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To commemorate 175 years of watchmaking in its tiny Saxon town, NOMOS is celebrating Glashütte’s storied history of fine watchmaking through the release of three limited editions in the Lambda family – all in a new 40.5mm stainless steel case. Until now, the Lambda line has comprised only precious metal offerings, so these new watches provide a more accessible entry point to NOMOS’s high-end line. The new stainless steel limited editions, dubbed NOMOS Lambda – 175 Years Watchmaking Glashütte, are available in white, black, or blue colorways, limited to just 175 pieces each. The Lambda line embodies NOMOS’s distinct and modern design language, while its timeless styling and in-house caliber capture the history of watchmaking innovation that has infused the town for almost two centuries – the perfect way to celebrate the past while looking to the future.

There is plenty to celebrate while looking back at the history of Glashütte – a town with a history almost as fascinating as the watches it now produces. Until the early 1500s, the tiny village of Glashütte, located near the Czech border south of Dresden, was little more than a collection of small farms. Once copper and silver were discovered in the hills, the population boomed and people flocked to the area, mining the Ore Mountains for over four centuries. But when those mines ran dry, the town’s economy crumbled, and its inhabitants were left desperate for employment. In 1845, Master watchmaker Ferdinand Adolph Lange was sent to Glashütte by the Saxon King Friedrich August II in an attempt to revitalize the local economy by training the locals in the art of watchmaking. After a challenging start, Lange was able to establish a solid infrastructure for watchmaking and attracted some of Germany’s finest watchmakers, eventually transforming the destitute town into the Saxon seat of fine watchmaking. During World War II the town was bombed, factories dismantled and appropriated by Soviet forces, and the rich tradition of Glashütte watchmaking was almost lost to history. However, after the reunification of Germany, brands quickly returned to the area and the town experienced a rebirth. Glashütte has now resumed its place as the beating heart of German watchmaking and NOMOS, founded in 1990, has become the largest brand based out of the town. In fact, NOMOS now produces more mechanical watches than any other brand in Germany.

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Though a relative newcomer to the Ore Mountains, NOMOS upholds the traditions of 175 years of fine watchmaking in the region. In fact, the appellation “Glashütte” is protected under strict standards, in that at least 50% of the value of a watch’s caliber must be created in Glashütte. NOMOS readily exceeds this standard with up to 95% of NOMOS’s in-house calibers created on site. Despite NOMOS’s modern design language and manufacturing techniques, the movements display the classic hallmarks of Glashütte watches, including the Glashütte three-quarter plate, barrel, and gear train – a style adopted in the region over 150 years ago. NOMOS also utilizes the Glashütte stopwork winding mechanism, swan neck fine adjustment, tempered blue screws, and movement decorations like perlage, ribbing, and sunburst effects.

It is only fitting that NOMOS celebrates this rich history of tradition and innovation with three stainless steel Lambda models. First introduced in 2013, the Lambda line represented a departure for the brand both in terms of both design and caliber. Though the Lambda line still remains thoroughly entrenched in the Bauhaus school of design for which NOMOS is known, the Lambda was NOMOS’s clear entry into the world of haute horology with precious metal cases, a modern and evocative dial design, and an in-house caliber featuring an 84-hour power reserve. The soft, sweeping lines and gently domed sapphire crystals on both the dial and caseback of these limited editions will be familiar to fans of the Lambda line. Exclusive to the limited-edition models, however, is a slimmed-down 40.5mm case in stainless steel. The use of stainless steel allows NOMOS to offer these limited edition models at a more accessible price point than its precious metal counterparts.


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Whether you choose the white, black, or blue, each dial features a captivating high-gloss finish evoking the deep hues of enamel, set off by complementary precision hands in silver (black and blue dials) or tempered blue (white dial). At 12 o’clock, a 297° power indicator takes center stage, showcasing the caliber DUW 1001’s outstanding 84-hour power reserve (Gangreserve). The dramatic dial of the Lambda embodies the design adage “form follows function,” clearly deriving from the capabilities of NOMOS’s handcrafted in-house movement that need only be wound every three and a half days. Beneath the power reserve indicator, the small seconds subdial sweeps smoothly, unifying the two design elements.

The Lambda features NOMOS’s in-house caliber DUW (Deutsche Uhrwerken) 1001 – a movement previously reserved for only the precious metal Lambda watches. This is haute horology, Glashütte style. Exquisitely handcrafted, the DUW 1001 is constructed according to the laws and traditions of Glashütte, but with innovations that are at the heart of Glashütte watchmaking. The DUW 1001 features 29 jewels and a double mainspring barrel enabling the outstanding 84-hour power reserve, and a power reserve indicator that takes center stage on the dial. Swan neck fine adjustment, sunbeam polishing, and a hand-engraving on the balance cock reading “Mit Liebe in Glashütte gefertigt” (lovingly made in Glashütte) round out the finishing touches. Simply put, the movement is as beautiful to view through the caseback as it is functional and reliable on the wrist.

The limited-edition stainless steel Lambda pieces are a fitting tribute to 175 years of watchmaking excellence in Glashütte. These pieces honor the history and traditions of Glashütte, while the design and execution celebrate NOMOS’s own tradition of clean, design-forward minimalism. Each NOMOS Lambda – 175 Years Watchmaking Glashütte is limited to 175 pieces and is available now for $7,500 USD. More information can be found on the brand’s website.

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