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aBlogtoWatch has teamed up with Teenage Grandpa to offer 30 limited edition hand-made, custom-sized straps exclusively for aBlogtoWatch audience members. This includes three strap versions, with ten pieces per strap. Each buyer has the ability to choose the strap width (to fit the watch of their choice), as well as a few buckle options. These strap colors and designs will never again be offered to Teenage Grandpa customers after this limited edition sale.

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One of the big reasons we like watches is because we like things that are decorated, assembled, and overall done by hand. Hand-made things are rare these days and have somehow become a luxury given the relative deficit of skilled artisans in our society that can actually make ‘stuff.’ That is unless you want a hand-crafted spreadsheet. aBlogtoWatch recently had the opportunity to showcase Teenage Grandpa’s hand-made straps and interview the man behind the… leather, Mr. Matt Smith-Johnson of Toronto, Canada. The designer-by-day and watch lover makes straps on the side as a hobby – selling them on Etsy. We liked Teenage Grandpa straps because of their quality, attention to detail, and light-hearted fun spirit that reminds us that wearing timepieces is fun and doesn’t always need to be stuffy or serious. So we asked Matt to make some special unique straps for aBlogtoWatch. These straps are exclusively available for aBlogtoWatch readers only – and we didn’t want to put any branding them, so they are marked just like any other Teenage Grandpa strap.

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Not being interested in your typical black and brown straps, together with Teenage Grandpa, we came up with three vintage style leather straps in “Cracked White, Ocean Blue, and Deeper Purple”. The straps are all custom-made, dyed, and hand-stitched by Teenage Grandpa. When you order, you’ll be asked to select the strap size (width in millimeters from 18-26mm) so that it can fit the lug width of whatever timepieces you plan on pairing it with, size of your wrist  so the strap is long or short enough, as well as the buckle color and style you want on the strap. Spring bars are available without extra charge, but you need to specify that you want them when ordering (link below).

  • Hand-made in Canada
  • Limited edition of 30 total
  • Only for aBlogtoWatch audience members
  • Designs will not be reproduced
  • Custom sized for your watch lugs (18-26mm) and wrist
  • No aBlogtoWatch branding, just exclusive straps
Teenage Grandpa ablogtowatch watch straps-9

Price for each of the limited edition Teenage Grandpa for aBlogtoWatch straps is $112 including shipping to the US and Canada. Shipping elsewhere will be based on location. Because they are hand-made to order, please allow a couple of weeks for shipping.

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You can purchase them here via a special page on Teenage Grandpa’s Etsy page.

If it wasn’t obvious, the watches are not included with your order.

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