The entire point of getting a watch like this is for the iconic style of dial. It manages to be functional and not too boring while also suggesting adventure and a little bit of danger. That probably makes it a little bit controversial. In addition to that, these are sorta of “bad boy” watches because of the fact that they were used by soldiers in very violent conflicts. But of course the watches are just tools that help people time, navigate, and know when to drop munitions. Laco does the traditional German pilot watch look pretty well while sticking to the tool watch concept. The dial is flat, matte black, and with Super-LumiNova printed hour and minute markers. The hands also have a good amount of luminant painted on them.

Laco also goes for tradition by using blued hands for hours and minutes. I originally remarked that the hands on this Pilot Watch Original were plated blue but Laco corrected me in saying that the hands are indeed flame-blued. This means that metal hands receive a heat treatment to give the attractive blue color. With that said, the hands are a bit too shiny in my opinion. I would like to see Laco use more matte-finished metal hands prior to the flame bluing process – as the resulting hands will be a bit more legible. I think it is excellent to find authentic baked-blue hands in a watch at this price point, but also want legibility to be top-notch.  At this Saarbrucken’s modest price point I think the hands are fine, but I would like to see Laco continue to play with hand executions in the future. My second complaint is that I would like to see Laco use more AR-coating on the sapphire crystal over the dials. Sinn leads the pack on that and I think everyone should follow.

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This particular dial style is known as Model A while Laco also produces watches with Model B and even Model C dials. The latter is a pilot watch chronograph. Model B dials are interesting but I prefer the aesthetic of Model A dials. Model B dials have an inner ring of hour markers and use the outer ring for minute markers. This is actually more logical since the scales actually coincide with where the hands are. Like I said earlier, Laco produces a lot of different types of pilots watches. I also want to mention that these are “no date” dials, which today are more appealing to many collectors.

Another watch to think of Laco (if you aren’t familiar with the brand) is as a slightly less experimental, and less expensive Sinn. Both are really different companies, but I think they are in the same vein for sure. Laco has a bit more appeal to people getting into watches because their prices are lower. I can also easily recommend them to people who indeed want a well-made traditional-looking pilot watch, but who don’t want to pay luxury brand premiums for one. There are a few brands like Laco in Germany making watches. Each has their own theme and style, but we certainly don’t see as many brands like Laco in neighboring Switzerland. I’ve never known why that is, and why the Swiss can’t seem to routinely offer prices like these German brands do.

While I genuinely like the look of the 45mm wide Laco Pilot watch Original Saarbrucken, I personally would probably be better off in the future with a 42mm wide version. Though with a different lug design (they could stick down more) I would be happy to wear the 45mm wide pilot case. Aside from the glare caused in some situations by light reflecting on not enough AR-coating on the sapphire crystal, I really like looking at the watch’s dial and reading the time. This pilot watch look has always been a testament to good, legible design. It also looks excellent in the dark and the “triangle with two dots” 12 o’clock hour marker reminds you that this is nothing but a pilot’s watch. Price for the reference 861752 Laco Pilot Watch Original Saarbrucken is $1,350 USD.

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Necessary Data
>Brand: Laco
>Model: Pilot Watch Original Saarbrucken reference 861752
>Price: $1,350 USD
>Size: 45mm wide, 13mm thick.
>When reviewer would personally wear it: Anytime the fashionably versatile look of a WWII-era military pilot watch is appreciated, such as with aggressive leather jackets.
>Friend we’d recommend it to first: Collector seeking to have a “vintage-style pilot watch” in their collection or someone who enjoys the fashionability of the core design and doesn’t want something with a logo on the dial.
>Best characteristic of watch: Excellent value when all things are taken into consideration. Helps people who want this “look” to have it without having to save up for years. It might be bad for the indecisive, but it is great that Laco offers so many versions and options.
>Worst characteristic of watch: Sapphire crystal needs more AR-coating. Blued hands look marginally lower rent than the rest of the watch. Despite being classic, lugs do jut out a good bit if you aren’t wearing this watch over a thick coat.

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