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Freshly returned from my Las Vegas trip I am left with the distinct impression that high-end Las Vegas hotels are a watch lover’s dream. The plethora of watch stores, available brands, models, and timepiece enthusiasts is enough to envelop you in surreal atmosphere were rare and beautiful watches seem commonplace. While I intend to speak more generally about the watch shopping environment in Las Vegas, the focal point of any Las Vegas watch outing should be the Tourneau store located in Forum Shoppes in the Caesar’s Palace Hotel and Casino.

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Tourneau is a New York based chain of watch stores. Appropriately, they carry a multitude of brands from the affordable mainstream to the ultra-high-end. Each store has differing brands based upon the location, but expect to find no less than 15-20 watch manufactures including Tag Heuer, Rolex, Breitling, and Longines. Brands located in the store as many high-end watch makers prefer to have just one authorized dealer in a given city. Las Vegas of course does not subscribe to this mentality or rule.

The Caesar’s Palace Tourneau store greets you with their customary assemblage of world clocks. Here the display is quite extreme, something Las Vegas is of course known for. Upon stepping inside, you are verbally greeted by one of Las Vegas’ many “meet staff.” Probably to keep out the riff raff, but more likely looking for tips as most of the people in Las Vegas seem to be aiming for.

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Gazing upon what was likely the largest watch store I will ever set my feet in, I was instantly wowed with the over-the-top interior design, and amazing selection of watches, many I had never seen in person before at Tourneau Las Vegas; possibly the only place in America that certain watch models are available. I commend this Tourneau branch for having quality fashion watches such as LP Italy and Reactor, to the elite Audemars Piguet, Zenith, Blancpain, and many others. Other rare brands available there include Arnold & Sons, Krieger, and Milus. The sheer number of watch makers is exciting, enough to instantly excite any watch fan.

The gentlemen at Tourneau declined my offer to take pictures of them due to “company policy” against allowing pictures of the interior of the store. A ridiculous policy, but nevertheless enough to maintain that this attorney not glaringly violate their policies and then post pictures and write about it. If you make it to Las Vegas, you really need to visit this watch store. Funny enough, the Forum Shoppes in the Caesar’s Palace is home to many watch stores, each enjoyable and well stocked. One could easily spend an entire evening simply going from store to store. While the salespeople are not exactly watch experts (I always feel the need to test them via conversation), they certainly can appreciate the appearance of the educated enthusiast.

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Do your watch love a favor and visit Las Vegas soon. On the top of your list should be a visit to the Tourneau flagship store in the Caesar’s Palace Forum Shoppes. You will be impressed with the sheer over abundance of watches to delight and tempt.

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