Tiffany & Co. Mark T-57 Tri Retrograde watch on eBay

Ah, Tiffany & Co. With what reverence I hold your outsourced watch creations. No matter how much I understand your lack of personal involvement in manufacturing your timepieces, I can’t help but be impressed by them. The pictures watch is the very nice looking Mark T-57 Tri Retrograde Chronograph model. The lineage of this model stems from the original Mark T-57 line. The Tri-Retrograde adds a customized automatic mechanical movement (of unannounced origins) that modifies a 12 hour chronograph with retrograde dials (instead of a full revolution, hands go to one end of a dial and shoot back to the start). The movement is further skeletonized. Thus, you can see some of the movement construction and operation through the dial itself. Hands remain bright red for legibility, and you have a white disc date window that is also partially exposed.

Tiffany & Co. Mark T-57 Tri Retrograde watch rear on eBay Tiffany & Co. Mark T-57 Tri Retrograde watch side on eBay

The Tiffany & Co. Mark T-57 Tri Retrograde came in both stainless steel and 18k gold. The steel version here retailed for over $7,000 (gold version was almost $20,000). It was a pricey model, but you got the Tiffany name, and Tiffany style. While the design certainly has a degree of grace, the Mark T-57 line was always very sports oriented in looks. The case features rare use of vulcanized rubber, which can been seen on the bezel and tips of the pushers and crown. It has a soft feeling that feels like high quality foam, but stronger.

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The strap is rubber with an excellent folding and locking clasp. You do have to cut the strap for size though. The case is a large 45mm wide (and 17m thick which makes it thicker than the base T-57 model), but you have a domed sapphire crystal over the face along with a sapphire movement window. There you can see Tiffany’s signature black rotor and the well decorated movement. Perlage polishing can be see on the movement from both sides, and looks particularly nice where applied on the face.

This rare Tiffany & Co. watch is currently available on eBay. It is a hell of a deal with an auction starting at $2,500 for a pristine example of this Mark T-57 Tri-Retrograde model. Worth checking out, as this increasingly rare model has a lot of desirable features and functions.

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