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While I very much like the idea of colored (tinted) sapphire crystals, I am not sure how practical they are all the time. I worry about legibility if the color is too deep. I haven’t had to live with one that often, but with a lighter red crystal it shouldn’t be difficult to read the hands and see the hour markers. Again, legibility all goes back to dial contrast.

While “Ferrari” is not written on the dial of the watches, the name is printed on the chronograph reset pusher as well as on the rear of the case. I still believe that Hublot was correct in making this decision and customers have indicated time and time again they don’t prefer dual branding on watch dials. So in this case Hublot went with just the Ferrari logo applied under the main dial.

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The last of the three new 2014 Ferrari watch models is the Hublot Big Bang Ferrari King Gold. This very handsome and “rich Italian” looking watch in a mostly 18k King Gold (similar alloy to rose gold) is perhaps the most decadent iteration of the Big Bang Ferrari watch yet. The combo of 18k King Gold, light brown leather and black make for an interesting-yet-airy feel to the visual design.

18k King Gold shows up as a case material after the brand debuted Magic Gold. A combination of ceramic and gold, Magic Gold’s promise was to offer the look of gold with the durability and scratch resistance of ceramic. It seemed like a great idea, but the reality was that Magic Gold never really looked all that great– or like gold. It looked a bit too dark and had a greenish tint to it. No doubt, Magic Gold was an interesting idea, but I think “Magic Gold II” needs to have  a bit more work before it is quickly adopted by collectors and Hublot customers. Each of the 2014 Hublot Big Bang Ferrari watches is part of a limited edition. The Titanium Carbon (limited to 1000 pieces) will retail for 22,100 Euros, the Ceramic Carbon (limited to 1000 pieces) will retail for 22,900 Euros, and the Big Bang Ferrari King Gold (limited to 500 pieces) will retail for 35,300 Euros. Those prices all include tax so US prices will be less.

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