People who grew up with LEGO bricks and models will probably instantly be into these watches. I have to say that I am going to seriously considering not wearing a high-end Swiss watch to wear these for a while. Speaking of which, the watches (produced in China) will contain Japanese quartz movements. The cases are mostly in plastic, but some are also partially aluminum or steel. The crystals are mineral glass, and the watches are water resistant from about 50 meters to 100 meters depending on the model.

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ClicTime, the same people who make the LEGO watches for children will be producing the LEGO adult watches. I for one am pretty excited about these and think they will do very well. Perhaps most people won’t take advantage of the customization features of the watch, but I think they’ll enjoy the variety of the designs well enough. LEGO Watch System adult watches will be available starting November 2013 with a price range of between $85 – $185.

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