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Hublot Watch Winder Safe By Dottling

Hublot Watch Winder Safe By Dottling Luxury Items

As useful as they are, people still don’t get super excited about watch winders. Well, perhaps most watch winders. The upper echelon of watch winders are incredibly impressive machines that do way more than merely keep your favorite automatic timepieces well-wound. A fun and stimulating example is the Hublot Safe produced by watch winder and safe maker Dottling.

I got to check out this machine hands-on and I must admit that the over-the-top super watch accessory is as appealing as it is priced for people who own more than one yacht. I included the image here of the safe with Markus Dottling and Jean-Claude Biver of Hublot to show you the size scale of the safe.

Hublot Watch Winder Safe By Dottling Luxury Items

Hublot Watch Winder Safe By Dottling Luxury Items

To start, the Hublot Safe is 180 kilograms in weight. The mostly steel safe is like a large outer cylinder with an inner rotating cylinder. That rotating cylinder has two sides of winders with the capacity to wind 42 watches. In mostly black, the safe has panels of carbon fiber, and you’ll notice that it uses larger versions of Hublot’s signature “H” screws.

Hublot Watch Winder Safe By Dottling Luxury Items

Hublot Watch Winder Safe By Dottling Luxury Items

The Hublot safe isn’t just a safe and a watch winder – but also a stereo. This seems to be a bit of a trend, where high-end “watch winder furniture” seems to include a stereo. It also includes an iPad. There is an iPad dock at the top of the safe that is used to control all of the safe’s functions as well as unlock it. Each of the winding modules is programmable, and you can control the stereo and other functions. Using WiFi you can control the safe with the iPad off the dock as well. Everything is done via a custom application pre-loaded on the iPad. A cool function is the ability to indicate precisely what each watch is and where it goes to have it receive the right amount of turns per day. You can also apparently hook up the Hublot Safe to your home security system. Presumably the safe will hide the watches if the alarm is triggered. Or perhaps messing with the safe will trip the alarm. Dottling really thinks all this stuff through.

Hublot Watch Winder Safe By Dottling Luxury Items

For show, there are changing color LED lights placed behind the winder modules. This means you get a bright light show when the inner cylinder spins into view and your many Big Bangs and King Power watches greet you. It is pure spectacle, but at these prices you better damn demand it. In this skin, the special item is called the Hublot Safe. It is based on the newer Dottling Morphosis watch winder safe which can be ordered in many other styles based on the cylinder architecture. An even higher-security version is available which weights 500 kilograms. Price is around 190,000 Swiss Francs. Unfortunately the cost does not include Mr. Biver personally rolling it into your living room.


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  • CG

    Certainly very nice but it can be carried out of your home (or yacht) and presto! Your watches are gone without a trace… Pretty but not a good solution for protecting your watch investment. I would suggest buying an appropriately sized gun safe like Liberty, Canon, National Security.
    2K buys an extremely good safe that is impervious to attack and fire. Then get a local cabinet maker to gut the interior and build something to your needs and you can anchor it to the floor and wall. Besides they can’t be carried out since they start at 800lbs!

  • Ulysses31

    The winder impresses more than the watches themselves…

  • bryanayress

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  • bryanayress

    So is the strategy for selling!