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Maen Hudson 38 Automatic Watch

Maen Hudson 38 Automatic Watch Watch Releases

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On May 1st, MAEN Watches released its new flagship model, the Hudson Automatic on Kickstarter. Within 3 minutes the funding target of €40,000 was already reached and within an hour it was the most funded Swedish watch brand on Kickstarter. So what makes this watch different? Well, it’s all about proportions and details.

First, it has a subtle – not too much, not too little – vintage inspiration. The standard case measures only 38mm in diameter, 10.5mm in height (excluding the domed sapphire), and 46mm lug to lug, giving the Hudson a taste of the past. It is masculine yet classically sized, rather thin, and well balanced on the wrist. There is also a 42mm model available for those that prefer a more contemporary size. Taking a closer look at the case, several pleasant details catch the eye, such as the combination of polished sides and brushed flat surfaces, a polished bevel running from one lug to another, an oversized 7mm screw-down crown, and no crown guards.

Maen Hudson 38 Automatic Watch Watch Releases

The bezel also plays an important role in the design. The Hudson has a narrow bezel with a coin-edge profile. It features a triangle to mark the desired minute and has a 120-click unidirectional mechanism. The bezel itself is made of stainless steel with a black aluminium insert. The vintage touch is emphasized with a domed sapphire crystal.

This watch can be worn as an elegant watch, but at the same time it can accompany you with confidence on your nautical adventures due to the 200m of water resistance (100m with sapphire caseback). Under the hood, MAEN selected one of the most reliable automatic movements on the market; the ETA2824-2. This Swiss Made automatic movement has been around long enough to demonstrate its tough credentials, with the first of the modern 2824-2 models coming off the bench in 1982. The Hudson is equipped with the standard grade movement.

Maen Hudson 38 Automatic Watch Watch Releases

When it comes to dial design it is all about proportions and finding the right balance. The Hudson dial is classically designed and has an interesting yet very readable look. In short, no-nonsense. Future owners will be able to choose between a date or a no-date version.

Maen Hudson 38 Automatic Watch Watch Releases

You can choose from four different dial colors, each with their own captivating appeal – full black, black with white rehaut, blue with white rehaut, and white. It features large luminous hands and applied indices with C3 Super-LumiNova. The second hand is a lollipop variant and the dial is sandblasted to give a nice matte effect. The Midnight Blue, Ghost White, and Limited Edition models also have lume on the second hand. The LE model also has a lume pip.

Maen Hudson 38 Automatic Watch Watch Releases

Maen Hudson 38 Automatic Watch Watch Releases

Like everything else, the hands of the Hudson Automatic are custom designed. They are masculine and at the same time play with the light very elegantly. The hands play a big part in giving the watch its own identity.

The Hudson Automatic comes standard with a satin brushed 5-link stainless steel bracelet with double lock deployant clasp that prevents accidental opening. Next to being very secure, the bracelet is also comfortable to wear and gives the watch a solid look. Next to this, MAEN also offers a free black nato strap with the watch. All watches come with the tools required to change the straps and customize the bracelet length.

Maen Hudson 38 Automatic Watch Watch Releases

Maen Hudson 38 Automatic Watch Watch Releases

MAEN Watches is offering early-bird offers on Kickstarter right now, with a limited amount of pieces left for only €349. Check out the Hudson Automatic on

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  • Are all these KS companies trying to out-vintage each other with their case size offerings? Seems like it wears bigger than 38mm, but even 40mm on my 7 inch wrist looks like a toy. Love the red lume. Hate the unlumed bezel. In fact, hate the entire bezel insert. Love the price. Do one in a blue dial, and I might check it out.

    • Daniel Harper

      Man, I’ve got a 7.5 inch wrist and am wearing a 34mm Rolex Oysterdate 6294 as my daily wear. I thought it looked teensie at first coming off a 47mm as my beater, but I’ve 100% gotten used to it and enjoy it as much as any other now. The narrowness of the strap sometimes gets to me though

  • Mikita

    I think it looks very basic. Take a typical Seiko 5, add a divers bezel and voila.


    Actually quite like this but is the movement in the pics “standard grade” with all that perlage. Either way, I would cover it up but I can see how someone new to the game might like to see the movement doing its thing.
    overall for 550 bucks w a bracelet it seems like a reasonable offering to me and I quite like the hands actually. good luck

    • They offer open back with 100m WR and closed back with 200m WR.

    • Yeah, I was going to mention that too – the photo is not of a Standard Grade movement (well, not box stock anyway). Maybe they built up a prototype with an Top Grade ETA (even the Elabore does not have blued screws) and they are making a point to say that the production watches will have Standard Grade, not the movement shown. The perlage looks suspiciously like an ST2130 but then again they usually don’t have blued screws.

      • BNABOD

        Yup I am sure it is a genuine eta but not clear about the grade. Either way I would go w the basic eta cover it up and call it a day

        • That gets back to the “why do dive watches have exhibition backs” along with the “why do unattractive movements get displayed via exhibition backs” questions. And the answer is that it helps watches get sold. Simply put, version which have exhibition backs sell better than the same watch with a solid back. So, oddly it is consumer demand that drives this trend. Cheers.

  • Raymond Wilkie

    Nothing to see here.

  • Playboy Johnny

    Not a bad looking watch. 38mm is too small however. Seems like a good value, to get sapphire & the ETA. Would have liked to see the blue dial.
    Good luck.

  • Just saw that they DO have a blue dial version. I’m tempted; it’s a nice color balance.

  • DanW94

    They make it in a 42mm size also. I saw 38mm and thought it’s a good looking design with an ETA for a decent price but was put off by the smaller size. Definitely one to consider. Nice that they also give you a date/no date option.

  • Joe

    I like it. The case finishing looks nice too, with sharp transitions from brushed to polished and the bracelet looks pretty decent.
    It’s hard to beat the looks, features and quality of a modern Rolex bracelet, unless you reach for PP or AP.
    I’d prefer the 38mm over the 42mm for my skinny 6.3in wrists.

    I’d buy one if I had more of a collector mindset but owning two watches already (a vintage DateJust and a decent diver), I don’t see myself spending Eur499 on another diver.
    I’d rather put it towards something I really want (ie spend more) in a different category. ie world time, moonphase, GMT, chronograph, etc.

    But for those where a diver isn’t part of their collection, I can see this being an appealing option.

  • SuperStrapper

    I like and dislike it. The red highlights are throwing me off the dial to a fair degree tbh. Considering the movement and some of the specs it looks like decent value, but things like the aluminum bezel and the date are difficult to overcome considering the contemporary market today adopting newer and better materials and techniques at very obtainable pricing.

    While I am a fan of this handset the seconds hand doesnt look like it was custom designed or made aside from the colouring. It doesnt even look like it was made at the same place the hour and minute hands were. I also think the date should have simply been omitted. Overall while I do enjoy (tasteful) colour I think this piece would look good monochromatic: swap out everything red for a consistent black and white with no date for a clean and easy to adopt look.

    • Date or No Date option.

      • Mr. Snrub

        And the white dial is monochrome

  • Lindsay

    So that’s what a Datejust would look like with a dive bezel.

    By the way, how is MAEN pronounced?

    • SuperStrapper

      C’mon maen!

      • Lindsay

        I see what you maen

        • JosephWelke

          It’s the maen point of contention.

          • Mr. Snrub

            I’m confused in the maen

  • Cesc_Pitt

    The size got me started with this watch, I love the 34-38mm vintage range. Next the clean understated style and the domed sapphire with eta 2824 for £309 had me signing up.
    I’ll be honest, I don’t go near water if I can avoid it, I’ve never had the desire or need for a dive watch so wearing one would make me feel like a fraud but this Maen will see excellent service when I walk the dog as I can never remember when we got to the park!
    For my taste they got everything right, well nearly; I’d prefer if the bezel was ceramic, that would be the icing on the cake.

  • Hammer

    Some interesting choices in the design. Size is nice to balance out some of my larger watches, but I find the face a bit busy. I’d consider it but have just backed Traska for a silver/black bracelet diver. It has a cleaner design, sits larger. Come to think about it, both would compliment each other.

    • egznyc

      So you weren’t into the mint dial option? ;-).

      • Hammer

        Haven’t managed to grow my aesthetic beyond the simpler colours 🙂

        • egznyc

          Hey it’s a bold (not Boldr) look ;-). Honestly if I weren’t already getting two new watches this summer I’d want the Traska – looks like a great package for the price, particularly with a steel bracelet and the entire thing coated to make it scratch resistant. The Maen is attractive enough but the red “lume” is lame, in practical terms.

  • #The Deplorable Boogur T. Wang

    Looks and sounds good. Need this one for an ABTW GiveAWAY.
    I’ll take one @ 42mm on a Steel bracelet.

  • Ron-W

    I think they did a pretty good job here with the design, in this overcrowded segment…., to set it apart just enough. A choice for everyone in size and date/no date and dial colour. Good offer and quality for this price range. But why spend money here on a adver sponsor post when you just sold out on KS ?

    • Timing – they may have booked the Sponsored Post before the KS project was live. Plus while you may not get the early bird pricing, they will no doubt be happy to continue to sell watches even though they have made their funding goal. Cheers.

  • Too thin

  • SharpsvilleBill

    I love how lauded the ETA 2824 movement is. They are junk. I have 3 Swiss made watches in a drawer that have the 2824 and all 3 have stopped working. None of them made it to the 5 year recommended service interval before dying. Two I had serviced, a Glycine and a Doxa (the Doxa sent to authorized Doxa repairman in LA at the cost of $1K) and both have stopped running again. The Baume et Mercier I never bothered to spent money on to service. The only one I have without a problem is an Oris. Never again, ETA.

    • Svetoslav Popov

      I have much more than 3 watches with 2824 and not a single problem.

      • SharpsvilleBill

        I guess I’m very unlucky then.

  • Max Attack

    I was about to join this project, but then I read that Maen is charging United State backers VAT, and pocketing it. The Company claims they have no means to refund the VAT or not charge the US backers. BS they are just going after a easy money grab, this really speaks to the ethics of this Company.

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