Other models include the LEGO Happiness, and LEGO Skull, the latter having a LEGO brick skull on the dial. What is it with skulls that even LEGO has to have one? You’ll notice that some of the customization options go beyond mere color swaps. There appears to be available bezels with shiny black or light stone elements. You can have a little bling even when wearing LEGO. UPDATE: Crystal bezels were prototypes not intended to make it to final production. So no bling for this round.

Lego-adult-watch-official-22 Lego-adult-watch-official-26

In addition to watches featuring just the time, there are adult LEGO watches with a day/date complication, chronograph, and calendar. Some versions even have a magnifier lens on the crystals to help read the date more easily. Legibility is pretty good on all the watches, and the novelty value is very high…

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