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What Makes Monta Watches Different?

What Makes Monta Watches Different? Watch Releases

It can be hard for newer brands to differentiate themselves from the competition. To stand out from the crowded crowdfunded market takes something special. Some brands try to grab your attention with crazy colors, a mad case shape, or a complication or material experiment nobody asked for and (perhaps) nobody needs. But some brands commit themselves to just doing things better than their peers. And while subjectivity will always create disagreements among fans of watchmaking, certain practices do have an objective benefit to the customer. Monta is one such brand, and with its newest model, the Monta Atlas GMT watch, many of these small but worthwhile improvements to the customer experience are on show.

What Makes Monta Watches Different? Watch Releases

The importance of external finishing to a wearer’s enjoyment of a piece cannot be overstated. Glossy renders of unrealistically sharp transitions from brushed to polished surfaces abound on the Internet, but getting those things right in real life takes time and skill — and, in truth, a lot of investment.

What Makes Monta Watches Different? Watch Releases

Monta has invested in not just its case finishing, but also the finish of its exceptional three-link bracelet. Every single solid link has a brushed finish set against clean, polished beveled edges. The effect is one of extreme grace and effortless refinement. The strap looks and feels robust but wears elegantly, thanks to the bevel taking it into the wrist.

What Makes Monta Watches Different? Watch Releases

This attention to detail continues with the case finishing. The Monta Atlas GMT has a 38.5mm housing (which is the same width as the Monta Triumph, previously reviewed on aBlogtoWatch). Most notable about the cases from Monta is the polished bevel on the inner edge of each lug. Imbuing the lugs with a more sculptural form that can be appreciated from multiple angles is no easy task, but it is a challenge the brand has undertaken in its effort to distinguish itself from the other brands at its price point.

What Makes Monta Watches Different? Watch Releases

With a history of sourcing high quality components (Monta watches are Swiss-made in that each watch is assembled and inspected in Switzerland and contains a Swiss movement), creating solutions to problems rather than avoiding them (the rotating bezel featured on the Oceanking and Skyquest is a product of several patents, for example), and a high standard of finishing, Monta hopes to be seen as more than a simple microbrand. The company has much larger ambitions and believes the total package offered to consumers outstrips the value of those around it. The newly released Monta Atlas GMT watch retails for $1,795 on the bracelet, $1,575 on the leather straps, and $1,565 for the rubber straps. Pre-orders are currently being fulfilled with subsequent orders delivered before October 25th, 2019. To learn more, please visit


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  • PR

    Big Monta and Everest fan, if I didn’t already have a Triumph I’d get the atlas. Looking forward to a brand new watch from them in a different category next. Maybe they can make a pilot or field watch?

  • LetoAtreides69

    Love my triumph. The finishing on the case is really excellent. Rare to see a sponsored post only garner (mostly) positive comments.

  • Ugo

    i have to say Monta is really doing a good job.
    the Skyquest is probably one of the closest example to the “perfect-GMT” i have in mind, and a very beautiful watch all around in the price range.
    they make sensible choices and the finishing is great. they show as they truly have an idea where they’re going to.
    if they’ll come out with a 40mm-something supercompressor case, inner rotating chapter ring / 24h tone-on-tone rotating bezel Skyquest i won’t have any other exception not to buy one.
    (i would also prefer a small running second at 9, but i understand that at that point it’d need a different movement consideration. on the other hand, Oris seems to have one…)

  • ???

    I would be happy to see more non-date versions.

  • Raymond Wilkie
    • H.S.M.

      Once a wise man used a word to describe such thing.

  • Jared

    just a heads up, this brand has a massive problem with QC:

  • SuperStrapper

    The handset looks nice but I’m just not sure if they suit the style of the watch…
    I’m sure to many that on a ‘GMT’ watch that a date display is a requirement, but I also wonder if this watch would look better without a date display.

    • Ugo

      on a GMT watch date is a requirement.
      then we can discuss if this is the best possible date window arrangement.
      for example a dial matching colour would possibly be better.
      on the other hand, since the huge white-ish 12 o’ clock index, the white window kinda balance its weight visually…

      • SuperStrapper

        I do t see why it would be a requirement for me. Could make for an interesting appearance. Or maybe a pointer date.

        • Ugo

          oh God no, not a pointer date.

  • private private

    Design-wise this looks like a bastard child of Seiko, vintage Rolex and Victorinox. Not for me.

  • H.S.M.

    The back is horrendous! No wonder there aren’t any pictures of it here.
    Did they fire the designer half way through or what?
    The caseback is bland and has nothing on it.
    The movement is stock, except for the logo.

    For this price I would expect to have a watch which looks premium from all sides.

    But apart from this issue, I think it looks great.

    • ???

      What do you expect from the sub-2k range? Most watches also only have ETA/Sellita with modified rotors.

      • H.S.M.

        Seriously? You think that under 2K every watch should look like that? Especially when it costs $1750.
        My $70 Seiko 5 looks nicer from the back.
        Not going to list all the sub-2K watches which have way nicer casebacks and polished engraved movements, but you could throw a rock in the lake of mid range watch market and hit hundreds of better options.

        I would be the last one to complain if this garbage would be the standard in the world of sub-2K watches.

        • ???

          When I read “My $70 Seiko 5 looks nicer from the back”, I know we won’t have any connection from this discussion.

          • H.S.M.

            Well, that’s that then. Our long lasting friendship finally came to an end.
            Farewell sweet prince. I hope the winds of change will take your boat to shores more deserving then my ungrateful, tiny island.

            Yours Truly,