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While the Classic Fusion Extra-Thin Skeleton is offered in both 45mm and 42mm wide case sizes, the Classic Fusion Aero Chronograph is only 45mm for now, and likely to stay that way. Hublot isn’t too keen on small chronographs. Recall that the original Big Bang was 44mm when it debuted and was considered huge. Nowadays 45 or 46mm is the new 44mm (assuming lug size is kept in check).

In going with the Classic Fusion theme, the Aero Chronograph case isn’t wild looking like the King Power or newer 45mm-wide Big Bang. Instead, you have mostly metal and graceful curves with only a few bezel screws and their “composite resin” between the bezel and the rest of the case. It is nice to get that Hublot look without having to consider materials like carbon fiber and other exotics. Just a mostly metal watch, and something that is just how you like it. For 2013 the Classic Fusion Aero Chronograph is available in either titanium or 18k red gold, but I have a feeling that other materials might come later if the collection proves to be a success. I am thinking maybe steel and ceramic might creep their way in.

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More and more Hublot watches are available on bracelets and most all Classic Fusion watches are among those. The available strap (which most of these will come on) is black alligator with a rubber liner. I know it sounds like an odd combination but there are benefits to this. The rubber liner prevents wear and makes it comfy when sweating. The outer alligator looks nicer than rubber… The Classic Fusion Aero Chronograph in titanium on a strap is the ref. 525.NX.0170.LR ($16,400), and on the titanium bracelet is ref. 525.NX.0170.NX ($17,700). In 18k red gold on the strap it is ref. 525.OX.0180.LR ($38,300), and on the 18k red gold bracelet it is ref. 525.OX.0180.OX ($53,900). Overall this is a good watch for people a bit weary of ultra bold Hublot timepieces but still appreciate the brand and want a contemporary high-end mechanical watch.

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