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Timeless Watches of Texas is proud to announce our second collaboration with our good friends at Nomos Glashütte: the Nomos Orion Midnight Edition watch. Like the Nomos Timeless Club watch that came before it, the Nomos Orion Midnight Edition is the result of tireless hours of in-house design in order to re-imagine a beautiful Nomos, in this case, the dressy Orion. The Nomos Orion Midnight Edition doesn’t only introduce a new look to the classic Orion but also a new movement, a modified Alpha manual wind that’s the first of its kind.


The Design

Timeless doesn’t partner with Nomos merely because they’re wonderful to work with, but because they make beautiful, well-designed watches in their own right. As Nomos is already a design leader, it would be foolish to start from scratch. Instead, as it was with our Timeless Club, we want to create a new version of a Nomos model, one that is not only unique and true to our vision at Timeless but is also faithful to the original watch.

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Where the Club was a casual and sporty watch which we attempted to enhance with a more playful color palette and dial, the Orion is a timeless classic. It’s a dress watch through and through, so we went with a far more subdued array of colors. We have always been fascinated by the Zürich Blaugold’s beautiful blue sunburst dial but thought it might work even better on a more reserved watch like the Orion. Thus, using the Blaugold as an inspiration, we adopted a blue sunburst dial.


However, as much as we loved the Blaugold’s dial, it was a bit brighter and more eye catching than ideal for the Orion. We ended up with a darker version of the dial, which we’re calling midnight blue sunburst for the blue to almost-black hues you see when the light reflects off of its surface.


As always, our collaboration isn’t just with Nomos, but also with the watch collecting community. After we tested many designs and this one had emerged victorious, the community was still evenly split between using silver and gold accents on the model. Consequently, we decided to produce both, side by side.

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Like the Timeless Club, we’ve stuck with a 38mm case because we feel that it’s the most versatile size in Nomos’ lineup. The Nomos Orion Midnight Edition remains exceptionally thin at under 9mm and, thanks to its curved lugs, wears very comfortably.


The Movement

Timeless editions aren’t merely decorative. We always do our best to offer something special for the movement. Like the Timeless Club, we’ve integrated the new Nomos swing system into an existing calibre. In the former instance, we debuted a new movement, the DUW 4101, but the Nomos Orion Midnight Edition is unique with a special version of the Alpha, Nomos’ core manual wind calibre.


The Nomos Orion Midnight Edition will be one of the only watches to ever carry this movement, as it will soon take on its DUW form alongside most other Nomos Movements. Confusing nomenclature aside, it is very much a next-generation Nomos calibre complete with the swing system escapement. It remains exceptionally thin at just 2.6mm, making it one of the lithest movements available today.


The Numbers

Only 75 of each version (gold and silver) will be available for pre-order. Given how fast the Timeless Club went, being completely pre-ordered in just three weeks, we expect this one to be similarly fleeting, if not more so. The price will be $2,760, just $200 more than the regular Nomos Orion 38. We hope that fans will find this an excellent value for a limited edition with an upgraded movement, particularly when the dial alone costs several times as much as the original.


You can pre-order your new Nomos Orion Midnight Edition here.

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