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Invicta Pro Diver Wood Watch

Invicta Pro Diver Wood Watch Watch Releases

I am not always a fan of Invicta watches, but with the number of pieces they release, there are bound to be some cool ones. Lately I have been fascinated with watches that have wood in them. Some watches are all wood, while others use the material for the dial, or other elements of the watch. Invicta has taken wood and used it in their Pro Diver watch, for the “Pro Diver Wood” watch. You can see that wood is used as the center link in the bracelet, as well as for the dial.

The wood used is actually teak – a popular wood when it comes to water resistance. Well, I have feeling it is highly treated though. The links in the bracelet are capped in steel to reduce wear. While the dial isn’t the epitome of clarity, it is considered “unbusy” by Invicta standards. In all steel, the case is 48mm wide, and actually have a really attractive looking rotating diver’s bezel.

Invicta Pro Diver Wood Watch Watch Releases

Going  back to the bracelet, you’ll notice the use of what looks like tons of screws to hold it together. Feels like Invicta wanted to make a statement on how “this bracelet does not use pins!” Most of the Pro Diver watches have the diver’s helmet logo, which is found on the end-links of the bracelet, as well as on the caseback of the watch. At 200 meters water resistant, the watch is suitable for enough diving duty. Invicta uses a lume called “Tritnite,” which is probably not as good as SuperLumiNova, but should do the trick. There is enough lume on the dial for it to work out well for night viewing.

The watch uses a sapphire coated mineral crystal that Invicta calls “flame fusion.” This is like a middle ground between fully sapphire crystals and mineral ones. I don’t know too much about living with them, but I at least wanted you to know what flame fusion was. Inside the watch is a Swiss Ronda 5040.D quartz chronograph movement. Really not much more I can say about that.

Invicta Pro Diver Wood Watch Watch Releases

If you are into wood, they you might just be into this watch. I think it is pretty swanky over all and would certainly sport it whenever wood is appropriate. Price is $487.50 via


– Bracelet: Stainless Steel
– Movement: Swiss Parts Ronda 5040.D Quartz Chronograph
– Crystal: Flame Fusion
– Crown: Screw Down w/ Function Pushers
– Clasp: Deployant
– Bracelet Measurements: 8″ L x 24mm W
– Case Measurements: 48mm
– Water Resistance: 20 ATM – 200 meters – 660 feet
– Model Number: IN0164
– UPC: 843836001649
– Warranty: One year limited warranty by Invicta with the option to extend warranty to a total of five years.

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  • Interesting piece. What do you think of their recent SM500 rip-off?

  • ChicagoWatcher

    This watch is hideous, and definitely not worth $487, maybe not even $87. Sorry Ariel, but I have to disagree with you on this one. I can’t imagine where it would be appropriate to “sport wood”? Maybe it should be returned to the Earth.

  • Kris C.

    Well, I couldn’t disagree more with ChicagoWatcher – I love the use of wood in watches. I have several – I’ve never known a mecanical watch to use wood, so they are all generic-brand quartz pieces, but I love them and they accent the right attire quite nicely. Fossil “skate” with teak links, and a Nikon “Rotolog” in bamboo are great hybrids of wood and metal, but if you enjoy the use of wood in watches, then please be introduced to the ultimate, which is Canadian produced and assembled from Canadian renewable wood sources: Tense watches. If you like wood, this is the epitome of cool.

  • taylor guillory

    Butt Ugly.

  • pat i.

    I have nothing against wood from an aesthic perspective, but from an engineering and manufacturing point of view….nah – sorry. It’s like making a raincoat out of sponges.

    It’s not an awful looking catches your eye for about 5 minutes and then you grow weary of it real soon.

    Not my cup of tea for two reasons: It’s an Invicta sold by charlatans on Shop NBC and in South Jersey (where I reside) overbling-ed Invictas like this own are the domain of slick haired Tony Soprano wannbe guidos who park their Hummers in the fire lane and wear loafers with no socks.

    There. I feel better now.

    • James

      Pat I.’s comment is offensive to ALL Italian -Americans and should be removed. Clearly any apoplogy offered by him/her would not be sincere. That language would not be tolerated if it in ANY way was directed to African-American or homosexuals.

  • Leonard H.

    Love the way Invicta always brings out the “one simply must hate it” conformists. Same sad folks who just have to swoon over other brands, no matter how repetitive or trivial their design iterations, just because, well, you simply must. Must need to feel part of gang I guess.


    INVICTA has quite a nefarious BBB rating report.
    I do not have troubles with their styles & prices, but their lack of consumer resources &
    empathetic reps are the ultimate deal breakers.

  • ChicagoWatcher

    I sense a Bad Idea Award coming for Tense watches. There’s a reason why wood watches are not sweeping the nation.

    I don’t hate Invicta or any other manufacturer; I simply don’t think there is any compelling reason why anyone with knowledge of timepieces would spend hundreds of dollars on this particular watch.

  • Pat I

    Well – if I don’t care for Invicta – like many many othera. In that sense, Leonard H. I am a conformist. But then there are an equal amount of people who probably love the brand and are quick to defend it. Doesn’t this make you a conformist as well?
    Swoon? I swoon over women From a mechanical standpoint watches fascinating. From a design perspective I’m amazed at the watch designer’s creativity. From a manufacturing standpoint they’re mind-boggling.

    But in the end, all they do is tell time.

    Still – the Invicta caught my attention for about five minutes – probably the color contrast.

    But the design is derivative, overdone and ostentatious. There’s a reason why people swoon over certain brands and models. They’re timeless..the deisgners hit all the right notes.
    And the brands are lucky enough to have a few of these models in their stable are lucky.

    So when these brands do break out of the mold the pieces they produce are swoon-worthy because they learned the rules before they broke them (two that come to mind are Glashutte’s Square Senator 60’s and The Jean Dunand brand).

    The mass has ended. Go in peace;-)

    • Gentleman, you all make good points, but please recall that once in a while I must cover timepieces that don’t start in the many thousands of dollars. Yes, Invicta isn’t the poster child of affordable watches, but they are popular and deserve at least a modicum of aBlogtoRead time. Not like I am starting to cover Fossil… heaven’s no.

  • Phil W.

    I agree with pat i. on this one. It caught my attention for about five minutes and then I was done with it.

    What is it about Invicta that seems to bring out either fierce loyalty or fierce hatred in watch collectors? I’m one of the strange breed who is just kind of indifferent about Invicta. One of these days I’ll have to buy one and maybe I’ll fall into one camp or the other.

    They have two or three designs that I like and the rest I could do without. The only beef I really have with Invicta is the size of their men’s watches. No, bigger isn’t better. I don’t want a gargantuan slab of steel on my wrist. Their insistance on making watches that are 50mm or more and weigh over a pound is rediculous.

    When Invicta puts out a men’s watch that I like, I look to see if it comes in the women’s size, which is usually a much more manageable 40-42mm. Then I stare at it for a while and talk myself out of buying it.

  • pat i.

    My beef is with quality and then size – for the most part they’re horological equivalent of clown shoes.

    I think they’re popular because they’re a known brand and they’re priced right. It’s a lot of bling for the money.

    What gets me about this brand is that there’s a bit of dishonesty when they’re sold on SNBC – in the way of their perceived quality. They take features normal to any watch and tout them as if they’re the only ones putting ETA movements and sapphire crystals in their watches.

    Finally…other brands in the same range (or slightly high do have some variation in price. Invicta sells a new model on TV for a certain price and then 3 weeks later it’s marked down by 75 percent. I don’t think you see that with other brands – which leads me to believe that these things are wayyyy overpriced.

  • Phil W.

    “My beef is with quality and then size — for the most part they’re horological equivalent of clown shoes.”

    pat i., you made me spit out my coffee with that line. Funny…and actually the way I feel about several of their models.

    I agree with you about the way Invicta sells their watches on SNBC too. I’m always waiting for them to say, “but wait, there’s more….” But, at the same time, that’s what many salespeople do; take features, no matter how mundane, and try to make them sound like the greatest thing since sliced bread (I worked with TV sales people for years before I got fed up with it and quit).

  • Pat I.

    Phil W….

    Sorry about your coffee. Hopefully it didn’t land on your Invicta Visigoth and turn it into an aquarium.

    If so I’m sure they have that angle covered by offering free sea monkeys if you order before midnight tonight.

  • Pat I.

    Sometimes I’m real conflicted – I have to choose between The Watch hour on SNB and “Housewives of New Jersey”. “Houswives usually wins out. It has a modicum of credibility.

    • Nice Pat. With humorous comments like these, I should do an Invicta of the month article!

  • Dean Grant Baker

    I have no opinion other than, meh.

    I’d really like to see what the wood looks like after an hour or three at the beach.
    Stick it in a glass of salt water for a few hours, whilst under a few 50 watt compact FL’s for UV, then let’s have another review.

  • Dean Grant Baker

    As to NOT covering FOSSIL, why? I don’t own any, but they’re a damn sight higher quality in build than any Invicta.

    ten year warranty, whilst an Invicta won’t even live ten years, that and they have the expertise from purchasing Zodiac and Michelle Watch co..

    their “PDA” watches are deserving of an article, as are many others. Not very many watches out there with two gigabytes of ram.

    Invicta just trades on a long ago, long dead watch co..

    Invicta isn’t even owned as a true watch co. it’s owned by an investment firm as part of a portfolio, and that’s how it’s run, not as a watch co..

    Further you should do an expose on Invicta and their somewhat illegal practice of labelling non Swiss parts as Swiss Made.

    IE Technica Swiss Ebauche, which is PROVEN to re badge Chinese made movements as Swiss.The company currently holds an unfavorable rating of over 30% or a grade of D from the Better Business Bureau.[2] and averages hundreds of complaints each week at the Internet forum and over 86 formal complaints at the BBB over the past 36 months

    talk about blatant watch snobbery and ultra conformism.

  • Leonard H.

    I know with a bit of effort I can compile a list of complaints about uneven quality, poor or grossly overpriced service, monopolistic and anticompetitive distribution practices, and even, blush blush, mass production techniques passing themselves off as handmade, among the elite luxury brands. But those who take great pride in having their very deep pockets picked for the sake of having their personal status affirmed, substituting such “achievement” for whatever their actual life’s accomplishments might be, will not be deterred. Most surprisingly, many apparently will devote much of their valuable time to watching cable spielathons.

  • pat I

    Handmade….this is term that should be entered
    in the horology lexicon along with “tribute” “inspired by” “honoring” “spirit”
    influenced” sensibility”, “bold”, “maverick”, “edgy” and “the check’s in the mail”.

    We’ve all read the articles – some blabbering watch mogul or corpulent speak of old world crafts
    manship in the same breath as silicium. If craftsmanship was as big a part of modern watchmaking as they say it is the would be investing in training watchmakers not CNC operators.

    That being said, I’m not financially well off and my watch buying choices are somewhat limited – made less so by websites like THIS ONE. But all I ask is that if a watch coasts 50K, it shoul dhave at least 25K in materials and labore invested in it. Selling a 50K watch that cost a thousand dollars just so they can use the additional monies to honor the Amish Rake Fighting Champion (or some other obscure achievement) or hand out timepieces to celebutards like condoms at a “progressive” middle school is a bit too much.

    One final word on Invicta. I’m surprised they are still in business. We all know about their questionable quality and service history. But if I were to buy a Rolex or IWC I know these guys won’t be holding a fire sale any time soon. If I dished out 1100 bucks wore an Invicta only to see them cut the price by 75% the following week, I’d be chasing them through the village with a rope and a torch.

  • Adam C

    Okay Lenny (or is it Eyal?), put your Invicta where your mouth is and lets have that list. In particular, I want to see which “elite luxury” brand is passing off Chinese made movements as Swiss. Who knows, I may have to sell my JLCs, IWCs, Rolexes, Omegas, Breitling and Eterna once your shocking industry exposé lands. I can only hope that by virture of their Germanic heritage that my GO and UTS codpieces are kosher in your book.


    PS – And even if you do take me up on my challenge (doubtful), how exactly does that excuse Invicta?

    PPS – Someone kill that watch before it breeds.

  • Leonard H.

    So much bitterness. There ARE things money just can’t buy.
    Len’s my name. Brand bashing’s not my game. Pleasant dreams, and fare thee well.

  • Adam C

    So, that’s it, Lenny? No crushing insight into the corrupt practices of the Swiss watchmaking industry? No vindicating truths regarding the noble house of Invicta? Nope, just a weak rejoinder attempting to imply that what you lack in financial resources you some how make up for in class…

    I thought so.


  • Leonard H.

    Does anyone EVER cower before your lash, Adam? Bend to your will? March to your tune? Do your bidding?

    I thought so.

  • Adam C

    Yet another non-answer…


  • Leonard H.

    Ain’t life a bitch?

  • Adam C

    From your latest non-answer, I take it that you won’t be addressing any of your innuendo regarding the “elite luxury brands” that you alluded to prior, correct?

    As for life, it’s pretty good on my end.


  • Leonard H.

    You finally got it on the third try, Adam. Congratulations.

    It’s time for a fine cigar. If you’re ever in the neighborhood I’ll be happy to share.
    Au revoir.


  • Adam C

    Lenny, old bean, given you taste in watches, I can only assume that your taste in cigars is similarly challenged. As such, God forbid I ever find myself slumming in your neck of the woods, no, we won’t we be sharing a smoke.

    Oh, and next time you start talking smack online, don’t be surprised if you get called on it. Hiding behind pithy, holier-than-thou sentiments in an attempt to deflect attention from the weakness of your argument only goes so far after all.


    PS – Since I know that your type absolutely must have the last word, I’m going to give it to you. No need to thank me, but do us all a favor and make it good.

  • pat I

    Whew what an exchange! I need a smoke. Tiparillos
    anyone? They go great with a Courvoisier and Coke.

    Hey – any chemists out there? Maybe someone can come up with a morning after pill for regrettable
    Invicta purchases?

  • Andrew C.

    Alright adam and the rest of you ego-driven sacks. I always hear, “invictas not a real watch company” “their labeled swiss made and are really made in the far east” “they sell for one tenth the price one month after theyre released” bull. Yeah, bull. Invicta has assemblies in switzerland (i’ll show you the pictures out of their newsletter if you want) and these are the only ones marked ‘swiss made’ 51% or more of the parts made in switzerland, case and movement assembled in switzerland, and all testing done in switzerland. there are some (very few) marked ‘swiss’ or ‘swiss parts movt.’ and thats exactly what they are – movements made in asia of swiss parts. If you spent 1100 on an invicta’ it would most likely have a vj7750 or a valgrange movement, completely swiss made, and of superior quality for the price. And its not going to drop 75% in price. Show me an invicta with a valjoux for 275 dollars. When you buy typical brick and mortar (overpriced) timepieces, most of that money goes towards advertising and sponsorships of grandiose events. If you want to do that to make yourself feel better about not wearing a brand that uses other forms of distribution and doesn’t make the same style watch over and over than feel free. Me, i like to know that most of the money i spent goes towards the research, design and creation of my timepiece and not on a wimbledon sponsorship. Thanks adam.

  • Larry H.

    Well…I am sure most of ya’ll are more happy with articles about watches that cost in the thousands of dollars…there are plenty of us who enjoy reading about more affordable watches. I happen to have 15 Invicta’s that I wear in a rotation. They are tough, durable watches that have stood up to the beating my kids put on my watches. I work with Autistic children…ages 6 to 8…and some can be quite physical at times. I need my watch to keep track of time, because most of their activities are timed…so they have a sense of structure. I have had children hit on my watch with toy cars, and other objects in our classroom…and my inferior Invicta has not been harmed. I have to clean up the children who do not know how to go to the restroom by themselves, or even ones that do, but have an accident….no aquariums in my watch….the 200 m WR holds up as advertised. I have banged the “flame fusion”( which actually refers to the original process of making synthetic gemstones…ie sapphires, ruby’s etc…) crystal on metal cafeteria doors while exiting it while holding two boys hands so they don’t run away….not a single scratch.
    Uhhh…would I wear my Movado or my Tag to work…..heck no!!!! They couldn’t handle the wear and tear my kids put on them. I have personally had zero problems with all of my Invicta’s…none…nada!! I have quartz models, automatics, and even a mechanical chronograph…all work flawlessly…and keep great time…and look pretty darn good. And guess what…I enjoy wearing a big 50mm watch!!! I am 6’6” and am an ex-football player…offensive lineman….I haven’t weighed less than 275lbs since I was 17. and a 38mm watch looks rediculous on my wrist!!! In fact…some of my buddies are surprized by how comfortable my big watches are when they try them on…and love the bold look.

    And if Invicta was so bad…why do they sell more watches on a Sunday evening watch show on Shopnbc than most sell in a year???? Value…most people who buy them them do so for that reason. The price is exceptional…and Shopnbc offers something your local watch shop that sells Rolex can’t….Value Pays. Yep…with your trustly debit card/credit card…you can pay your watch off over 3-6 months with no interest…and you get the watch delivered in 7-10 working days. And guess what…you can buy a Tag, Tissot, Gucci, Cartier and other high end watches the same way. Like it or not…Online retailers and TV selling is hurting traditional jewelry stores…and for good reason…better prices.
    If you would rather spend more money to get the same watch at a physical store….it’s your money. Do with it as you like….
    Just my 2 cents for what’s its worth. and by the way…I don’t like the looks of the Invicta watch with wood either…but that’s just oone watch…not a whole company.

  • IS3515

    First, thanks Adam for reviewing Invicta watches.

    I’m one that likes Invictas. I like their styling for the price and I own a few. They have some unique watches and for the money I think they are a good value. What I like about ShopNBC is I learn a lot about watches and things I should research before buying. They are convincing salesmen and it is easy to buy into their sales pitch. Also, most Invicta watches are huge so check the sizes before you buy or you will be wearing a tuna can on your wrist. They don’t look that big on TV but they are.

  • I have another new Invicta on the way here.

    My first was a gift from my weekend neighbor’s brother. T died suddenly in the airport terminal in London changing flights from Sweden to come home to Boston Zone from a massive brain hemorrhage instantly. He and his wife lived on Cape Cod , with a weekend house here in NH ski country/Lakes country. As a thank you from his older brother “W” for my helping T’s wife out after his death.

    Internationally known Sailor-adventurer worked as builder & developer

    “During the austral summers, he was employed as an Expedition Team Member in Antarctica, first aboard the cruise liner M.V. Marco Polo and later aboard the cruise liner M.V. Discovery.

    An accomplished soccer player, sailor, scuba diver, equestrian and downhill skier, Mr. C was a fully-certified Canadian and American ski instructor, and a former assistant director of the Mount Tremblant Ski School in Canada. Besides his years at Mount Tremblant, he also spent many winters teaching skiing at Mount Snow in Vermont, Park City in Utah, and Alpine Meadows in Lake Tahoe, Calif.

    He started summering in Provincetown in 1960, where by day he was one of the early commercial scuba divers who dove for lobsters in the waters off Cape Cod. At night he worked for M C at the M and later was a bartender at the At House, Front and Gr’s Restaurant.

    Mr. C loved the sea and enjoyed many blue water sailing adventures aboard his sailboat, the Sargasso. He also was often engaged to captain other sailboats for long-distance ocean cruising. For the last 19 years he was self-employed as a builder and real estate developer, doing business as xxx. He also partnered with his brother, W, a former vice president of Christie’s Auction House, in various fine art investments. ”

    T was always on the go. Extended horseback safaris in Africa, Australia and more. W was one of he first importers/distributors and such of Invicta watches. T put two Invictas in more lousy environments and use than most of us can conceive of for most of the ten years plus we were friends. No failures no problems ever with the Swiss or Japan automatic movements.
    The JM diver with black MOP dial W gave me had worse use. Building solid surface counters and cabinets and teaching skiing and snowboard as a professional for 42 years, doing barn restoration, and even working on my ice racer audi quattro, and $x$s and Jaguars. I smashed the corner of the crystal, My sweat (eats even stainless if low grade, and cheap electro plating in a month and destroyed a top of the line Victorinox in five months) ate all the bracelet pins twice. It fell four stories to concrete. Finally I was due to replace the pins again and it flew of my wrist while splitting Oak firewood. the watch hit the chop block and then the half of 20 inch long 19 inch diameter landed on top of it on the concrete. The 12 o’clock arrow on the dial came loose. the watch still winds and works accurately if would and left flat an level, but can not be worn as the arrow jams the hands.

    I do plan on getting it fixed for sentimental reasons. NOBODY BEATS A WATCH HARDER THAN ME, WELL AT LEAST I AM IN THE TOP 2% OF WATCH ABUSERS.
    I just gave my son my latest JM diver on T day as he did not have a watch.

    So ……… I have a rare early 70s gold w/tortise shell dial Zodiac SST, late 1960s Zodiac pro divers watch, several “real” Russan officers watches given to my brother the ex air force pilot (he did the Kasakistan relief flights) as gifts to his family by Russian fighter escort pilots. And ancient Longines and such from my mothers collection of mens and womans luxury watches from the 30s and 40s.

    Believe me I know Invictas are not perfect but you get more for your dollar consistently than almost any other brand. Their upper level Quartz and automatics use the same quality Swiss movements as many of the watches that have list prices double or more than Invicta’s list. And we know you can often get ludicrous deals if you are there at the right ten minutes on top of line Invictas.

    All IMHO but I did have a 25 year career as a top 100 ion the world robotics engineer so not much in technical specs gets by me..

  • P.S. My wife wears a high end Invicta reserve group Swiss Automatic Movement, Swiss Made ladies gold watch all day every day. We live in the country, ski country, and heat the house primarily with wood and cook primarily with a wood burning cookstove. It gets treated like it was a disposable swatch from Wally world. No problems.

    As to you Not Good Enough for Me wannabes,

    You seem to have an elitist/snob approach to what is good based solely on $$$$$.

    THAT $$$$$$$ will never be a substitute for real knowledge and experience.

    I will take the Internationally known art and jewelry collector, former vice president of Christie’s Auction House, in various fine art investments, opinion over yours any day. W liked the product and saw what could become real world superlative VALUE from Invicta from their beginning. I’d say W’s and T’s opinion of getting best value from an investment in jewelry or watches, considering their backgrounds, good enough for me.


  • Invicta Watch Lover

    I aspire to own a higher end timepiece that you all enjoy. I own several Invicta Watches and I’m happy with all of them. My favorite is my Invicta Diamond Automatic 25J. If you’re looking for your first affordable watch Skagen Watches are nice.

  • rafsonyes

    What’s wrong with you Invicta haters? If you have not owned one, you would not know how it is made and the quality the brand delivers. I own big name watches and have also compared them to brands that bill you way way more. Granted the movements are not in house and bought from big house manufacturers like ETA, ISA, and Rhonda, the designs and quality are first rate.

    Bunch of Snobs.

  • Budo

    I don’t quite understand the Invicta hate. I own approximately 20 of them and have NEVER had a single problem with any of them. I have a few more expensive watches but to be honest, I am into variety and would rather have ten $500 watches as opposed to one $5000 watch. And actually, $500 would be one of the more expensive Invictas.

    I just bought an Invicta s1/Rally watch (not from ShopNBC) for $59.99 that is very impressive. It’s Swiss made, Swiss quartz movement with a GMT complication and a carbon fiber dial. Being a big dude, I prefer larger watches, and more specifically, wide straps. The 52mm case & 28mm strap totally fit the bill. That said, what impressed me most was the design. It has a rubber strap that integrates and covers most of the case without any lugs. It’s hard to explain but is VERY unique and looks very cool, for lack of a better word.

    As a NYC resident, I frequent a lot of watch shops. Tourneau is a huge store that carries every brand of note. They sell this same watch for $700. Invicta has the largest display of any brand in the store. On a recent visit I asked a saleswoman there what she thought of Invicta. I was expecting her to shred the brand but was surprised to hear her praising the brand. She also said they were the best selling brand in the store. If Invicta was producing a shoddy product and was lying about being “Swiss Made”, there’s NO WAY a store like Tourneau would endorse the brand, no less actually sell it in their store.

    And again, from personal experience, I have NEVER had a problem with any Invicta watch I’ve owned. Honestly, I boggles my mind that they sell the quality of the product they do at the prices they do.

  • ShannonO

    Invicta watches serve a purposes in the industry. Not everyone can or wants to spend thousands of dollars on a watch. I own watches at a variety of price points. I haven’t bought any of the cheaper Invictas, but I do own a few with the vj7750 that have been great.

    One thing I have noticed is the reaction I get from people who aren’t into watches is WOW when they see my Invictas. When I wear my Gevril, Glycine, or Ernst Benz I don’t receive that.

  • wont_pay_advert

    I would like to say that Budo, rafsonyes, Is3515 and Larry h all have it right. Invicta is not the best high end watch brand…nor are they trying to be. Invicta has a niche in the market and provide good watches for great prices. They have some low end $50 divers, some mid range $200-$499 and some mid-higher range prices $500+.
    I collect watches of all prices… Tag, Baume&mercier, Tissot, Bulova, Victorinox among others.
    I, also, bought an Invicta Reserve Pro diver, (similar to the one in review but chrono and only 50 mm not 55mm) it has a 7751 Valjoux and meteroite. Yes swiss made just like all the other brands that have to meet the swiss standards before labeling at the 6 oclock position. Go ahead and see how much you need to spend to get that in another watch. We all know 7751 are not cheap. I have to tell all the haters that a swiss Eta movement in an Invicta is the same one that is in all the other brands. They came from the same company.
    I am not saying invicta are the best. I just find it funny how the haters can bash a company that make some good watches ( not talking about the $80 divers that r pretty good for an auto under $100). I do find it funny that the haters all use the same Invicta diver that cost $80 to bag on…lol. Never do they say anything about the other watches Invicta produces… no where in any blog will u see a hater bashing anything but a diver that cost $80(oooo ooooo the screw broke on me…invicta is HORRIBLE, DAM SCREW BROKE OOOOOOO)… what do u expect for $80. I can tell u that there are 1000s of those divers that didnt break. They know so little about Invicta, that they are not even aware that they make a great Reserve collection that can rank up there with comparable priced watches and r better cuz u get more for the money. And no they will not break no more than the Victorinox or ESQ or Wenger or Bulova they should be compared to… not to $3000 Tags and IWC and Clercs or Rolexs. I can testify…my Victorinox did malfunction and my Invicta did not. Does that mean I should bash Victorinox? No, it just means the movement was defective. Haters are so uneducated about watches… all they know is to bash something everyone else is because it makes them feel good about having that 1 $3000 watch in their collection that looks like the watch on the wrist on the guy next to him.

  • Luke Harbeck

    i am actually feeling this watch. i think I would sport wood in this case!

  • Mr. Rod

    Opinions are like assholes. Everyone has them and they are all full of shit. I just ordered my woody from shopnbc and can’t wait to recieve it. It caught my eye because you don’t see that style everyday and that is the point. Everyone will be asking to get a look and that’s worth the price of admission. Besides even mercedes benz has a repair shop don’t they. Think about it.

    • Thanks for the perspective. Take care!

  • I think the watch looks great. Some Invicta watches are great value and amazing quality, especially if you happen to find them on sale at Amazon or ebay.

  • notech47

    Invicta bashing will never end. But no one can touch the value they offer. One of mine, model 17018, is a diver model. It’s titanium case and bracelet, 200 meter rating, Japanese automatic, exhibition back. No one but Invicta and WOW could sell a watch like this for $90 on sale! The wood model reviewed is the nicest I’ve seen, even though I am not a fan of wood in watches. Be grateful of Invicta!

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