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Hegid Watches Aims To Take Watch Customization To The Next Level

Hegid Watches Aims To Take Watch Customization To The Next Level Watch Releases

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When people have a wide experience of and a shared passion for the same industry, it is hardly surprising when they come together and set up shop on their own. Emeric Delalandre, Henrik Gaché, and Gregory Gaucheé, the founders of the new French brand Hegid, which aims to put the power of customization in the hands of the customer, bring a wide array of experiences to the table. Blending skills in the fields of marketing, sales, and design, this trio left behind their careers working for and with major international brands to start their own company that had the power to effect change in an industry they love.

Hegid Watches Aims To Take Watch Customization To The Next Level Watch Releases

Based in Paris, France, Hegid is positioned as a brand that puts the build quality of its products front and center and pitches them to the young-middle-aged, fashion-conscious, role-model-inspired demographic. The concept is simple and consists of a “dressing complication:” A central waterproof capsule containing a self-winding mechanical movement and a traditional time display can be easily locked in different-shaped case carrures (French for “middles”) to completely change the style, look, and even the function of the watch. The bracelet is also interchangeable.

Hegid Watches Aims To Take Watch Customization To The Next Level Watch Releases

Henrick Gauché’s true passion is for real artisanship and mechanics. Although he is not a trained watchmaker himself, he often spends time in the watchmaking workshop, applying his significant knowledge to certain tasks that require an extra pair of hands.

Meanwhile, brother Gregory Gauché brings years of experience from the automotive industry to industrial proceedings. His background in designing bodywork components for the likes of high-end German brands, as well being behind several collaborations between carmakers and luxury brands, has been invaluable in developing the Hegid watch concept and arriving at a product that is not just attractive on the wrist, but also expertly machined to ensure long-term functionality.


Hegid Watches Aims To Take Watch Customization To The Next Level Watch Releases

To ensure the product would work as planned, the Hegid team has invested in two years of research on the project, testing and developing the security and longevity of the case capsule as it inserts into whichever surround the customer chooses. The invention that brings new opportunities for “evolving watchmaking” is patented.

Hegid Watches Aims To Take Watch Customization To The Next Level Watch Releases

Of course, the main advantage of this concept is that customers can change their minds in less than 20 seconds if they own a selection of case carrures. The customer owns a capsule that is designed to last for several generations. A capsule costs the price of a luxury watch, while the elements (carrures and bracelets) offer an affordable means to diversify a collection.

Hegid Watches Aims To Take Watch Customization To The Next Level Watch Releases

The initial launch offers three distinct styles. The Exploration collection is identified by the largest case (a 42mm square) and, therefore, greatest wrist presence. It is also the most avant-garde of the initial trio. The most classical of the bunch is the Laboratoire option, which is a traditionally styled 38.5mm case with a softer, rounded shape. The sportiest model in the debut collection is the Vision timepiece, which boasts a rotating bezel and brushed surfaces.

While Henrick Gauché brings the technical expertise and the industry contacts, Gregory Gauché brings the design talent. Delalandre, the youngest of the three (and closest to the target demographic), is responsible for marketing, having worked for Apple. His experience at a modern and dynamic company like Apple taught him a special lesson: Watchmaking needs to be reinvented. And what better to empower the next generation of watch collectors than to hand them a product they can reinvent on the fly?

Hegid Watches Aims To Take Watch Customization To The Next Level Watch Releases

All the cases are made in France due to the necessary precision. This unusual step, in line with the brand’s vision of fashion-luxury watchmaking, means that a total of 85% of the value of each Hegid is added in France. The remaining 15% is Swiss-sourced, starting with the top-grade Sellita SW200-1. The elements are designed, produced, assembled and prepared by French watchmakers. The movements are regulated between 0 and +5s to be the closest to the top Swiss quality that Henrick loved promoting during his previous career.

Hegid Watches Aims To Take Watch Customization To The Next Level Watch Releases

Hegid plans on a quarterly update to its range, with seasonal novelties adapting to current artistic trends. The brand also hopes that the huge potential for individual customization will encourage passionate watch enthusiasts to buy this product for a budding collector. The debut range from Hegid will retail around €2,800 per watch (includes a 2400€ case capsule, a €250-350 case carrure, and a €50-200 strap of your choice). Learn more about the brand at

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  • SuperStrapper

    The concept isn’t actually all that bad. I would have a few concerns about the quality and longevity of the connections between the watch and case module, but that doesn’t mean I assume a problem.
    As long as the case option were tasteful I could see this being an attractive option for close-to-but-not-quite-WIS. I can have a few different watches without needing a few different watches.

    That one case is fairly horrible though. Those ‘wings’ that come over to act like crown guards and the blocky structure overall… It’s like a Schumacher AP that was taken out of the oven waaaaaaaaaaay underdone. Even perfectly cooked I wouldn’t want a Schumacher AP.

    • Travis Cannata

      My Fugue has lasted almost two years with little to no wear on the case modules. Honestly just as surprising to me. If you do it right, then it’s pretty solid.

  • Jared

    cool concept, although I’d say the fact that they don’t have a video demonstration on their website of them doing a swap probably means swapping out the case isn’t as simple as they make it seem.

    if it was a 1-2 minute process, I feel they’d 100% have the video on their site

    • SuperStrapper

      I’d rather a 1 or 2 minute process that leaves me feeling confident about the swap than a 10 second process that doesn’t feel so positive when done.

  • all74

    I’m surprised that they got a patent on this, as there is prior art:

    • Jared

      the probably got a patent for the lock in mechanism that looks to be different from the egard version.

      • Emeric Delalandre

        @all74:disqus Yep, as @jared says, our patent concerns the “capslock” system which has been designed to quickly, smoothly and securely fix the capsule into the carrure. It globally consists in a piece of titane which turns around the body of the carrure. Position 0: the capsule and the carrure are separated, Position 1: they are locked as it was a one and only unique piece. It’s now online if you want to check:

  • Travis Cannata

    Reminds me a lot of Fugue with a few more options. I really dig this concept. It’s like adult legos.

  • Swiss_Cheese

    Hegid – “You’re a wizard Hory.”

    • Stewart James

      Harry – “And you’re a hairy Wizard Hegrid.”

  • paysdoufs

    Interesting – the case change takes less time than the strap change 😉 The two main points bothering me are probably inherently related to the swapping concept itself: (1) rather monochromatic black designs and (2) chunky cases for a 3-hand watch.

    @Emeric: La vidéo pour le GPHG est AMHA franchement bof en terme d’iconographie et message. Vous feriez probablement mieux de mettre votre technicité en avant.


    Really cool a la omega d’antan like the mark III IV 4.5 where the movement and dial could be moved around (not easily)——- what’s the thickness of the watches?
    Do you have a place in Paris that folks can check the watches in person?

    • Emeric Delalandre

      Hey BNABOB. Thanks !
      We’ve got some partners in Paris (Antoine de Macedo, Freret Roy, OChrono) where you can easily meet our products, or just come to meet Hegid’s founders and team rue de l’Arcade at our showroom (next to place de la Madeleine and les Grands Magasins). Just send us an email at contact at and we will arrange this ?.
      Have a nice WE !

      • BNABOD

        Thanks I will try to squeeze it in on my upcoming Paris trip

  • Marc Levesque

    There was another company that had the same concept, many years ago called Japy. Also from France, unfortunately, they did not last very long. And what about H2O watches, which are equally customizable and considerably less expensive.

    I like the idea, but that square one is somewhat hideous and there doesn’t seem to be a bracelet option…

    Good luck with your venture, at that price point, you’re going to need it.

  • Emeric Delalandre

    Hey @disqus_Z1jxJwGEVJ:disqus. Thanks you very much for this feedback, it helps a lot! So, we will definitely showcase the technical potential of Hegid with a video on our platforms in the coming weeks 🙂

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