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The result of their efforts yields a product with “Russia” all over it. The prototype of the Cinema watch seen here has “Russia” on the dial, and “Made In Russia” on both the caseback and the movement. From a finishing standpoint the watch isn’t quite Swiss, but certainly good. What you see is the result of a manufacture tying to assert its uniqueness, while also appealing to a larger luxury market while at the same time working to ground itself in a city not known for being extremely friendly to innovative businesses.

OK, so let’s discuss the Cinema watch. There is little more to say than we discussed in the debut article last April. This watch is all about celebrating the birth of film. Specifically Mr. Eadweard Muybridge who invented the zoopraxicscope. He did so to display an animation of a horse running – which is exactly what is featured on the first version of the watch. I supposed that is the first bit of news, a running horse will be just one of many animation possibilities on the watch. If the concept isn’t clear to you already, in addition to the time, this watch has a small window with a magnifier that shows a rapidly spinning disc which creates an animated picture – just like the original zoopraxiscope.

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With 2014 being “the year of the horse” from a zodiac perspective, the timing of this watch is particularly good for sales, especially to the Russian and Chinese market. Though Konstantin Chaykin has made it clear that special animations will be added after that. Of course, for select clients there will also be erotic versions. The watch contains two mainspring barrels, and one is used to power the animation complication. Fully wound, the animation will run for 20 seconds, and I have to say the noise is great. It actually sounds a bit like a film projector. To activate the animation you hold down the pusher on the left side of the case.

The watch itself is designed to look like a vintage camera, and it is very cool looking. The detailing is great, and overall it is extremely unique, despite not being 100% ergonomic. The case is 37mm wide by 47mm tall, and 12.2mm thick. The movement is visible through the entire rear of the watch, and is actually more tonneau than rectangular shaped due to housing a large round disc for the animation complication. While this prototype version of the Cinema watch is in steel, the final versions will be available in either 18k white gold or platinum cases.

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The caliber KCM 01-0 movement is manually wound with a power reserve of 48 hours. It operates at 21,600 bph. It is worth noting that winding the crown in one direction winds the one mainspring, while winding it the other direction winds the other mainspring barrel. You can see how it works on the movement while you wind the crown. This is the type of watch that is wonderful to collect. It is more than a talking piece, and is imbued with so much to talk about. Though it isn’t what I would call a great daily wearer, but I don’t think that Konstantin Chaykin is going for that in this design. He has other watches for that. Having said that, if your wrists are large enough, you could get away with this on your arm all the time – depending on how useful (or motivational) the animation you have in the Cinema watch is. A great little device overall, it is a perfect example of what Konstantin Chaykin is capable of, and what the brand is all about. I think “Made In Russia” as applied to watches may just have a very positive future. Price is 58,000 Euros in 18k white gold (limited to 10 pieces with the horse animation) and 76,000 Euros in platinum (limited to 2 pieces with the horse animation). konstantin-chaykin.com

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