Omega nicely integrated the GMT dial without making the watch appear too busy. I like how the extra indicators for the 24 hour scale are between the normal hour markers, and not inside or out side of them. Omega offers two version of the Omega Seamaster 300M Chronograph GMT Co-Axial. One (the ref. has a black dial with red accents while the other (ref. has a blue dial with yellow accents. Each has a unique bezel color as well to match the dial.

I am not totally sure how I feel about the “smaller” subsidiary seconds dial that has text inside of it. I think it is a clever integration of additional text, but sometimes I look at the dial and feel the sub seconds dial is an indicator for something else. A minor quirk of the design, at worst.

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Omega-Seamaster-300M-Chronograph-GMT-co-axial-watch-18 Omega-Seamaster-300M-Chronograph-GMT-co-axial-watch-19

Why does the world need more chronograph GMT sport watches? Well, maybe inserting this functionality in a dive watch isn’t per se totally necessary, but I find chronograph GMT watches to combine two of the most useful complications in a single watch. I like chronograph GMT watches for traveling as I can time various things as well as have a reference time to home. Chronograph GMT watches also make for good daily wear pieces for those who like “intricate dials.” Of course the trick for a watch maker is to ensure that dials with all of these features nevertheless look attractive.

Omega releases a healthy slew of new watches each year, and the Omega Seamaster 300M Chronograph GMT Co-Axial exists as part of a very attractive line-up for 2014. Having said that, I think that this watch will satisfy a lot of people with its combination of style, features, and price. Omega continues to price its watches without totally in-house made movements slightly under those with them, of course. While Omega watches are still considered expensive, there is a lot to love in this new watch that really helps epitomize why so many tool-watch guys continue to flock to the brand. Price for the Omega Seamaster 300M Chronograph GMT Co-Axial watch is $7,100.

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