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Hermès Arceau Chrono Titane Watch

Hermès Arceau Chrono Titane Watch Watch Releases

Hermès is quite a rare breed in the luxury watch industry, being a family-owned independent company particularly known for fashion and leatherwork. However, they are serious about watches too, and the Arceau watch designed by artist Henri d’Origny, with its distinctive wind-blown font and asymmetrical lugs, has also been around for a while. The new Hermès Arceau Chrono Titane is the latest evolution of the Arceau design, featuring a much sportier theme than previous incarnations.

Hermès Arceau Chrono Titane Watch Watch Releases

Henri d’Origny joined Hermès in 1958, working in the maison’s flagship boutique in Paris. He designed silk and leather goods for the company as well as iconic watch designs such as the Cape Cod, which turned 25 last year (our hands-on impressions here), as well as the original Arceau model in 1978.

The dial of the Hermès Arceau Chrono Titane is galvanic black with transferred white Arabic numerals and a minute track which features a red bar every minute and a red pip every five minutes. Many chronographs color-coordinate the chronograph hands, but here the central chronograph seconds hand and the running seconds hand at 3 o’clock are red, with the remaining hands being rhodium-plated. The running seconds indicator is made even easier to locate at a glance thanks to a contrasting grey exposed titanium ring around its perimeter. A date indicator is wedged in at 4:30 and uses the same whimsical font as the dial. The hour and minute hands could be described as leaf-shaped and should provide good legibility against the black dial.

Hermès Arceau Chrono Titane Watch Watch Releases

The Hermès Arceau Chrono Titane features a 41mm bead-blasted grade 2 titanium (99% pure titanium, which is softer than the alloyed grade 5) case, achieving a kind of gunmetal grey look and enhancing the sporty character of this watch. The combination of a titanium case with a leather strap should also make this watch quite lightweight and easy on the wrist. The asymmetrical lugs are a long-standing feature of this collection and were inspired by stirrups, Hermès tells us. The watch face is covered by a sapphire crystal with anti-reflective treatment, and is rated to a water-resistance of 3 bar (30m).

Hermès Arceau Chrono Titane Watch Watch Releases

Included with the Hermès Arceau Chrono Titane is either a natural or a black embossed Barenia calfskin strap. Barenia calfskin is a signature leather of Hermès and was originally used for saddles, which adds to the equestrian theme. Powering the watch is a Swiss-made automatic movement with 37 jewels, which offers a 42 hour power reserve while oscillating at 28,000vph, or 4Hz. Hermès hasn’t disclosed specifically which movement they’re using, but it isn’t one of their manufacture calibers.

Hermès Arceau Chrono Titane Watch Watch Releases

The Arceau collection is a distinctive pillar of Hermès’ design language, and with the Hermès Arceau Chrono Titane, it receives a few modern upgrades and a case size increase to appeal to a wider audience – Hermès actually refers to this size as a “Very Large Model.” A manufacture caliber might have been nice, but one can still expect a well-made chronograph with a prestigious name and some unique design flair. The Hermès Arceau Chrono Titane has an asking price of $4,

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Jason Swire is a Sydney-based writer and author of Timely Advice, a beginner's guide to fine timepieces. He believes that a good wristwatch doesn't need to be expensive (or even mechanical), but it should tell a story; about us, our histories, or our cultures. When not obsessing over watches, Jason enjoys embracing his inner geek via gaming, reading fantasy, and playing Dungeons & Dragons.
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  • otaking241

    Love how beautifully crisp the printing is on all parts of the textured dial and subdials–so so many others totally screw the pooch in this regard, including some of the biggest names in watchmaking. Say what you want about a fashion house making watches, but Hermes’ attention to detail is second to none.

  • Yan Fin

    Should be checked out in person, but from pictures looks like a nice sporty lady’s watch.

    • Framlucasse

      It’s not a lady’s watch, 41mm. I like the lady’s versions better.

      • Yan Fin

        To me design is more feminine.

  • SuperStrapper

    I’m not familiar with this line from Hermes. The design language is immediately recognisable as theirs, but I’m also getting shades of ikepod as well. Which isn’t really a compliment. I actually just don’t prefer the more organic looking shapes.
    For a printed dial, this one is quite nice tbh.

  • I don’t think the sporty red and black color scheme works well with their choice of font for the numbers. Looks like an attempt at dressy and sporty at the same time and yields neither. Not a good look at all. But I’m sure the straps are nice.

  • John Stevens

    Personally think this is one ugly watch particularly in that gunmetal grey and not a fan of the italic numerals.

  • Framlucasse

    I like the Slim and the Dressage but I really dislike this one, particularly the numerals.

  • DanW94

    I like the unique italicized numbers in the chapter ring, like the time only Arceau or the Le Temps Suspendu, but extending those upside down/sideways numbers to the sub-dials is just too much. It’s headache inducing to look at.

  • Mark1884

    I like Hermes, but this watch does absolutely nothing for me.
    Respectful pass.

  • Sheez Gagoo

    This watch looks like a teapot. And the numerals like they fell of the dial. I’ve never been a fan of Hermes, I just had a little respect but this one is outstandingly ugly. The movement is probably a moduled 289X.

  • Raymond Wilkie

    I don’t know where to start here, everything is wrong with this watch,It’s rare that i come across a watch with absolutely no redeeming qualities at all except maybe a Tag Monaco. The dial looks like black tarmac. The gunmetal look ( is that a thing ? ) is dull and uninteresting. I read in other reviews that Its sloping numerals give the impression of having been blown in on a playful breeze…………..complete nonsense,they look awful and haphazardly applied. I could go on but am losing the will to live. I’m going to look at some Roger Smiths to cheer me up.

  • Ex-Ex-Pat

    $4,950 seems a bit much to ask for a movement of unknown provenance, irrespective of assumed quality. Hermès should really be more transparent here.

  • Mikita

    Sellita SW300 + DD module?

    • SuperStrapper

      Watch would have to be fairly thick in that instance. No side profile photos but if the crown and pushers were on different planes you’d have your answer.

      • Mikita

        Watches on the 2892 based chronos are usually thinner than 7750-based. Good point regarding the pushers & crown

      • eRZé

        The high jewel count suggests a modular movement to me. I could not find a side shot of this watch but I tend to agree with Mikita this time.

      • chesirecat77

        Another clue that this is a piggybacked chrono is that the 30 minute counter is on the left and the seconds counter on the right side

    • DanW94

      I can see why you’d have a problem with the Sellita movement but who doesn’t like double D’s?

  • Sheez Gagoo

    The numbers don`t even make any sense. Why are the five and the seven upside down but not the six?

    • It’s another 9 (but rendered differently), ha ha.

    • Mikita

      Don’t look at this dial when you have a hangover 🙂

  • Terance Hill

    Not a fan looks like somebody Whiped the dial before the paint dried .
    And at this price point there’s far better choices to be made out there.

  • Ian john horwood

    One word, awful.

  • eRZé

    Based on actual images of other models in the range I’d say this is a 50/50 watch for me. The case and lug shape is original, finishing seems nice. Dislikes are the wind-blown numerals and the shape of the chrono pushers. Overall, it would be ‘no buy’.

  • Tea Hound

    This watch is absolutely awful. I mean it’s stomach churningly bad. Terrible. This watch could turn a man to drink, cheap hookers and coke. It’s that horrible. If I had to wear this, I’d think long and hard about chewing my own hands off first. This is truly the goatse of watches. And those lugs were clearly designed by the sort of person who licks windows on their day off; I’ve seen better dial designs splurged in excrement on the walls of mental wards by the sort of people who think the ceiling lights are telling them to go out and worry sheep.

    That said, it’s nice that Hermes have bothered to match the date wheel font to the dial font, even though that’s a bit like bothering to giving a leper a decent hair cut.

  • Yanko

    Where was this watch made? In the alley behind a Mobil gas station!?