Although it may not garner the same overwhelming enthusiast attention as its Seamaster or Speedmaster series, the Omega Constellation series serves as both a showcase for the brand’s dressier design sensibilities and a testbed for its in-house movement designs. The retro-styled Constellation Globemaster sub-line is a perfect example of this, reinterpreting the look of the classic “Pie Pan” Constellation models of the ‘50s and acting as the first series to receive the brand’s now-standard METAS Master Chronometer certification in 2015. Just in time for the holidays, Omega gives the line a much-needed update, delivering three new Globemaster Annual Calendar variants in a trio of suitably festive and luxurious colorways. The three new Omega Globemaster Annual Calendar models reinterpret the one of the brand’s most enduring designs in a variety of elegant new styles, delivering some of the most striking dress offerings in the current Omega lineup.

Although slightly on the larger side of the dress watch spectrum at 41mm, the overall case design of the Omega Globemaster Annual Calendar is sleekly elegant and charismatic. Available in stainless steel, Omega’s proprietary 18K Sedna gold alloy, or a two-tone blend of both materials, the main case body is surprisingly elemental. Featuring flowing tapered lugs with a pronounced undercut and a narrow, even case side chamfer, the simplicity of the broad case planes allows the quality of Omega’s deep brushing and bright polishing to shine through in images. Likewise, the Globemaster Annual Calendar’s fluted bezel is cleaner and less exaggerated than many similar designs, with low, narrow polished ridges that give the watch a more modern impression than its competitors. Omega completes the design with a sapphire display caseback, featuring the embedded observatory medallion that has been the Constellation family’s calling card for decades. Despite the lack of sporting pretensions, Omega rates these new Globemaster Annual Calendar models for a respectable 100 meters of water resistance.

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Each of the three new Omega Globemaster Annual Calendar models takes on a unique character thanks to its dial design. The most modern and straightforward of the trio is undoubtedly the green dial model, which complements its more relaxed full stainless steel construction with a sloping “pie pan” dial in an on-trend green sunburst finish. The muted, smoky olive shade Omega uses here keeps the overall spirit of this model tastefully restrained and versatile, avoiding the visual theatrics of the vibrant emerald hues popular in the current marketplace. Likewise, the simple pointed baton handset, needle pointer month hand, notched baton indices, and applied logos are in simple polished stainless steel, maintaining the subtle character and cool color palette of the overall design in images. However, the oversized sweeping printed script of the outer pointer month scale is likely to be a love-it-or-hate-it element here. Some will probably claim it gives character to an otherwise understated look, while others may believe it introduces an overwrought baroque touch to a cleanly contemporary take on a midcentury classic. By contrast, the deep burgundy sunburst dial of the two-tone model gives the same basic design a far more outsize personality. With a gradient that captures all the colors of a well-lit glass of red wine from cherry hues to nearly black, this sumptuous shade plays dramatically with the warm tones of the bezel and Sedna gold dial hardware in images. For sheer spectacle however, the full 18K Sedna gold model is undoubtedly the model of choice. Featuring gold dial hardware and a matching Sedna gold sunburst dial, this maximum-flash monochrome colorway captures some of the stark charm of Omega’s ‘60s gold designs through its deep black dial text and matching black fills in place of lume.

Omega powers the stainless steel and two-tone models of this new Globemaster Annual Calendar group with its in-house Calibre 8922 co-axial automatic annual calendar movement, while the full Sedna gold variant receives the similar gold-filled Calibre 8923. Both movements offer identical performance and finishing, with Omega’s signature arabesque stripes across both the winding rotor and the full bridges. Both the Calibre 8922 and Calibre 8923 are mechanically complex as well, with date displays that require adjustment only once a year in February, along with the brand’s trademark co-axial escapement system. Both movements are certified to stringent Master Chronometer accuracy standards by third-party testing group METAS and offer a hefty 15,000 gauss of magnetic resistance, in addition to a robust 55 hour power reserve at a 25,200 bph beat rate.

All three new models in the Omega Globemaster Annual Calendar series are paired with traditional alligator leather straps. For the stainless steel model, Omega opts for dial-matching olive green leather, and the two-tone version likewise features a deep oxblood red strap to play off the dial. For the already dramatic Sedna gold variant, Omega wisely chooses a more conservative option in classic black.

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With a design that seamlessly blends vintage and modern influences along with a variety of striking new color palettes, the new Omega Globemaster Annual Calendar models breathe stylish new life into one of the brand’s more under-the-radar collections. All three models will be available through authorized dealers in December 2021 at MSRPs of $8,400, $11,200, and $31,000 for the stainless steel, two-tone, and Sedna gold variants, respectively. For more details, please visit the brand’s website.

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