Where can I get a bag like that? Tell me those are for sale. In a move that is about as opposite as it gets from the Swiss mentality to selling timepieces, KenmarWatches.com and affiliated WatchWear.com is using a new type of sales tactic to bring you their deep discounts. ShopNBC’s television network suddenly has some serious competition. Watch out Jim Skelton, you’ve got some competition. The “Unknown Watch Salesman” as KenmarWatches is labeling him, feels like a distant cousin of Jack, from Jack in the Box. Though instead of hawking bacon burgers, This masked crusader will be sharing with you America’s greatest pastime – high pressure, high energy sales tactics. And this time it might go viral.

Yea, it is funny, and it is supposed to be. Guys like us though, can sort of see right through sales presentations like this. Such as remarking on how the sale price of $99 is so much lower than the published $425 price on the watch box. We all know that MSRP prices on watch boxes are basically a starting point for discounts. I don’t think anyone has ever bought a watch at the price printed on the box or label. The point of these videos is to draw attention to KenmarWatches and inject some humor into an industry where laughing is strictly forbidden! Exactly why is he wearing latex gloves?

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