New aBlogtoWatch Guides To Buying Watches On eBay

New aBlogtoWatch Guides To Buying Watches On eBay

New aBlogtoWatch Guides To Buying Watches On eBay Announcements

Last month, we shared some of our guides to buying watches on eBay, just in time for the crazy holiday-buying season. We've continued to grow our list of guides because, as we all know, the world of buying watches online can be a tricky place. If you're new to the watch world or are buying for a watch person, then you'll need all the help you can get. So, without further ado, here is the updated list of guides (with the new ones right up top):

Happy shopping, and we hope we were able to help with the process. Suggestions for guides that you'd like to see? Leave in the comments!

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  • Boogur T. Wang

    Never bought on eBay. But have made several watch buys on Amazon – nary a problem.
    Do your research (homework) and shop smartly.

  • Bucky Katt

    I have bought 3 oddball Hamilton watches, and sold a Lum-Tec, on eBay, with no problems. It helps if you’re looking for something that’s a little different. I wouldn’t buy, say, a Rolex on eBay–too much risk there–but if I was looking for a niche brand, or something with a limited release, I’d use eBay again. One thing I’d recommend is to make sure the documentation looks right. Counterfeiters can usually get the main product more or less correct, but slip up on the packaging, certificate of authenticity, warranty card, etc. So if a listing says that they found it at an estate sale, or it was given to them by a friend, sure, that might be true, but I’d think twice about buying the item. However, if the box, papers, and other items look right, you’re probably going to be OK.

  • rachel

    This is my favourite post, really learn alot from it. Continue the good work ABTW!