that appears in the same orange, blue, and yellow color profile that can be found throughout the dial side of the watch.

The top of the multi-component case on the SevenFriday T1/08 “Bauhaus Inspired” watch is fitted with a hardened mineral glass crystal, while the bezel surrounding it features inlays of white, orange, yellow, and blue Berlac lacquer. Although SevenFriday lists the “orange” color as “red” on its official website, it actually appears to be more of a rich orange hue, and I think orange actually works better with the overall color profile of the watch. Personally, I would have preferred to see a sapphire used for the crystal instead of mineral glass, and given that SevenFriday does use sapphire crystals on many of its other models (such as the PS3/01 “Jade Carbon” that I reviewed here), it is a bit unclear why sapphire wasn’t also used for the new T1/08 “Bauhaus Inspired” watch, especially since sapphire crystals are increasingly becoming the standard throughout most of the watch industry.

Like many other SevenFriday watches, the “dial” of the new T1/08 “Bauhaus Inspired” timepiece isn’t so much a dial (in the traditional sense of the word) as it is more of a colorful multi-layered display that primarily consists of the concept of a circle set within the rounded square aperture of the case. Geometric shapes are printed in a matching shade of blue on the underside surface of the crystal at each of the corners to help create a balance with the negative space below them, while the partially open-worked center section echoes the same orange, blue, and yellow colors that are present throughout the rest of the watch.

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Rather than having a traditional set of hands, the new SevenFriday T1/08 “Bauhaus Inspired” watch features a single centrally-mounted disc that makes one full rotation every 12 hours (it essentially takes the place of a regular hour hand). Therefore, the time of day is read by referencing the disc’s current position against the triangular marker at the top of the dial, and the disc itself is skeletonized with its numerals appearing in a thoroughly Bauhaus-themed typeface. While colorful minute markings are printed in a smaller font between the large black hour numerals, this approach is still only capable of providing a rough approximation of the time. That said, the purpose of the new SevenFriday T1/08 isn’t about trying to achieve a maximum amount of precision or legibility, but rather about leaning into its fun Bauhaus-inspired design and presenting the time in an unusual format.

Powering the new SevenFriday T1/08 “Bauhaus Inspired” watch is the Seiko NH70 automatic movement, which is very much a known quantity within the industry and found inside countless other watches. Since the NH70 is based upon the core architecture of the ubiquitous Seiko NH35, it runs at a frequency of 21,600vph (3 Hz) while offering users a power reserve of approximately 40 hours. Additionally, since the Seiko NH70 is the skeletonized version of the NH35, its open-worked bridges lend themselves particularly well to the multi-layered, partially skeletonized design of the SevenFriday T1/08, and due to the fact that the NH70 is naturally a no-date movement, there isn’t any type of “ghost position” when you pull out the crown to set the time.

Fitted to the lugs of the new SevenFriday T1/08 “Bauhaus Inspired” watch is a stainless steel bracelet that offers a flat three-link design with beveled edges and a butterfly-style folding clasp. All things considered, the bracelet is quite solid, although the removable links are secured by pins (rather than screws), and the clasp itself doesn’t feature any type of integrated extension system. That said, the clasp is signed with the SevenFriday “F” logo, and the inner folding sections are decorated with perlage, which is a nice detail that is typically reserved for watches at higher price points. Additionally, while the bracelet offers an integrated overall appearance with the case, this is really only due to the lack of protruding lugs, and the bracelet on the SevenFriday T1/08 can easily be swapped out and replaced by any of the other straps that are compatible with its T-Series watches.

With an official retail price of $1,264 USD, the new SevenFriday T1/08 “Bauhaus Inspired” watch is marginally more expensive than other T-Series models, although this is likely due to the fact that it comes equipped with a stainless steel bracelet rather a standard two-piece strap. Additionally, while I objectively enjoy the fun and Bauhaus-inspired aesthetic of the new SevenFriday T1/08, the asking price does feel slightly high for a watch with a mineral crystal that is powered by a Seiko movement. That said, SevenFriday watches aren’t about trying to deliver the utmost value or specs for the money, but rather about creating bold and unusual designs that ultimately can be purchased for relatively attainable prices, and while the new SevenFriday T1/08 “Bauhaus Inspired” watch isn’t going to win any awards for its practicality or value, it is undeniably a ton of fun to wear on the wrist. For more information on the SevenFriday T1/08 Bauhaus Inspired watch, please visit the brand’s website

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