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Mancheront Watches, an independent micro-brand based in Sydney, Australia, prides itself creating beautifully crafted timepieces that offer a blend of classic watchmaking with modern design innovation. The young brand’s first release, the Pacer, is a worthy execution of this philosophy.

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In developing their first timepiece, the Mancheront team underwent five years of vigorous research and development. After countless design variations, the final result is quite impressive, with 90% of the external parts of the watch having been custom made to exacting specifications. A thoroughly organic execution of a sports watch, the Pacer has been awarded with no less than four original design patents across 28 major countries, an admirable achievement for an introductory release.

On first glance, the Pacer boasts a sports watch aesthetic that’s somewhat reminiscent of a Rolex Submariner or comparable classic diver thanks to its case shape, black dial, and black rotating bezel. However, upon a closer look, one will find numerous features that set it apart from other watches.

Firstly, the dial layout of the pacer is particularly interesting, featuring a power reserve indicator at 12 o’clock, a 24-hour reading at 6 o’clock, and a date window at 3 o’clock. Despite there being three complications voiced on the dial, the design remains legible, balanced, and harmonious. The stark white indices and hands are coated with the highest grade C3 Swiss Super-LumiNova material, which glows a bright, electric blue in low-lit conditions.

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Another unique feature of the Pacer is its patented “Wreath’ bezel – a subtle design cue that adds a fair amount of personality and visual intrigue to the overall look of the watch. The production of this distinct “Wreath” pattern requires the precision of a CNC machine, and must be milled out rather than stamped during production.

Mancheront even opted to perfect an often-overlooked aspect of the watch’s design: the caseback. The Pacer features a patented “Petals” caseback, which is designed with the intention of minimizing the contact area with the skin. The recessed grooves or “petals” increase airflow, allowing the user’s wrist to breathe and making for a more comfortable wearing experience.

Perhaps most notably, the Pacer presents a whole new approach to the pulsometer – a function used to measure heart rate. Conventionally, timepieces with a pulsometer have been chronographs with fixed pulsometer scales appearing on the dial. The Pacer instead features a pulsometer scale on a rotatable bezel. In order to measure heart rate using the Pacer, the wearer aligns the triangle marker on the bezel with the seconds hand, and counts 30 heart beats. After 30 heart beats, the second hand will point to the wearer’s current heart rate reading on the bezel. Accordingly, using this timepiece to measure heart rate is simple and intuitive. Thanks to the Pacer, collectors are now afforded the opportunity to own a mechanical timepiece with a pulsometer function, without needing a chronograph.

On the wrist, the Pacer is a wearable, compatible size, at 39.5 mm in diameter and 13.6 mm in thickness. The lug-to-lug measurement is 48 mm. Sparing no detail, Mancheront has employed tasteful case finishing, with mirror polishing on the flanks and fine circular and vertical brushing on the lugs. The Pacer’s three-link bracelet, measuring 20 mm wide at the case, is vertically brushed, with mirror polishing on the sides of the links.

Under the hood of the Pacer is a tried-and-true workhorse movement – the Miyota 9132, an automatic calibre with a beat frequency of 28,800 VPH and approximately 40 hours of power reserve. The piece features a screw-down crown, and an ample 100 meters of water resistance. The dial is protected by a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, with anti-reflective coating applied to its underside.

Overall, the Mancheront Pacer is a well-thought-out, solid first release that is innovative in both form and function. The Kickstarter campaign for this watch is now live here, with an Early Backer price of ~$560 USD / 770 AUD.

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