This is one of the most unique high-end daily wear timepieces I think I have ever seen. From Maitres du Temps, this is the Chapter Two TCR watch. “TCR” stands for triple calendar round. This is the (sorta) round-cased version of the original Chapter Two watch that has a tonneau style case. The triple calendar part of the name refers to the fact that the movement has an annual calendar and displays the date, day of the week, and month.

The Chapter Two watch was originally designed by Daniel Roth and Peter Speake Marin. The TCR version makes the piece more sporty and actually more original. The design loses some elegance, but it certainly gains a lot of distinctiveness. In a room full of people wearing stuff like a Patek Philippe Nautilus, Audemars Piguet Royal Oak, and other similar pieces, this Chapter Two TCR will certainly stick out.

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The basic shape of the case was adopted from a round(ish) version of the Maitres du Temps Chapter One watch. So it is logical for it to be available for the Chapter Two. The case looks quirky but is comfortable and makes a lot of sense once it is on the wrist. You get a round dial that is easy to read, as well as large lug structures designed to house Maitres du Temp’s signature feature – the rollers. These watches use two aluminum rollers on the top and bottom of the watch as month and day of the week indicators. This cool feature is useful and adds a special dimension to the character of the watches. I believe that the Chapter Two TCR watches are in titanium, with a few versions having black coated sections. In all, I believe there are four versions, and as you can see, at least one version has 18k rose gold accents.

While I am not sure about the dimensions, you can see the size on my wrist. This is a large, but not ludicrously sized timepiece. I see it being very popular in Russia as well as the Middle East. Detailing on the case is good, and you’ll appreciate the architected feel of the design. It is not a pretty watch at first glance, but it has a sort of unconventional handsomeness to it.

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On the dial you have a big-date indicator and time with subsidiary seconds hand. The sporty theme of the watch is best discovered in the design of the dial. The hands are large enough and there is plenty of luminant. Maitres du Temps tries to play with various genres on the dial, mixing Roman numeral hour markers and technical looking Arabic numeral minute markers. There is a youthfulness to the design which is bewitched by the timepiece’s price.

I’ve always appreciated that Maitres du Temps labels their pushers. Look on the back of the case and you’ll notice you won’t be pressing the wrong buttons when wanting to adjust the time and calendar information. Many watches with a lot of pushers on the case are totally silent as to what they do. “Whoops, I was trying to adjust the GMT  time and I just messed up the date.” That happens all too much. Through the rear of the watch you’ll appreciate the sapphire exhibition caseback and hand-engraved 22k rose gold automatic rotor on the movement. Attached to the watch is a rubber strap, it is a sports watch after all, right? Price for all versions is $69,000.

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