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Longines Conquest GMT Watch Review

Longines Conquest GMT Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

This is the Longines Conquest GMT, reference L3.687.4.566. At first glance, it looks like one of many GMTs bearing the ETA 2893 movement, but then you notice that date window. Look at where it is on the dial, all the way at the right edge (so this is something different):

Longines Conquest GMT Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

That tells you the size of the movement matches the dial, and this watch has a 34mm dial. The 2893 is 11.5 ligne, or about 25mm. Once you start looking, you’ll notice that most large watches have a date window more towards the center, because the movement is too small. Pet peeve of mine. This one, on the other hand, is perfectly sized. That’s because the movement, which Longines calls the L704, is actually an ETA/Valgranges A07.171, part of their larger-sized movement line introduced a few years ago. Functionally, it’s just a 2893 sized up a bit, so you get the usual three hands plus a 24-hour hand that is set in one hour increments. It’s not as good for traveling, where you really want the main hour hand to jump, but it is good for tracking another time zone.

I would have preferred that they had used a white-on-black date window, though. The square of white doesn’t match the dial well.

Let’s get to measurements. The watch is 41.0mm across by 14.4mm thick, 48.9mm lug to lug with a 6.4mm non-screwdown crown. The lugs are 20mm, and the bracelet tapers down to 18mm at the butterfly deployant. Weight is 175g including the bracelet.

The case is stainless steel, with a sapphire crystal sporting an interior anti-reflective coating. Super-LumiNova on the hands and dial, water resistant to 50m despite the non-threaded crown. It’s also available with silver or blue dials. The bracelet has 3.8mm thick solid links, sized with split pins, center brushed. The signed deployant clasp lacks micro-adjustments, but the watch does include a half-link for sizing.

Longines Conquest GMT Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

The best feature of this watch, in my opinion, is the sunray finish on the dial. In normal lighting it appears matte black, but in sunlight it becomes a shifting play of grey to black. The hands are well sized for the dial and quite legible.

Longines Conquest GMT Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

In some light, as seen above, polished hands vanish and in their absence the lume strips are still legible. Not bad.

Speaking of lume:

Longines Conquest GMT Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

That’s quite good, though the gaps at 3/6/12 bug me a bit. No problem reading the time at night, and no problem discerning the hour and 24-hour hands.

Longines Conquest GMT Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

On the wrist, it’s a versatile watch. Definitely dressy, it’s one I’d recommend for business. Not too fancy, not too plain, not too expensive, this is a watch that says you appreciate timepieces but aren’t looking for bling. On the minus side, 14.4mm is thicker than I like for dress wear, and makes it a bit top-heavy.

Longines Conquest GMT Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

I like the elegant clasp. As noted, more dressy than sporty.

Longines Conquest GMT Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

No-nonsense caseback, well-protected signed crown and sharply dropped lugs. Good casework throughout.

Longines Conquest GMT Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Longines Conquest GMT Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

I think Longines has a good watch here. A step up from a basic 3-hand watch, the GMT function and finishing make this a good daily wearer.

Necessary Data
>Brand: Longines
>Model: Conquest GMT, L3.687.4.566
>Price: $1,600
>Would reviewer personally wear it: For when I needed to dress well for business meetings and travel.
>Friend we’d recommend it to first: Businessman who needs to track another timezone
>Worst characteristic of watch: Thickness.
>Best characteristic of watch: That lovely dial.

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  • DG Cayse

    Good looking watch. Especially like the bracelet. Looks very smooth and comfortable. Classy looking clasp.
    The lume gaps at 3/6/12 is a bit puzzling. T25 would have been well placed there. 
    Good review.

  • r_s_g

    Not blingy? I disagree–that thing is incredibly shiny and looks a bit chintzy.

    • ajthomas179

      r_s_g You haven’t seen incredibly shiny ;).  If it was me, I’d have polished all the bracelet links, though, leaving only the sides and bezel polished.  FWIW I’ve seen one of these in the flesh and I busy bracelet aside, it’s classy, but too thick (a function of the fat movement, I fear).

  • MarkCarson

    Yeah, the ETA/Valgranes A07 family is a modern take on the ETA Valjoux 7750 so it is large in diameter which pushes the date wheel out but also makes the movement thick (like the 7750). Not bad looking by any means, but somewhat undistinguished. Or maybe subtle if that is how you see it. Price seems reasonable. You would think they would have found a way to lume the 12 and 6 numerals, but on a dressier watch lume is generally a nice to have and not a hard requirement.

  • Ulysses31

    Dressy and inoffensive but bland.  Longines not really having aimed at being a “top-tier” manufacturer until fairly recently, you have to have big balls to sell a watch like this for $1600.  There’s just too much competition at this level to justify buying this watch.

    • flaviothepage

      Ulysses31 I don´t agree. I just can´t figure out a GMT watch with a competitive price like this.

      • Ulysses31

        flaviothepage Ulysses31 I’ve seen several watches using this same movement and GMT complication around $900.  They’re more stylish pieces too.

        • ajthomas179

          Ulysses31 flaviothepage Please describe what they are – thanks.  I’ve looked, and aside from Hamilton, can find very little.

  • Kris C

    Not bad, but nothing to write home about: completely uninspired, but will serve someone well I’m sure, and at a good pricepoint. There is no number to describe the number of watches just like this out there, this is Longines phoning it in, but for good enough reason: most brands need this watch in their lineup.

    • ajthomas179

      Kris C “but will serve someone well I’m sure, and at a good pricepoint” which is, if we remember, entirely and 100% the point.  The point is not to appeal to WIS.

      • Kris C

        ajthomas179 I’ll go ahead and assume you speak for yourself only. I don’t imagine a brand out there that decidedly makes a point of NOT appealing the the WIS. Especially a brand like Longines, which has noted credability among the general WUS know-all crowd.

  • hobycook

    There was a point a few years back when, being the underdog champion that I mostly like to be, I was hoping that Longines was going to get their act together. The 44mm and the were really calling me.  I still think they are both beautiful pieces.  But there they sat, no-one wrote much about them, and there wasn’t any follow-on from Longines in terms of releasing other watches that would interest a higher-end buyer.  The Hydro-Conquest pieces were almost embarrasing, not because they weren’t cool, but because Longines just does not possess the mainstream clout to attract a significant market for their sports and dive lines.  This one is particularly uninteresting  – and I tend to agree with r_s_g that the finish on the bracelet lacks refinement and comes off as a bit gaudy, and the clasp – wow – that is a generic clasp mechanism that can be found un a hundred different brands. Ho hum, IMO

  • adisoon

    Boring. Boring Boring.

  • somethingnottaken

    If I recall correctly the A07 movements were based on the 7750, which probably goes a long way toward explaining the inordinate thickness. I find the styling spectacularly bland and 14mm is too thick for a semi-dress watch that isn’t a chronograph.

    • MarkCarson

      somethingnottaken  You are exactly correct. The A07 family is based on the 7750 and they (models 111, 161, 171 and 211) all share the same dimensions while only the 211 is a chrono. Seems wasteful to me also, but ETA says they are doing this so that a single case can accommodate any of the A07 movements. And that the large movements are a response to the current trend of larger watchesr. The 2 noticeable things are the date wheel is further from the center (a good thing in some cases) and that “inordinate thickness” which I agree is never a plus all other things being equal. I have heard that the 7750 is a high torque tractor which explains why it is often used when adding even more complications. But seems like overkill to me with the 111, 161 and 171 A07 variants which have less going on. Cheers.

  • marcobalshoi

    …nice review it lead me to purchase it, really pity you forgot to mention that this is probably the Noisiest Watch ever sold! When the mechanism loads its springs, the volume is embarassingly high! Other people will notice it in a quiet environment!

  • watchy12345

    So the whirring skweaking noise inside the longines conquest GMT is not a malfunction? I just bought one and it is making that horrible sound.

  • marcobalshoi

    watchy12345 …hi…no not a malfunction it is the way it is! Anyway you should get used in a few weeks time but still surprises me the fact that the author of the article did not mention this! Anyway it is a beautiful watch, enjoy it

  • The review is well written, but wish there would have been more photos of the variants. When I saw the white faced model (silver), I found it classy, understated, well finished, with great features (automatic, date, GMT, 24 hr., lumeinessent hands and numbers, waterproof to 50m, etc.), with a reasonable price and being able to go from the confirence room to the gym and then to dinner without a hick up. It’s perfect for the serious businessman, attorney, or any other professional, without being blingy or attention grabbing, but has a presence that indicates class and a reality that backs it up with features. Got mine at a great discount on a cruise duty and tax free for $1,100. Not bad at all for what it is, after all this is a Longines.

  • Dan Finch

    OK I bought the regular quartz Conquest at a price I couldn’t resist $560. I like it! The cases are identical between the auto and the quartz. The 43mm model with a non tapered 22mm band has a lot of presence. It’s big (& heavy), but not quite too big for me. The fit & finish is pretty close to any of the Swatch group brands. But the immpeccible design and pedigree set it apart and make it look more expensive like an Omega or Rolex. You can tell they did their homework. Great all around watch you can wear anywhere!

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