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Utility, robustness, and a timeless design define the first automatic GMT by Oceaneva, a USA-based brand founded in 2018 by a watch industry veteran. The project follows a quartz GMT and is based on popular demand: Oceaneva conducted its own surveys among its several hundred prior customers to establish the most desirable color palette for the GMT Automatic Deep Marine Explorer 1250M.

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Oceaneva calls this the highest-rated water-resistant automatic GMT watch on the market — tested to a depth of 1,250m (4101ft), it ranks in the top tier among the most durable dive watches available today. Oceaneva is the only USA-based watch company to send its watches down to the depths of the ocean for real-world testing at both 1,623m and 2,800m — 5,325ft and 9,186ft, respectively — using an ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) to submerge them. Oceaneva is only the sixth watch brand to ever perform these tests globally. To support this immense pressure, the Oceaneva GMT Automatic Deep Marine Explorer 1250M uses a 4.8mm-thick sapphire crystal front sealed with a durable 1.4mm x 0.45mm O-ring and combines those with a triple-sealed screw-down crown for absolute peace of mind no matter the depth and pressure.

The 316L surgical stainless steel case measures 42mm-wide, 15.5mm-thick, and 49mm lug-to-lug, with a lug width of 22m. The size conforms with many popular watches of today, and the GMT Automatic Deep Marine Explorer 1250M packages its immense capabilities with impressive efficiency and elegance. The left side of the case integrates a helium escape valve, a cool feature on highly specified dive watches — even if one must be a professional and, indeed, specialized diver to actually put it to use. The solid caseback is there to do its part in resisting crushing pressures and sports an etched decoration and an individual serial number, too.

The dial, including all hour markers and hands, is luminous, glowing in the dark thanks to long-lasting Swiss BGW9 glow-in-the-dark paint carefully applied to all of them. A wide range of dial color options is available, with matching bi-color bezels that go from classic color combinations to eye-catching and unique schemes.

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The movement protected by this extremely robust exterior is the Seiko Japan NH34 GMT caliber, a self-winding movement equipped with 24 jewels and boasting 41 hours of power reserve and the Diashock proprietary shock absorption system of Seiko. The four center-stacked hands indicate the hours, minutes, seconds, as well as a 24-hour hand that allows time to be read in a second timezone, all to ensure that the GMT Automatic Deep Marine Explorer 1250M is as functional and handy as it is robust.

The Oceaneva GMT Automatic Deep Marine Explorer 1250M is delivered in a MIL-SPEC-certified blue waterproof case that contains the watch, a hang tag, polishing cloth, strap changing and sizing tool, instruction card, and the warranty card that documents the impressive four-year international warranty Oceaneva offers. Fitted to a comfortable steel bracelet, the clasp, like the caseback and crown, sports the trident logo of the brand.

Available in a range of colors and all engineered to equally immense robustness, the Oceaneva GMT Automatic Deep Marine Explorer 1250M has a pre-sale price of $299, with deliveries starting by the end of June. You can learn more at the Oceaneva website.

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