Hublot Aero Bang & King Power Aero “Bal Harbor” Limited Edition Watches

Hublot Aero Bang & King Power Aero “Bal Harbor” Limited Edition Watches

Hublot Aero Bang & King Power Aero "Bal Harbor" Limited Edition Watches Watch Releases

Look more closely, the two watches in this article are different. Though seriously - while they are cool looking -you'd think that Hublot might have wanted to make them look just a tad bit more different. The major difference of course is the case. One is in a Big Bang case, and the other is in a King Power case - though you'll agree that at a cursory glance they look almost too much alike. One of the reasons for the similarities is the fact that they are both "Aero" watches. These are usually skeletonized chronographs. Thus, the names of these watches are the Hublot Aero Hang Bal Harbour and the Hublot King Power Aero All Black Bal Harbour. Got that?

Hublot Aero Bang & King Power Aero "Bal Harbor" Limited Edition Watches Watch Releases

Each will be limited to just 25 pieces and will be available at Hublot's Bal Harbour boutique (not sure whether that is an exclusive or not). The boutique there is brand new. Bal Harbour is a high-end mall in Miami Beach that is seemingly filled with watch stores! Well not just watch stores, but the place certainly has a lot of watch stores. If you are a watch lover and live in or visiting Miami, you should wear your best clothes, and go check it out.

The color scheme of the watches remind me a lot of the Bell & Ross BR Heritage watches - that also features black cases and dial with tan straps. The "Bal Harbour" printed straps also remind me of those on the Bell & Ross BR01 Heritage model. Instead of going for a "aged look" these Hublot watches are attempting to recall the look of sand. Working with Bal Harbour in Miami Beach, the boutique is located just minutes from the shore, and Hublot hopes customers will feel a connection to the sand colored straps while shopping in the area. At least that is the idea. The khaki-esque color continues to the hands and hour markers on the dial, as well as elements in the case. You have to admit the watches have a retro military feel to them.

Hublot Aero Bang & King Power Aero "Bal Harbor" Limited Edition Watches Watch Releases

Hublot Aero Bang & King Power Aero "Bal Harbor" Limited Edition Watches Watch Releases

The watches each have Swiss ETA Valjoux 7750 automatic movements that have been skeletonized in-house by Hublot. While the movements are each skeletonized, the designs are each a bit different. You can see Hublot's handiwork when skeletonizing 7750's in my article on the Hublot King Power Monza here.

The Big Bang (Aero Bang) model is 44mm wide while the King Power model is 48mm wide. The cases are a combo of black ceramic, composite resin, titanium, and rubber. Pretty much the rest of the watch you should already be familiar with if you've looked into Aero Bangs or King Power chronographs in the past. Each of these two limited edition watches for Bal Harbour will be limited to just 25 pieces each. Not sure about price, but they will be over $20,000 each.

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  • Kris C.

    I didnt even get past the first picture before I likened some of the design particulars to a B&R Heritage. I’m quite glad to see I’m not alone in that. But I can get one of those for less than $5k… Regardless, these are quite nice, those mixed-material cases are really growing on me and these examples ooze with the muscular feel Hublot has been perfecting so well.
    Why does the King Power-cased model have a 7750 in it? Aren’t these supposed to contain a UNICO? Or did I miss something?

  • I love the use of different materials.

    Really nice design

  • It’s nice looking and I like the B&R look-a-like colors a lot. I’m a bit put off by the rough finished “sand-inspired” parts. In the photos, the finish looks like poorly applied gold spray paint. I wouldn’t buy this as my only Hublot. I’d get a more classic colored one, or the All Black and indulge my want for this color scheme in a less costly watch (B&R).

    As many of Hublot’s product announcements go, this is yet the same watch(es) in a new colorway. I’m not entirely sure it’s article worthy. We don’t see separate reviews for each color R8 that Audi offers.

  • Witch Watch

    Big Bang’s etc are very much watches of ‘our time’..if you’ll pardon the pun, and not a watch i’ve got much love for. I agree wholeheartdly with DR’s comment on the “spray paint” look on the finish but i’d think this is to give it a sandblasted look and i’m sure it would look better when seen up close and personal.

  • Ivan Y

    This isn’t the most guady Hublot ever and they managed to, more or less, keep it tasteful (yellow and black go well together). I still like Classic Fusion line better though and would seriously consider a purchase if the straps were swappable (not only for different occassions; rubber straps aren’t ideal for hot & humid Houston climate).

    P.S. Is there a reason Hublot’s bezels have misaligned screw-heads? I am not OCD, but it seems weird & cheap that they aren’t aligned in the same direction as hour markers.

  • Black and Gold? seems more appropriate as the Big Bang “Bourbon Street”.

    • Its true… New Orleans seriously needs a few limited edition watches dedicated to it.

  • Jonathan


  • Kris C.

    @ Jonathan: overpriced compared to what?

    I certainly can’t afford one, but that doesn’t mean I think they are overpriced.

    We’re talking about a total of 50 pieces here, and I’ll wager dollars to doughnuts that they all get snapped up. If no units sold, then they are over, or mis-priced. When you have little trouble selling something, then you’ve obviously priced it correctly.

  • Great job on the site! Looks nice!

  • Jonathan


    Of course Hublot will move the pieces… but there is not $20,000 of R & D in this timepiece just because Hublot changed up the color scheme and added a nifty band. Yes, Hublot pieces are nice (I even like the look of them on my wrist), No, they are not THAT nice. Come on… 20 G’s because it is being sold and named after a Miami boutique? Hublot can charge these prices because people will pay them (just like AP with their Offshore collection). The prices associated with Hublot are getting a little ridiculous.

  • very cool and design..
    i really like Hublot Aero Bang & King Power Aero “Bal Harbor”
    i also like the other one..

  • Kris C.


    It’s not $20k because it’s being sold in a Miami boutique. Pretty much all new Hublot offerings are at this or higher prices. Even on eBay, you’re lucky to find a used Big Bang of any flavour for less than $10k, or King Power at $20k.

    If you only value R&D, then we will be at a complete loggerhead, and I’m not interested in a pissing contest. It’s more than R&D that goes into these pieces. If there was just a big Hublot machine that churned out watches on a conveyor belt, I’d get on a soapbox next to you. But thats not the case, and each screw is turned by a highly skilled individual, and even the 3rd party movements they use are dissasembled, cutomized, and then perfectly re-installed.

  • Jonathan

    Still….$20,000 for a Valjoux 7750….hmmm…

  • Hey Ariel,

    Thanks for picking up our new FL gals 🙂 – The Aero is $19,900 and the KP $24,900 just to let you know.

    @Kris, On the UNICO, these engines should be running the King Power pieces by the end of this year.

    @Ivan – what do you mean by misaligned screw heads? Happy to address once I’m sure I know what you mean 🙂


    • Thanks for the additional details and price Jerome. Much appreciated.