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Omega Seamaster Professional Diver 300M Laser-Cut Wave Pattern Dial

The new Seamaster 300M dial is a thing of beauty. In fact, the entire watch is. Omega is taking a page out of the Rolex playbook when it comes to making something old new again, and doing it very well. While Rolex plays a game with “did you notice what we changed?” Omega isn’t bashful about putting its older models to rest. As someone who owns a previous generation Omega Seamaster 300M, I can easily say that while I still like my old piece, I also want one of the new ones as an upgrade to the previous model.

omega seamaster professional 300m diver wrist

For the steel models, Omega uses a solid piece of laser-cut ceramic for the dial. The ceramic dial’s wave motif is cut using lasers and the hour markers are applied and very easy to see along with the newly crafted hands. The hour markers proudly pop, especially on the lighter color dial. While the Planet Ocean is a very legible watch, the Seamaster 300M for 2018 might just be the most legible dive watch Omega currently produces. That is saying a lot give the presence of a textured/decorated dial.

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Omega expertly refined the dial designs allowing the proportions to look pleasing, textures to look engaging, and quality to be apparent. You can tell that a lot of time was spent trying to keep text small, colors contrasting when needed, and for unnecessary parts to be removed. It has also been a few years since Omega offered a “wave dial” Seamaster 300M – so these new models also mark a return to that classic look (which makes a lot of sense for a diver’s watch).

omega seamaster professional 300m diver black

Seamaster 300M On The Wrist

Size-wise the Omega Seamster 300M models for 2018 have increased just a little bit – but not much. I also fully anticipate Omega producing a smaller version in the future to expand its marketability. Up-sized from 41.5mm wide to 42mm wide, the “maxi-dial” look of the new Seamaster 300M makes it wear large. The finely brushed and polished steel case isn’t very thick for a professional dive watch, and the added angularity of the case makes this generation Seamaster 300M the most masculine-feeling ever.

omega seamaster professional diver 300m crown

Also new is the existence of a sapphire crystal display caseback offering a view of the automatic Omega caliber 8800. Based on something they learned when creating the recent Speedmaster Racing Master Chronograph watches, the new Seamaster 300M has a sharply angled strap to case connection system which enhances wearing comfort on smaller wrists (it works). In addition to the matching steel metal bracelet option, Omega now offers an available rubber strap (as well as its expensive but quite nice NATO-style straps) which suit the Seamaster 300M nicely. I want to add that on the new rubber strap (which itself has some really nice aesthetic design details) the Omega Seamaster 300M is particularly comfortable. Anyone wanting to trek into the wilderness with this watch will definitely like the rubber strap.

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The Seamaster 300M Bezel

The rotating diver’s bezel around the dial has an upgraded turning action to it and is produced from ceramic (black or blue right now for the non-limited edition model). Omega produces steel or gold bezels depending on the model – with the latter adding a real luxury wearing experience to the otherwise tool-style Seamaster 300M.

I suppose it is not entirely correct to consider the Seamaster 300M a tool watch – even in black with steel. Like Omega did with the Planet Ocean, the Seamaster 300M has grown up in maturity, but has also become a bit more “showy.” That means while utility is not sacrificed, these are not subtle-to-wear watches anymore. Omega did a nice job making sure that compelling colors, angles, and style draw the eye, but more than ever Omega wants its wearers to feel comfortable showing off. Nevertheless, the Seamaster 300M remains a great choice for watch collectors mostly interested in tool-style dive watches from reputable brands with good style.

The New And Updated Bracelet For 2018

One of the things that made me happy about the new Seamaster 300M was the bracelet. The redesign really changed the look of the bracelet making it more masculine and more comfortable to wear. To that latter point, the bracelet now has a half-link you can use for greater adjustment precision. The deployant clasp has both a diver’s extension and the incremental micro-adjust slider that Omega has been putting on a lot of new models. While some will miss the curvier older generation Seamaster 300M’s case, I think most people are ready for this meaner, more modern Seamaster 300M that Omega will start to sell in 2018.

Omega Seamaster Professional Diver 300M For 2018 (And Beyond)

The most interesting of the new Seamaster 300M models is the version with the matte silver dial and blue hour makers. The most classic would be the black dial model, or the blue for those who simply prefer blue as a watch dial color. I’d go with the black dial Seamaster 300M on the matching steel bracelet. I also have a strong feeling we will see something like this on Mr. Bond’s wrist in his new movie in 2019.

I am also happy to report that prices for the Seamaster 300M watch haven’t really gone up even though the model is totally and clearly “more watch for your money.” Prices in steel start at $4,750 USD for the watch on the rubber strap, and just a bit more at $4,850 USD in steel with the matching bracelet. The two-tone steel and 18k Sedna or yellow gold models start at $6,500 USD on the rubber strap, and about $9,700 USD on the bracelet. The watch should be available for sale around July 2018 according to Omega. You can learn more from the Omega website and e-commerce page at

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