I have decided that Marc Ecko needs to stay out of the watch design world. The newest release from the ‘urban’ themed design appears to be a compromise of tastes. The compromise being, that they could not decide which watch look was the worst, so they included them all. Twelve hideous looking bezel options provide a frame for an unattractive watch that is cheap looking bling extraordinaire.

The Marc Ecko Master of Possibilities watches begins with what is essentially a good idea; the ability for the user to change the look of the watch. And 12 options is a nice touch, all in a gaudy box. But merely having a lot of options alone is not enough. Those options needs to have at least a few good choices. These options defy class and refinement. The metal work is equally cheap. Notice the inexpensive chroming on the watch and the bezels. You see, real chroming is a special chemical polish that gives metal a high gloss. It is a time consuming and rewarding ordeal. Cheap chroming takes cheap steel, and coats in in further cheap materials. The result is a “chrome-looking” appearance that is satisfactory to a 4 year old, or a bird that is attracted to shiny objects. The crafting on the Master of Possibilities watches is pretty lame, even for fashion watch standards. But lets say I am wrong, and the polish is world class, you then just have the world class ugly designs to deal with.

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Before moving on to 12 rings of calamitous aesthetic, lets look at the watch itself. An almost tawdry looking quartz movement based chronograph that is barely legible underneath all the pseudo-glitz. The hands are so small, I can barely view them, and the menage of polishes and textures just really doesn’t do it for me. If you say that I am making a judgment call about the design, well I am. And in my humble opinion, it is ugly.

Apparently, parts of the watch are plated with real rose gold. That will just increase the cost of what should have been an uber budget watch. Just look at those bezel options! You’d be embarrassed if any of them were rim design on your car. At least I hope you would be. You know, it is possible that a few of them, alone are ok, but together like that, I simply cringe. This whole set is just god awful, and if you have any desire to appear to have taste of values, please don’t find yourself attracted to it in any corporal manner.

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