New Nomos Club Campus Watches Aim For A Young Crowd

New Nomos Club Campus Watches Aim For A Young Crowd

New Nomos Club Campus Watches Aim For A Young Crowd Watch Releases Written by Praneeth Rajsingh

Known primarily for their minimalist designs, Nomos has always prided itself on being a high-quality, stylish mechanical watch at a price that isn't unattainable. For Baselworld 2017, the brand is doubling down with the introduction of the Nomos Club Campus watch, based off the Club, Nomos’ current entry-level watch. You can take a guess as to who the target audience is, and Nomos specifically mentions people who have just graduated college and are stepping into the professional world. The appeal hinges on design, the in-house movement, the fact that Nomos is "hip" right now, competetive pricing, and the fact that each caseback allows for a custom engraving.

New Nomos Club Campus Watches Aim For A Young Crowd Watch Releases

New Nomos Club Campus Watches Aim For A Young Crowd Watch Releases

The Nomos Club Campus trio includes a couple different sizes, with the smallest called just the "Nomos Club Campus." At 36mm, this model has a white silver-plated dial with gray Super-LumiNova numerals and indexes with a red outline - that, being so thin, achieves a pinkish appearance. It is probably safe to say that this would work fine as a ladies' watch. The Nomos Club 38 Campus is next in line with a 38mm case with white dial and blue Super-LumiNova numerals and indexes, again with a red outline. The "black sheep" of the group, is the Nomos Club 38 Campus Nacht, with Nomos’ signature ruthenium-plated dial with the lume in beige this time and with a blue outline. The only other significant difference is that the 36mm Nomos Club Campus ships with a gray velour strap while the other two 38mm watches ship with an anthracite strap.

New Nomos Club Campus Watches Aim For A Young Crowd Watch Releases

New Nomos Club Campus Watches Aim For A Young Crowd Watch Releases

All three Nomos Club Campus watches are based on the Alpha caliber, a manual-wind, in-house movement also found in the current Club, Tangente, and Tetra models. With 43 hours of power reserve and Nomos’ usual Glashütte finishing on the ¾ mainplate, it's a classic and tested Nomos movement. Of course, you won't get to see it, as there's no exhibition caseback but again, the idea is that you get the caseback engraved. A small but quirky design feature, not unique to Nomos but still cool-looking, is the "California dial," meaning Arabic numerals in the top half of the dial and Roman numerals in the bottom half.

New Nomos Club Campus Watches Aim For A Young Crowd Watch Releases

Nomos CEO Uwe Ahrendt says the Campus series is essentially being subsidized since the watches target the people who are likely to make up the future customer base of the watch market. There is no word on pricing yet, but all signs point at the Campus series being priced lower than the existing Club, which if true, represents a significant value proposition that is hard to beat. The watches will be available at retailers and Nomos’ online store by the end of the month.

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  • SuperStrapper

    Not a looker in the bunch. Nomos is terrified of getting away from the same time only with sub seconds look, they have it in a million iterations.

  • Lincolnshire Poacher

    I’ve never really been a fan oif the Nomos style. All of their watches are wearable, I just find them a little bland. Having said that, I’m a fan of California dials, or even upsidedown California dials. I also like the white hands and orange sub-dial hand. And at 38mm its a nice easily wearable, versatile watch.

    • And I’m not even a fan of California dials. The black dial with blue outlining of the hour markers is sort of cool (colorwise). At least they have beefier lugs than a lot of there lines but the lugs are still overly long but maybe that helps with the restrained case sizes.

      • Lincolnshire Poacher

        Those long lugs are a strong “look”. I wonder how much its an attempt to straddle two trends. The fashion for smaller watches is really noticeable now, but it also makes it appear larger on the wrist by having a long lug to lug, for people who think a big wrist needs a big watch. Then again, I think the long lug look is quite vintage, so perhaps that’s what they’re doing. I’m just shooting-the-breeze here, merely speculating.

      • BILL

        Shoulda used the watchmaker’s 4 on this California dial. But, full disclosure, I’m a Nomos hater, so it’s hard for them to get full marks from me.

    • IG

      I hate California dials and proud of it.™

    • Berndt Norten

      Wish they all could be California dials…..

      • DanW94

        Welcome back : )

      • dennis

        California dreaming on a winter’s day

  • TrevorXM

    Perfect for the dork on campus with rich parents crowd. After all, who would buy a watch with “campus” on the back after you’ve already graduated and are trying to make it in the real world?

  • Yan Fin

    I truly tried to like Nomos, but style is boring, and the size… Why 36mm? Ladies these days don’t like 36mm. 38 mm probably has some demand, but still too small for me. Waiting for 40-41 mm to make another attempt to like Nomos.

  • DanW94

    Love the push towards younger buyers, but I question the strategy of marketing a non-essential, luxury item to young people who step into the world with a boatload of crushing loan debt on their heads (at least in the US. I don’t know how Europe operates). I see the Fossil brand in their immediate future, at least for a few years….Anyway, I like the California dial, but 36mm is just too small.

    • grocerylist

      Fossil to me was a brand I bought in high school and their watches were pretty much disposable, usually falling apart in less than a year. I’d have been interested in a quality Nomos at this price had it been available when I was in college.

  • Ramon Abreu

    Nomos always the minimalist, nice dial, agreeable caseback but not a fan of the mixed case numbers

  • Mark1884

    Clean design and legible. Just too small and the long lugs look off to me.
    I prefer the brown dial version.

  • Ulysses31

    Nice and inoffensive. Those soft straps will pick up dirt like nobody’s business.

  • Luciano

    Unfortunately not a great design. Way too small at 36mm, the lugs are just plain ugly, and the inverted California dial doesn’t work as nicely as the “standard” used, for example, in the Panerai PAM424.

  • IYG

    Great designs as almost all their watches, but 3hz /21600 vph … always cool me down with NOMOS

  • Shagen

    Hardly a subsidy at $50 less than the regular club.

  • Md Shanto