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Our Number One Requirement: Must Love Watches

Really, if you don’t absolutely love watches and what we do at aBlogtoWatch it is going to be an awkward three months with us. Now that we’ve made that contingency clear, allow us to share with you - talented and enthusiastic potential intern – why you might like tohelp make the world’s most popular wrist watch publication even better.

Who We are

Intern @ aBlogtoWatch

Since 2007 aBlogtoWatch has helped define what a modern, niche category online publication should be about.

aBlogtoWatch invented the idea of making a watch blog into a full-time business, and continues to pride itself on producing quality content for watch lovers its number one priority. The aBlogtoWatch team is located around the world and publishes around 75 articles per month. We travel the globe in search of watch stories and cover up-to-date news and reviews. We might be pros, but watch blogging isn’t easy and it takes a village to produce what we offer.

Intern @ aBlogtoWatch

What We Need

It’s our goal to not only help you learn about professional online publications (and the watch industry), but to also form lasting relationships with like-minded people. We’ve designed the Intern @ aBlogtoWatch program to be three months long, but with the potential of continuing to work together in the future. We are aiming for about 15-20 hours per week of your time. The typical aBlogtoWatch team member is independent, outspoken, opinionated, curious, funny, proactive, proud of their work, talented in various areas, worldly, well-traveled, visually-motivated, unpretentious, and mature. aBlogtoWatch is a remote company meaning that we pride ourselves on not needing an office and are able to work from anywhere in the world at all times of day. No waking up early required here. With that said, we are looking for certain roles in Los Angeles, where a few key aBlogtoWatch team members are located including its Founder and Managing Editor.

What We Look For

The below list of skills or requirements we are looking for represents in general the types of things we need. We don’t need you to be good at all of them, but rather we are looking for people who can be really good at doing just a few of them. Are you good at any of the follow things and can well demonstrate that to us?

  • Copy editing / Proof reading

  • Research and fact checking

  • Report Creation

  • Video Production

  • Product Photography

  • Administrative/ exec assistant

  • Blog writing/ editorial journalism

  • Graphic Design

  • UX/UI designer/ developer

  • Social media manager

What You’ll Get Out of It

You’ll learn what it takes to conceive, edit, produce, publish, and share online media, as well as a lot of the nitty gritty involved in running a company. After the three month intern period we will probably ask people who we can’t part with to stick around on either a full or part-time basis. The Intern @ aBlogtoWatch program doesn’t include pay, but it does include a nice bonus at the end, and that will be a watch. No, it isn’t an unused watch we have laying around (though we might have a few of those in store for you as well), but rather something decent that you’ll choose. You’ll also get a lot of invaluable experience on the day-to-day operation of a major media site that really cares about its content and audience. Big companies can’t give you a glimpse like this, and you’ll also be working amongst a very talented group of well-educated, and well-meaning individuals who live all over the world.