Mondragón Angel Falls Dive Watch

Mondragón Angel Falls Dive Watch

Mondragón Angel Falls Dive Watch Watch Releases

Bearing the name of the world's highest uninterrupted waterfall, the Angel Falls dive watch is the debut timepiece from the young start-up brand known as Mondragón. Sometimes, a good straightforward dive watch is all you need and that's exactly what Mondragón hopes to deliver. With a range of strap and bracelet options, two automatic movements to choose from, and a variety of modern appointments, the Mondragón Angel Falls offers a compelling value proposition. Recently, the watch launched on Kickstarter and has been met by a group of enthusiastic supporters.

Mondragón Angel Falls Dive Watch Watch Releases

Over the years, some parts of dive watch design language have become quite standardized and Mondragón has deviated from this slightly while still offering a solid diver. The first thing you'll notice is the pop of color on the Angel Falls found throughout the dial, bezel, hands, and even some of the strap options. It's a touch that adds a bit of character in a world of monochromatic sport watches and a look that is totally "vacation-ready." However, several of the watch's features push beyond aesthetics and enhance the true purpose-built nature of the Mondragón Angel Falls. Among these is the inclusion of a heavy duty ceramic bezel.

Mondragón Angel Falls Dive Watch Watch Releases

Ceramic was of course chosen for its scratch-resistant properties but it also serves as a nice backdrop for the pop of white and orange found on the bezel. There's also that premium, glossy look that ceramic has, which simply adds to the overall look and quality of construction. In the photo above, you can also see just how well the bezel is fitted onto the brushed 316L stainless steel case. The action is tactile, positive, and aided by pronounced teeth that make manipulating the bezel as easy as possible.

Mondragón Angel Falls Dive Watch Watch Releases

Mondragón Angel Falls Dive Watch Watch Releases

Speaking of the case, it's a comfortable 43mm wide and 13.5mm thick – great for a range of wrist sizes. There are burly, grippy crowns at both 3 and 10 'o clock for time setting and the Helium release valve as well. Water resistance is 300m (more than enough for a casual waterfall dive). Additionally, the lugs are both pronounced and well-proportioned. Plus, with a 22mm lug width, you can be sure that you'll always have a huge supply of compatible strap and bracelet options at your disposal.

Mondragón Angel Falls Dive Watch Watch Releases

The available movements (depending on your pledge package) are the Seiko NH35A or ETA 2824-2. Both offer tried and true timekeeping and are easily serviceable when the time comes. Whichever you choose, you're sure to get a reliable dive watch that'll serve you well for years to come.

Mondragón Angel Falls Dive Watch Watch Releases

Mondragón Angel Falls Dive Watch Watch Releases

The dial is highly legible with no-nonsense sword hands finished with orange accents. Blocky hour indices help with quick time checks and the dial features a soft matte black finish. Super-LumiNova (C3) has also been applied to the markers, hands, and the 12 o'clock bezel pip. At 3 o'clock is the simple date display, which is both minimal in its design and accented with an orange outline that matches the rest of the watch.

Mondragón Angel Falls Dive Watch Watch Releases

Mondragón Angel Falls Dive Watch Watch Releases

Finally, the Mondragón Angel Falls ships with a heavy-duty case that comfortably fits the watch, tools, and the included straps. This makes for a great travel case and can protect whatever you choose to store in it. Altogether, the watch comes with a NATO strap, stainless steel bracelet, carbon patterned strap, and a leather strap, so you'll be covered for any occasion. Currently, Super Early Bird pricing for the Mondragón Angel Falls dive watch with the Seiko NH35A movement starts at $150 and the version with the ETA 2824-2 starts at $350. You can learn more by visiting the Angel Falls Kickstarter campaign page.

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  • Sheez Gagoo

    Ugly watch, stupid name but a ceramic bezel and a 2824 for less than $500 is quite a deal. Not for me, but still a deal.

    • egznyc

      My thoughts exactly. I might be kinder and say it’s not exactly what I’m looking for in a design but damn that’s a good deal for the package – which includes four straps/bracelet. Those hands are also not quite right: it’s a little hard to distinguish the minute and hour hands. I mean it’s clear which is which but still … and that second hand has almost no lume.

  • Where do all these people get their logos? Is if from that Facebook page that charges 5$ per logo? Cause they definitely overcharged for this one!

  • Framlucasse

    Holly smoke, it burns.

  • Matija Puskar

    The watch looks cool.
    But the logo looks like a kid in 8th grade made it.
    But the worst of all is the buckle on the leather strap, it looks
    like a buckle that you find on ebay on a 3$ watch…

  • Ranchracer

    Gee, another micro brand diver. How exciting.

  • Pete Pete

    finally, another shitstarter. I was getting worried.
    thank god they put that shitty logo on it, it’s the only visible difference to dozens of other microbrand/chinesenoname divers. I can imagine the design process: “hey china, send me some diver style watches with that logo I just sent you.” “design? uh, don’t know. the standard model should be just fine. thanks”

  • If you’re going to offer a KS package with a ceramic bezel and a sapphire crystal for only $150, I tell you what, send me a watch, and I’ll design a new logo for free.

    Because, seriously, right now it looks like Trogdor, the Burninator.

  • IG

    I like the NATO strap as real men do.

  • DanW94

    I could do without the dragon on my watch, I’m not 10, but I have to say you get a lot of bang for your buck otherwise. I mean 150 for a decent automatic movement, a ceramic bezel, 300m WR and a HEV. And the splash of color gives it some character. Not bad.

  • Raymond Wilkie


    • 200 Fathoms

      Raymond, your account has apparently been hacked.

  • Ross Diljohn

    I will take it because the price is great for what It offers. The logo however….who came up with it? It reminds me of those tattoos people of questionable intelligence get of their kids first school art.

  • John Stevens

    Dislike the logo but at that price with a 2824 and a ceramic bezel how can anyone complain, hopefully if people see that they can buy this for a few hundred dollars they may come to see some other brands for the overpriced nonsense that they are.

  • Dr. Renato Lazarus

    Having a choice of movement is interesting but unnecessary.

    • MeaCulpa

      Since the case is so ridiculously oversized and empty just offer both movementa in one watch, they’ll probably fit.

  • chile naja rivas Come on,the logo is the least in comparison to the watch features… good automatic movement, ceramic bezel, many straps and a nice color. Not bad and reasonable price. It look nice on the wrist. Check Kickstarter. I like it!

  • cluedog12

    The price is right.

    For the logo, why not make the dragon both the letter ‘M’ and letter ‘D’? Yes, I know it’s a stupid suggestion, but that’s what you get for your sponsorship dollars.

  • Word Merchant

    That movement looks like a pound coin in an empty tin can.
    Still, can’t moan about the price. Tissot will charge you more for plastiqué cogs.
    And yes, the logo sucks and blows with equal measure.

  • Yan Fin

    I do like the offer. Logo… Still nicer than Christopher Ward, sort of whimsical. I would definitely separate the design by movement, and make one of them 40 mm. All and all it is nice to see a really nice value proposition. BTW, what it can possibly mean ‘casual waterfall dive’ ?

  • Mr. Snrub

    Is the name a reference to the (employee-owned) Mondragon corporation or did someone just do a lot of backpacking in Spain?

    • Mondragón is a town in the Basque Country. The corporation started there, and hence the name. In Basque it is called Arrasate. Been there when the terrorist band ETA was still active, and Mondragón (both the town and the Corporation) had heavy links with them. Fucking scary that was, never forgot it.

  • Mark1884

    Not bad.
    The reasonable price saves this “Kickstarter begging for money watch” from a kick to the dick.
    Ceramic + 2824 = fair price.

  • No lume on the second hand (function check), blasphemy!

    • MeaCulpa

      Oh, didn’t notice that! So here we have a “very functional” dive watch that is actually unsafe to use as a dive watch.

      • And it’s also unsafe to use as a desktop diver, because ridiculous logo!

    • PAltares

      There is lume on the second hand, though I thought it wouldn’t be enough. I hit it with some light though and it is plenty easy to see in the dark.

  • SuperStrapper

    Truly terrible logo, but its hard to be hard on this kind of value.

  • Yxe Septantecinq

    Index at 12 weird, ugly & unsafe

  • Coert Welman

    This is a seriously good value proposition, regardless of movement. If this came in a 40mm case, I would be over it like a bad rash.

  • Nixa

    Great value indeed, but the logo is a deal breaker for me!!

    • funNactive

      Nixa, same feedback from other backers. They’re changing the logo to an M. Take a look at the Updates tab on Kickstarter.

      • Nixa

        Good move. Thanks for the heads up!

    • chile naja rivas

      You can buy it without dragon! and also they offer more colors. I saw it in kickstarter. High quality and good price, I bought it.

  • PAltares

    Just wanted to say, for anybody on the fence about this; I won one in a giveaway about a week ago with the seiko movement. I really like it. It wears really nice for its size. I have an Air Blue pilot that is 43mm that looks bigger than this on my wrist, probably because it is a little thinner. Either way, I was sincerely ready to start prepping my wife to buy it, and just lucked out in the end. Tried to upload pics but it says they’re too big and I can’t change them on my phone.