Magrette Kupe's Voyage Watch Giveaway

Being a brand new owner of this exact watch, I can say this this is a giveaway worth entering. Magrette is New Zealand’s only watch maker and certainly does the nation proud. I will be presenting a full review of the Magrette Kupe’s Voyage watch, but until then you can enter to win one yourself. Founder Dion McAsey is what I call a “master of presentation.” He knows how to give you a special warm feeling when you not only see the watch, but in how you experience the theme and story of the timepiece, as well as the actual presentation box and packaging. The giveaway is for the very last of the 10 limited edition watches.

The Kupe’s Voyage watch is part of a limited edition of just 10 watches – this is ultra exclusive, and you can be the proud owner just by entering. The watch is based on the base Magrette Regattare watch, but with the beautiful engraved bezel. What I love about Magrette watches is their use of Auckland area craftspeople to give the watch a special character not found in other brands. A great example is the hand engraved bezel. Follow the symbols to tell the mythic story of how Kupe discovered what would eventually be known as New Zealand – distinctly New Zealand experience that you won’t find on any other watch. The special giveaway webpage is further designed very well, another testament to this boutique watch brand’s attention to detail.

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Enter to win a Magrette Kupe’s Voyage watch here.

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