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The world’s largest marketplace for wrist watches, eBay now offers consumers timepieces whose authenticity has been verified. Through the eBay Authenticate program, watch-lovers can easily search through “Authenticity-Verified” listings to enjoy a new level of product selection and purchase confidence when it comes to their favorite digital marketplace. Authenticity-Verified watches are assured by eBay directly — promising the absolute best service and speed, should any issue ever arise. eBay itself backs each Authenticity-Verified product listing as part of the larger eBay Authenticate program, which itself is designed to help consumers purchase high-end goods online without worry.

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The number one hesitation watch buyers report when seeking to purchase a wrist watch via the Internet is concern over both the condition and authenticity of the product. People are worried about spending large sums of money on something with undesirable hidden surprises. Replica watches and those whose condition does not match the product listing are, specifically, what the eBay Authenticate program aims to eliminate. By searching through only Authenticity-Verified wrist watch product listings, consumers will receive the greatest level of protection and a curated selection of listings eBay can offer.

Authenticity-Verified product listings begin with verified sellers. Using an expert third-party service provider, eBay individually certifies watch-sellers, the exclusive sellers who can list “Authenticity-Verified” products. Unlike most eBay product listings, where eBay acts only as an online auction and transaction facilitator, eBay Authenticate-certified product transactions go through a dedicated department at eBay itself. Buyers benefit because, in the event of any customer service issue with an “Authenticity-Verified” product listing, eBay itself will promptly resolve the matter quickly and efficiently, without waiting for cooperation from the party actually selling the product.

eBay users interested in viewing authenticated luxury watches on eBay have two options for their search. First is eBay’s dedicated Authenticated Luxury Watches page, where verified products from the world’s most popular watch brands can be easily browsed. eBay users can also refine any watch search made on the platform to show only those listings that participate in the Authenticity-Verified program. To display only “Authenticity-Verified” results while performing a search on eBay, users simply need to select the requisite box under the “Show Only” section when refining search results. At writing, approximately 15,000 watches whose authenticity has been confirmed are available on eBay.

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Authenticity-Verified sellers on eBay offer the world’s most popular luxury watches (in both new and pre-owned condition), including collector-favorite brands such as Rolex, Omega, TAG Heuer, Cartier, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Hublot, Breitling, and Panerai. A leader in price transparency and consumer selection, Authenticity-Verified watch prices on eBay are set by the seller based on current market demand.

eBay continues to offer more ways for consumers to discover, purchase, and comfortably own luxury wrist watches by adding Authenticity-Verified products and sellers to its class-leading marketplace. Timepiece enthusiasts seeking selection, price fairness, and transaction confidence should always visit eBay Authenticated Luxury Watches as part of any watch-buying process.

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