Another new month, another major drop of bespoke horological products coming to the aBlogtoWatch Store! We are thrilled to share with you six new apparel items all designed by Team aBlogtoWatch specifically for you, our community of fellow watch lovers. When Ariel and the team dreamed up our first luminous shirt – our best-selling product to date that is now worn by fellow watch lovers the world over – the goal was to create an item that would convey one’s appreciation for and taste in watches and watchmaking in a novel way, a fresh and affordable way of sharing one’s passion for horology with the world.

Our collection of animated horological apparel extends today with six new variations: two glow-in-the-dark, two ABTW-themed, and two inspired by an iconic dial.

Frankly, it was heartwarming to us all to see your requests in the comments and direct messages for aBlogtoWatch logo apparel! You asked, and we were only so happy to oblige with two minimalist options. A black round-neck T-shirt with the same comfy and high-quality base like our luminous T-shirt, and a black sweatshirt – more on that below. With our silver-red aBlogtoWatch logo placed above the heart (where it belongs) and bespoke aBlogtoWatch neck label, it’s the essential aBlogtoWatch crew apparel. Crafted over the same 100% OCS certified ring-spun cotton base that so many of you know and love from our luminous shirts. Support aBlogtoWatch by getting one of our aBlogtoWatch T-shirts with Free FedEx Global Priority shipping for $45.

Our ABTW sweatshirt is the perfect crew neck to show your support of aBlogtoWatch. Beautifully made from 100% certified organic cotton to make for the ideal spring/summer wear, it feels robust and comfy at the same time. Unlike more common mixed fabric crew necks – where cotton is mixed with polyester – these soft sweatshirts don’t get stuffy or uncomfortable, even when worn without a T-shirt underneath, and their fabric doesn’t get fluffy as quickly as do garments with polyester mixed in. Certified in accordance with the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS 210865), we made sure to continue our efforts to exclusively source base materials of truly impressive quality and a limited ecological footprint. Support aBlogtoWatch by getting one of our aBlogtoWatch logo crewnecks with Free FedEx Global Priority shipping for $69.

That image above is real. That is how bright our luminous shirts glow, once you’ve even briefly (10-15 seconds) charged them with sunlight or a powerful light source. It probably comes as no surprise to you that everyone on team aBlogtoWatch loves a good lume – and all our luminous apparel is inspired by watches that continue to amaze us even when there’s no light left to shine on them. However, before we started developing our own horological apparel, we had no idea shirts could so beautifully imitate even the brightest luminescent dials found on the best divers’ watches out there. Seiko Lumibrite, Panerai Luminor, or Rolex Chromalight? All are matched by the amazing paint we source from a European paint supplier specifically for these shirts.

Not without a certain Ironman flare, the first of the two additions is inspired by the luminous bezel pip that is an essential component on every ISO 6425 certified diver’s watch. Surrounded by the red triangle that frames the luminescent marker on so many iconic watches in history, this T-shirt will appear abstract to ordinary folks – and a clear message to fellow watch lovers. Dive watches are naturally cool (we wrote about their fascinating history back in 2014 here) and equally fun – and this shirt will not fade in comparison even when paired with your favorite diver’s watch. You can get this super-bright luminous T-shirt from the aBlogtoWatch Store for $49, including Free FedEx Global Priority shipping.

The second of the two additions to our luminous T-shirts pays tribute to the minimalist subsidiary seconds found on diver’s watches of old and new. A design that needs no introduction to many, this luminous crosshair of just four oblong markers is separated by white non-luminous markers. Placed in a more discreet size over the heart, this once again is a cool accessory that tells those who should know – fellow watch lovers – that you are one of them. And when it lights up in the dark, that really is the icing on the cake. You can get this laid back, yet super-bright luminous T-shirt from the aBlogtoWatch Store for $49, including Free FedEx Global Priority shipping.

Wrapping up our six new horological apparel items are two “Tribue To The Wave Dial” T-shirts. Hinting at the connection between divers’ watches and the open seas, the pattern also pays homage to fan-favorite dive watches out there – watches that aBlogtoWatch Team members have also owned and cherished over the years. The applied wave pattern is very intricate for two reasons: first, to create the sophisticated look associated with high-end divers’ watches and, second, to make these super comfortable to wear. Unlike shirts with large patterns on them, these waves are durable but thin, and they allow air to flow in between each line. We want these to be the perfect spring/summer T-shirt – and a sweaty large print doesn’t go well with any of that. Available with a striking yellow or a crisp white base, the prints are always blue, as they should be. Get this cool and fun T-shirt if you love diver’s watches – or are a fan of a dive watch icon that needs no introduction – from the aBlogtoWatch Store for $45, including Free FedEx Global Priority shipping.

With each item in the aBlogtoWatch Store our shared goal was to go the extra mile and create uniquely cool horologically inspired items. We strived for the level of quality we expect from the products we review, while also keeping our eyes on the target of making each product into an affordable way of experiencing and sharing your love for iconic watches and watchmaking. The aBlogtoWatch team has gone through hundreds of T-shirt and dozens of sweatshirt suppliers and traced a small printing workshop that would cater to our quirky designs and developments…

…All to create a new avenue of possible support for our audience. If you love aBlogtoWatch and are looking to communicate your appreciation for watches, or have a fellow watch lover to surprise with a super cool gift, we hope you’ll enjoy one or more of our bespoke items. We are super proud of their design and execution – and are equally empowered by all the incredible support our Store has received so far.

Browse horological artwork, apparel and other accessories on the aBlogtoWatch Store – with free FedEx Priority shipping worldwide.

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