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Ocean Crawler Core Diver Watch Reissued In Four Colors

Ocean Crawler Core Diver Watch Reissued In Four Colors Watch Releases

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Following on from last year’s sell-out release of the Ocean Crawler Core Diver watch, the brand is back again with a second limited-edition version. This new model, which features several refinements from the original design, will be available in four colors from August 23rd, 2019.

Ocean Crawler Core Diver Watch Reissued In Four Colors Watch Releases

In 2018, Ocean Crawler debuted the Core Diver watch in a run of 500 units. This year’s reissue will see the same number of watches hit the shelves, with each striking colorway strictly limited to 125 units each.

Ocean Crawler Core Diver Watch Reissued In Four Colors Watch Releases

The Core Diver watch has been designed to be the ultimate diving companion. Every single watch has been wet tested to ensure it can withstand depths of up to 2000 feet. When designing the Ocean Crawler Core Diver, the brand considered the needs of water sports enthusiasts, especially those who partake in scuba diving, spearfishing, and ocean-bed exploration, to ensure the watch was not just attractive, but also a functional tool that could withstand the rigors of underwater activity.

Ocean Crawler Core Diver Watch Reissued In Four Colors Watch Releases

Material choices are particularly important for watches that are intended to be subjected to such a challenging environment. As such, Ocean Crawler opted to use a sapphire insert in the unidirectional timing bezel to complement the main sapphire lens, which has been treated with an anti-reflective coating.

Ocean Crawler Core Diver Watch Reissued In Four Colors Watch Releases

Through the 4mm thick sapphire lens, a high contrast display greets the eye. There is a choice of either a blue or gray sun-ray dial. Both boast applied hour markers that have been filled with seven layers of Swiss C3 Lume, which is also applied to the 120-click bezel and the hands. The importance of low-light legibility cannot be overstated, as it is critically important for a diver to be able to read the time that has passed since submersion, no matter the conditions.

Ocean Crawler Core Diver Watch Reissued In Four Colors Watch Releases

For peace of mind, the Ocean Crawler Core Diver is powered by the reliable, self-winding Sellita Sw-200 movement. With an operating frequency of 28,800vph, which equates to 8 ticks per second, the SW-200 is regarded as an industry stalwart and is a popular choice for many sports and adventure watches due to its excellent resistance to shock and time-keeping accuracy when under duress.

Ocean Crawler Core Diver Watch Reissued In Four Colors Watch Releases

Each of the 500 units produced by Ocean Crawler this time around will be individually numbered between 1 and 500. All watches will be made from 316L stainless steel, with the option of either black or blue DLC coatings (on both the case and the shark mesh bracelet). The case measures 44mm across (excluding crown), 50mm lug-to-lug, 15.6mm-thick, with a lug width of 22mm.

Ocean Crawler Core Diver Watch Reissued In Four Colors Watch Releases

Ocean Crawler guarantees that its new Core Diver model will keep precise time for at least five years. The new wave of watches will be available for pre-order between August 23rd and September 12th. During that time, the retail price for these pieces will be $799 per unit. After the pre-order period ends, the price will rise to $999. Learn more about the brand at

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  • funkright

    Sporty and not that bad of a price, all things considered. I signed up, perhaps one will end up in my gear kit.

  • Independent_George

    This brand tends to get brought up when people start scream at each other over at WUS. Anyone know why?

  • H.S.M.

    Why do I have a deja vu feeling?
    Doxa, is that you? What happened to your face?
    Not that I don’t like this new makeup you’re wearing.

    • Playboy Johnny – Team Mariu$

      My thoughts also.

  • The only ‘metallic’ choice that Ocean Crawler offers is the Milanese strap.
    Strange decision not to have a stainless steel bracelet among the accessories.

    • Jared

      tnot that strange, look at the description, this is a secondary company to the guy from Zelos.

      so they need to differentiate the watch a little so they can reach different customers.

      this is exactly why I try to avoid companies that have multiple brand lines.Almost always the companies have an inner corporate tussle about who gets what, so you end up with a compromised product because the brand doesn’t want to compete with their own products.

      this is why the Pelagos is a grade 2 and not grade 5 titanium watch. Did they do it to save a few bucks? Nope…they did it because Grade 5 titanium has similar hardness specs to the 904L steel, while grade 2 titanium is way softer. This way it gives people to get a Rolex and not be a cheapskate with a Tudor

      • SuperStrapper

        Are you indie only then? No Swatch, Richemont, LVMH, etc?
        Regardless, I’m not sure your analogy is correct. You and others (myself included) may not prefer the aesthetics of the mesh bracelet, but that doesn’t make it any lesser quality to an (i.e.) oyster type bracelet. You’re comparing a material quality to personal style preferences.

    • H.S.M.

      Yeah, I was a bit disappointed as well. Not a fan of the mesh.
      There are some case types which go well with it. This one is OK I guess, but a full bracelet would be better.

  • SuperStrapper

    I do like that sapphire bezel.
    The handset is quite derivative. No fun. And that ‘script’ style branding on the dial is too corny for me.

    • Simonh

      Totally agree, awfully corny.

  • Mikita

    Ocean Crawler reminds me of Grave Digger of watches.

  • ray h.

    And who is that ?

  • Pete Yo

    You should go for the Tudor. Same machines used to build it, same quality. They just don’t charge you the “rolex” tax.

  • JTK Awesome

    Improved except for the shark mesh bracelet. I have the first version and the bracelet is the only bad part of the whole package. The adjustments are lacking – you get a small number of large removable links (on a mesh bracelet ..?), so the bracelet will be too loose or too tight. Too bad Strapcode doesn’t make their custom-length shark mesh any more. The butterfly clasp makes 0 sense on a diver; a diver’s fold-over clasp with micro-adjustments is the only way to go here. The “open” end links are cheap and bend easy. And the polished finish of the bracelet clashes with the brushed finish of the watch case, making it look aftermarket.

    The other sin is that the “spare” strap is leather instead of rubber. If this is meant for actual usage under water, then why include a leather strap? Either include a color-matched rubber strap, or nothing at all (and shave a few $s off the price).

    It’s a great dive watch – good movement, decent quality, great styling, impressive inclusion of sapphire for both crystal and bezel. But the bracelet is a real let-down. As is the way Ocean Crawler never responded when I sent the above feedback to them.

  • FS1900

    Wow, …mond didn’t chime in on this one! What’s happening?

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