Thanks to Mark who was the lucky winner of the MARCH LA.B AM1 40 Automatic watch (giveaway post here). Here are some follow-up thoughts and images by him:

“From the very opening of the watch, this timepiece has been a joy to experience. The box came wrapped within paper, and contained a congratulatory note. While the note may have only been included due to my good fortune in winning the watch, I’d like to think one such note is included with every watch purchase; MARCH seems to be a real class act, and everyone who owns this watch deserves to be congratulated on their purchase.

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Within the box, which is constructed of some wonderful patterned leather-like material (if not actually leather), is a slim pamphlet, a metal warranty card, and a leather case which houses the watch and doubles as a wallet. I enjoyed the inclusion of the wallet, which I’m certain would look wonderful being pulled from the glovebox of a vintage sports car, but which I can’t see myself squeezing into a sports coat.

Luckily, none of us are interested in the watch for the wallet. The timepiece is beautiful. Its bold face and understated styling permit it to fly under the social radar, and it’s only commented upon by the most careful observer – if you want to be noticed wearing the watch, you really need to flaunt it. Compared to many other watches in my collection, it’s shockingly light, and I often forget that I’m wearing it when switching to it from a heavier piece. Only when it peeks out from beneath my cuff am I reminded of it, and I can’t help but stare. The flash of color as the second-hand sweeps by makes me think of the green glass and liner I know are hidden beneath the band, and I grin whenever I see it. The wide face is clear and easy to read, though difficult to pull away from.

There is one sole aspect of the watch I find myself torn over, and that’s the band. Made of an exquisite lizard leather, it is certainly beautiful, but oddly narrow, in my opinion. On one hand, the narrow band serves to make the bold case pop even more strongly. On the other hand, I think I would have enjoyed seeing a wider band paired with the case in a more complimentary fashion.

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I can’t speak for the movement, but it appears to be keeping time admirably when out of use, riding my watch winder. And I don’t believe that there’s any real power reserve indicator, but it did keep ticking along nicely over the holidays when it went untouched for a 24 hour period.

All in all, the MARCH LA.B AM1 is a stunning watch, which I find myself giddy over every time I spot it on my wrist.”

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