Along with our passion for watches, many of us have other common interests. Taking a look across social media for the various meetups that happen around the world, it would seem that libations are a common theme. Fittingly, many of us would willingly pair a good scotch with our favorite watch. To that end, Swiss watch maker Urwerk and Scottish maker of single-malt whisky Macallan want to help you make that pairing with their new collaboration. It is not a watch, but a flask that is as complicated and overengineered as you would expect anything from Urwerk to be.


Now, if you’re like me, you probably have a flask of some sort banging around in your collection of drinkware. Mine is nothing much of note – it’s shiny, it’s metal, and it holds whatever is poured into it. Job well-done. If you want to elevate your flask game, then things get interesting.

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This Macallan x Urwerk Flask is immediately recognizable as coming from Urwerk, as the shape of the flask is very much reminiscent of their watches – say, the UR-1001 or the UR-T8 with its hobnail-patterned surface. Shape alone wouldn’t cut the mustard, here, though. We need cutting edge innovations, and that is something Urwerk has delivered on. Made of 156 parts, here’s just take a quick gander at the list of features:

  • Cap: A connecting arm has hidden 1mm “ball clickers” which click when completely open. The ball snaps into a small recess and holds the cap open while pouring.
  • Two Titanium Tanks: Encase the whisky enabling two different expressions to be carried at once.
  • Mouthpiece: A unique spring-loaded directional mouthpiece, crafted from stainless steel, switches between the two tanks.
  • Winglets: When deployed these flaps create a stand for the flask.
  • Cask Indicators: A cask type wheel and a whisky age wheel display the age and wood type to act as subtle reminders of the spirits inside.

A stay-open cap, deployable and built-in stand, and the capability to carry two different whiskies? Color me impressed – favorably (and thirstily) impressed. This is definitely a fitting vessel for carrying around a tasty beverage, no doubt. And while I may be more of a peat monster these days (a nickname a good friend has now given me), I do appreciate the smooth notes of Macallan Highland variety for a change of pace. For that matter, with these dual chambers, you could carry both smoky and smooth, all at once.

Macallan-X-Urwerk-Flask-6 Macallan-X-Urwerk-Flask-4

For something that could be as mundane as a flask, this Macallan x Urwerk vessel elevates through engineering and has created something that is just plain cool. Overkill for your weekend camping trip? Sure. But what an awesome-looking bit of kit. The Macallan x Urwerk Flask will be limited to 500 pieces worldwide and have a price of £1,995. It can be purchased on The Macallan website. We should have one on the way to us, so we will be sure to do a full hands-on for you at that time. Until then – cheers!

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