Born: 8-14-1987 in Shanghai

Doctorate student (marine biology) – currently at Stockholm University.

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Owns a Linde Werdelin Oktopus Titanium Watch, bought August 14, 2009

Cheng Xue is a doctorate student in marine biology with a specialization in arctic ecology. Originally from the University of Shanghai, Xue is currently working on her doctorate thesis in Stockholm. An excellent diver, she is used to extreme arctic conditions and recently participated in a surveying mission along with a team of fellow students and her Nobel-Prize professor. During the mission, the team came close to a very big paleontological discovery.

On her wrist, the LW Oktopus watch she proudly wears was bought online last summer, late at night, after a very exciting evening in a French Riviera Casino.

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While still at the mission in the arctic Xue received a strange call from Linde Werdelin about her Oktopus watch and that she was needed to attend a meeting at the LW HQs is Copenhagen. The LW employee assured her that she shouldn’t be worried about the reason behind the meeting. On the contrary, she implied that Xuë’s spell of beginner’s luck at the roulette had just started. “You won’t believe how lucky you really were when you ordered this Oktopus watch, Miss Cheng.” “If you say so” Cheng Xuë had replied somewhat skeptically, before ending the conversation. The two women had agreed to meet in two weeks, in Copenhagen upon Xue’s return.

Welcome to the first in a series of character introductions followed by comic segments as part of Linde Werdelin’s “The Perfect Five” graphic novel (here in digital form).

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