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While I started a few weeks ago, my first watch review is now up on here – on the Guepard RetroSwiss watch. This is the newest venue to feature my writing and I want to first thank for their gracious inclusion of my thoughts on watches. I’ll be writing several reviews each month. Their editorial process requires that all watches to be reviewed be confirmed by their editors. So the choice of watches to review is really a joint effort between the two of us.

I will tell you a bit about if you aren’t familiar with it. It is a portal for all things “men.” Parts of it are like a higher-brow Maxim magazine, other parts discuss issues related living, health, finance, fashion (where you’ll find the watch reviews), and plenty of other topics for men of all interests, ages, and backgrounds. is part of IGN Entertainment, which is part of Fox Interactive Media. I’ve always enjoyed their particular “to the point” take on watch reviews. The format is more fashion-oriented than gadget-oriented. It was a welcome effort having to adapt my writing style to conform with how AskMen likes to review watches. Unlike my typical method of presenting an essay like discussion of watches, AskMen breaks up watch reviews into three quick sections going over the “AM (AskMen) Take”, “Uniqueness”, and “Durability” of the watches. Also new for me is a scoring system where watches are judged in terms of their uniqueness and durability.

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You’ll find my watch reviews on to be on watches that you typically won’t see discussed here, or on my articles.  I encourage you to check there often for my articles, or you can follow me on Twitter, where I will make an effort to link to my new watch reviews as often as possible. Thank you all for your continued interest in watches and readership. One of my ongoing goals is to renew an American interest for watches, a passion which seems to have been on the decline to a degree over the last decade. I want you all to enjoy watches as much as me, and appreciate what goes into to artistic mechanical and functionally handsome timepieces. The economy aside, America is poised to be a watch culture again soon.

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