Most Luminox watches contain Swiss quartz movements but that isn’t representative of the entire collection. We quite like mechanical Luminox watches and today we’d like to share a hands-on experience with some pieces in the Luminox Modern Mariner Automatic 6500 series collection. The dive style range is visually indicative of what Luminox has worked hard to create as their signature look, but the Modern Mariner has a high-end feel with a bit more of a dress quality to it – well, with some models at least. There is always the very sporty phantom model.

The last time we visited a mechanical Luminox watch was in reviewing the Deep Dive 1500 series collection. That was much more a tool-style diver compared to the congenial looks of the 6500 collection. What we really appreciate are the little details which mix the rugged tone of Luminox watches with little decorative elements you tend to see with dress watches such as the polished hands and hour markers and the steel on steel bracelet ref. A.6502 piece.

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Luminox_Modern_Mariner_Automatic-12 Luminox_Modern_Mariner_Automatic-5

The 6502 is probably the dressiest piece in the collection, but these are all still sport watches. The Modern Mariner Automatics have beefy steel cases that are 45mm wide and water resistant to 200 meters. Not all Luminox watches have sapphire crystals, but these watches do – with AR coating for increased legibility. You also have elements like the 24 hour scale on the dial that many people in military service prefer as they go by 24 hour, versus 12 hour time.

Being a Luminox watch, the 6500 series of course uses tritium gas tubes (produced in Switzerland by MB Microtec H3) in the hands and as secondary hour indicators. It is interesting that the dial has literally five hour indicators at each position. Starting from the inside out there is the 24 hour indicator, the applied baton market, the horizontally placed tritium gas tube, a small marker on the bezel, and finally another marker or numeral on the rotating timing bezel. Luminox just wants to be sure you can tell the time easily enough.

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