It’s just about 2:00am after SIHH day #1, and I think the aBlogtoWatch team already feels like we’ve been here in Geneva, Switzerland, for a week. Technically, most of us have been gone from home for three days already. Fueled by high-quality whiskey (we didn’t have to pay for) and our love of new watches, we continue to burn the past-midnight oil until we start it all over again the next day, and we will do so for several horology-filled days of brand meetings and new watches madness.

For 2017, we wanted to try something new when it came to show coverage. James decided he wanted to play with a GoPro, and we are doing a vlog series of more personal, behind-the-scenes videos of the show. James is sitting in my hotel room right now editing the ABTW SIHH Vlog #3 episode, and I’m having trouble keeping my eyes open while writing up hands-on articles and editing images of as many of the new watches we saw as possible. Our goal is to have one Vlog video per day, showcasing our journey and what it is like to be part of the exclusive SIHH watch trade show event.

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Watch trade shows like SIHH aren’t just about smiles, handshakes, and comfortably seeing new watches. We face a range of humorous to frustrating logistical problems and challenges from cold weather to cultural differences when it comes to simply viewing, talking about, and capturing images and video for new watches. So come join us for “watchsanity 2017.”

We are putting each video on YouTube, and you can check them out via the embedded playlist player above, on the homepage as they are uploaded, or you can visit the aBlogtowatch YouTube channel here. Let us know how you like these and how to keep bringing you into world of reporting on the world’s best new watch news. Thanks everyone.

Follow all our pre-, post-, and live SIHH 2017 coverage here and on your favorite social media channels with #SIHHABTW!

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